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Mandy (Part 6)

From then on she often 'turned up' with Mandy, probably about two out of every three times, and after a while he stopped asking about her and merely took 'pot luck'. She gradually became ever less 'inhibited' until eventually her 'taboos', particularly concerning his semen, were nearly all history.
On her second visit they'd BOTH arrived 'Punky', Mandy in her 'usual' attire and Karen dressed almost identical: high-heels; fishnet-stockings and a similar leather mini-skirt. She'd also 'spiked up' her hair and 'added' to her make up, which made them look almost like 'twins'. The only real difference, he shortly discovered (aside from their hair colour), was their respective choice of underwear.
Karen had donned a more normal thong while Mandy was wearing some 'crotchless'-knickers, a 'novelty' that they all made good use of. They licked and he fucked her through the 'opening', pulling her lips through and probing their tongues deep inside her. He'd climaxed in her anus too, her sitting astride him and still wearing 'the' underwear.
On the second occasion he climaxed that day, by which time both of their underwear and skirts had been discarded as 'unnecessary', Karen accepted a small 'taste' of his semen from Mandy's finger, freshly wiped from her face. Then on his third and final orgasm she sucked the last remnants from his penis before adding it to Mandy's already 'slimy' mouth...
He was never quite sure what to expect from 'their' arrival: sometimes together or just Mandy alone; sometimes in 'normal' clothes or in various 'costumes'; and sometimes both dressed exactly the same. On one occasion they'd arrived in long coats and high-heels to reveal they wore nothing but stockings beneath!
On Karen's third visit, when they'd both come as 'Schoolgirls', they'd knelt on the bed and spread wide for his pleasure before he'd moved in for a taste of their freshly-shaved pussies. As they kissed and fondled his tongue probed their 'holes', before he fucked them alternately, their skirts on their backs. He'd moved swiftly between them, thrusting in deep, before cumming all over Karen's bare bottom. She'd helped her friend clean it up with her fingers, 'tasting' the semen before again letting it dribble into Mandy's eager mouth.
Later that day, when she was sucking his penis as a 'punishment' during 'role play', she allowed him to cum in her mouth for the very first time, not moving away as he 'warned' her once more. Again, 'Mandy's' was used as the place for 'disposal'; but by her fourth visit she'd 'swallowed', by the fifth she was doing so without having to be 'asked', and by the sixth he'd been somewhat surprised to hear her cry out, "Spunk all over my face...!"
Mandy, whose role play 'punishment' had been to kneel on the bed with her face on a pillow and dildo her holes with her favourite sex toy, had smiled encouragingly at her friend, but had happily accepted the dribbled fluid the first time he'd came in her mouth. But on their next visit, when he'd pulled himself from Mandy's anus in order to cum in her friend's waiting mouth, she'd groaned "Swallow it Karen...!" lustfully at her.
After a moments hesitation she'd closed her eyes and done so. Mandy had 'rewarded' her with a 'jokey' cry of, "You dirty bitch!", and had happily proceeded to french-kiss her deeply, winking at him behind her friend's back. They'd again ended up in the sixty-nine position, Mandy licking Karen's clitoris to orgasm while she delved hers deep in her friends 'gaping' bottom, fingering her 'til she came while he watched...
He was still meeting up with Mandy alone, who never seemed to tire of digesting his semen, but now both girls seemed unable to get enough of the stuff: sucking it up from their bodies and faces; wanking him into their mouths and faces; 'cum-swapping' and playing 'cum-games' with bowls, straws and glasses; and even slurping it straight out of each others orifices.
One of his favourite activities was for the girls to 'sixty-nine', while he used all their holes at his will. He varied his 'finish': sometimes cumming in their mouths and faces; sometimes in one of their four 'gaping' orifices; or sometimes all over their vaginas and bottoms. He enjoyed watching them lick themselves clean, and it dribbled, 'squeezed' or even spat in their mouths.
The only 'taboo' that really remained was Karen's aversion to 'deep' anal sex: she didn't seem to mind if it were gentle and 'partial' but found anything more too painful to bare. The first time he'd actually 'butt-fucked' her had once again been initiated by Mandy; during one of their by now regular sixty-nine sessions she'd taken his penis from Karen's vagina in order to suck him as usual. But instead of placing him back in her pussy she'd pushed him against her friend's other orifice, Karen too engrossed in her passion and pleasure to do anything more than mouth, "Not too deep...!" at them.
He'd followed these 'instructions' and had kept to them since; but for him this was 'minor, he had Mandy for 'that', who to Karen's 'amazement' never 'complained', no matter how fiercely he fucked at her bottom.
But Karen had no problem with him cumming in her anus and that, and the fact that she wouldn't even allow any of the larger dildos there, made him believe that she was just being honest when she said that it simply hurt her too much.
Other than that she'd become almost as 'accommodating' as Mandy: deep- throating him happily; letting him mouth and even throat-fuck her, even to 'completion'; performing any and every combination of 'ass to mouth' they could think of, even right after he'd been 'to the hilt' inside Mandy; and doing almost anything else that came to their minds. She masturbated and 'dildoed' herself for their pleasures, indulged in the role-play and 'games' they thought up, and even added some more of her own!
One of the most memorable, for him at least, was one day when they'd arrived in their long-coats again. Underneath they were naked except for their shoes, identical stockings and tight, latex tops, and they had immediately blocked out all traces of light. The game was for him to guess which girl was who, just by the 'taste' of their freshly-shaved holes, and to their amused surprise he'd been unable to do so.
Another had been during one of their 'Schoolgirl' sessions, when they'd pretended to be 'caught' fingering each other by their 'Teacher'. Their punishment this time had been to jointly suck him to erection and then let him 'use them at will', as they once again 'sixty-nined' with each other.
He'd moved around them, thrusting himself into all four of their orifices and then straight into their willing, open mouths. The 'finale' had been to wank over their faces and watch as they licked up and swallowed his juices. They'd then 'posed' and played with themselves and each other until he was 'ready' to join them once more.
He had no 'favourite', found them equally gorgeous, and made this very apparent in his treatment of them. When he'd eventually asked to 'film' them he'd discussed it with them fully, agreeing to each of their moderate 'conditions', before involving them both in ideas for the 'plot'.
The finished result had been beyond expectation, far better than any 'Porn' film he'd EVER watched, and took a mammoth two day session to complete. Both girls had once more stayed for the night, snuggled up either side of him again,
and all three of them had resisted their 'urges' so as not to in any way 'spoil' the film.
Their stock of 'costumes' had grown to include: 'Maids', 'Nuns', and, mainly at Mandy's suggestion and 'insistence', plenty of leather and latex-type wear. In the course of the filming they'd used most of them, sometimes singly and sometimes together, and one of his favourites had been the scenario where he'd pretended to be a 'Doctor', 'examining' his two 'Nurses'.
Everything from fingers to dildos, from cucumbers to a 'rolling-pin', had been inserted inside them, and it had concluded with his 'Head-Nurse' and 'Slut-Nurse' both kneeling together, their breasts exposed and their skirts on their hips, and their mouths wide open and eagerly awaiting their 'Medicine'.
Another of his favourite 'scenes' was one with Mandy on her back, her legs wide open and Karen sat across her face. He'd 'zoomed-in' for a close-up of Karen's vagina, poking through the 'opening' of her skin-tight, latex 'Cat- suit'. Mandy's fingers pulled Karen's 'lips' as far down as possible, and he'd zoomed-in even closer as her tongue flicked at the clitoris before probing inside and licking and slurping all his semen from her.
One of the 'filthiest' was to see Karen, mimicking a 'trick' of Mandy's, insert a stout straw deep in her friends bottom and suck out and swallow his semen from it. Even worse, was Karen attempting to 'squeeze' his fluids from her anus and down into Mandy's waiting mouth, but accidentally 'farting' it into her mouth and face instead!
But one of the 'sweetest' was both of them dressed up as 'Schoolgirls', licking away at their completely 'bald' pussies, the attraction and affection they felt for each other never more apparent.
They'd each held the camera, had mounted it on its tripod, and he filmed them sucking him in the 'POV' style. He'd even taken it downstairs to his garage, for a short clip of each of them 'fucking' themselves on the gear-stick of his car.
When he'd suggested this Mandy, as he'd quite expected, had readily agreed, Karen accompanying them solely to 'watch'. However, after seeing Mandy first 'fuck' it, and then even manage to 'sit' on it, she decided to try it herself...
He'd zoomed-in on her licking and sucking the gear-stick, fresh from Mandy's gaping anus, before easing herself on to it and fucking herself deeply. He'd been so excited that he'd pulled out his penis and masturbated himself, handing the camera over to Mandy who zoomed-in on him cumming in Karen's sweet mouth.
They'd indulged in everything their 'perverse' minds could envisage, all reached orgasm at least half a dozen times, and ended up with a film they could genuinely 'treasure'. He enjoyed watching it alone and during their visits, even on the sole occasion that Karen had come alone; but they'd kept this rendezvous a 'secret' from Mandy as she still seemed to think of him as basically 'hers'.
Karen now termed herself 'sixty per-cent lesbian', and with Mandy's 'ratio' being about the same but the other way round, he knew that he had things quite perfect. He thanked his lucky stars again and again that he'd ran into Mandy on the street that day, his only 'regret' being that it hadn't happened sooner. However, he'd been given a second 'chance' and was damned sure that he was going to enjoy every moment of it!


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