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Fringe Benefits

Shawn showed his employee badge to the TSA agent and was waved through to the metal detector. He quickly slid off the lanyard placing it into small bin to take a ride down the conveyor belt. Once he was fully cleared, he collected his belongings and headed away from the security checkpoint to the Office of Physical Plant. He clocked in then spoke to his boss’s secretary before heading out to make sure the trash bins in the terminal were empty.

The 29 year old airport custodian landed this job just six months earlier thanks to his aunt, who was the administrative assistant for the deputy mayor, and her husband, a ramp agent for Atlantica Airlines. The five-foot-nine-inch dark skinned man with shoulder-length dreads had been uselessly lying around his grandmother’s house until she passed away. At that time, his relations put their collective foot down demanding he get a job. All things being equal, Shawn enjoyed the gig. He was not fond of being a janitor, but he did like the pay and the thought of becoming a supervisor one day. Plus, there were fringe benefits.

As he rolled the oversized bin through the East terminal, he spotted an attractive figure walking towards him. From the front view, he could tell there was a juicy ass on this slender cutie. When he was closer, he smiled at the traveler and made sufficient eye contact. “Where ya headed,” his baritone voice inquired when he a bit closer.

“San Francisco,” smiled the rushing passenger.
“Slow down. Yo gate ain’t far,” he replied turning to catch a glimpse of the ass he knew would be there.

It was no surprise. The swift moving beauty was dressed simply in a plain fitted black t-shirt and gray sweatpants. This was not an outfit that would typically turn the heads of men, but the donkey booty that hid just underneath them would make any b*****r salivate. Each cheek was full and globular. The sweatpants were loose everywhere except around the buttocks. Shawn swore that ass was going to bust out at any moment.

Shawn picked up his pace and made it to the trash dump quickly. He ran to the time clock to swipe for an early break. The time was ticking away at T minus f******n minutes and fifty-nine seconds. He checked the monitors for the departure assignments then rushed to Gate 9. Shawn slowed up a hundred feet or so away from the location assigned to the next flight to San Francisco. It was not scheduled to leave for another hour so he desperately hoped his sinister plan would work. He scanned the myriad of passengers – some talking, some texting, some pecking away furiously at laptop keyboards. Then he saw the beauty from earlier.

The big booty doll sat in a chair facing the terminal walkway. He took out a brush and ran it over his close cropped wavy hair. Then, he pulled out a container of lip balm and applied a generous amount to his full pouty lips. Shawn’s dick instantly swelled. Shawn swooped into a vacant seat and leaned in towards the effeminate medium-brown young man. He whispered, “If you need to go to the restroom, there is a more private one downstairs. It’s right off the stairwell past Gate 14.” The traveler looked at him with his green contacts and smiled. “I gotta run. I’m on break only got thirteen more minutes,” Shawn shared then disappeared.

The five-foot-eight-inch, one-hundred-thirty-five-pound young man watched the toned custodian flee the scene. He quickly grabbed his messenger bag and roller carry-on suitcase. He darted in the same direction. He found the nondescript stairwell and descended quickly. Upon entering the men’s restroom, he saw there were only two stalls – one of which was occupied by the man who had earlier informed him of the hidden facilities. The eager joined him and engaged the latch.

Barry Fielder noticed the commotion of the airport custodian chatting with the obviously flamboyant passenger on his same flight. Barry worked as the chief financial officer of a company with roughly six thousand employees. Barry was married with two c***dren and had one granddaughter. He belonged to the country club. His favorite clothing store was Eddie Bauer. He was the typical WASP (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) male – save for the fact that he loved dressing up in lingerie so he could be a slut for big Black cock. Barry slammed his laptop shut throwing it hurriedly in his luggage. He followed behind the other passenger to see what would transpire.

When Barry made it into the restroom, the first stall was closed so he took up residence in the second – careful to make no noise. He heard voices. It turned him on.

“Why did you bring me down here,” lisped a soft voice. Barry knew this must be the sissy.
“Why you think? I wanna fuck that big ass you got,” the much deeper voice replied.
“But how did you know.”
“Look boo, it was the way you walk and carry yourself. Everything about you screamed ‘fuck me’. So I’ma do just that. I ain’t got long on this break so what’s up,” he heard the manly one observe and ask.

Barry heard ruffling in the next stall. Then came the deep voice again, “Suck on this dick real quick, boo.” The slurping that followed indicated the cocksucker was feasting wholeheartedly on a large Black meat stick. Barry had no idea how big it was, but desperately wanted to find out. “Shit that feels good,” moaned the sexy janitor. Then the manly one commanded, “Turn around so I can fuck that ass.”

Inside the stall, bottom boy stood and turned away from Shawn. He eased down the sweatpants to reveal a pair of black lace boyshorts. Shawn licked his lips as he smacked the juicy cheeks with both his right hand and his dick. He slapped his rock hard eight inches against the flamboyantly gay’s crack. Shawn worked up a sizeable amount of saliva in his mouth that he streamed down to the place where his cock met the waiting hole.

“What’s yo name, baby,” Barry heard him ask.
“Khristian,” was the reply. “With a ‘K’,” followed with a noticeable wince. Barry imagined the top had asked the question to take the sissy’s mind off the fact that penetration was about to incur. “Ooh damn it’s too big,” wailed the Khristian.

“Shut up and take it. You know you want it,” ordered the aggressor. “Open that ass up for me.”
“Ooh. Yes sir,” groaned Khristian.
“You like that big dick up yo punk ass, don’t you?”
“I do,” he cried.
A thunderous smack and then, “You say ‘yes sir’ to me, faggot!”
“Yes sir! I love it!”

Barry could hear the pair going at it. The sounds of the man’s flesh slamming repeatedly into the flesh of the much softer, demure panty boy sent chills through his body. He unbuckled his belt to release his own stiff five inch member. He began to jerk it in silence as he listened to couple next banging against the rickety walls of the cubicle next to his.

Shawn’s eyes rolled in the back of his head as his fat dick stabbed away at the insides of Khristian’s tight wet rectum. He thrust harder and each time as the depth of his ass seemed to be immeasurable. Shawn leaned back slightly squeezing together each of Khristian’s ass cheeks with his hands. He pounded with increasing f***e as his body became taut with overwhelming hesitance. Three more generous, relentless, f***eful heaves made Shawn exclaim, “I finna nut!”

“Cum in my ass,” begged the sissy.

Shawn erupted in a huge moan. Barry knew this meant the load of the superior Black man had just been deposited into the hinterlands of the bottom’s tight boipussy. Heavy breathing abounded until the deep voice said, “Where you from?”

“I live down in Hookville.”
“Okay. That ain’t but thirty minutes away. Where yo phone at?”
“Right here,” Khristian dangled the device in front of Shawn.
“Lock in my number,” Shawn directed then called out his ten digit mobile number.

Barry fumbled for his phone and tapped the information on his keypad.

Shawn exited rushing back to the time clock. He made it with seconds to spare.

Back at the gate, Barry spoke with the gate agent. Once the deal had been finalized, he waited for business class to board.

The loud speaker announced, “Passenger Green. Please come to desk.” Khristian lugged his bags to speak with the attendant. He learned that he had been upgraded and boarded immediately. He was assigned seat 3-A. Once his bags were stowed, Barry leaned in close and began, “I heard everything. How big was that Black cock you were taking in the restroom?”

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