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Hot Retreat with my Nephew Part 2 (Even hotter)

Shortly after my nephew and I had had hours of intense sex for the very first time, I again began to wonder to myself what this meant; after all, I had fucked and sucked my 19 year old nephew to high heaven and there was no looking back. The question became, do we write this off as a glorious and incredibly hot mistake…or do we give in to our desires and continue in secret, as my b*****r would kill us both if he ever found out that we were fucking. We lied naked in bed together, and as my nephew continued to reminisce over what we had done, I started to question my morality. But as soon as I did, I’d be instantly revisited by our experience, when we had each others hard cocks in our mouths, the taste of his sweet cum that he shot down my throat, my fucking him as a I lustfully dirty talked him, culminating in the hugest cumshot of my life! It was hard to deny that the pleasure of it all was much too great to ignore, so I knew that as long as we were in each other’s company at all, there would always be an attraction and a burning desire to have awesome sex.

After we recuperated for a few hours, my nephew wanted to walk in the woods to get some air. We were on vacation after all, so it made sense that we should actually take in some of the natural surroundings. After a few minutes of walking down a dirt path, I instantly grabbed him and shoved my tongue down his wanting throat. We could still taste each other’s cum from the last time, even though we had brushed our teeth… We got naked within seconds and I proceeded to unfold my nephew’s gorgeous cock and shove it down my throat as I fondled his balls and fingered my asshole. “Oh, uncle” he sighed, “Oh, my God, I love the way your lips feel around my cock.” I looked up at him as I continued, sucking down the drops of his pre-cum like a sweet elixir. We didn’t fathom there would be hikers nearby, so we seemed to proceed as if we were the last two men on earth; my aggressively sucking his nice hard cock, moaning with every taste of him, his pleasure so great that he was almost sobbing with ecstacy, “Oh, my God, you’re gonna’ make me cum too fast, uncle…please…” Suddenly, I stopped, not wanting him cum too fast. I rose to my feet and began to jerk off for him, “You want to fuck me, baby?” “Oh, fuck yeah!”, he said. “Yeah? You wana’ fuck me? What will your dad say if he knew you had your hard cock up my ass, huh?” “I don’t care”, he said, as he jerked his own cock. “No? You still wana’ fuck me? Huh? You wana’ fuck me with that nice hard cock? Huh?” “You fucking know it!” Within seconds, I had my hands on the dirt and he was plowing me from behind as I jerked off… “Ooooooooh…” We could hear distant hikers now, but we didn’t care… There we were, wildly fucking like a****ls in the middle of the forest, me jerking my cock and moaning, my nephew fucking me from behind, in and out, in and out, in and out… Suddenly, I started to cum like a fire hose… “Oh, my God, you’re making me cum so fucking….ooooh…” And shortly, after, “Uncle, I’m gonna’…I’m gonna’…” Out came his throbbing cock, and BLAM,…his hot cum all over my back… We continued stroking each other until we were completely spent. We heard rumbling in the leaves,…and soon gathered our clothes and quickly gathered back to our cabin, giggling with ecstacy. We had now fucked twice in just 4 hours,…and it seemed like it was only going to get better, though it was hard to imagine.

Regardless, this...was an amazing retreat.

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