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The movie

I went to the adult movie theater alone. I dressed ready for sex. I had a see thru top and a short skirt that barely covered my ass and of course no panties. The theater was a great pick up place and sex was every where inside. I was hoping to sit by a sexy horny male, or even a sexy female. I just wanted to feel some one and also be felt up. Nice big tits would be fine but a nice big cock would be great. And I loved playing in the movie.

As I walked up the steps to the seats, my skirt shifted upwards and my pussy was available for any one who looked. My tits were pressed tight against the sheer fabric. I had that fuck me look. I was hoping some one would get the hint and sit by my horny body.

I sat in the middle of the row of seats just a few rows from the top. It was dark and no one was up there. It was not long before a guy and gal sat on both sides of me. I smiled at both of them and soon the theater went dark as the movie started. I looked at the girl. She had nice firm tits about a size D. Her blouse was barely buttoned and I could see almost to the nipples. I knew they were a couple looking for a 3some. I reached over and unbuttoned her blouse and opened it up so I could see her bare tits. She pulled my top up over my tits and looked at the huge globes. Her bf was watching us enjoying our show better than the screen. He knew he would soon get to play. I pulled her skirt up and spread her legs to see her pus. It was shaved and looked sexy as hell. I leaned over and kissed her and pulled her to me so I could play with her huge tits. My tongue traded with her tongue and I pulled and twisted her nipples. The seats had no arm separating them so I was able to get close to her.

I kept kissing her and playing with her huge tits and then ran my hand down her front to her bald pussy. I spread her legs futher and found her sweet clit. I rubbed it getting it hard and then found her love hole. I went right to work inserting a finger up her hole. I soon had three fingers in her and was fucking the hole hard jerking her as I pounded her cunt. I then leaned and sucked her nipples, biting and chewing them as I finger fucked her with no mercy. My hand was wet with her cum. I took my sopping wet fingers and put them in her mouth so she could suck them.

I then took her hand and put it on my pussy. Her mouth found my tits as she finger fucked my cunt. She soon had four fingers fucking my hole like no tomorrow. Her mouth was eating my tits as she fingered me. I had cum several times as she about chewed my nipple off but I loved every minute of it. then I felt the hand of her bf go to my ass. As she fingered fucked my cunt, he was searching for my ass bud to finger it. I leaned a little to make it easier for him and I felt his finger enter my ass. He then fucked me hard and pushed his finger all the way up to his palm. soon he had three fingers up my ass and was really ramming my sweet hole. He finger fucked my ass as the gf finger fucked my cunt and chewed my nipples. He then grabed the nipple that he did not have her teeth into and he began twisting and pulling it and squeezing the big mound. I must have cum about ten times and then the bf grabbed the girls fingers she had up my cunt and began to lick them. He inserted her fingers several more times and sucked my cum from them.

Before I knew it he lifted me up and traded seats with me so he was between us. He then unzipped his pants and pulled out this huge long thick cock. It had to be ten inches. He looked at me and smiled. He took both our hands and placed them on his cock for us to start jerking and stroking. One of us jerked his cock as the other rubbed his balls. Just as the gf had him about to cum I reached under him and found his ass hole and finger fucked him. This made him cum hard and cum shot to the seat in front of us. He then grabbed us by our nipples and began to twist them and we kept jerking that huge cock. He then turned me to my side with my back to him and he slid up to me and slid that monster up my cunt. I had never felt such a big rod and then he began to fuck me right there as his gf rubbed his ass. I fell in love with his big cock and loved it in my hole. He had a death grip on my nipples and the pain made me all the hornier. Just as he was ready to cum and fill my cunt with his juice his gf rammed her fingers into his ass and he rammed my cunt so hard I thought it was split in two. He had that huge cock all the way inside my hole. It was long and thick like a baseball bat. I was not sure if I ever would walk straight again.

He then pulled out of my cunt and pulled the gf down to his cock and she began to lick him clean. All the time he kept twisting and pulling my large nipples. Now the nipples were raw too. This guy loved rough sex and I was also open to keeping it rough. The gf was really licking and sucking his cock. Then she took a ball into her mouth and I saw the cock get hard again. He then turned the gf on her side and he spread her ass and I could not believe he was going to put that huge thick cock up her ass. But he sure did and she did not seem to mind the big thing ripping her ass apart. So as he fucked her ass with the monster cock I then waited till the right moment and finger fucked his ass and he really rammed her ass hard like he had my cunt. His cum filled her ass. I soon had all four fingers up his ass and was fucking him good and hard.
As the movie got over, we covered ourselves best we could and started out of the theater.

They asked if I wanted to play some more. I decided I would and even if I would never walk again. My cunt was already raw but I wanted more of that big cock. I wanted it up my ass and I sure wanted to suck it. We headed to my house and I knew this would be a night of sex I shall never forget. It would be a long night fucking both the bf and the gf.

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