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The store

it wat getting too busy in the office so i took a storage container for all the spare stock. As is always the case the minute you put everything away you get that call.
It was mid afternoon and i had just returned from a very important meeting so instead of my usual jeans and safety boots i was wearing a skirt suit with stockings and 6" heals. I had carefully picked a shirt out thst hugged my figure cos i wanted to win the contract.
It had been a good meeting and i was in a good mood when the phone rang. It was Daz, he needed some accessories and he said it wouldnt wait. I looked on the van but no look, i would have to go to the store. I rang Daz and told him to meet me there.
It was cold that day so i didnt want to hang around. I got to the store before him so i thought i would go find them out while i waited for him.
I took ofc the padlock and eased the door open. Thats when i remembered i had taken a desk and some chairs to the store the previous weekend. My stock was behind them.
I waited a while and became impatient so i decided to try and get to the stock before he arrived.
I clambered onto the desk so i could see the boxes on the other side.
I reached out into a box and slipped. In over reaching i had lost my balance and was now stuck on all fours on the desk and i could hear Daz coming down the corridor.
I tried but couldnt get back up. At that point he walked in the door.
I froze. He could see all, stocking tops, sussies, the tiny little thong i wss wesring and probably much more besides.
Ho, ho, ho whats going on here? He said I know its nearly my birthday but i didnt expect this as a present.
I'm stuck i said, could you help me?
He came up close behind and as i felt his hands on my hips i wished they were somewhere else!
He was laughing and tugging me from behind but i had fallen too far over.
I'm sorry Jane, he said. If i am going to get you up i will have to put my hand there!
And with that he slid his hand up my front and onto my breast.
He needed to support me so he could lift me but all i was thinking about was how large and warm his hand was on my breast. It had been a while since i had been touched. The frustration was immense. Daz was good looking and fit and i was getting very wet.
He lifted me up and spun me around. There i was my legs astride him on the desk. I could feel his warmth radiating towards me. I could feel his already hard cock in hi pants.
Without a seconds hesitation i took his hand and placed it on my now wet lips. ..... To be continued

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