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Mom's Big Black Cock experience

I always knew that my Mom was a a bit of a flirt but what I discovered recently shocked me to the core.

I was in her bedroom when I noticed that she had left her laptop open and logged in and so, as curious as ever, decided to have a bit of a snoop on her computer. Mom was out at the time so I knew that I would not be disturbed.

I wasn't really sure what exactly I was looking for but when I clicked on the video folder I noticed a lot of files with dates. I clicked and opened one thinking it was just some movie she downloaded but when the video started I got quite a shock - it was a homemade video of my Mom!

I wanted to close it straight away but somehow I just couldn't peel my eyes away from the sight of my Mom in her bra and panties lying on her bed. The same bed I was now sitting on. She was talking to someone off camera whose voice I didn't recognize. She had on a pair of white satin panties and a lovely satin bra. I recognised them straight away because I often stole her panties when I wanted to wank and the sight of them on my Mom got me very excited, I could feel my cock getting harder but then suddenly my jaw just dropped when a large black man walked on camera and started rubbing his hand between my Moms open legs.

What the hell! I had no idea who this guy was and I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I really should have just stopped right there and left the bedroom but it was as if I was hypnotized. My cock was now bulging out of my pants and the sound of my Mom moaning like a whore was really turning me on.

Then she started talking like a whore. I couldn't believe what I was hearing as she asked the man if he wanted her to suck his big cock.Then she reached into his boxers and pulled out the biggest thickest cock I had ever seen and she immediately opened her mouth and started sucking him off like a pro.

I quickly unzipped my pants, not believing what I was seeing or what I was also doing. My cock was rock hard and I strolled over to her panty drawer and found the very pair of satin panties that she was wearing in the video and wrapped them around my cock and started furiously pumping.

I nearly came when I heard what she said next as she got on her hands and knees, stuck her ass in the air and begged him to give her a good pounding. I actually stopped in amazement as I watched my own mother, a petite little blond in her fifties with B cup breasts that were still perky and a great little ass, begging some black dude to pump her like a back alley streetwalker.

And pump her he did. His huge cock stood right out as he peeled down her panties to her thighs, exposing her beautiful pink pussy that was clearly dripping wet. I could see her little muff of hair and as he pulled her breasts from her bra her pink nipples were hard to attention as he stroked her breasts and pinched her nipples. Then he reached back and began to rub his cock against her clit as she moaned in ecstasy and begged him to fill her with his black meat.

My precum was now leaking from my own cock as I stroked slowly with her satin panties. I nearly came again as I watched this strange black man suddenly plunge his rock hard cock deep into my mothers cunt. She let out a passionate wail and her whole body shook as he then grabbed her hips and started pounding his thick meat into her wet cunt,in and out, over and over, long hard and deep pumping as my mother bucked her hips wildly and rubbed her clit furiously with her hand.

I was also furiously pumping my own cock as I watched my mother fucking like crazy and moaning for this black man to give her his cock hard, slap her ass and fill her with cum. It was completely raw fucking, he was just taking her from behind and pounding her like a dirty whore he had just picked off the street. My mother was loving it and I could see that her cunt was creaming all over his big black cock, she was cumming hard and loving it. Then she started yelling for him to pump her cunt full of his cum and with that he really started pummelling his cock into her, He was now croached over her and his huge balls were slapping off her clit with every thrust of his cock into her pussy.

Then he let out a low growl and my Mom started moaning loudly as he shot a huge load deep inside her grasping cunt.I was moaning too as I also started cumming hard in Moms panties, soaking them with a massive cumshot as I watched this starngers cum leaking from my Moms cunt. Then she turned around and sucked his cock clean before saying - "come again and bring your friends the next time"

Needless to say I then knew what all those other videos on her laptop were.

My mother - the big black cock whore.

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