This is a print version of story my big black uncle in my little white womb.with my by goodwifebad4black from

My big black uncle in my little white womb.with my

Bobby, my favorite uncle, called me late lastnite while i lounged in my bed,enjoying my boyfriends tongue deep in my pussy. He was my favorite uncle of all my big black uncles, sporting thick,smooth muscles & a tasty 11inch black cock & was going crazy thinking about stretching my pussy to its limit with his thick,purple mushroom headed pussy pleaser! He started telling me, "tell ur boyfriend2clean ur pussy good til i get there. I need u2be ready 2ride this cock&give me ur cum. This big black cock is urs. Ima be rite there2fill ur pink hole with my cum...nice&deep....i think ima nut twice just2be sure ur womb is full. Ur man is guna have sum good eatin 2nite!' i laffed after we hung up. My uncle was so crazy! I was so excited 2take all of his prick & feel his sperm blow so deep in me! I was nervous tho to take his manhood i have2admit! No part of my tunnel would be untouched by his thorough pricking & tasty cum! I hoped i would make uncle Bobby happy! He
arrived shortly after he called & instantly pulled his out his dick,which was so hard & throbbing i thought it wod explode b4 even getn in me! Uncle Bobby looked at us & said' my cock needs ur sweet cum all over it babygirl! Ur cum loving boyfriend needs2get over here tho1st & clean&suck my dick &balls real good so that its ready2swim in ur pinkpussy juice!' i instructed my luv 2show uncle bobby his devotion2our cum. He went2his knees& went over ever inch of cock &balls with his tongue&lips,showing us that bbc tasted good!my cum gobbling boy toy licked his lips whenevr he tasted precum which made my thick dicked uncle so happy!uncle walked ovr2me,my man crawling next2him,sucking his juices the whole way. I spread my legs wide so Bobby wod have the best angle2get it all boytoy helped bobbys thick mushroom head into my quivering cunt just slightly,making sure not2open me all the way. Bobby pushed his head in&his eyes rolled back in his head.another inch.then out.then in more.a slow steady fuck opening me
more &more.he put his leg on the bed &said,'boytoy of
my fuckable niece,come here& lick the end of my shaft as her cum coats it when i pull out each time.' my slut obliged! Bobby started pumping me harder&deeper with evry thrust. I gushed cum on his black pussypleaser! He really worked extra hard2carefully get his cock as deep as he could,never hurting me.his head got stuck&it drove him so wild that he blasted the biggest load of cum so deep in my womb,grunting as my cunt milked his jizz out!my womb was full of my uncles bbc cum!i loved it!he kissed me& said hed be back the next nite after work2deliver his cum rite where it shod be!my luvr cleaned uncle bobby so sweetly,lapping up our mixed cum&cleaning all of it up happily!bobby left&my boytoy laid down on the bed.i climbed on his face &filled his mouth with yummy cum cuz he earned sum good eatn after taking care of me&uncle 2nite! stepdads been hinting his cum is good for filling up my womb...maybe next week!

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