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Me and my aunt

It was the last day of my vacation, i was 16 (two years ago). My dad, mom, b*****r, aunty and uncle were getting ready to leave me in the airport, it takes 5 hours to come to the airport from my city. My uncle was driving the van and my b*****r was sitting near him, my mom and dad was sitting on the second row and my aunt and me was sitting on the last row. We started our 5 hours trip. After around 30 minutes my aunt touched my hand and slowly she takes our hands near her pussy. Then suddenly she gave me a rapid kiss on the lips and she put my hand under shirt and with her hand she was touching my cock. I loved my aunty from the first time that i saw her she had a nice ass and nice tits. I didn't think that this think is happening. Then she opended her zip a i put my hands in her hairy pussy. I love hairy pussies. We continued this for about 1 hour and they stopped the van to eat something, me and my aunt was acting like we were sl**ping. Then they parked the van in a dark place and they went. Then i started to lick her pussy, she said that, that I'm the first person to lick her pussy and i said her to suck my cock she said that she haven't done that before but she did it very nice. I started to fuck she started to dirty talk.
"Hmmmm yeah fuck me my boy and cum on my belly"
"Yesssss i was dreaming this moment from years"
"Hmmmm yes i knew that but i wasn't sure...yeah fuck me my boy"
"Hmmm yes i love you i love fuckng you my bitch"
"Fuck me fuck me you are my best fucker"
"Hmmmm and you are my bitch"
"Fuck your bitch my boy"
"I gonna cum auntyyyyy"
"Yes yeas cum on my fucking belly"
I cumed on her stomach, i think it was the first biggest cum that i have cumed. She said me that i fucks better than her husband. And she said me when i go there to come to stay with her for a night when her husband is away...I'm. Waiting that moment,I'll say more until that bye.... ;)

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