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Used By A Strong Guy

Dad / son scenarios have become more common with me as I’ve got older – it’s great how many younger guys want sex with an older man who’s got that bit more experience. Most younger guys I’ve been with have wanted me to be the dominant one, but recently the tables were tuned in a very horny way.

I’d been online for a while stroking my cock, getting more and more horny. I watched some porn, and got really turned on by a couple of videos of dads fucking younger guys. While I was wanking like fury and producing loads of juicy pre-cum there was an instant message on my screen – “hey dad, need to see son?” I looked at his profile and he lived nearby. He said he was 18, and he had a great chest, a slim body with a six-pack and a long slim cock that looked sexy as fuck. In no time at all, we’d made arrangements for him to come round. A quick visit to the shower and me and my hard cock were all ready for him.

I was wearing my dressing gown and a tight pair of jocks, when I met him at the door. He came in, just as sexy as he looked in his profile pic. “Hi there Dad, I’m fucking horny, sure hope you are too.” With that, he closed the door and instantly stuck his tongue in my mouth, which I love. He had one of his hands down the opening of my dressing gown, gently pulling it open and then cupping my hard cock with his other hand through my jock. Not another word was spoken for a while as we deep kissed, our hands roving over every inch of each others bodies. He soon found my ass, open to his probing fingers, spitting on them and then gradually inserting one into my hole, just as I was unbuttoning his fly and exploring his great bulge.

We were still just inside my front door and I wanted to get to the bedroom, but as I tried to move him, lips still locked together, he took his mouth off mine and said sharply “stay where you are, dad – plenty of time to move” and then, immediately, took his probing finger out of my ass and suddenly slapped me quite hard on my right ass cheek. Jeez, it felt so horny. I whimpered a bit and moaned “yes”. He locked lips with me again, and slapped me again, only harder. To my surprise this was making me even harder…. by now I had managed to slide his open jeans down his legs – he had tight white briefs on with a couple of pre-cum stains on the front, with his long cock making a huge tent round which I had my hands, and my fingers sliding under his balls to feel them. All the time our lips were close together and our tongues were exploring each others mouths.

“Does Dad want a bit more punishment, then…?” he whispered, as he stopped kissing for just a moment. “Yeah, fucking go for it” I murmured…. And at last he broke free and I was able to lead him into the bedroom, where I lost the dressing gown completely and he shed his shirt, leaving both us just in our underwear, me in my jock and him in his briefs….. immediately I dived face down onto the bed and raised my ass in the air…… I was ready for a good spanking from the boy…..

Face in the pillow I couldn’t see his approach but without warning his hand slapped my bare ass hard, three times quickly in succession. Fuck it was sore, but such a turn on at the same time…… “Harder, hit me harder, son” I yelled. For some reason there seemed to be a pause and then I found out why as suddenly I felt a belt hit me… he’d taken his belt off his jeans and was now striking me across both ass cheeks with it. I’d never experienced this before and couldn’t believe how horny I was finding it. My cock was fucking enormous sticking out the front of my jocks but hidden from view… all the while he was yelling “take it, Dad…. You need a good slapping” and I was playing up, moaning and yelling as the belt struck me.

Then the belting stopped again, and I felt him get on the bed….. again without warning his warm tongue invaded my asshole and started licking – fuck, it was unbelievable how good he was at rimming, this warm tongue moistening my hole, eating me out good and proper…. And one of his hands was exploring my cock and rubbing the pre-cum into my cock head. I knew what I wanted……..”fuck me, son” I moaned….. and he withdrew his tongue gradually, replacing it with two fingers probing me, slipping in and out as he got his cock ready…. “so you want to be fucked hard, Dad” he almost shouted…..”Fuck, yes, go for it now!”

I pushed my ass even more into the air. He asked where the lube was and I pointed to the stand, by the bed. He reached over and got the tube and squeezed it into his hand. He then pushed his fingers into my ass again and then he began to lube his cock. I turned my head toward the closet by the bed and watched us in the tall mirror. I was on the bed, with my ass in the air and he was behind me like Roman Stud. He was so young and muscular. His muscles showed and his body was so shiny with the sweat. Suddenly I felt his cock head against me. I am so tight I can’t take a lot of cocks, but this one was long and slim, and all the moisture meant it was slipping into me gradually…. I felt every inch as it invaded me. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” I was moaning as he was continuing to show me who was boss. At last the full length of his cock was up me, and I could actually feel his balls against my ass crack. For a moment he didn’t move at all, and I just felt his entire cock right up me……”what do you want me to do now, Dad” he asked………

Before I could even reply, he started withdrawing his cock slowly and then, just as I thought the whole cock was being taken out he changed direction and suddenly pushed it hard inside me again…. Now he was staring to fuck me good and proper: he set up an amazing rhythm as he pumped in and out of me, and then, just as I was getting used to that, his hand started slapping my ass hard again – I was totally at his mercy and was loving what he was doing to me. By now I was wanking my own cock against the bed clothes, and crying out for him to continue. He was a fit guy and he was fucking me good and proper…. Suddenly without warning he yelled “I’m gonna cum in you, Dad. He pushed hard on top of me and I lost my balance and went flat on the bed. He came down on top of me, pinning me to the mattress with his weight. I could not move and knew now I was at his mercy. He held me tight and I could feel his strength as he kept me pinned. I knew that all I could wait for now was him to breed me. He started to breath very hard. I felt his chest against my back and his breath on my neck. I also felt his legs start to twitch and I knew he was making me his bitch. After a few minutes, he got off of me and went into the bathroom. I cold feel his seed dripping out of me and I knew I was all his. He owned me.

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