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First time in the army

True story from back in 98.

I was naive when I was younger and in the army. I was stationed in Georgia, and was chatting online. Met this one guy in his late 40s who didn't seem gay, and was willing to pay me to go to Savannah to go on his yacht and have a great time. I was nervous on my trip there. I ended up going and, meet him on his huge boat. It was just unbelievable.
So that night we went out, and he got me absolutely plastered. I was absolutely d***k when he mentions to me if I wanted to go back to the yacht for some fun. I said sure and we both walked back to the boat. I didn't get it, he seemed to know a lot of hot guys that night.
After a few more drinks I was getting tired and ready for bed. He takes me to his room and both lay down. He starts a porn on the tv and shows this amateur video of these guys banging this hot chick. Then all of a sudden one of the dudes starts sucking the other guy. I couldn't believe it. I was really nervous at the time and kind of shy'd away from his advances. He knew my guard was down and was there to make the kill. I ended up blacking out.
I ended up waking up at about 4 am in the morning. I reached down and couldn't find my boxers. I also reached behind me and my ass was lubed. I ended up pulling my boxers up, and layed on back on my side. I almost started to fall asl**p again when I felt a hand around my side. He was touching me so softly and ended up working down to my hips. I was sitting still while trying to fight my dick from getting hard. He reached down my boxers and started to rub my cock. I was getting hard real quick. He then positioned up against me while playing with my cock. I could feel his hard cock against my ass. He then positioned me on my back, which I didn't fight. He then started to kiss my neck and move down to my nipples. Licking them and playing with my rock hard nipples.. I was thinking about how horny I am and I can't believe he is doing this. He moved his head under the blanket and started licking my 7" hard cock. While he placed his mouth on my cut seven inch staff I started think this feels so fucking good right now. I started to shift my hips and spreading my legs. He lifted his head from my cock and worked his tongue down to my asshole. He was enjoying eating my asshole out and then fingering it. I started to moan softly. He then started sucking my dick real hard this time. I'm telling you he was a pro. I couldn't hold back any more and blew my load right down his throat.
After that he kept sucking, and was not really feeling it after all that. So I asked him to stop, and he did. He went over to his side of the bed. After a little while I felt bad because I was really nervous, and his masturbation wasn't helping any. I was laying on my side again, and started inching my way over to him in hopes he was still horny. Then I was up against him again. He was still hard from jerking off. I lean over and touch it. I felt it starting to twitch a little. I opened the sheets and looked at his beautiful white seven or eight inch cock. He put his hand around the back of my neck and pushed my face close to his cock. I started to lick the tip of his shaft, and slowly worked my way down to his balls. He was rock hard at the time and then I started to suck the tip. He could tell I was starting to get excited and told me to get up and lay down face first. I did as I was told and he ordered me to arch my ass. He positioned behind me and started slapping my ass with his dick. By that time I was getting hard again. He then lubed my ass again with his finger and inserted his cock into my tight ass. I was in a little pain but was enjoying pleasing him. I could hear him moan louder and it was making my dick twitch. He reached around and started to jerk it real hard. He was really thrusting me. As I started to cum I could feel that he was about to explode. I looked back at him and told him to cum in my ass. He grabbed my ass and thrusted faster until he shot it in my hole.
We spent the rest of the weekend fooling around. I had a great time. Still fantasize about it to this day.

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