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While We Were Away ...

This is my first attempt at writing erotica - let me know what you think, and whether or not I should continue the story ...

When the wife and I went out of town, we hired Tanya, the college girl from down the street who babysat our k**s occasionally, to house-sit and take care of our dog. Tanya was 20, maybe 21, and built, as they say, like a brick shithouse – long brown hair, firm full tits, and curves that made it very hard to look her in the eye for long.

She was a wet dream, and she knew it. Every time she came over to our place to babysit, she was wearing clothes that managed to accentuate every luscious inch of her sexy, young body, without looking like she was trying too hard … I’d stroked my fat cock ending with a messy load more than once thinking about her while my wife slept on beside me.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Buckshot and I are pals,” Tanya cooed, scratching the dog’s ears as the wife and I headed out the door.

“Did you take care of everything? Let the neighbors know where we’ll be, and leave the contact information for Tanya in case she needs to reach us?” the wife whispered as we walked out the door

“I’ve taken care of everything dear, don’t worry. Everything will be fine,” I said as our cab pulled up in front of our house.

But as it turns out, there was one thing I had forgotten.

When we got home 10 days later, the wife was absolutely exhausted and I was kind of beat myself. The trip back had been the plane ride from hell – one delay after another, missed connections, lost luggage and host of other little indignities that added up to one big pain in the ass.

Tanya was sitting on the couch with Buckshot in her lap, scratching his ears and watching a football game. That dog looked happier than I think I’ve ever seen him before. The wife excused herself to go upstairs and take a shower as Tanya rose to greet us.

“Did you two get along okay?” I asked.

“Oh, sure, everything was just fine,” Tanya said. “Buckshot’s a sweetheart, and I let him sl**p in the bed with me. I hope you don’t mind.”

I certainly didn’t. Lucky bastard, I thought.

Tanya excused herself to go get her bags, and I sat down on the couch next to Buckshot. I turned my attention to the football game when I heard Tanya ask me to come in to the guest room for a second.

When I entered the room, I saw her standing in front of the closet with the chest the wife and I kept our sex toys in open at her feet.

A few years ago, I’d bought the wife a strap-on, hoping against hope that I could talk here into pegging my ass as least once. And who knows? Maybe she’d enjoy it, too. But it didn’t work out that way. She’d tried it once, half-heartedly, and the black latex cock ended up locked away in the chest along with a bottle of lube, some nipple clamps we’d also experimented with, and a few cockrings that my wife actually liked to break out when we had our bi-weekly sex sessions.

Tanya reached down to pick up the strap-on and held it up.

“I found this a couple of days ago when I was looking for Buckshot’s leash,” she said, holding it up. The big, black cock dangled lasciviously in front of her amazing tits. I couldn’t be sure, but I swear her nipples were starting to get hard, pushing through the fabric of her bra and shirt as she looked at me, trying to gauge my reaction.

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t say a word.

“Looks like you and the wife are a lot kinkier than I thought,” Tanya said stroking the plastic cock lovingly, “or maybe not. This doesn’t look like it’s been used much at all – maybe never.”

“Well, I … ah …”

“Shut up,” Tanya said, “and close the door. Now.”

I did as she asked and turned to face her.

“You want this cock?” she teased. “You want me to fuck you up the ass with this? You want to be my bitch?”

My cock was instantly erect. The answer to her question was obvious: fuck yeah, I wanted to be her bitch.

“Take your clothes off,” she whispered, leaning in to my ear, “and get on your knees.” I could smell the sweet scent of her freshly washed hair. “Your gonna suck this fat dick first, you little whore. If you do a good job, maybe I’ll let you eat my pussy before I fuck your ass, bitch.”

I stripped on got on my knees as she demanded, my now fully erect cock leading the way.

Tanya unbuttoned her jeans, stripped off her panties and lifted her tee-shirt over her head, exposing a lacy, see-through bra that cupped her supple breasts perfectly. Her nipples were rock-hard and the look in her eye said I was in for a pegging that I would never forget. I could smell her wet pussy as she stepped in to the harness and tightened the straps.

I couldn’t control myself; my hand went to my dick and started to stroke my swollen cock.

“Stop playing with yourself, you little bitch! Did I say you could do that?”

Immediately, I dropped my hand as she pushed the latex dildo in to my mouth.

“That’s it,” she said. “Suck that cock … how’s it feel, bitch boy? You like my cock in your mouth? Look at me … look at me, I said. I wanna see the look in your eyes when I feed you my dick … yeah, you like that, don’t you. I knew you were a fucking pervert. What a little whore you are …”

Just as suddenly, she pulled the dildo out of my mouth.

“Get on the bed,” Tanya ordered. “Legs up in the air.”

She reached behind her and grabbed a bottle of lube out of the chest, pouring a huge stream of the gooey liquid onto the strap-on.

I did as she said, and she leaned over and spit on my asshole as she rubbed the lube over her cock.

She moved in between my legs and pushed the head of her fat, black cock up against my asshole.

“Push out,” she said, “like you’re taking a shit.”

Her greasy cock slid up my ass, splitting my sphincter with a flash of pain that quickly faded into one of the most sublime pleasures I had ever felt. I closed my eyes and felt Tanya pull that cock out before thrusting it back in as hard as she could.

A moan escaped my lips as her plastic balls slapped up against my ass.

“Yeah, I knew you’d like that,” she hissed. “I knew you’d like my cock up your ass, ‘cause you’re a little slut, aren’t you? You like that fucking cock, huh, bitch boy? You like my cock in your ass? Tell me … tell me how much you like that cock … c’mon, tell me!”

I opened my eyes to see Tanya staring down at me as I took her cock in my tight hole. My gaze locked on her face as she started fucking me as hard as she could, spreading my legs so she could ram that plastic cock up my ass even harder.

One of her tits slipped free of her bra as she fucked my ass, swinging in front of my face like some forbidden fruit that was just beyond my reach. Without even knowing what I was doing, my hand slipped down to stroke my engorged hard-on.

“Yeah, that’s it … stroke you cock, you little whore,” she gasped. “I want to see you jack off while I fuck your ass … that’s it, keep stroking, you bitch. You’re my bitch, aren’t you. C’mon … jack it off for me. I wanna see you cum with my fat cock up your ass.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. I felt my asshole tighten around the strap-on she was plunging in and out of my ass, and I shot what I am certain was the biggest load I’ve ever shot in my life. The first splatter of jizz landed on my chin, with the rest cascading over my chest and belly while Tanya continued to plow my ass.

Her cock still in my ass, she reached down and scooped my jizz into the palm of her hand.

“You look good with cum on your face. Here’s some more, you little cum slut,” she said, wiping the load all over my face.

I was exhausted. I couldn’t move. This girl had fucked the shit out of me, and I had loved every minute of it. I laid there on the bed, cum dripping down my face, watching her push her breast back into her bra, her fat, black cock still buried in my ass as my hard-on went soft.

She pulled her cock out of my ass and stood up, just as the door opened behind her.

“What the fuck is going on in here?”

It was my wife.

“Honey,” I said, “it’s not what it seems … really! Tanya was just –“

“Just what?” she demanded.

She turned her glare to Tanya and said, “You, you little bitch, you can get the fuck out of here. Now, if you know what’s good for you. We’ll talk later, I can guarantee that.

“And you,” she continued. “You’ve just entered a world of pain, my dear husband. A world of fucking pain.”

To Be Continued …

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