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Meeting my Wife

The first time I saw my wife, she was coming off the plane to meet me for the first time. We'd met online and chatted up quite a while; it took her a while to getting around to meeting me. She knew about my foot fetish and I couldn't wait to see her when she walked of the plane with her long hair, hourglass figure and those feet! I can't remember anything else about what she wore, but the shoes and exact color of her polish are etched in my memory banks. She had promised me unlimited access to them in our emails and phone calls, and as we waited for her luggage I couldn't get the image of those toes and heels dripping with my jizz out of my mind; I found myself absentmindedly tickling the head of my engorged cock in my pants. She caught me and said "There'll be plenty of time for that later'. In retrospect, knowing what a cum slut she is she probably didn't want to waste the precum that was already flowing. We got her luggage and headed to my place.

I had promised her a backrub upon arrival, and after we unloaded her things I started that process. We hadn't even kissed yet, and I was straddling her butt rubbing her shoulders with oil. I worked my way down her body, until my balls were swinging against the soles of her feet while I rubbed her legs. Turning around, I once again straddled her butt and bent her legs up at the knee, putting her cold but still damp soles in my face. I started nuzzling them, licking them, sucking them, rubbing oil all over them until my face was as oiled up as her feet. My cock was hard, as you can imagine, and she felt it rubbing against her butt cheeks and told me how desperately she needed fucked.

I suggested she roll over, and I dumped a squirt of oil all over her chest and said, "I'm not ready to fuck you just yet" as I smeared the oil all over her tits with the distended purple head of my cock. I oiled up the channel of her bosom and slid my cock between them, holding them together and slicing through them like a knife through warm butter. I was so fucking close to blowing my load (and had been for hours) so I slid down and licked her dripping wet pussy for the first time. Her feet found my cock, and as she moved them around I found a nice groove between her ankles, delivering long, slow strokes along her leg, holding off my orgasm until I was in a position to properly jizz her feet.

I finger-fucked her and sucked her clit till she came; "Now it's MY turn!" finally, I said, "I'm gonna cum all over your fucking feet. Hold them out for me" at which point I stood before her, her feet and toes pointed at me. I took one of her shoes and licked the worn insides while stroking my cock, sliding the dripping head across her pointed toes, leaving a trail of precum bridging her sexy painted nails. I couldn't stand it any more and went for broke, my hand flying back and forth along the shaft of my cock, watching her flex her toes, and when she asked me - no, told me to cum on her feet I did. I came so hard I missed her foot completely with the first few stripes; I got some in her hair and along her neck. I corrected my aim in time to stripe her feet quite nicely.

The best part was when her hand slipped between her legs and she started cumming while I licked all my jizz off her feet.

It wasn't long I was hard again, and as I continued to suck her feet and toes I slid my cock into her wet, warm pussy and I tongue-fucked her mouth with the same rhythm I was fucking her. I came up on my knees, slid one of her legs between mine and went for broke sucking her feet. As my srokes slowed down in preparation for a screaming orgasm, her fingers cupped my balls and scratched that secret spot and I unloaded buckets of jizz in her pussy, while my tongue continued to lick and suck her toes.

That was the first encounter. The second one, which happened after we decided to go eat, was another story for another time.

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