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Step Daughter pt 2

Step Daughter pt 2 by Clive St Clement-Royal

Carrying on from my last story when my step daughters fixed it for me to be alone with the youngest Sally aged nineteen, so I could take her virginity. My wife Jane was kept in the dark about what happened, which I was glad about, but I was still nervous that she would still find out.
Three months later we all had gone on holiday to a friends villa in Spain, on the forth day I had fallen and broke my left ankle and the hospital had put a cast on it half way up my leg from my foot.
Jane wanted to go to visit a monastery in a nearby town as they made a good wine there, and she wanted some to take home. As I could not get around a lot, she asked Mary if she would mind staying and looking after me making sure that I did not want for anything. Mary the eldest of her two daughters was now twenty as her birthday was a month before, jumped at the chance of not going to a boring old monastery.
After Jane and Sally had left Mary came to me on the patio where I was lying. I noticed that she had changed into a new bikini, which I had not seen before. She paraded around the patio giving me a good look at her.
“Is there anything I can do for you daddy, anything at all?”
“A drink of something cold would be nice.”
“ Oh I was thinking of something hot.”
“Hot, like what?” I asked
“Me,” Mary replied as she undid the top of her bikini throwing it on the chair. “I know you fucked Sally cos we arranged it, but I could not pass the chance of fucking you when mum asked me to look after you.”
“Going to be awkward with my leg in plaster.”
“No it won't, I will do all the work I have seen how to do it in a film.” I looked at her with amazement, she is as bad as Sally. Her tits were a full 36c and were standing proud with the nipples sticking out like buttons. She came over to me and held out her hand,”Come on lets go indoors out of the sun, we will be more comfortable.”
She took me into her room and sat me on the bed and took off her bikini bottoms, she like her s****r, was completely shaven, she then pulled my t shirt over my head and bent over and undid the waist band on my shorts and pulled them down saying, “Bum up Daddy.” she eased them over my cast and threw them aside. “Wow, Sally said you had a big cock and its not even hard yet.” She knelt between my legs and took hold of my swiftly hardening cock and kissed the tip. I watched as she licked the tip and then all down the back to my balls which she kissed and sucked very gently.
“Move on to the middle of the bed Daddy it will be better for you.” I shuffled over and she followed me still holding my cock. Now she could get full access to it she took it fully into her mouth and started to suck it on the up stroke and take it all the way into her throat when she was down on it. I felt like heaven being deep throated by my stepdaughter much better than Sally or Jane ever did. She seemed to be enjoying doing it as well.
“Are you enjoying that,” I asked “It feels that you have done that before?”
“Yes Daddy I have done it a few times before with Billy and Ron when I was going out with them, but no further.”
“Does that mean you are a virgin?”
“Yes Daddy and I have kept it all for you too.”
“Come here into the 69 position so I can get at you pussy.” I said as she moved over me so I could see her beautiful pussy which was starting to drip on my chest.
I licked her pussy from the top by her clit all the way down to her hot wet cunt, I went back to her clit which I sucked on as it got bigger.
“Bugger that's great I like that. Sally told me you was a good pussy licker, now make me cum like you made her cum.” I took my right hand and pushed two finger into her cunt as I licked her clit. I slowly finger fucked her and sucked on her clit.
“Arrrr shit fuck Your making me cum daddy yes yes yes.” she screamed as she came for the first of many orgasm’s, she fell on to me still shaking.
“Now its your turn Daddy, let me fuck you and take my own virginity.” She turned and took me into her mouth again.
“We must get you all hard and wet.” she said as she manipulated my cock in her mouth. She turned and straddled me, keeping her body off of my leg. Took hold of my cock which was hard as iron in her hand and gently eased it into her cunt until it hit her Hyman when she stopped. She placed her hands on my chest to take her weight and started to move up and down. She stopped and took my hands and placed them on her tits. As I squeezed her tits she started to fuck her self again, going up and down faster and faster but not breaking her Hyman.
“Ohh that feels good.” she cried
“You are not all the way in yet.” I told her as I put my hand round her neck and as she came down I pinched one of her nipples and pulled her right down and pushed up with my hips, pulling her all the way onto my cock breaking her Hyman.
“Oww that hurt my titty but it was nice.”
“yes yes yes I am cumming,” she screamed “fill me up with your cum, I want you to cum in me it's safe to, I am on the pill.”
I started to cum hard, and as she wanted to be filled up I obliged her.
“Well daddy that was great, I see what Sally was on about now, it was fantastic. Pity you was not able to fuck me properly but that can wait till your leg is better.” As she raised herself up from me my flaccid cock it slipped from her cunt and our mingled emissions ran down from her cunt onto my belly. Mary immediately went down and cleaned it all off and sucked my cock clean and like her s****r swallowed it all.
“I'm glad you enjoyed that my little sexy daughter, Daddy liked you riding him and yes it was a pity I could not fuck you properly.”
“That's ok daddy the time will come again.”
Well I had now fucked both of my stepdaughters what next could happen, I would have to wait and see.

To be continued.

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