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School Daze Pt.2

After pausing the T.V.,Mr.Wilkins turned around and saw that I was nude from the waist down. My skinny,little three inch dick stuck straight up in the air and as He looked at Me,He began laughing.
"Stevie! May I ask what You're doing? And just what am I supposed to do with that?" He asked,pointing at my penis.
"Um,You can touch it some more. If You want to." I said in a very quiet voice. "Or You can stick things up my butt,like Clark and Freddy like to do. But Before You do,can I suck on Your dick? Please?"

I was looking past him,at the frozen image of Sheila's widespread vagina, filling the T.V. screen. I could count every one of the short,wispy strawberry blond hairs that covered her pussy mound,all nine of them. And the close up was so good,I could even see a couple of the short darker hairs that surrounded Her butthole!

"Stevie? Do You really mean what You just said? You have told Me twice already that You want to suck my cock,but I want to hear it a third time! I also want You to beg Me to fuck You!" Mr.Wilkins said in a husky voice. As he approached me,he unbuckled his belt.

"Please,Mr.Wilkins! Please,May I suck on Your cock? And y-yes,You can fuck me if You want to." my voice trembled.

"Not good enough,Stevie. I said I want You to 'Beg Me to fuck You'!" He exclaimed,then removed his shoes,pants and underwear. Although there was almost a foot of space separated us,the tip of his blue veined cock grazed the base of my chin.

"Please,Mr.Wilkins? Please won't You Fuck Me? I want You to stick Your cock up my butthole,and fuck Me,just like that man did to Gretchen!" I murmured.

"Well,if You insist,Stevie. I think that the only thing for me to say is 'Yes! Yes,Stevie,I will fuck You!'" He said. "But first,let's keep watching. O.K.?" He lifted me up into his arms,and began kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear lobes. My whole body tingled,and I could feel my stiff nipples rubbing against the material of my shirt as my hard little dick pressed into his chest.

Setting me down among the pile of pillows, Mr.Wilkins finished undressing the both of us. He then lifted the remote and pressed a button,bringing the image of Sheila back to life.

Someone had handed her a vibrator,and I stared in rapt fascination,as she used the long,thin,pink tube to arouse and tickle her clit. Our moans mixed together and filled the room,for Mr.Wilkins was kneeling behind me,with his hard cock sticking out from between my legs,while pressing up against my ball sack. He then started twisting and pinching my left nipple as he stroked my tiny dick between the first and second finger of his right hand.

"She's a Wonder!" Mr.Wilkins whispered into my ear,making me shiver again. "Unfortunately,She wouldn't let any of Us fuck Her,but she did let Us film her masturbating! She even told Mrs.Rollins afterwards that it made Her 'Totally Horny,just thinking about what I did,and all of those strangers will get to watch Me doing it!'"

I leaned up against Mr.Wilkins' chest and continued watching Sheila,through partially closed eyelids as she began fucking herself with the vibrator. I couldn't believe how deep she could get it! I stared at her fingers as they flew over her clit,and gasped out loud when Sheila pulled the vibrator from her vagina and a stream of clear liquid shot out,splashing all over the chair's cushion and the camera's lense!
"Hoo! God! That was Great!" She giggled,then stood up and began sucking on the vibrator as she walked from the room.

"Just think,Stevie. Sheila just started puberty,and She's already a 'Squirter'! Her Mommy is one Hell of a Teacher! Don't You agree? You're going to be having a lot of fun with That One over the summer break,You lucky little fucker! Her and Amy!" He chuckled. "And If You liked that,watch what happens next!"

The scene changed. It was a POV shot. Someone was walking down the school's halls,past the cafeteria,on their way to the Boy's Locker room. I could hear men talking in the background,and it sounded like a couple of boys were giggling. Their giggles stopped however,when they were pushed,naked,into the shower room and someone said "Shut the Fuck Up,you goddamned Cocksuckers!".

Clark and Freddy stood there,looking quite shocked by that,as they held their folded hands over their stiff,little pricks.

"Get down on Your hands and knees,You goddamned faggots!" A man yelled. His voice echoing around the room. "Chuckles! Bring Me the hose!"

With trembling fingers,I reached down with my left hand and began stroking the foreskin,back and forth over the head of Mr.Wilkins cock as it continued to jut out from between my legs. Then,reaching up with my right I wrapped it in his hair, as He gently sucked on my neck.

"Mr.Wilkins? Can I suck on Your dick now?" I asked.
"Not Yet,Stevie. I Really want You to see what You're getting yourself into!"

Six naked men,all wearing masks,entered the room. Clark and Freddy were on the floor,being held down as each one was given an enema! "Do it till their juices run clear,Boys!" the man instructed.

Clark was having the time of his life! Every time they filled him up,He would get on his feet,turn sideways to the camera,pose,and ask how many months pregnant did he look. Then He would squat and purge himself into one of the drains in the floor.

A man with a short,fat dick was getting pissed off by this and I heard him say "So,Bitch. You wanna look like You're knocked up? Gimme that hose!" Two of the other men held Clark down as the third connected the enema's hose to one of the shower spigots,and then unceremoniously jammed it up Clark's clenched asshole. I don't know how long it took,it wasn't very long,but Clark was begging them to stop! When they finally did,My dick couldn't have gotten any harder!

"You like that,huh?" Mr.Wilkin whispered,then squeezed the tip of my dick,causing me to cry out.

I watched as Freddy knelt there,staring at his best friend, while he alternated between sucking and jerking off two of the men at the same time.
"What a Trooper!" Mr.Wilkins exclaimed.

The men that had been holding Clark down,now had to hold him up,as they turned him sideways for the camera. Although water was already streaming from between his asscheeks,Clark's profile reminded me of my Mom the week before she gave birth to my si ster!

"OH GOD!" Clark wailed! And when His legs collapsed,the two men kept holding him up,as the third spread Clark's asscheeks apart to hasten the process. Evidently "Little dick" couldn't wait any longer. The man told his buddy's to let go of Clark and before he could get away,the man bent Clark over and shoved his hard,stubby cock balls deep up his ass!

Water splashed and squirted everywhere as the man rough fucked my friend! Eventually He pulled his cock out long enough for Clark to totally empty himself,then went right back to pounding him,as the rest of the men began forming a line.

"Wait for Me,Gents!" the cameraman said,and I cried out,"Dad?!" when he came into view.

"So. You recognize Your Old Man,eh? Even with a mask on? How?"

"It's his penis!" I choked on my words. "It's that Huge Bulge half way down his dick! He told me that His big si ster shoved an orange down it when he was a little k id,and that it's been stuck there ever since!" I whimpered.

"Stevie,that 'Huge Bulge' is what makes Your Dad so popular around here! Just ask Gretchen,Mrs.Rollins,or Your mother. Or maybe not. I want to keep what You and I do a secret! Just Our little secret! At least for now.
"Stevie,I want You to pay close attention! There's going to be a test afterwards!" Mr.Wilkins laughed again. He pulled his cock from my fingers and began sliding it up and down between my asscheeks! It felt so good! Every so often he would stop,and press the fat head of his cock against my butt pucker,slowly opening me up,but when I started shoving back, trying to get it inside of me,He said,"Nuh,Uh,Uh!" and pulled it out. The ba stard!

I kept trying to grind my asshole onto Mr.Wilkins cockhead while asking why a long,low table had been brought in.
"You see,Stevie,it makes it much easier for the men to gain access to those Boys sweet,delectable assholes,that way! Gives the Guys a bit of leverage,so to speak."

My attention was drawn back to the T.V. because I heard Clark taunting one of the men. Evidently He wasn't too traumatized from what had happened to him earlier,because the idiot wouldn't stop running his mouth!

"You call that a dick?" He said to the man standing behind him. "I've fucked bigger dicks than that when I was in the second grade! Where did you get this guy come from? Wasn't Billy available? Now He's got a dick to be proud of! Do You even know how to use that little thing? Well? Come On! Shove it up and fuck me,or...Hooomf!!"

I burst out laughing at the expression on Clark's face! In one swift motion the man buried himself crotch deep into Clark's tiny ass,and then began hammering into Clark like it was the last time he was ever going to get laid! Clark was being flung around so vi olently, that the man he should have been giving head to gave up and went over to stand in front of Freddy!

Freddy didn't mind. Not at all! He just went from sucking on one,and then the other cock like it was perfectly natural! The look of delight that played across Freddy's face was a wonderful thing to behold. I was becoming very impressed with Freddy! He worked his hips like a Belly Dancer,and humped away at the cock filling his bowels,all while sucking cocks just like a pro! A couple of minutes later I heard the man,that Freddy was fucking,grunt then say "Next!" as he pulled his quickly softening cock out of my friend's ass and walked away. Without a pause,a different man walked up and slid his hard cock into Freddy's waiting,gaping,cum soaked asshole.

"Watch Clark,Stevie! Watch He does next!" Mr.Wilkins advised.
I couldn't help but watch,because that's what was on the T.V.!

The man with the short,fat dick,that had been treating Clark so badly,pulled his cock out of Clarks brown hole,walked around to the front,pushed Clark down until he laid down on the table and then stuffed his slimy dick straight into Clark's mouth! I couldn't believe my eyes! The dude was trying to throat fuck Clark! I couldn't tell if it was cum or spit that suddenly poured out from between Clark's lips and shot from his nostrils! I guess it was both,because the man stepped back,slapped Clark hard across the face and stumbled off!

I couldn't help it and gagged when I watched a smiling Clark,wiped his nose and mouth with his right hand and then began licking it clean!
He was barely back on his hands and knees before another cock was shoved down his throat and I watched as My father slowly fo rced his,weirdly misshapen,fat cock up Clark's puckered ass!

"Shit! I hope I didn't wreck Him!" My Dad laughed,as Clark tried to scream around the cock filling his mouth!

Evidently Mrs.Rollins had taken over the filming,because the camera moved over to get a close up of all the cum that oozed out past Freddy's swollen,purple anal ring! I could hear Freddy's voice begging for "Just One More Cock! Please! Just One More!"

Mr.Wilkins was breathing hard and His hand took mine wrapping it around his pecker. "You can jerk me off,Stevie. Play with my cock while we watch this part."

I knelt in front of Mr.Wilkins,licking the head of his cock as I jerked him off and stared at the scene before us.

There were two sets of hands,on the T.V. screen, holding Freddy's ass cheeks wide as He screamed "Yes! God Yes!" when Mrs.Rollins' much smaller,lube coated hand came into view. She made a cone of her thumb and fingers and proceeded to cork screw her wrist in slow semi circles,pushing it forward until she was able to spread Freddy's asshole as wide as it could go! Suddenly,with one quick thrust,her hand sank in and she was wrist deep!

"Now,Fuck Me! Please! Fuck Me!" Freddy begged her,his screams so loud they drowned out the sound of my father as He fucked Clark,but Mrs Rollins was being an evil old bitch. She pumped her arm in and out of Him maybe a half dozen times,then made a fist inside of him and Yanked her arm back,for all she was worth! It sounded like a gunshot when she pulled her fist out of Freddy's distended,purple hole!

I was jerking on Mr.Wilkins cock almost as fast as I could,and even tho it was an awkward position,I stuck out my tongue and let the head of his big dick slide across it and between my pursed lips with each stroke!

"Oh,Shit! Stevie! You do that so much better than Clark does!" Mr.Wilkins panted. "Maybe You had better stop!"
"Why?" I asked,then moved directly in front of him and began sucking on his cock in earnest!

I drooled all over the head and length of his dick,making sure it was as well lubed as Mrs.Rollins fist had been.
"Stevie! Stop!" He demanded and pushed my head back. So I just knelt in front of him repeating "Cum in my mouth! Cum in my mouth!" over and over again!

I glanced at the T.V. in time to watch my father jerk his bizarre looking cock out of Clark's backside,then shove just the tip of his cockhead back in as he came up into my friends open ass-pussy! When I thought he couldn't possibly cum anymore,Clark spun around and began tugging and sucking on my Dad's cock until one more long,thick rope of cum erupted onto his face and into his mouth!

Suddenly the room was dark. There was the ruddy glow from the exit sign,but that was it.

A moment later,I felt myself being pushed face first into the pile of pillows. Then Mr.Wilkins two,strong hands,lifted me up by my waist and I marveled at the feel of his long,turgid cock easing my asscheeks apart.

"Please,Fuck Me,Mr.Wilkins! You wanted me to beg? O.K. I'll beg! I'll do whatever You want,just Fuck Me! I want to make You Cum!" I whined.

He didn't say a word,and I knew I was about to lose my anal virginity to this man. I tried to relax but couldn't. I heard him give a low laugh as He removed his cock and then stuck a small tube of something up into my tightly,puckered butt.

"Get ready,You little cocksuckin' whore! Because I Am going to Fuck You! NOW!"
And He did! I tried to scream as his cock plunged into me,spreading my asshole wider than it has ever been,but I couldn't! The pain was almost unbearable! I was ashamed with what I was letting him do to me! Ashamed at myself for how much I wanted to feel that pain, knowing that it would eventually turn into pleasure and I would be enjoying this sin! Again I tried to scream,but all that I managed to do was produce some sort of guttural moan. It wasn't until later,much,much later,as he He was about to fill me with his cum,that my shame and guilt made me begin to cry.

"Oh,Don't do that." Mr.Wilkins said in soothing tones,but nothing could sooth the burning of my newly aw oken passions or the flames that coursed and leapt through my asshole and bowels!
"It won't be too much longer!" He panted. "God,Stevie,You're So Tight! So Wonderfully,Fucking Tight!" He grunted and picked up speed,ruthlessly spearing that fat,magnificent cock,deeper and deeper into me,fucking Me until his ball sack no-longer slapped against my thighs and ass,but began to draw up instead!

I sobbed when He pulled his cock out! "No! Please! Not Yet!" I cried. I wanted to feel his cock back inside of Me! I was like Freddy! I wanted More! I Had To Have More! I Begged Him keep fucking me no matter how much it may hurt!

"Sorry! You can have this instead!" He said.

Picking me up and tossing me down on my back,He grabbed my head and fo rced my mouth open with his engorged,greasy cockhead. I was gagging and trying my best to take it as deep as I could when He began shooting his cum down my throat and filling my mouth! Pulling away from his cock,I opened my lips and tried to draw breath,but there was so much,I had to swallow first,and after getting my first taste of his cum,I forgot all about breathing and concentrated on sucking out every last drop of his cock juice that I possibly could!
I worked his cock over with my mouth and lips until it became flaccid and began to shrink back up into his pubic hair!

"Damn! I can make a Star out of You with No Problems!" He laughed into the darkness. "I think We'll start with a Gangbang! Any objections?"
"Will my father be there?" I asked.
"Certainly! We get a lot of requests for him!" Mr.Wilkins said as He lifted me up onto my feet,and then sat down on a pillow.
"Then,I think maybe I should be the one wearing a mask,don't You?"
"Anything You want,Stevie. Anything at all. I'll even make up another name for You. What do You think of,Sven?"

His hands caressed my hips and ass,and I felt the warmth of his breath on my hard little dick. My body gave an involuntary shudder when the tip of his tongue flicked across my dickhead,and I thought I would piss right in his mouth as he began sucking Me off!

"I can't wait till You can cum. But until then,what do You think of this?" Mr.Wilkins asked as He continued sucking my dick and buried his middle finger deep into my asshole!

"Oh,Fuck! Mr.Wilkins! Please don't ever stop!" It felt so good,I thought I was going to die!

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