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New girl at the office

Jessica sat at her desk
First day at the office
She was over quified for the post

Slightly bored and was taking a sneaky look on the net
When she felt a hand something brush her sholder

Shit it was mark the office manager.
She blushed
He grinned
No worries naughty

Would you mind grabbing me a coffie
I missed lunch.

So she popped into the kitchen
Stirrrrred the creamy coffie

As she was leaving the kitchen mark bumped into her
Coffie spilling all over his crisp white shirt!

Gossshhhh I'm so sorry she said
She grabbed a tissue
He grabbed her wrist
A little startled
He pulled her towards him
Into the perfect deep erotic kiss
Her knees wobbling as he traced his finger down her top

More deep passionate kissing
His hard erection pressing against her
He lifted her onto the kitchen sink

Sliding his hands over her thighs and spread her legs
Their lips entwined
As he slid his fingers between her lines
She jumped down unzipped his flys
Setting free his hard hard hard hard

He turned her around licking her ear his lips nuzzled in the back of her neck
Lifted her up slips up her skirt

Hummmm no knickers
He thrusted his hard hard cock deep inside her moist wet

Making her moan and groan

They both came

Ring ring ring ..........................
Oh fuck he ran to the phone
Was the big boss man on line 1

Jessica fixed herself up in the kitchen flatterened her skirt

Oops she dropped a contact lense on the floor by marks desk
Searching on the floor

Mark was still on the phone

So she crawled under his desk
His legs parted
She unzipped his flys
Bouncing out hard she took his cock moved her hand up the shaft
Tracing the tip with her tounge
Mark moans
As she slides her lips over his hard and sucks

The door flys open
Mr big boss Walks in
Mark instantly goes soft
Jessica try's to control her heavy breathing

Big boss " it's time we went over some of these figures" and sits down
Jessica moves to one side praying that she doesn't get caught

Boring boring bored Jessica's still under the desk 20 minutes later.
Marks flys still undone
She slides her nails along his inner thigh and starts feeling for his hard
And there it is hard hard
She moves so she can get a better grip
And slides her lips so his cocks buried deep in her mouth.

Big boss gets up to leave
And Jessica can give marks cock her full attention ~xXx~

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