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Step Father Darius 6

I've never been jealous of my mom before but I was at the moment. The other day,
after what happened in the kitchen my mom had come home. Thank god we had fixed
our clothes before she walked into the house. She had noticed something strange
between me and Darius but I just told her I wasn't feeling well. Of course she
believed me. Why would she suspect that her daughter and husband just had oral
sex in her kitchen?

With me lying in my bed I could hear mom and Darius in their room. I could hear
her moaning. There were a few times I could hear a grunt or a demanding word
from Darius. I knew it was wrong of me but I wanted him in my room. Wanted my
mom to still be on her business trip. I wanted Darius' cock inside me so bad.
Ever since I saw and touched his cock I've craved it.

Just thinking about it got me wet. I ran my hands over my breasts and squeezed
them through my silky nightgown. My nipples were hard. I pinched them lightly,
moaning at the sensation. My hips started moving on their own, begging to be
touched as well. I lowered my hands down my body slowly. When I reached the hem
of my nightgown I lifted until my panties were exposed. I slipped one of my
hands into my panties.

I ran my fingers over my pussy lips lightly. I moaned softly. I slowly started
circling my clit with two of my fingers. I bit on my lip, my hips moving
against my hand. I reached one of my hands up, pulling down the neck of the gown
to let my breasts pop out. I massaged one of them, pinching the nipple while I
rubbed my clit harder. Moaning louder I rubbed faster, my pussy slick. I started
fingering my pussy my my other hand. Pumping one finger in and out.

I sharp cry from my mom let me know she just came. Again. God I wish I was in
her place right now. That hard cock thrusting into my pussy. I knew Darius was
huge. And that he'd make sure I'd cum before he was even near done. I put a
second finger into my pussy. Moving them in and out harder. Rubbing my clit
faster. I was gasping, my pussy feeling so good. I could just imagine Darius on
top of me, holding me down and fucking me hard. It was such a wrong fantasy but
I couldn't help but want it.

I let out a long moan. My hips were moving more. I could feel myself tightening
around my fingers. I was making short cries, so close to cumming. All of a
sudden I heard Darius make a loud groan from the other room and I knew he was
cumming. I couldn't hold it back anymore. I came so hard, I could swear I
squirted but I was too busy enjoying the sensation of my orgasm.

If I can cum like this from just a fantasy then how hard will I cum if I ever
have sex with Darius? Oh God.

More coming soon. ;) Sorry it can't be longer, I'm on a bit of a time crunch and just wanted to give you something to tide you over haha.

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