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Hot Retreat with my Nephew

I had always had strained relations with my b*****r growing up, and little changed as we got older. However, he got married and had a son, my nephew, whom I have grown quite attached to as he’s gotten older. I actually didn’t see him much when he was younger, which made it easier to find him so attractive now that he was 19. As he started resenting my b*****r for generally being a dick, he started to hang out more with me. I was single and had more time, and now that he was on the fence about college and wanted to focus more on simply having fun, I took the opportunity of inviting him to go with me to a cabin I occasionally rented. I normally went by myself, and often enjoyed jerking off in the woods or watching porn in my cabin where I’d stroke my cock to the distant sounds of the wilderness around me. This would be the first time I brought anybody, and I thought it would be special for him and a chance for us to get to know each other, without his f****y near. So we drove out and, admittedly, as he would tell me various stories of how he couldn’t wait to move out on his own and away from my dipshit b*****r, I began having blinding thoughts at the possibility of culminating what had been, for about 2 years, my intense fantasy of fucking my nephew to high heaven; for him to suck my hard cock, for me to suck his, for me to fuck his sweet ass until I came all over his face. Suddenly, it seemed like it was possible. I hadn’t known exactly what my nephew thought of me sexually. I was his uncle, after all, but I did sense a mutual attraction. By the time we arrived, I wondered just how long I could resist him. He had certainly stayed over my apartment a few times, and I even embarrassed myself by saying if he got scared, he could climb into bed with me, to which he just laughed, never fathoming I was serious. Of course, that night, I silently jacked off at the thought of us fucking. But now we were in the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, and there was something unbelievably lustful about the possibilities. “We could fuck to our hearts content and no one would hear”, I thought. Then again, I also had some regret, this is my nephew. I have been a mentor, of sorts. He looked up to me. How can you look up to someone who simply wants to fuck and suck you to high heaven? I restrained every sexual image from entering my mind but was weakened every time I saw him walk or touch me. At this point, I had had a hard on for the entire 4-hour drive and felt my pre-cum practically seeping through my shorts. As we put our bags away, the moment I had dreamed about finally came. I felt his delicate hand caress my crotch. “Is this ok, Uncle? DO you mind?” Without missing a beat, I thrust his hand directly on my cock, whispered “It’s better than ok, baby”, as I shoved my tongue down his throat, moaning ecstatically…his hand stroking my hard cock, our lips sucking each others faces, our tongues wrestling wildly… “Oh, my God”, I thought. For every minute of this immense pleasure, the occasional whispered phrase of morality krept in to it “He’s your nephew. You’re going to fuck your nephew? You can’t turn back once you do.” I thought, well, maybe if I got close to cumming but didn’t actually cum, all would be well. It wouldn’t be as…sordid. Right? But on we went, his hand on my cock as we made out, moaned elatedly, my hand on his. He had a beautiful cock too; thick and meaty. I knew I would have an unhinged blast sucking on it for hours. Within minute our cocks were in each others mouths, our naked, sweaty bodies writhing together. I didn’t know if he ever sucked a cock before, but he seemed to take my lead beautifully; fingering my asshole as he licked my balls, then back to a slow sucking of my cock, my pre-cum dripping down his throat, his down mine… “That feels so fucking good”, he said. “Uncle, you’re amazing.” I gave him similar encouragement, “You’re unbelievable, baby. You’re making me so fucking hot. I want to cum down your throat so fucking bad.” “Not too quick”, he said. “I want you to fuck me with your beautiful cock.”

Still, I wrestled with this, with every suck, I thought “This is my nephew.”, but those moments were once again drown out by the pleasure. We both continued to ravenously suck each others cocks… Before I could feel his cock swell up even more and before I knew it, he screamed… “Oh, my God, Uncle, I’m gonna cum…” Before I knew it, he gushed a wad of sweet creamy cum down my throat. There was so much, that as I was sucking him, it would ooze out the side of my mouth like lava. He rolled off me, amazed at my wonderful blowjob, and simply said, “I want you to fuck me, uncle.” He got on all fours, and I inserted my hard, well-sucked cock in his ass. In and out I went, as I lovingly said “You like it when my cock’s in your ass, huh? You like your uncle fucking you and sucking your cock, huh?” Again, the voice would occasionally creap in, “It’s not that bad as long as you don’t cum on him.” Here I was, my nephew’s cum already down my throat and all over my face, my cock shoved up his ass, as I dirty talked him, but I rationalized that this wouldn’t be immoral unless I came. But at this point, I didn’t care. This was unbelievable. I loved fucking my nephew. I loved sucking his cock and having him suck mine. I wanted us to be able to this forever, in secret. I was gonna’ fucking give him a facial to end all facials,…and before I knew it, I did. I pulled out my cock, and I yelled “Give me your face, sweety”, and he obediently turned, and waited as I quickly stroked…and then….BLAM! As if in slow motion, I shot about 2 feet over his head before the subsequent wads of my sweet hot cum landed on his face and in his mouth… Throughout, he gently rubbed my balls and stroked me, making sure that every ounce had been expended,…which it was.

This was heaven,…and the first of many special trips I would have with my dear nephew.

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