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The Train Ride Home

It was a hot and windless Friday evening the sun had baked the asphalt underfoot Darius; a young bubble booty light skinned black guy was impatiently waiting on the above ground train platform, he knew his train was coming any minute but that didn’t stop him pacing back and forth but that was only because Darius was horny, if horny had been a flesh and bl**d creature it would have had Darius in a bear hug right now. The train finally screeched to a stop, people were packed in shoulder to shoulder like a can of sardines. Darius knew in this heat that getting on that train would be like suicide basically inviting heat stroke to hit him but he wanted to get home as soon as possible so he could stroke one out so he walked on anyway.
Darius shuffled his way through the dense crowd of people to the back of the train. The heat was worse on the train than it was outside, all those people packed together like that made the already hot metal and glass tube even hotter.
More people seemed to get on than off at each stop to the point where Darius could barely move anymore, Darius tried to drown out the mass of people and the heat by focusing on what he planed to do when he got home, focusing on masturbating to the point he started to get an erection. Darius quickly stopped changing his line of thinking when he realized just how close to a guy in front of him and how his erection threatened to brush against this guy’s ass.

The ride continued and then something completely unexpected happened, the train jolted a bit as it slowed and Darius felt a large hand brush against his ass, (what the?) Darius wondered looking straight ahead then he figured it was just an accident but a few moments it happened again, then again now Darius was convinced that it was no accident, he was about to turn around and get loud with whoever it was touching but something stopped him, maybe it was just how horny Darius was at the time or maybe he was just excited about having a new experience, whatever it was Darius made the choice to see where this would go.

Darius never turned around to face whoever was touching him which allowed the guy behind him to grow bolder and start rubbing and squeezing on Darius’ ass, Darius looked left then right to see if anyone had noticed what was going on but no one noticed what was happening. This guy that Darius concluded must have been some kind of pervert to be doing something like this in front of so many people, the man took his hand and reached down into the back of Darius’ pants and continued. Though it was all very strange Darius found that he was getting aroused from all this, the man’s hand moved off his ass for a moment then found its way back but this time Darius felt a finger wet with spit slid down the crack of his ass and rubbed against his hole. Darius held his moans in so he wouldn’t call attention to what was going on, then the man did it again removing his hand then putting the freshly wet finger against his hole, “Unhh” Darius let out holding in his surprise as the pervert’s finger entered him.

Darius wondered if he should stop this all right here and now before it went any further, before he was unable to stop himself or before someone on the over crowded train noticed them.
“Uragh” the others passengers groaned and smacked their lips in protest as more people got on, the term “personal bubble” no longer had any meaning on this hot train people could barely turn around, they had move to the door right after ringing for their stop or risk the chance to get off at the right stop. The man had pulled Darius’s pants down just under his round ass cheeks and gotten so close that no one could make out what was going down, Darius breathed a sigh of relief when the man removed his finger but then felt the man’s dick poking at his ass through his pants, (has this gone too far yet?) Darius wondered looking forward with guilty look on his face, the man’s hand reached down and started moving his hand around, Darius knew what the man was doing but didn’t want to believe it.

Each time he failed to turn and say “stop” the further the man pushed things, he was now rubbing his dick up and down between Darius’ ass crack, Darius felt a warm wetness roll down his ass that the man used to wet his dick, when Darius did nothing but stand there the man took that as an invitation and started to enter him. “Nnng” Darius let escape his mouth before shutting it tight again and tried to keep it shut as every inch of the man behind him slowly slid into his ass, Darius still believe this was happening to him, he’d never even heard of anything like this happening before.
Darius thought he somehow made this happen; that this man whoever he was had picked up on just how horny Darius really was, to everyone else it just looked like two men close to each other like every one else simply jerking and swaying along with the movement of the train but Darius could feel every subtle thrust the man made pushing deep inside him.
Darius wanted to scream and moan but didn’t want to draw any attention so he stayed quiet, when the man was sure he had every inch of his dick inside Darius then he stopped moving all together holding his dick in place deep inside Darius and let the movement of the train move his dick around.

Then the man started up slowly moving in and out, unless you were paying attention you would never know what he was doing to Darius. The slow pace of the man in any other circumstance would have been a bore to Darius but knowing he was in such an extremely public place and if he allowed himself to moan or made one wrong move they would both be caught made things all the more exciting to Darius.
Darius’ dick was harder than it should have been from sex with zero magnitude; the only thing Darius got actual pleasure from was when the man’s dick pushed against his prostate and he held it there causing darius to stain his underwear with pre-cum the rest of the excitement was all in his head.
(Oh god what do I do if someone I know sees me?) was the question that ran over and over in Darius’ head, if any of his friends or f****y got on the train and saw him like this he didn’t know what would happen, “well, this is me…” the man finally whispered into Darius’ ear sounding unfinished just before pulling his dick out of Darius. The man put his dick back in his pants and pulling up the back of Darius’ pants as well, for a second there was nothing said then the train came to a stop, “that’s a nice ass you got here” the man whispered to Darius as he rubbed his ass one last time before disappearing into the sea of people making his way to the door before the train made the next stop.

Darius got off the train at his stop wondering just for a second if he imagined all of that, but the way his ass was feeling proved it was real, but the whole thing had calmed Darius’ desire but not being able to cum also got Darius even more worked up.
Darius finally made it home and started stripping down out of his sweaty clothes, Darius started pulling things out of his back pocket and pulled out something he didn’t remember putting in there; a red business card with bold black letters on it that read simply Dante Rollings with his number on it and on the back there was words written in black ink, “your ass feels fantastic, you should call me sometime for some real fun”.

Darius smiled and put the card down on the counter thinking hard about calling the number as he headed upstairs to take a shower.

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