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It had been six months since my f****y was brought back together. Mom had moved back in with daddy and I, and we are happy again. The tight bound of love that I share with both my parents has grown even stranger due to the nature of our unconventional life style. The fact that loving my f****y has no bouncers’ and that sex is the only true expression of love.

We were very excited about having mom back home again. I am very grateful that I am able to maintain such a close and loving relationship with my mother, the fact that we are not just mother and daughter, but that we are lovers as well seems to have added a quality to our relationship that neither one of us expected.

After mom came home and things started to settle down we decided to have a dinner party to celebrate my mother’s home coming. The guest list would include my Aunt Jill, Lilly of course, and a new friend of Aunt Jill’s, her name is Susan Cartwright.

Our gathering happened on a beautiful early full night when the air was crisp and clean, and a million stars sparkled in the dark midnight sky, that over looked our home. Aunt Jill and her friend Susan were the first to arrive.

My mother and her s****r have had a very difficult relationship, due meanly to the hardness of their father towards my mother’s lifestyle, and her refusing to live a lie. Her father’s hate drove my mom from her home, and away from the s****r who had become her first lover. In the months leading up to mom’s
return home she and Aunt Jill had reconciled in a night of hot passionate sex.

The next guess to arrive that night was Lilly. As always she looked as hot as hell. Of course daddy could not resist taking sweet Lilly up stairs for a little one on one time. Mom and dad had come to some conclusions on how to make their marriage work this time around. Rule 1 they were never to keep secrets from one another. 2. To tell each other how they really felt at all times. 3. The sharing of sex partners was not off limits. This third rule had already been tested when one day I came home to fine mom and dad in bed with my best gal pal, Lilly.

Lilly has always been ones of my dad’s favorite sex toys, as well as mines, and by the night of our celebration she had found a special place in mom’s heart as well.

My aunt looked so beautiful that night, and the relationship between her and my mom had never been tighter. Susan was a young woman in her twenties that Aunt Jill had been dating on and off for a few months. A tell full figure red head all in white, from her tight fitting white mini dress, to the five inch thigh high white boots she was wearing. While in her twenties her lovely free spirit, and the manner in watch she carried herself reminded my parents of their hay days in the sixties.

Once introductions were made and drinks were serviced, it was time to get better acquainted with our guest. I decided to hang back and watch the nights
activities unfold. It was clear that Aunt Jill had a thing for Lilly that was no surprise. I watched Aunt Jill flitter around Lilly, like a bee to a honeycomb.

It could have been very complicated, if it were not for mom and dad, who kept Susan plied with drinks, and my dad’s endless fondling. Like the rest of the women in the room Susan could swing both ways when it was called for. It was clear that my daddy’s cock might just be too irresistible for Susan. I sat at the bar with my legs spread, enjoying my favorite glass of wine watching the four people that love more then life itself take love and sex to a whole new level.

Our f****y play room is quite large with plush red carpet, a bar, two sofas, and a big screen television. It was Aunt Jill and Lilly that first caught my attention. Standing off to themselves they seemed to be having a very intimate conversation. The most striking thing that I noticed is that Aunt Jill could not keep her hands off Lilly.

In a lot of ways my Aunt Jill reminds me of mom, the way she approaches other women is very similar to moms. Their approach is never over the top, but always very settles.

I could tell that Aunt Jill’s light touch was getting to Lilly. She softly touches her hand and her face as they were talking. I could tell that Lilly was getting turned on, I certainly know I was. The first kiss between Lilly and Aunt Jill was deep and sensual. Two women coming together has always been such a turn on for me. Watching my aunt seduce my best friend was a thing of beauty. The sight of lips on lips, and skin to skin contact got my pussy wet, hot and raring to go. However I decided to hold myself in check and continue to watch their dance of pleasure.

Walking hand in hand until they came to stand in front of the first sofa in the play room, I watched as they undressed each other, blouse for blouse, bra for bra, pants for pants, then finally panties for panties. I saw the glee in both eyes as they saw each others naked bodies for the first time.

Both Lilly and Aunt Jill were two of kinds, both were free sprits in endless search of fun and adventure, and sexual adventures seemed to be the ones that intrigued them the most. Pushing my aunt to the sofa, Lilly took control of giving my aunt of night of endless pleasure.

Loving kisses covered Aunt Jill from head to toe. From the look on Lilly’s face Aunt Jill tasted mighty good, so far. The real taste test is what lies between her legs. The smell of her sex was as sweet as a well aged wine, and Lilly could not wait for her first tastes.

Spreading her legs for her Aunt Jill invited Lilly to feast upon her offerings. Taking her place between her new lover’s legs Lilly started by taking one of Aunt Jill’s lovely long hard nipples in her mouth, pulling and sucking I could hear Aunt Jill’s moans of sweet passion as Lilly make love to her .

It has always been pleasures too watch Lilly make love. She has a beautiful body that could only be match by the beauty of her soul. Pulling open her lips, I watched Lilly take long licks of Aunt Jill’s pussy. I could tell from the look on Lilly’s face the pussy was sweet.

Lilly ate pussy just as well she sucked cock, the moans and groans coming from Aunt Jill proved that. “Oh babe that’s it eat my pussy, oh that feel so good, oh oh oh oh yes” I heard my aunt cry.

Lilly decided to take it up a notch or two when she buried three fingers into Aunt Jill’s hot wet pussy. Aunt Jill’s screams of pleasure told Lilly she was on the right track. Her screams were so loud that it caught the attention of my mom and dad, who had Susan naked on the other sofa, with my mom eating her pussy while Susan took daddy deep in her mouth.

It was almost watching a great tennis match, from one great move to another. Between Lilly and Aunt Jill, and my parents and Susan, it was great sex on display. Watching mom and dad take Aunt Jill’s friend Susan was a lesson in seduction.

From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew Susan would be into the game. I could tell the very moment when daddy slid his hand up her white mini dress. The fact that she had not bothered to wear any panties was another clue that it was going to be a Wild ride.

Mom was just as turned on as dad at the thought of playing with their newest sex toy. Susan was beyond beautiful, you could say she every man’s dream girl come true. A tall full figured young woman with long flowing red hair. Her big soft green eyes made men’s hearts melt when they looked into them.

Her body seemed flawless as mom removed her dress reveling in her loveliness. She stood before my parents naked with a Sweet but wicked smile on her beautiful red lips. I almost felt daddy’s hart stop the first time he saw Susan’s pussy cover with thick red hair. Daddy has always had a thing for hairy pussies, and always considers them a treat when he can get his dick in one. Of course daddy couldn’t keep his hands off the sweet young thing. I smiled inward as I saw daddy pushed two fingers in her hot wet pussy and removing them he took a long whiff, and flashed his devilish smile. I knew that look, the look that Susan was in for one of the best fucks of her very young life.

Grabbing her by her long red hair daddy pulled into his strong arms. I knew that she could feel his hardness under his rube. Pinning her down on the second sofa daddy went to work. Starting at her forehead laying sweet kisses to the path of paradise, Her thirty-six d tits was a source of pure pleasure for both his hands and his mouth. Licking and sucking her sweet long nipples as he found her sweet young body felt like pure silk to his finger tips.

Feeling everything daddy had to offer Susan responded in kind, moans and groans and the arching of her back and the spreading of her lovely long legs let daddy know that he was on the right track.

Discarding his rope I could see daddy’s manhood had swell to full mask as it trailed down her tight flat tummy. But he soon found her open gate to paradise as his hard cock found her tight pussy lips close to him. Pulling back dad knew that another approach was needed.

Smiling and winking at my mother for her to take over, daddy removed himself letting mom take over. Since returning home I found out things about my mom that most daughters would never know about their mothers. Mom has real knack for getting young tight pussies to open. I dare say I don’t think I have ever met any man that matches her in getting a young girl’s pussy to open for them like mom.

Pleasing herself between Susan’s open legs mom kissed her tight sweet hairy lips as she began to push and probe Susan sweet kitty. Once mom had a good rhythm going mom never let up, she poked, and probe starching Susan’s lips as she finger her tight pussy.

While mom concentrated on getting Susan to open up, Susan’s mouth was busy getting daddy off. Standing over her waving his big beautiful cock in her face I saw Susan open her mouth and take daddy slowly in, inch by inch. It was not long before she had a mouth full of cock. From the looks of it, and the way that daddy responded I could tell that Susan know what she was doing.

By now Lilly and Aunt Jill had joint me at the bar and was enjoying the show that Susan and my parents were putting on for us. Mom had Susan wide open by now, and she was enjoying the fruits of her labor. Susan had deep throat my father numerous times; her mouth dripping with his sweet seed was proof of that.

Mom and I knew dad couldn’t hold out much longer, the look in his eyes said that he needed to bury his cock deep into her sweet red hairy pussy now. Mom moved making way for daddy to get in between Susan’s long shapely legs. Daddy wasted no time in going for what he was after, while she wasn’t tight as before, she was still tight enough for him to enjoy getting a good fuck from this sweet young girl. Daddy and Susan entertained us by putting on the best fuck show that I had ever seen. When he burred his cock hard and deep inside her, she proved right away that she could take a good fuck. Mom had jointed us at the bar and was watching her husband and the father of her c***d make love to another woman.

My dad was like a b**st that night. I think it had been awhile since he had had anything that young underneath him. With her hands she spreads her pink full pussy lips open as wide as she could. She wanted to make sure daddy got a good look at the rare fine that she was offering.

Licking his lips daddy inserted himself back inside her. “Oh baby daddy is gone make that pussy talk to me tonight.” he said as he started to give her a good pounding.

Susan had been with older men before, but I don’t think she had ever encountered anyone like daddy before. Because once my old man got going, getting him to stop could prove to be a challenge. He fucked sweet Susan for nearly an hour, and being a man of his word, he indeed made Susan’s pussy talk to him that night. Because she screamed, bucked and rode him many times that night.

After dinner mom and dad made it very clear that it was my turn to bring fourth some entertainment. After giving it some thought I decided that it might be fun if daddy took on all five of us at once. The look on my dad’s face was nearly priceless when the words came out of my mouth.

“But honey I can do two of you, maybe even three, but all five of you, I’m sorry baby, but I just don’t think so.” he said.

“Oh what’s the matter Pop; you can’t take my challenge and take on five beautiful horny women at one time. All you have to do is pop one of your little blue pills that you have stashed around here, and it’s on.”

My dad might have been slow sometime, but he was no dummy. Five women, four of watch he had fucked already, the only one he hadn’t fucked was Aunt Jill. He took under a minute, and then I saw the glee in his eyes, and that sweet wicked smile that I have come to love so much. “Game on” I thought to myself.

It was about forty-five minutes later and daddy was ready to take up my challenge. With all five ladies lined up he removed his robe, letting us know the challenge was on. We formed a line on the two sofas, as daddy feasted his eyes on five horny women who were ready and willing to feed the Sex b**st that stood before them.

His manhood was hard and stiff as his feast his baby blues on what was freely being offered. My dad had made it very clear to mom a few days before the party that he wanted to do Aunt Jill, watch was no surprise to mom, she knew the very minute he met her little s****r. It was of course fine with her, but mom also made her demands clear to my dad. He could only fuck her but only if she could watch.

I knew Aunt Jill would be his first choice. Standing in front of her, he grabbed her by her hair and gives her a hard deep kiss, while letting his hands roam freely over her petite sexy body. Mom sat beside me as we watched my dad lay my aunt down on the floor by the fireplace and crawl between her open legs.

Her sex smelled so good as daddy kissed and felt his way down her warm lovely body. For the most part Aunt Jill loved women, but to say that she has never enjoyed a good dick every now and then would be a lie. Mom had warned Aunt Jill that daddy would be after her, mom said that Aunt Jill didn’t seem too surprised.

Pushing his way inside her, daddy buried his hard rod between Aunt Jill’s tight wet lips. Her pussy felt as good as she took him in deeper and deeper. There was no way he could deny just how good it was. “Oh wee baby your little s****r sure got a mighty fine pussy. Dam baby this is good.” he said as he started to give Aunt Jill a good pounding.

I could tell that it had been quite awhile since Aunt Jill had a dick in her. She was bucking and screaming her ass off. At some point she rode him to perfection. After she had come down after cuming a number of times she lay still by the fireplace, caught up in the rapture of love, lust and sex, it was easy to see that Aunt Jill’s time with daddy was very enjoyable.

Of course daddy was a long ways from being done. I could see that his rock hard cock was still full, and he needed a release soon. Looking around daddy saw Lilly sitting in his recliner, her legs spread as she was playing with her pussy, she fleshed her come fuck me smile for daddy.

Daddy wasted no time in pending Lilly to his chair and giving her real good fucking. As I have said before Lilly is daddy’s favorite sex toys, from the first time that I invited her over nearly two years ago as a reward for fucking me real good one afternoon. Sex has always been great between daddy and Lilly and watching them take each other to places where only ecstasy rules has always been a pleasure for me.

Daddy must have saw that little lustful glee in my eyes because while he was on top of Lilly he gave me that look that said that it was time for me to joint the fun. By now daddy had Lilly out of the recliner and on the floor. Walking over to where he was fucking the hell out of my best friend daddy ordered me to straddle Lilly’s face. I had discarded my cloths and was standing before my horny father with my pussy dripping wet. Not letting up for a second on pounding Lilly’s sweet pussy, daddy started to eat my pussy right then and there. I always knew daddy wanted to do Lilly and me at the same time.

With his dick buried deep inside Lilly’s sweet hole, and his tongue working my pussy, at that moment daddy had everything he had ever wanted in life. After Lilly’s first organism daddy pulled me down on the floor next to Lilly, and ordered me to suck his cock. Opening my mouth I felt daddy fill my mouth with his hardness. I took him all the way in, and the sweet taste of Lilly’s juicy on daddy’s cock was mind blowing to say the least. ’

I heard daddy groan as I took him deeper into my mouth. I was aching to feel him inside me, daddy hadn’t fucked me in several days, and I needed to feel his hard cock coursing though my body. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he would be slamming his hard cock into my tight wet love hole.

I was right as soon as daddy felt he could no longer hold out he pulled out of my wanting mouth and slammed his big prick into my kitty. As always once daddy and I got started there was no stopping us.
Daddy has always known just what to do make my body come alive, fucking daddy has brought me more joy then I could ever say. Lying beneath him with my open legs wrapped around him, daddy toke my body over and over again. “Oh yes daddy fuck me daddy, fuck me good, please don’t stop, don’t ever stop, I love you daddy.” I whispered in his ear.

“Oh baby girl, my beautiful baby girl, your daddy loves you so much.” he said as he started pumping my pussy harder and harder.

I started to grin my hips upwards to match the pounding he was giving me. I could feel his growing manhood as he took one of my hard rip nipples in his mouth. Pulling and sucking hard as we both head for the edge of bliss, one two hard thrusts inside me pushed us over the edge. Our hot sticky bodies lie on the floor together; the only sounds of our heavy breathing that would indicate life filled the room.

“That was so beautiful.” I heard mom say, as I began coming back to earth. Opening my eyes I could still feel the warmth of my father’s love, love that he had so freely given.

Once I was able to collect my thoughts again, I sat up just in time to see dad go down on mom while he fingered Aunt Jill. I knew that before that night was over that daddy would get around to doing mom and her s****r together.

Dad was a b**st in heat that night, not a piece of pussy in that room was safe from daddy’s hungry cock. The combinations of partners seemed endless. Once he was done with mom and Aunt Jill, he moved on to Lilly and Susan. The mix of pure white bread pussy, along with Lilly’s African-American and Asian background was made for a recipe of an international feast.

We fucked and sucked until the wee hours of the morning. If my dad didn’t know at the beginning of our fuck party, he surely knew by the end of the night he knew all about the power of pussy.

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