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OHGirl's Speeding Violation

We were driving back home one weekend and I was driving my wife’s car. Normally we take my SUV when I drive, but we decided to take her car, which is a sporty sedan. I wasn't aware of how fast I was going, when I noticed the lights and sirens coming up behind us. It was a sheriff’s police car and when I looked at the speedometer, I was doing 85 mph. I slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road. We waited a few minutes as the officer ran our license plates and then he made his way to our vehicle. I opened the window and he asked for my ID and registration. He looked at my ID then leaned over and looked into the window at my wife, who was sitting in the passenger seat. It was a beautiful summer day and we had been out taking some photos at a small little metro park. She was wearing a little sundress at the time, but had brought a duffel bag with a couple of sexy outfits and some matching shoes to change into at the park. He smiled and said hello to Ohgirl and asked how we were both doing, as if he knew who we were. I said fine and asked him if we knew him. He took his hat off and his sunglasses, then leaned down to the window to look directly at us. I recognized him from the swingers club that we had been members of for the past 3 years. We had never met him personally, but I did remember seeing him at a couple of the parties that we had attended. His name was William and he said that he had recognized us from the club. He recalled an event that he and his wife had attended, in which Ohgirl and a friend of hers had experienced their first orgy. He said that he was looking forward to meeting us at the next event, so that we could all be formally introduced. I told William that we looked forward to seeing him and his wife at the next event and that it was good to see him again. He put his hat and glasses back on, then informed me that I was doing 85 in a 55 mph zone. I asked him if this was a warning or if we were going to get ticketed. He told me that this type of speeding violation would normally cost over $300 if he gave us a ticket and that it would also be a major point deduction, due to the excessive speed over the limit. I apologized and Ohgirl leaned over to look up at him, flashing her sexy smile. She asked if there was any way that we could avoid being ticketed. He just laughed and told her that she would definitely have gotten out of the ticket if he could have been introduced at the club’s last party. Even though he was trying to remain professional, we both knew what he meant by that statement. Ohgirl said “I’m sorry officer, but if there is anyway to make up for that inconvenience, I would be more than willing to oblige.” William smiled again and told us that he was about to take a lunch break. He said that his b*****r owned a warehouse building two exits down and that if we followed him there, we could discuss that possibility. He returned to his vehicle and had us pull out in front of him. He turned on his siren, then passed our car, waving for us to follow. We followed him off of the exit to an area of town that was dominated by old warehouses and abandoned factory buildings. He went down a few side streets until we came to a fenced in warehouse building. He got out of his car, unlocked the gate and waved us through. We pulled up to the building and he followed. We got out of our car and he met us at the entrance to the building. As he was unlocking the door, he explained that his b*****r collected cars and that this is where he stored them. William said that he checked on the property occasionally, since his b*****r was retired and lived in Arizona. He went in first and we waited while he turned on the lights. He told us to come in and he closed the door as we entered.

OHGirl: The warehouse held about 15 different cars, all of them in mint condition. William told us that they had all been restored to their original condition and that his b*****r often displayed them at car shows or rented them out for different purposes. They were all gorgeous and William took us on a little tour. Ohboy asked him if it was alright to get our camera and photo supplies, so that I could pose with some of the vehicles. William said that it was fine and that he would enjoy seeing me pose next to the classic cars. Ohboy ran out to our car to get my duffel bag as William and I continued to look at the cars. William showed me a 1963 Corvette and said that it was his favorite. It was blue and the interior had white leather. He opened the door and asked me if I wanted to get behind the wheel. I walked over, bent down to get into the car and my sundress slid up over my hips as I was sitting down into the bucket seat. It was then that I remembered, I wasn’t wearing any underwear while we were taking pictures in the park. I looked up to see William staring down at my bald pussy. I tried to pull my dress down as best as possible, but it was tucked underneath my butt and it was difficult while I was sitting in the bucket seat. He laughed and said not to worry, explaining that in his job, he sees a lot of unexpected wonders. Ohboy came in with the bag over his shoulder and when he saw me sitting there he said “I see you two have been getting to know one another.” William laughed and said that there were only a few things more beautiful than these cars and he was definitely witnessing that today. Ohboy asked him if he would like to see both of those gorgeous subjects photographed together and William said that it sounded like a great idea. I grabbed the duffel bag from Ohboy and reached in to grab one of my outfits. There wasn’t anywhere to change privately and the outfit left little to the imagination, so I just slid the straps on my sundress over my shoulders and let it slide to the floor. Ohboy and William were looking at me so lustfully, as I stood there stark naked, amongst all of those lovely cars. I put on my yellow net shirt and a matching thong and slid my feet into a pair of clear vinyl stilettos. Ohboy had me pose next to the Corvette and he began to take some photos. He asked William if he had any suggestions or ideas about some of the poses and that is when all the fun began.

OHBoy: It was a little cool in the warehouse and Ohgirl’s nipples were protruding through her tight net shirt. She looked so hot as we had her posing in front of the Corvette. William suggested a few careful photos on the hood and getting into the drivers side while bent over. After taking about 10 different photos, we went over to a 56 Chevy and did some poses. William suggested that Ohgirl get totally nude to do some poses in the back seat. I took a few of her on her knees with her ass facing the door and a couple with her arching her back and spreading her legs. It was sexy and William made sure to let Ohgirl know how pleased he was with the poses. She asked if he wanted to be in a couple of the photos with her and he said yes. He stood next to the open door, as if he were busting her for indecent exposure. Ohgirl sat up on the seat and in a sweet little voice asked William if there was anything she could do to keep him from arresting her for being so bad. He blushed and said that he could think of quite a few things. Ohgirl said “Well step over here officer and I’ll see what I can do.” He stepped in front of her and she began to undo his utility belt. He helped her, since it must have weighed 20 pounds, and he set it on the floor next to the car. She stood up in front of him and began to unbutton his shirt, revealing his bullet proof vest. She asked him to take it off and he began to remove it, as she slid down to undo the front of his pants. His pants fell to the floor and she pulled down his boxers. His cock sprung up in her face like a jack-in-the-box. She grabbed it and asked William if this might help to keep her out of jail, then she slid his hard cock between her lips and began to suck loudly on it. He groaned and told her how good it felt. I was still taking photos and moved in a little closer to get some better shots. Ohgirl sucked his cock for a couple of minutes, then asked William if he wanted to give her a body cavity search with his tongue. She slid into the back seat, placing one foot on the back of the front seat and one foot up in the back window. Her legs were spread wide open and she took her two fingers and spread her vaginal lips for him to see. I got in the front seat to get a good angle for some photos and William got on his knees and began to lick and suck on my wife’s hot, tight pussy.

OHGirl: I was teasing William pretty bad and he was as hard as a rock. He helped me to remove his holster and all of its accessories, since it was so heavy, and he took off his shirt and vest. When his cock popped out, it was as stiff as a board. I pumped it once or twice and precum was pouring down his shaft. I sucked him for just a couple of minutes, because his rod was throbbing in my mouth and it felt like he was going to cum pretty quick. I laid back to let him eat my pussy and he dove in quickly. He was licking and sucking on my lips, sliding his tongue in and out of my moist hole. He would blow on my clit, then lightly suck on it to get me moaning. I felt him slide a finger into my pussy and he began to twirl and tap his finger against my vaginal walls. I was getting very turned on as Ohboy was taking the pictures of William eating my pussy. I wish that Ohboy would have come over to the passenger side and fed me his long cock, while I was getting licked. I was about to cum and I asked William if he wanted to fuck me doggy style in the back seat. He said “Hell yes!” I rolled over in the back seat and got up on my knees. I slid back towards the door, so that he could stand outside the car and fuck me from behind. He grabbed my hips and moved up behind me. I looked back and watched as he grabbed his cock and guided it towards my wet hole. He slid his cock into my pussy and held still for about 10 or 15 seconds. I began to rotate my hips and push backwards, but he told me to stop. I waited for a few more seconds, then he began to pump his cock into me, once, twice and on the third stroke he pulled out and came on my ass. His hot cum sprayed my back and butt. I watched as he jerked off, squirting some on the back of my leg and on the car seat. Ohboy got out of the car and got into the duffel bag to get some wet wipes. I cleaned myself up and William cleaned himself and the car seat. It’s amazing at the number of guys that tell you they want to eat your pussy or ass all day long or want to fuck you for hours and then cum in the first 2 minutes or 5 strokes. I fully understand why it happens and there’s nothing wrong when a guy cums too quickly, since I have learned to take it as a compliment. I just wish everyone could be honest and say that they want to try to do the best that they can, if not on the first try, then on the second time around. William looked a bit embarrassed and I felt a little sorry for him. I knew he wanted to enjoy himself a bit longer. I asked him how much longer he had for lunch and he said about 30 minutes. He was about to put his pants back on, so I walked over to him and began to rub his cock. He looked down at me and I reached up to grab his face in my hands. I pulled it towards mine and kissed him on the lips. I stuck my tongue in his mouth and then pulled back and began to talk dirty to him. It was up to me to get his dick hard again and I think I was up to the task.

OHBoy: William had prematurely ejaculated and I knew he was feeling bad. I’ve been with Ohgirl for over 20 years and she gets me so hot during some of our photo shoots, that I sometimes have a difficult time lasting more than 5 minutes. William was about to get dressed when my wife walked up to him and kissed him on the lips. He grabbed her naked body and pulled her close to him as they French kissed. She slid from his arms and grabbed his hand, leading him back to the car. Ohgirl told him “I didn’t get enough of that big, long cock of yours and my pussy still needs fucked.” She grabbed his limp cock and began to smack it on her lips, as she sat on the back seat of the 56 Chevy. She sucked it into her mouth and began to tug on it with her lips. Her one hand was rubbing his balls and her other hand was stroking his shaft, attempting to get it hard again. She pulled his cock from her lips and rubbed it on her cheek, smacked it on her lips and gave his shaft a long lick. He was smiling at her and I could tell that his cock was beginning to grow again. Ohgirl said “You know you want to fuck my tight black pussy. You want to shove that hard white cock into me and fuck me hard, don’t you?” She sucked on his cock some more, then asked “Do you want to pound this pussy officer?” as she reached down and inserted two fingers into her cunt and began to slide them in and out. She reached down next to the car and removed his billy club from his utility belt. She slid it between her legs and rubbed it against her pussy lips. “You want to fuck me with your long, hard club officer or maybe you want to fuck my tight black ass?” Ohgirl stood up in front of William and then turned her ass to him. She bent over and rubbed her butt against his cock, looking back at him the entire time. “You want to shove your white cock in my ass and fuck it hard, don’t you?” she asked seductively. “Mmmmm, I can feel it getting hard again officer. Smack my ass with that long white cock, smack it!” William grabbed his semi erect dick and began to bang it against Ohgirl’s smooth ass. It smacked louder and louder as he grew harder with each of her taunts. I was hard as hell just watching. “What are you going to do cop, make me suck your dick and swallow your hot cum?” Ohgirl teased. She knelt in front of him and grabbed his cock again. It was fully erect and I knew he was dying to fuck her. She spit on his cock and licked it off, then shoved his cock deep in her throat and held it there for about 4 or 5 seconds, before pulling it from her mouth covered in saliva. She smacked it against her face again and then reached down to pull his handcuffs from his belt. “You gonna handcuff me and have your way with me officer?” she asked. “You gonna make me scream as you fuck the shit out of me? Go ahead officer, you know you want to fuck this black piece of ass with your hard white cock. You know you wanna cum on my face.” she taunted. Ohgirl gave him the cuffs and put her hands behind her as she turned around. He picked up his pants from the floor and got into his pocket to get the key. He unlocked them and put them on her wrists behind her back. She fell into the back seat on her stomach and raised her ass into the air. William’s cock led the way as he slid up behind her and shoved his cock into her cunt. Ohgirl grunted loudly and I moved back to the front seat to take some more photos.

OHGirl: William’s cock was as hard as an iron bar and I was horny as hell. I talk dirty sometimes, but rarely like that. I had stolen a page from my friend’s sex books. She is always talking loud and dirty during sex and Ohboy said it works for him. William had handcuffed me and I was bent over in the back seat of his b*****r’s 56 Chevy. My hands were incapacitated behind me and I was waiting to be impaled by Williams long, hard dick. He grabbed the cuffs with one hand and pulled me towards him with the other, as he slammed his cock to the hilt into my tight, wet hole. He continued to thrust hard into my cunt, reaching down to grab my hair and pulling my head back as he fucked me harder. My neck was bent backwards, my back was arched and my ass was up in the air, as William banged me hard from behind. Each thrust drove his cock deeper into my vagina and I felt it getting harder and thicker as he became more excited. “I’m gonna make you scream as I fuck the shit out of you.“ he stated, as he pumped his cock faster, harder and deeper into me. “Oh fuck yeah!” I screamed with each stroke. His pelvis slammed into my ass, as he rammed my pussy, his balls smacking me loudly with each stoke. He pulled harder on my hair and smacked my ass with his other hand. All I could do was scream out “Yes, yes, yes!” with each full length thrust. On and on he drove his hard rod into me, asking me over and over “How does this white cock feel in that tight black pussy of yours now?” I was grunting with each stab of his long sword, my pussy soaking wet as I began to scream out again, this time with an intense orgasm. My pussy gripped his shaft tightly and I heard him begin to moan as he slowed down his pace. William pulled his cock from my wet slit and rolled me on my back. My hands were trapped beneath me as he reached under my ass, pulled my hips up into the air and slid his cock back into my cunt. My legs were wrapped around his waist as he pulled me back and forth on his long engorged rod. He tired after a few minutes of this, then he spread my legs wide and pushed them back towards my chest. My knees were up around my ears and my arms were still trapped under me. He shoved his cock back into me and began to pump his meat deeper into my vagina. All of his weight was pushing down on me with each stoke. He fucked me hard like this for about two or three minutes, then got off of me and slid out of the car. He grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge of the back seat. He lifted me to my feet and led me to the back of the car.

OHBoy: William was fucking my wife pretty hard, but she was enjoying it. He pulled her from the car and took her back to the trunk. I followed them as I continued to take their photos. He bent her over the trunk and spread her legs with his feet. Ohgirl was laying with her face pressing on the trunk and her tits smashed against the surface of the car as William moved up behind her. He placed the head of his cock at the opening of her vagina and slid it deeply into her from behind. He began to fuck her hard, the car rocking forward with each thrust of his cock into her pussy. She let out a moan with every stroke, continuing to scream “Yes, yes, fuck me.” He pounded her pussy hard for about 5 to 8 strokes, then he laid across her back, sweating and whispering in her ear “How do you like my white cock now?” Ohgirl would smile and say how good it felt and would ask him if her black, wet pussy was tight enough for him. Then he would pump her hard again, then rest and they would talk dirty some more. This went on for some time, as they teased and taunted one another. Finally, William pulled her off of the trunk and lowered her to her knees in front of him. He smacked his cock against her face and asked her if she wanted his cum in her mouth. “You gonna make me swallow your thick, hot cum officer?” Ohgirl asked like a little girl. He rubbed his cock on her face, the pre-cum and wetness of his dick smearing across her cheeks, nose and lips. He smacked his cock on her breasts and reached down to squeeze and pinch her nipples. “I want you to suck my hard white cock” he said, as he slid it between Ohgirl’s lips and deep down her throat. He grabbed her hair and began to fuck her mouth. Her hands were still cuffed behind her and he was in total control. In and out his cock slid, as she slurped and deep throated his long, hard shaft. He pulled his cock out again and rubbed it on her lips and face, bending down to press it between her tits and to squeeze them around his penis. Ohgirl was at his mercy and her pussy was dripping between her legs. Her juices were running down her thighs and her labia were engorged and hanging, as she knelt on the cold cement floor. “Tilt your head back and open your mouth girl.” William ordered. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head farther back. He placed the head of his cock over her mouth and began to stroke his shaft. He kept stroking, stopping to shove his cock in Ohgirl’s mouth, fucking it every now and then, and asking her each time “You ready for my hot, cum?” Ohgirl would lick his cock and then look up at him and say “Fill my mouth up William, I wanna taste you baby, come on, shoot it in my mouth baby!” I was going to cum myself from just watching this. William started to moan loudly as he began to rapidly stroke his cock. He shot a huge load of jizz directly into Ohgirl’s mouth, then another blast shot into her mouth and across her lips and cheek. William then shoved his cock deep into her mouth, holding her head by her hair with both hands, as he continued to ejaculate down her throat. Ohgirl swallowed every drop and sucked on his cock until it was limp. William lifted Ohgirl to her feet and unlocked the handcuffs. She immediately came over to me and knelt down in front of me. She pulled my hard cock from my pants and began to suck me like there was no tomorrow. I came very quickly and filled her mouth, as she swallowed my hot spunk. She looked up at me and smiled, telling me that she knew that’s what I wanted. I definitely needed that more than anything.

OHGirl: We got cleaned up and dressed, then William thanked me for a fantasy come true. He said that he had always watched me at the club and had dreamed of doing me in one of his b*****r’s old cars. I thanked him for an excellent day of sex and inquired if this would take care of any future tickets for me and my husband. He said that he would definitely look the other way, but that this was only good for one year and that he couldn’t guarantee immunity from any of the other officers. I told him that there were 14 other cars available in the warehouse if any of the other good looking officers wanted to negotiate. William said that he would have no problem finding the officers needed to fulfill my needs. I quickly began to think of a lot of reasons to speed.

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