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Aunt christine Today

After 30 years of fucking my Aunt on and off( mainly off) I got a phone call from her. I was now 46, divorced and fucking around. I owned a town house and enjoyed my privacy. Christine was now 66 and told me she neede a place to live as she was penniless and also getting evicted from her apartment in Pennsylvania. Could she move in my spare bedroom? She would cook and clean while she looked for a job and another place to live. Against my better judgement, I consented but stated that I wouldn't help with the move. She was on her own. A saturday was set for the move and I left the townhouse open so she could move in. There was already a bed and chest of draws in the room. It also had its own bathroom. I returned home about 6 in the evening. I saw some empty boxes and then retreated to my room which was next to Christine's. I could hear the shower running and the bedroom door was open. I went to close it and the showere went off and out popped Christine. She had a housecoat on and she was drying her hair. She saw me and smiled saying how glad she was to see me. I said hello and asked if everything was all right. She smiled but asked if I could fix the door on the closet which kept sliding open. I went in and bent down. I put the door on the track and it sat fine. As i got up Christine had come up next to me. Oh honey, she said, how can I ever thank you for helping me. I stammered that it was ok and she was welcome in my home. I noticed that the housecoat was zippered halfway up. I could see cleavage and she noticed me staring at her gigantic tits. She smiled and stepped closer. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug. She then gave me a kiss on the cheek and I gave her a peck on the lips, but then she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I released my tongue and kissed her hard. I could now feel her tits against me and my cock started to grow. She stepped back and unzipped the housecoat. I stared at her beautiful brown nipples and looked at her wet bush. She grabbed my prick and started to rub it. The housecoat dropped down and she went and laid on the bed. She spread her legs and opened her cuntlips. Let me really thank you she said. I dropped my pants and took off the rest of my clothes. I had a hardon. You can cum inside me now she said. I'm 66 and can't get knocked up! I mounted her and began to kiss her mouth and boobs. I stuck my cock in her pussy and pumped hard and deep. I shot my load in her in about 10 minutes. I then lay on my back as she started to suck my cock. I'll make it hard again she said! She was successful and we 69ed for a while. I could taste my cum in her cunt. She then sat on my hard boner and pumped up and down until I was ready to cum again. This time she put my prick in her mouth and swallowed my jism. This went on all nite until I fell asl**p. When I woke in the morning she was licking my asshole. We fucked again and again. My new roomate and I were about to embark on more sexual encounters. I'll write about them later!!

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