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Office seduction 2

It was a friday afternoon when i had some extra paperwork to do when my p.a was about to leave. she came into my office as i was busy slaving away at the papers. as she sat on the couch keeping me company for a while. i moved over to take a break sitting next to her.

she was wearing her gym outfit as she was heading straight to gym after knocking off. she got up and asked me. does this tights fit properly? it feels so uncomfortable she said. pushing her ass out almost in my face. i grabbed her by the hips as i stood up. her small petite athletic body held to me. as i pushed my crotch against her lower back.

i told he... Your ass always looks good but it looks great naked... she smiled and laughed softly. as her hand went to my pants she held my cock as she massaged it through the pants. my hands moved up as i slide her sports bra up and off. her c cup breasts didnt fall they stayed firm and shaped.

as she dropped my pants to the floor she went down. sucking my cock as it grew harderd and harder. she deepthroated my cock till my balls touched her chin then letting it out again slowly. i moaned from the peer pleasure. she then sucked and licked my balls as my cock stretched over her face covering her almost.

she asked me to mouth fuck her... as i held her head firmly i played with the tip of my cock by sliding it in and out of her mouth going deeper and deeper as i could feel her fighting the urge to gag. spit and precum was dripping out of her mouth as i stopped.

i layed down on the floor facing away telling her to cum sit over my face when she reacted by taking off her tights reveiling her perrrrfect as and shaved pussy. wet almost dripping. she placed her feet next to my shoulders dropping down. she stopped just before she sat on my face as i lifted my head with my tongue stretched out. i played her clit as i could taste the salty taste of her cum. she moved her pussy around grinding on my face whilst she was moaning she played her breast.

her legs started to shake as it was a workout moving around. when she stopped and turned around going into a reverse cow girl position. she held my cock firmly as she slid it between her ass cheeks. then it found her pussy as it swallowed my cock with one big bite... she moaned out loud grabbing my legs as she climaxed in one penetration...

she moved her ass up and down as i spanked her ass. shaking it left and right as her black pussy was creaming onto my white cock she turned to suck and lick the cream off.. which was a even bigger turn on for us both. when i got up she got onto the couch pulling her legs back almost reaching to behind her head.

she told me to ravage her black pussy. i stepped forward. one leg on the couch one on the floor as i positioned myself. my cock slid in deep as my balls rested on her pussy when she grabbed my arms relieving another orgasm as i hit her spot head on. i then went up and down with hard and slow penetrations as her moans achoed through the office.

i rested on her legs with my hands as i assaulted her pussy with my cock. cream was building up again as i neared my climax. i pulled out as i shot a meter long stream of cum over her pussy to her breasts exploding in a harsh moan and grunt that silenced her moans. as she jerked my cock i kept squirting a few shots of cum onto her stomach....

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