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I got home from work late, it was about 11pm and the house was in total darkness, mum and dad had gone away for a couple of weeks holiday, my b*****r was New York on business and my little s****r Abi must have been around a friends house, or though I thought. I walked in and on the kitchen side was a note from Abi saying “dinner in the microwave and i’ve gone to bed”, I went upstairs to see if she was ok thinking she would be watching t.v or playing with phone. Her room was dark with the door open ajar and she was laying there on top of her covers with just the smallest of thongs on which wasn’t covering much, it was a hot night so I figured she was sl**ping like that to keep cool. I went to turn out of her room as she moved and opened her legs slightly and her thong rode up a little into her sweet pussy, I couldn’t help but look at her sexy parts and she was sexy, long flowing blond hair, deep blue eyes, perfect sized boobs and legs men would die to get between and very tanned as she liked to lay in the garden naked if no one was around.

I was transfixed on her body, I had never looked at woman for sex before, my b*****r and I had been fucking for years but at least that was boy girl sex but I was looking at my s****r the same way, her sweet 18 year old body perfect tits leading down to a perfect ass and pussy and as I was looking at her my pussy was getting moist, fuck I was getting turned on by my s****r. She turned again, onto her side, showing off her bum and back to me and with out realizing it I was rubbing myself through my jeans, the minx had gotten me worked up and she was a girl. I f***ed my self to leave and went to my room flopping on my bed and all I could think about was Abi and her almost naked state, I thought what her pussy would look like naked, I but she bald down there, I hope she’s bald down there I thought as I slipped my hand down my jeans and finger fucked myself through my knickers. Wild rampant thoughts ran through my mind as I thought about my s****r, my hand worked faster and faster on my pussy sending shots or pleasure through my body, normally when I’m this worked up I go and see my b*****r and he fucks my brains out, but this time it was nice to do it all on my own. Before long I let out a sigh as I cam hard into my knickers, my orgasm squirting into my cotton cover leaving them soaking wet and what felt like bolts of electricity flowing gently through my body, still rubbing my pussy I arched my back and cam again this time was harder and I still had Abi running through my mind gushing for a second time into my already soaking knickers I screamed out before collapsing onto my bed exhausted and very wet. I had never cum like that before, twice in quick succession, nor had I gushed like that, I was so wet a massive damp patch was showing through on my jeans as I lay there gently rubbing my pussy through my knickers, still thinking of my s****r.

I must have dozed off as a few hours past and I came to to Abi standing next to my bed, she had pulled on a very skimpy t-shirt which just covered her perfect tits and was still wearing her thong. She had woken me at 3 am as she had gotten up for a drink and saw my bedroom light was still on, she had looked in and seen me fast asl**p in my clothes luckily my damp patched had dried but my knickers were still moist. I smiled at her and she lent down and gave me a small kiss on my cheek which sent me wild again as she left my room for her own. I was though way to tiered to get myself off again so I got undressed and curled up in bed still thinking of Abi.

It was 10am and I was again woken by Abi sitting on my bed drinking coffee, she had made me one, she was still not wearing very much and as she was crossed legged on the bed in front of me her thong had taken a little trip north showing me a little of her pussy but not revealing its secrets to me. This was odd though as this was the first time Abi had ever made me coffee or sat on my bed chatting, we normally fight not chat but it was lovely to see her after my thoughts last night and the fact I was getting horny again looking at her. We had a giggle and drank the coffee before she flopped down next to me, suddenly wicked thoughts ran telling me the things I could do to her so I flopped next to her trying to get those thoughts out of my head. We lay chatting for a while longer until she did the most amazing thing, laying on her side and propping her head on her arm she flung her right arm over me pulling herself closer to me, I could feel her tight tits pressing against me which made my heart skip a beat. She looked at me and kissed my nose, I was really unsure about this but at the same time I was really wanting it, Abi looked into my eyes and stroked my cheek before she spoke. She told me she saw me in her door way and that I was rubbing my self looking at her, when I went back to my room she crept and stood watching me pleasure myself which made her horny and she cam in the door way as I was cumming on the bed. I was a bit ashamed at first but then Abi ran her fingers through my hair as she locked onto my lips to give me my first lesbian kiss. That sent shock ways down my body and what felt like out my damp pussy, her tong was exploring my mouth and soon I was doing the same to her our fingers locked and the passion began.

We broke away from our kiss and she looked at me smiling her sweet sexy smile, nervously I whispered Ive never been with a girl, smiling again she kissed me and said it will be fine and she will teach me. She crawled into bed with me kissing me again as she ran her leg up mine and her finger tips over my body teasing by missing my boobs and not going as far as my pussy, our breathing was heavy as she she rolled onto me, or tits meeting as she continued to fill my mouth. I pulled her top off over her head showing off her boobs and she took my hands to them and told me squeeze them gently, doing as I was told she fell back down onto me kissing me again and started to work her way down my body, little kissing my neck down to my tits and exploring each one as she passed them, the sensations were immense and I had to work hard on not cumming as she kissed further down my body stopping at the top of my pussy. She sat up and f***ed herself between my legs and kissing my mouth again, our naked tits pressed together, my hands running down her back and gripping her thong as she wriggled I pulled it down and soon she had wriggled out of it. Now I had my hot little s****r naked on top of me, our hearts racing as she pulled me over, now I was on top and she wrapped her amazing legs over me, she looked into my eyes and told me to grind my pussy into hers, unsure I started to buck and she grabbed my bum pulling me into her. Our pussies touched for the first time and we both very nearly came, it was so hard not to but she the pushed me off her back into my back and she straddled my face. An amazing few of my s****rs tight pussy up her body to her tits and then sexy face, her hair was partly covering her tits which was amazing and she slowly lowered her self onto my mouth. She told me to lick her slit so I did, my first taste of pussy and it was amazing. I first ran my tong around her clit as she sighed so I gently started exploring her pussy, pushing my tong into her making her groan with pleasure as I licked her, I tried for my own pussy but she held my hands as I tong fucked her. It wasn’t long before she was cumming, her body bucking as my tong bought her to orgasm, screaming as it took hold of her and she gushed into my mouth which was cupping her tight slit, it was a strange taste as this was my first time but I instantly loved it not just her taste but the way she was grinding onto my mouth. She flopped off me and we kissed again, her breathing was very heavy and her heart was racing even faster but she looked at me with big eyes and said it was my turn.

Abi went straight for my pussy, flicking my clit with her tong, sending spikes up thorough my body as she did before burring her face between my legs and sucking on my pussy. Her tong probed my cunt as she sucked, both her hands squeezing my nipples which was driving me wild, I had to work so hard again not to cum but I couldn’t as her sucking and exploring got to intense for me and soon I had my back arched and screamed as my orgasm took hold. Waves of ecstasy flowed through my body, my pussy gushing into my s****rs mouth who was taking every drop of my orgasm, uncontrollable grinding of my pussy as I cam, I flopped back on bed shaking but Abi wasn’t done she stayed latched onto my sex and continued to suck. She started to finger my hot pussy as she sucked my clit, probing it as deep as she could, next two fingers were gliding in and out of me. My little minx of a s****r really new what she was doing as I was approaching my second orgasm. This time I could feel it was going to be intense, I was losing control of my body as Abi sucked harder and she could tell I was climaxing again, her fingers got faster and her grip on my clit got harder, her other hand squeezing my nipples as hard as she could.

My orgasm started in my tits and ran like a ragging fire down my body and exploding in my pussy, for the second time I gushed into my s****rs cupped mouth, I was screaming uncontrollably as my orgasm washed like waves through my burning body, panting, screaming, more panting then rest. Breathing heavy and unable to move Abi kissed her way up my body and locked onto my lips pushing her tong back into my mouth to explore me again, red faced and “fucked” I gently fell back to sl**p as she ran her finger tips over my arm and body and giving me gentle kisses again.

I came to and Abi was gone, thinking I had dreamt the whole thing I looked across the room and her thong was still on my dresser were it had landed, her t-shirt still on the floor and her empty coffee cup still on my bedside table. Grinning I got up to find my sexy little s****r and she was sat, naked on the side of the bath filling it with hot water and bubbles as she got up and snogged me again before taking both my hands and leading me to the bath suggesting I get in which I did as she slipped in behind me wrapping her amazing legs and arms around me and holding me like a true lover. Bathed and dressed she told me not wear knickers but my new jeans as she licked me in them as they show off my bum, she wore her short shorts and a t-shirt but no knickers or bra. As we dressed together she kept giving me kisses which was lighting my fire again and soon we were flopped on her bed with her on top of me her tong in my mouth and my hands on her bum but still rubbing her legs.

We f***ed ourselves and went and sat in the garden so Abi could have a smoke and I needed fresh air, my bedroom stank of pussy and it was a nice day. Abi came and sat next to me on the lounger kissing me and cuddling up, we started to talk about our sex and some more truths started to come out. She told me since she was 12 she fancied me and other girls but mainly me and hated the thought of our b*****r on top of me when it should have been her. We talked for about an hour whilst kissing and touching each other, twice she tried to get her cute hand down my jeans but both times I said no and blocked her advances which were met with a snog. We had lunch and were sat in the living room cuddling and kissing when Abi went to her room, returning a few minutes later holding a strap on. Sitting back next to me she told me she thought I needed to feel a real fuck from a woman, looking at her joy toy my eyes opened and the thought of having my hot little minx of a s****r really fuck me instantly turned me on.

Thinking bedroom she stood me up in the living room and undressed me as she followed suite our clothes falling to the floor and out naked bodies locking together once again, taking me by the hand she led my outside and lay me done on the lounger as she strapped her toy on before getting me ready by my licking my pussy again but getting me ready didn’t take long. She kissed me again and parted my legs lining the toy up with my pussy before gently pushing into me. My heart thumping as she pushed as deep as she could into my tummy, groaning with every soft thrust she had both her hands supporting her over me, her hair was flowing down which made a ‘curtain’ like effect make it more sensual and just us two. My mind wondered thinking it was turning into a day a firsts for me, my first lesbian sex, my first out door sex and my first strap on sex, all this had made me hot and horny and now I was doing all 3 with my sexy s****r who was slowly thrusting into me making my sex fire burn harder and harder, with every thrust of her into me I looked into her eyes with the first feelings of love so I shock my head a little.

Abi f***ed her toy deep into and started to fuck me like she was a man, holding my legs apart and slamming it deep pulling out and doing it again, grunting and groaning with every thrust she was driving me wild as she fucked me and I squeezed her tits which was making her grunt. She came down onto me snogging me as I wrapped my legs around her sweaty body, the sun was beating down on us and our rampant sex had gotten us both very sweaty. My body started to take over again and I started to climax as my s****r f***ed her toy into me, with every thrust I draw closer to cumming but Abi stopped and rested, kissing me and telling me I’m not cumming yet as she pulled out, this was the first time I had ever stopped mid-fuck and felt very strange. She stood me up took me to the hot tub and she lay down on a towel and instructed me to straddle her like if she was a boy, doing as I was told I took hold of the toy and lined it up with my wet pussy, sinking down onto it as Abi pulled me forward a little to get better access to my sex whole. I started to ride her, Abi flicking my nipples as I fucked her toy I was truly in heaven. My orgasm began to build up again and a again Abi stopped me and told me to get off, thinking I had hurt her got straight off but I hadn’t as she stood up and gripped my hair and said she was gonna make me cum like a real lesbian whore as she f***ed me over to the hot tube side and made me lift one leg onto it, pulling my hair back and calling me a cunt and a slut she f***ed her sex toy deep into my pussy. For some reason being called nasty things was really turning me on so I shouted harder to her, she pulled my head back further and slammed deep into my pussy as I screamed in joy, this was amazing sex. My s****r rode me from behind and gripped my neck whispering “cum bitch” “cum hard over my toy”, I couldn’t hold on any more, the fire in my tummy had turned into an inferno and every time Abi stopped fucking me sparked it even more. She f***ed me onto the floor on all fours and continued her wild frenzied fuck of me, gripping my hair and smacking my bum as she rode me like what she would call a common whore.

I gave in and soon my body was shacking with the most intense amazing orgasm, my pussy was gushing over her toy as I screamed, grunted and groan as Abi continued to ride my sopping pussy, still pulling my hair she kissed my cheek as gently slowed down before stuffing it one last time in to me as she screamed with her own orgasm. Fucked we both fell back onto the towel locked in a kiss, Abi pulling me onto her so she could wrap her legs around me again, I had told her I loved her legs and she made sure I could feel them.

We kissed and held each other for about half an hour when she stood up, took off her toy and walked inside. She returned with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses, pulling me to my feet she sat me in the hot tub and sat on my lap looking at me as she poured the wine. My heart was again racing as I thought to my self that I love her so much. She buried her head under my chin, squeezed my bob and then looked at me, grinding her pussy into my mine she said “Love you” and kissed me. Smiling back at her I said “love you”, she pulled into me and kissed my neck and said she was going teach me to be a real lesbian, hers only real lesbian. I kissed her again and the training soon began, I never fucked my b*****r again and to this day she has been and only ever will be my lover.


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