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Fun with Cucumbers at the Grocery Store

Prelude: Hot sexy woman describes her sexual escape with a cucumber in the produce section.

I get up this morning and take a quick shower, then put on my favorite short denim jean skirt and a matching color tube top.

I check out myself in the mirror one last time, then say to myself, "Honey, for being a middle aged woman, you look hot!"

After I put on my dark blue high heel shoes, I am off the to store!

The first shopping cart that I choose has a front wheel that clicks, so I decide to turn around and get another one. Suddenly, one of the the guys that work in the produce section that have been staring at me runs over and says, "Let me do that for you!"

What a nice young handsome man he is! He brings me over another cart and it works just fine! I feel obliged to give him my phone number, so I get a note pad and a pen from my purse, then write it down and give it to him.

You can never have enough horny young guys calling you for a date!

Anyway, the produce guy "Jake" takes an interest in me and decides to give advice about which vegetables to purchase because they are the freshest.

I love young men admiring my sexy older body so I play along with him and we have casual conversation while I am shopping.

When I get to where the cucumbers are displayed, I pick up a small six inch one in my hand and say to him, "Honey, I bet that I can make this cucumber disappear before your very eyes and you will be astounded where it went. Do you want to see where I put it?"

Jake stares in amazement at me as I lift up the front of my skirt and push the cucumber all the way into my pussy. Oh my God that feels refreshing!

I love the feeling so much that I walk back and forth a few times to enjoy it working around inside of me.

Suddenly, I have an intense orgasm and the cucumber shoots out of me and bounces around on the grocery store floor!

An old lady that has been watching me says, "You should be ashamed of yourself for wasting fresh produce like that. You better pick up that cucumber and purchase it, or I am going to tell the manager what you did and he will call the police."

What should I say back to her?

1) I am going to pick it up and purchase it. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

2) You are just jealous and wish that you could be beautiful and sexy like I am.

3) Go ahead and tell the manager. I don't give a fuck. Who is going to believe such a crazy story, expecially coming from an old senile woman like yourself.

4) Mom, I almost forgot that I brought you along with me!

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