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Lesbian daughter

Lesbian Daughter

This is a story that has been made up I am just the Author of this novel

Well where one mother begin one day you see your daughter dating nice hunky guys the next she is dating and moving in with her lesbian Girlfriend. Now all mums expect to see little pitta patta of feet running around don’t we at one point of our lives well I knew that was never going to happen but all mothers hope. So the day she said she wanted to come out I was there I cried for the first few days but I got used to it and she told me in confidence that she was still a virgin to other women even to both sexes what had she been doing all this I thought so one night after I had just taken a shower and then I walked in to her room and saw her crying shed had a fall out with her new found girlfriend. She said that she did not know what to do with another woman and I cradled her in my arms comforting just like I had always done. Now I still had my bathrobe wrapped around my top and I know it was gently slipping down as she was slipping down as well, we were both sat on the bed cradling each other and I knew dam well I was getting turned on by her touch she was actually cradling one of my breasts in her mouth like a feeding piglet would. It felt so good I continued to let her feed as I sat there cradling and comforting her feeling her warm breath on my chest and the silent murmurs from her mouth I knew she was calming down now feeding on my heavy breasts.
I was so taken aback by my own daughter suckling like a piglet I forgot where her hands were they were working their wonder on my now wet mound omg I felt a ping in my stomach what was she doing to me I felt the signal come I was coming under her touch I was actually coming so hard I started to tremble and shake to the point I had to push her off and which he took as being bad but I wanted more I could grasp her I was convulsing all over what had she done my legs were like jelly I fell back on the bed as I needed her to do what she was doing to me then spinning around I pulled her on top of me head down of course and I guided her to my mound she ate me like a pro with in minutes I was convulsing again for the third time I felt her fingers wiggle their way to my cunt and clit and feeling the tips twisting my clit around making me jump as I buried my head deep in to her own cunt I ate and ate like there was no tomorrow I felt all convulse too as her own orgasms hit her I felt all the flood gate open all over my face and shed peed all over me I was sopping wet for her then I retrieved my dildos that I used on myself then turned them on to her easing inch my inch in to her wet moist cunt I finger fucked her alongside of it making the feeling more intense as I knew she wasn’t far from having another orgasm herself.

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