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Transsexual Son / Daughter


This is not true just a made up story

Now I’m a 51 year old mother of one and watching my Daughter who’d been once my son putting on that very nice silk blue bra from Harrods department store and lift up her huge breast in to them made me so wet. Now seeing my son all now transformed and transitioned in to a beautiful woman but she’d still had got her manly bits now that didn’t harm anyone but boy did she look awesome and lovely all 5’9 of her slim size 10 with her rather large 46DDs which shed always wanted and her slim lines like a guy would say about a classic sports car. Now as I was saying I am a 51yr with a son that had become my daughter of all things and plenty of make admirers coming in and out the house but she did have her own apartment across the Thames at Canary wharf living the high life as some porn star. Now life as she must have lived thru must have been hell with her father walking out and me all alone to bring her up I saw changes that I wasn’t expecting I stood by her even moving her to other schools that wouldn’t allow her to be herself so I found a private school which I found to be very good they stood just about by her thru her transition when she excelled in her grades to the point of passing 15 A levels with flying colours so in just a few years ago and after remortgaging the whole house I paid for her to have full body transition excluding the lower bits but having most of her body rebuilt too look so awesome. Now back to the present
We were getting ready to go out but the weather turned crap like it usually does here in the U, K so decided to stay in and have a few bottles at home so all dressed up and nowhere to go and so putting on some descent music on the hifi and the drink softening things well got me all sort of randy now looking at my daughter dancing around like she must have done to all those guys and well and knowing my gal had men’s hands all over her mauling her like they do so I asked for her to show me some of her movies that she made so putting in a DVD in and there she was all dressed and then kneeling taking a huge black cock in to her mouth Christ now I had never seen a black cock in my life so watching her taking this huge monster in to her mouth then for him to bend her over the bed right in front of me on the screen got me thinking and also my fingers were doing the wondering over my pussy. I was sopping wet by now
My daughter Elizabeth turned at one point in thru movie and said she’d done a scene with a real woman and so fast forwarded it to the scene and so she sat back on the settee with me and settled in to watch it now I have never had feelings for my son/ daughter and never thought this would happen so as the scene continued I was transfixed and in my own world when I turned again to see my daughter had taken off her dress which she had just put on and was now rubbing her cock to the fullest what a site a pure 10 inches long and at least as thick as a cucumber at least and well that started me off I had to have it so taking her. I knelt down and she purred in my hands my dress was off in seconds in record time as I continued my work on her she purred in my hands more saying that’s it mum you take it like she did as I turned to see the screen a mature woman taking my daughters full length in her to the hilt and my daughter doing her from behind of all things what I saw got me even more fired up to have her and to see what she was capable of doing with her meat. The minutes drew past and I was so wet by now as she had her head buried deep in my snatch from behind I had to have her in me and it was so loving too I loved my own daughter like a mother would I cried as she entered me telling me how much she loved me as she leant on my back whispering nice things to me as I felt her whole length burying its self so deep I could taste it. I had never felt so loved to this point in my life like this I didn’t want to let her go and I wanted her to become my lover it hurt so much in my heart as she whispered more in to my ears I knew what I wanted and that want was her I turned to her and asked her to move back in and well become my lover she continued pushing more of her love tool in me bring me a third climax as I felt her tense as I knew she’d put all of her load in me and knowing I cud still get pregnant I didn’t care I loved her no matter what.
Some hours later we rested I was so exhausted from all of this I had to get some rest we chatted some more then round 2 this time she wanted me to take her putting on one of her varied large strapons and fucking her wet pink pussy she was so tight as I pumped her for all my love I had in me and then turning her over as we continued watching more of her Movies one after the other we partially did the Karma sutra all over the house even to the point in the loo then came the point I knew what we had to do I moved in to her apartment and sold my house raising more cash to help her out in her filming we now do movies together and staring in them as s****rs well that’s my secret and well we did more I got to be introduced to the black guy that id seen on the movie and boy was he huge larger than my daughter and did he break me in too
Now some months later I discovered I as I guessed that would happen I was pregnant with my daughters / sons c***d now that was going to be a problem but we continued making movies all over the place even to the point when I was so heavily pregnant on set shed make love to me softly as we cuddled and caressed each other and make my juices flow all over her and I used to squirt so much when she fucked me in the ass which I had never tried feeling her length go up my poop shoot feeling the warmth in me hitting me hard feeling her bless tense knowing she was about to come deep in my ass and then for her to get a wimp of a guy to clean me out after with his tongue lapping it up more and more shed screw my ass and cunt even going from ass to mouth scene after scene I knew I had to make her happy.

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