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My Teacher & The Latino Cleaner

my friends always told me that my college teacher had a thing for me but i didn't listen to them, i thought it was just another bullshit. she a brunet well fit, big tits and ass. just a week before we broke up for xmas she told me to see her in her office at 7pm, at that that time the only people in the building are the cleaners. so i went to her office and she asked me to sit down.

she was wearing a skirt but nothing under it, whilst we were talking she would spread her legs wide every now and then. at the beginning we were talking about what i wanted to do after college, then out of the blue she asked me if i was single or not, and i said yes i am single atm.

so she stood up walked towards me and whispered in my ear i have been watching ur cock for a while now, now i want it in my ass, pussy and mouth. the minute she said that my dick was rock hard, we started kissing, touching and taking each others clothes off. she then said lets go to the drama class they have a nice big bed in there. so we started running towards the drama class but naked, on the way we saw one of the cleaners and she was an attractive Latino.

she did not waste time, the minute she saw us she got on her knees and started sucking my cock, i knew this was gonna be the best night ever. we told het to get up and follow us to the drama class. when we got there, my teacher pushed me on the bed and she started sucking my cock. the cleaner took of her clothes and sat on my face, i was sucking her pussy like it has never been sucked before. then i put the latino cleaner on the bed, spread her legs and started to suck her pussy some more. she was screaming and scratching my back. while i was doing that my teacher was licking my ass and sucking my cock.

now i told my teacher to get on her knees ass up face down position and i started to suck her pussy and finger her pussy in that position. then i started fucking her hard and rough, she was screaming and pulling the bed sheets. then i pulled my dick out of her pussy and started fucking her in the ass till i was close to cum, then i cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it.

then i got the latino cleaner on the bed laying on her back, she started sucking my cock to get it hard again so i could fuck her round 2. then i started sucking her pussy. now my cock was ready for her juicy latino pussy. i started fucking her slow, then i went hard and rough.

i felt her ass twitching, this meant that her ass was ready for my cock and i started to fuck her in the ass till i was close to cum. she ot on her knees and sucked all the cum out of my cock and she swallowed it.

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