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OHGirls Promotion

Lowell had me currently bent over his desk at work. My skirt was hiked up over my hips and my underwear were pulled down to my knees. He had the front of his pants undone and his shirt pulled up allowing his short, fat cock to rapidly fuck me from behind. I felt his fat stomach bouncing against my ass with each thrust. He was breathing heavily and sweating profusely while my mind was racing through all of the possibilities of how I could get out of my current predicament. It had been nearly three weeks since my boss had called me into his office. He had me sit down as he explained the corporation’s policy to me. He seemed to stress the fact that my pictures on the internet were deemed unprofessional and that it negatively affected my current position with the company. I explained myself by stating that my husband and I had posted my nude pictures as a private matter and that he was currently the only person to have ever seen them. How could this have a negative impact on my ability to do my job or amongst my peers if they were not aware of the sexy photos that were currently posted on a nude amateur website? He told me that he had no option but to fire me if we could not come up with some sort of arrangement. I told him that I would have the photos removed and that no one would have to know. I also told him that I wouldn’t post any more nude photos of myself thereafter. Lowell snorted, his fat cheeks forming his condescending smirk that everyone of my fellow employees came to dislike. “I don’t think that will be good enough for me to overlook this professional indiscretion. I have the managerial responsibility to take swift action to prevent this from possibly hurting our company’s reputation!” Lowell stated loudly. “Now, how badly do you want to keep your job?” he asked.
I told Lowell that I loved my job and that I did exceptional work. I stated the fact that I had been with the company for over 10 years, that I was well liked by all of my fellow employees and that I had won more recognition awards than nearly all of them combined. He told me that none of that mattered now and that if this information became public, he could possibly lose his job for not reprimanding or firing me. I didn’t know what else to say. I couldn’t afford to lose my job in the current economic setting, especially since my husband and I had recently purchased a new home. I told Lowell that I was sorry, but I had no other recourse but to except his punishment and if that included me losing my job, then there wasn’t much I could do or say. He stood up and walked around his desk to stand in front of my chair. He sat on the edge of his desk and looked down at me. I’ve thought this over very thoroughly and I don’t want to fire you, but I have to protect my job standing if I am to keep you on with the company. If you truly want to keep your job, I’m going to need an incentive to turn a blind eye to this situation. “Like what?” I asked. He stated that he had not only seen my photos, but had read a few of my stories also. No one at work had ever known anything about my sex life, but now Lowell seemed to have a private insight. “I’ve read how you have an open relationship with your husband and I’m aware that you’ve had quite a few sexual partners in the last few years. Adding one more to the mix shouldn’t be too big of a problem if you really enjoy your current employment status.” he said. I grimaced as I pictured the thought of having sex with my boss. “We can keep this indiscreet and I can forget about ever running across your photos or stories on the internet.” Lowell stated as a matter of fact. “So what do you want me to do?” I asked him. He walked over to his door and locked it, then came back to his desk and sat down on the edge again. He began to unbuckle his pants and looked down at me, arching his eyebrows questioningly. “I suppose that this would be a good place to start.” he said as he pulled down the front of his boxers and exposed his short, stubby cock. It was semi-erect and he stretched it out, tugging on it as he nodded for me to take over. I reached up and began to stroke his rubbery penis until he became erect, then he stepped up closer to me and guided it towards my face. I reluctantly opened my mouth and took his entire length between my lips, sucking on his stiff prick for about 4 minutes before he unloaded a huge blast of sticky spunk into the back of my throat. I gulped down his thick liquid and asked him if that would be all. He said “Yes, for now.”
It was now three weeks later and he was currently slamming his 4 inch long pecker into my twat as I leaned over the desk in his office. He had taken full advantage of his knowledge and my need to keep my job by calling me into his office upwards to three times a day. I had sucked him off on numerous occasions, allowed him to fuck me in various positions on his desk and had even allowed him to enter my tight behind twice, once while bent over his desk and once in the upper level parking lot. How was I going to get out of my predicament. He was beginning to breathe faster and I knew he was going to cum soon. He began to grunt like a pig as I felt him explode deep into my moist pussy. He laid across my back for about 2 or 3 minutes, then slid his rod from my cunt and pulled up his pants. I pulled up my underwear, then straightened my skirt, asking him if there was anything more before I made my way to the employee’s restroom to clean up. He said “Not right now, but I may have to speak with you later about another project we might have to start working on.” I left the room and shuddered at the thought of having to do him again today.
My husband had told me to just quit, but in the end he said that the decision was mine. At least he allowed me to make my choice and I knew that losing my job right now would not be a good move. I had been with a large number of men in my lifetime and like Lowell said, one more would not make a huge difference. I endured for another 3 weeks and then I began to have second thoughts. Not a single work day went by where I didn’t end up taking his cock in one of my holes at least once. It became a regular event at work, similar to taking my lunch or a 15 minute break. Instead of having a cigarette, I smoked his little cigar and in place of lunch, he fed me his cum or pumped me with his Vienna sausage. I was beginning to see no end to my predicament. Lowell called me into his office one Friday afternoon and told me that he wanted to catch up on some special paperwork that evening. He asked me to accompany him to a local motel where we could work in private. I argued with him about taking advantage of our agreement and he asked me again how badly I wanted to stay with the company. I told him that I would meet him after work this one time, but from now on, I would only meet with him in his office and it would be limited to 3 times a week. If he wasn’t happy, then he would have to fire me. He agreed, then gave me the directions to the motel and the room number.
I arrived at the motel and knocked on his room door. Lowell answered the door through a crack and asked me to come in quickly. I slid through the small opening as he held the door slightly ajar, then he closed it and locked it immediately. I stood there looking at him as he sat on the edge of the bed and he motioned for me to come over and sit next to him. He said that he had some good news for me. He was going to be accepting a promotion and it included a transfer to another one of our offices. He said that the corporation had given him the ability of naming his successor at our office and that he was considering me for the position. He said that his final two weeks would start on the following Monday and that he would put in his request for me to fill his post when he left. Part of me was ecstatic and part of me was leery of the offer. “What do I have to do now?” I asked suspiciously. “All I ask is that you continue to pleasure me for the next two weeks before I leave, but with no limitations.” he said. I told him that he had used me sexually in everyway imaginable at the office and I asked him what else could I possibly do that would be new or different. Lowell told me that he had enjoyed being with me, but he had read a few of my stories and he wanted to share me with a friend of his. I asked him what this entailed and he told me that he had shown my pics and stories to another guy he knew and that they both wanted to have sex with me at the same time. I asked him when he was planning this activity and he said as soon as his friend arrived. There was a knock on the door just as he finished his statement and he looked to me for my answer before he got up to open the door. I asked him what my guarantee was for taking over his position and he gave me a copy of his resignation letter, listing me as his successor. I nodded my head and he got up to let his friend in.
Lowell introduce his friend as Jarred. He seemed happy to meet me, telling me that he had heard a lot about me and how he had seen my pictures and stories on the internet. Jarred was an average looking guy, but at least he wasn’t a slob like Lowell. He tried to make small talk, but Lowell waved off his friend and asked me to strip for both of them. They both sat on the bed and I got up to slowly remove my clothes. I turned on the TV when I got down to my bra and thong and put on a music channel. I was slowly moving to the music when I stepped over to the bed and took off my bra. Neither of them were very smooth as they both reached out clumsily to grab one of my breasts. Lowell took a hold of one and started squeezing it and Jarred reached over to pull down my thong underwear. They both pulled me down onto the bed and began fondling my breasts, each of them sucking on one of my nipples. Jarred spread my legs and his fingers immediately darted for my bald snatch. He rubbed my mound and then moved down quickly between my legs. Jarred knelt on the floor and licked my labia as his fingers probed the tight opening of my vagina. He slid in one of his fingers and began to stroke my gash as he licked my clitoris. Both of them were a bit inadequate in the finesse department, but my pussy began to get wet as he sucked on my growing clit, while Lowell lightly bit and tugged on my nipples. Lowell took off his pants and was left with only a large t-shirt covering his potbelly. He moved up to my face and I took his dick into my mouth. It was easy to get his entire shaft into my mouth and I sucked on him as Jarred continued to lick and finger my pussy. After a short while I began to cum and I moaned out in pleasure as Jarred began to work one of his moistened fingers into my tight bum. He kept finger fucking me with two of his fingers and messaged my anus with another. I was about to cum again when Lowell pulled his cock from my lips and moved down to replace Jarred. Lowell positioned himself between my legs and quickly slid his nub into my wet hole. He held my legs up and apart as he pumped me quickly. Jarred moved up to my face and I started to lick his flaccid dick. It grew amazingly large as I started to earnestly stroke and suck on his engorged head. Lowell flipped me over onto my stomach and I got up on my knees to suck on Jarred’s large boner. Lowell then moved up and entered me from behind.
This went on for some time as each of them took turns fucking me and I sucked on each of their hard members. Eventually Lowell said that they wanted to fuck me in the ass. I got some Astroglide from my purse and Lowell went first as he spread my butt cheeks and pressed into my behind. He pumped me for a few minutes, then let Jarred stuff his long cock into my slippery butt hole. They each took turns stroking their cocks into my booty, occasionally slapping my butt as they thrust deeper and faster between my plump cheeks. Lowell then ordered me to ride him as he laid back on the bed and I straddled his hips and slid down his short shaft. Jarred then moved between Lowell’s legs and positioned himself behind me for a DP. He entered me and I let out a deep moan as I came again. I felt Lowell begin to jerk and throb and he unleashed a geyser of hot cum into my pussy. Jarred kept pumping my ass and it wasn’t long before he filled it with his warm Jizz. I laid between them as they continued to slowly grind into me. I was amazed to feel both of them getting hard again after just a few minutes. They continued to fuck both of my holes and then traded positions. Soon afterwards, they both unloaded another blast of spunk to add to my already overflowing cream pie.
I got out of bed to get cleaned up and Lowell followed me into the bathroom. He wanted to shower with me and I let him squeeze into the small tub with me. We were both lathered up real good and I was rinsing off when he asked me to give him a hand job. I stroked his soapy cock and he got hard again as the water beat down on both of us. He pushed me to my knees and I let the water wash away the suds. I sucked Lowell’s cock until he grabbed my head and pushed his cock deep into my throat and came again. I had just swallowed his warm offering when the shower curtain parted and Jarred stepped in as Lowell got out of the tub. I stayed on my knees and thoroughly washed Jarred’s growing penis before I took him into my mouth. He let me suck on his rod for about 5 minutes before he bent me over and fucked me from behind. He pumped me for about 15 minutes and came deep in my pussy just as the hot water began to run out. We both quickly finished showering and I got dressed to leave. Jarred thanked me and Lowell told me that he would see me at work on Monday. The next two weeks went by rather quickly and Lowell took advantage of his position the entire time. He had me in his office quite a few times during the day and even some of the other employees began to crack jokes about what was going on. His friend Jarred came to our offices and fucked me four more times while Lowell sat watching. Jarred would then leave and I would have to pleasure Lowell afterwards. When his last day arrived, I felt relieved as I got my official letter from HQ stating that I would take over the open position. They had discussed it with me one week prior to Lowell leaving and it had made the last week go faster. I endured 8 weeks of continual sexual harassment from my boss, but in the end I was finally relieved to be out from under his threats and now I had a new position with a nice raise. I guess sometimes the old saying is true, it really isn’t who you know, but “who you blow.”

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