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Sex With Aunt Sulatha

Sex With Aunt Sulatha

I am RAHUL with a hot encounter with my distant relative and neighbor aunt Sulatha, who was a fuck worth. In the year 2000 I was studying my graduation. At that time I lived in a small village with my parents.

Our house was located near the farms, only two houses were around my house. I was only the boy for the three houses. Remaining families had girl babies only. I used spent my time by visiting the both houses. In one house a couple resided with only one daughter. I had an affair with the girl also. I will explain you in another story.

In the second house our distant relatives (uncle, aunt and two daughters, who were studying in the local school) were living. I don’t want to tell the details of all f****y members. I was 19 years at that time with cute baby face and too talkative manner. As they are our relatives I spent much of time in their house by playing with their c***dren.

First let me describe about my aunt Sulatha. She was 34 years with 5’3 height and 60 kg of weight. She must had a measures of 36dd 30 38(aprox). She looked like some dancer smitha. I used to go their house by 7 o clock after returning from my college. By the time her c***dren also joined me to play some silly games. Uncle would be late to house after having dose of strong drinks. Sulatha aunt was not so keen about him, as she got bored with his behavior. But she was very honest to her husband.

As I was teenage boy at that time I used to watch nude photos and had sexual chat with friends. My aunt always wears saris and looks hot with her nice structure. I never missed a chance to see her sexy cleavage and the Big Melons. I always thought of sucking her boobs and pressing her Swaying ass. On a fine day I went to aunt’s house for domestic purpose. It was 11 A.M. I found nobody in the house, so I called aunt. She responded from the bathroom to wait for her. I straight away went to the bedroom and sat on the bed.

Aunt was in the bathroom and her used clothes were at the corner of the room. I slowly took her bra and panty smelled them. It was so nice to sniff her used clothes. There was a dark patch at her pussy area. I lick it. It was salty. I got immediate erection in my 7 inch cock. I wanted to masturbate in her bra, but I got afraid of aunt. I took her petticoat and kept my cock at the ass area.

I felt very hot. I kept them aside and sat on the bed. Suddenly my aunt came to bedroom with only blouse and petticoat. She began to dry her hair with a towel by standing in front of me. As she was drying her hair, she couldn’t look at my face. So I took advantage of the situation and began to stare at her burning hot shapes. Her huge whitish boobs began to swing due to her hands motion.

Her sexy belly area and midriff were shining and I wanted to badly press them. Due to water drops her petticoat was tucked into her ass cheeks. Her bulging ass and its crack were clearly visible through her dress. She sat on the stool and bent her body to dry her hair. Half of her boobs were out of her Blouse. That day I masturbated 5 times in the night, thinking of her body.

It happened accidentally; One day as usual I went to their place to play with the c***dren. I sat on their bed and asked them to bring their chess board. I sat on one side and the c***dren on the other side. After some time aunt brought us some lemon water. As she had place beside me, she sat beside me and began to watch the game.

As I was elder to them I won the game. But the c***dren began to quarrel with me, by pushing me on the bed. In the process accidentally I touched my aunts bulging melons. I felt as though Current passed into my body. They were smoother than anything. She gripped me in her hands to protect from her c***dren. I was completely in her hands now. Her body was pressed against my young body. I felt really horny left the place.

I wanted to seduce her at any cost. Next 2 days I did not visit their place. On the third day aunt asked my mom to send me to their house as her husband was out of town. My mom told me to go there in the evening. When I went to My aunts place she asked me the reason for not visiting for 2 days. I told her due to exams I was busy. But my mind set began to change towards my aunt. I started to observe her body.

As she wears her sari in sexy manner, I had nice glimpse of her assets. I was unable to concentrate on the c***dren. As I began to watch the TV the c***dren slept early in the bedroom. After some time aunt finished her bath and sat beside me to watch TV. She wore some nice sari and her curves were visible through the thin material. As we sat in a small sofa like chair, her body was touching my body. I became hot and my manhood began to grow in my shorts. Aunt was busy in watching daily serial.

Slowly I kept my hand on her thigh and rested my head on her shoulder. She just looked at me and went in. she brought a thick blanket and spread it on the floor. She sat on it by keeping her back to the sofa and asked me to come down. She told me to keep my head on her lap. Slowly I reached her and rested my head on her sexy thighs. She did not observe my feelings. We began to watch the TV. After some time I changed my position to opposite direction. That means my face would be in a position to touch her belly.

Her feminine body smell drove me crazy. I pretended like I was sl**ping. Inch by inch I moved my face towards her soft deep belly button. After 5 minutes my lips just touched her milk white belly skin. She ignored it and watched TV. After some time she bent her body to take the remote. In the process my face was pressed against her deep navel. Her boobs were crushed on my cheeks. In the process I kissed her navel, without her notice. My body became very hot.

I was unable to control myself. But I had no courage to act further. After some time she called me by my name. I still pretended like I was asl**p. She slowly adjusted her legs and kept her hands on my chest. I kept quite. Slowly she began to rub my chest. She held my head in her soft hands and pressed her belly over my face. After some time she kept her hand on my rock hard cock. It was like a hot iron rod. Slowly I gathered some courage and kept my hands around her sexy midriff folds.

I began to press them with my hands. She unbuttoned my shirt and shorts. She just reached my side on the blanket and began to hug me. Now I could see her full melons, those were trying to come out from her Blouse. They were as huge as coconuts. I kept my lips in her milky cleavage. She pressed my head against her milky pots. I began to bite her boobs over the blouse. She pulled my cock from the shorts and began to and fro action. I was trying to open her blouse hooks. She just told me to go to another bed room and she would join me there.

I was eagerly waiting in the room for her. She once again checked her c***dren and came to my room. I bolted the door and pushed her to the bed. I pulled her sari and made her nude, as already I was nude. She began to kiss me on my lips and hugged me tight. Our nude bodies were fighting on the bed. As her boobs were so huge I was unable to handle with single hand. I started to press them with both hands. She moaned aloud and asked me to suck the nipples. I began to milk her huge melons. They were like soft sponge balls. I pressed and sucked them for 15 minutes. She asked me weather I know oral sex. I said yes. Then we took 69 position.

Her pussy was cleanly shaven. Her pinkish pussy lips were inviting my tongue to penetrate deeply in it. I drilled her pussy with my tongue. She sucked my cock and bit the red tip with her teeth. I was in heaven by her suck. Her pussy began to flow sticky salty liquid. I tasted it. It was good to drink. I drank all her juices. She stopped her sucking and began to press my head deep in to her Love hole. She locked my head with her legs. I kept my tongue deep in to her pussy and tongue fucked her.

She bent over the bed asked me to push my rock hard bulging cock in her pussy. I took doggy style and began to hard fuck her pussy. She started to thrust back her heavy ass. Her pussy was so slippery. I fucked her for 10 minutes in the position. She asked me to rest on the bed. She rode on me like a horny Bitch and began to fuck me. I came very strongly with my body shivering due to her Strong Strokes she gave. I poured all my juices in her pussy. She asked me to clean my cock and come back.

I cleaned my self and came to the bed. She started to kiss my cock and gave a blowjob. She sucked and squeezed it, till it got erect. After 15 minutes work it got full erection. She spread her body on the cot and asked me to reach on top of her. She took my cock in her hands and guided in to her pussy. She locked her legs around me and started to fuck her with my full strength. She began to moan like aaahhh, ooohhh.

She closed her eyes while getting her orgasm. She had an orgasm after a long time she told me as her husband was d***kard. We both hugged on the bed till early morning. We had second round at 5 o clock. She told me not to tell about these things to anybody. Only Then she will allow me to fuck her whenever it is possible. We continued it for 2 years, till I left to another town for study purpose.

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