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"I don't really think I'm that hard to get along with,"
Kelli sighed. "What do you think, Daddy?"

"No," her father agreed, "you're not hard to get along
with at all, honey. Now, would you please lick my dick

Kelli giggled. Even at twenty-two, she still laughed
like a little k**. But there was nothing
little-k**dish about the soft, rounded contours of her
body, nor about the way she licked her lips and eyed
her father's stiff, straining cock.

She took his prick in her hands, stroking it up and
down between them. It was a monster of a prick, no two
ways about it. The very sight of that hard meat made
Kelli's mouth water, but she held back a bit, teasing
herself as much as she teased her dad. No matter what
kind of problems she was having in her marriage, she
could always count on a sympathetic ear and a stiff
peter if she came to her dear old daddy.

Not that Dan Miller was so old. He'd married young,
when his high school sweetheart had turned up pregnant
with Kelli, and he was not much past forty himself,
with a body that looked ten years younger once it was
stripped for action. Kelli looked him up and down
while she played with his cock.

Mmmm, yes, the same old Daddy! Hairy chest that she
loved to feel rubbing against her soft smooth titties
and their straining nipples. Long firm body that could
dominate hers in the sweetest way possible. And, oh,
fucking Jesus, that cock!!!

She leaned forward, pressing her lips against the
underside of his dick bulb in a moist, very dutiful
daughterly kiss. Hah! Her lips parted and she brushed
him with the wet interior of them, her tongue flicking
out to lay on a little slap and tickle. His meat
throbbed in her grip, and she looked up at his face,
giggling again when she saw how much he dug it.

He'd always dug it. Daddy's cock was the first one
that had ever gotten inside Kelli, and in most ways
that counted, it was still the very best. She could
still remember every vivid throbbing detail of the
night he popped her cherry, and she was only sorry she
couldn't sprout a brand new maidenhead for her darling
daddy to bust all over again.

She rubbed his prick with her mouth, remembering how
that tool had looked with the bright red splatters of
her virgin bl**d smeared on it, and her pussy began to
drool and dribble hot wetness that matted her
cunthairs. She squeezed her thighs together,
pressuring them against her pussy. Kelli was starting
to get very goddamn excited, and she liked the feeling!

Opening her lips wider, she eased them down over the
end of Daddy's cock, taking him a short way into her
mouth. Her tongue lapped at him, and she offered some
delicate suctioning, moving him in and out in very
brief, very shallow passes. The friction of her lips
made his knob swell and heat, and she tightened down at
irregular intervals, sucking harder, just to remind him
that she could do more than lip a dick when she had the

But he already knew that. They didn't have a secret
left between them, she was sure, and that was the way
it oughta be. Husbands -- well, that was a different
story. With the makings of a sad story, perhaps.

But who could be sad when she was lipping and sucking
and licking hotly at her daddy's stiff, magnificent
cock, when she knew that cock was just dying for the
chance to slide its hard and aroused gristle straight
up her wet tight twat? She giggled again, and she
slipped him a bit deeper into her mouth, gasping a
trifle as he filled her mouth with his arousal.

Kelli wriggled around so Daddy could feel her hot young
pussy. His fingers went straight to the crack and
parted the snug lips. She didn't have much hair on it.
She was a natural blonde, and her pussyfuzz had always
been sparse, and besides that, she was in the habit of
keeping her bush trimmed to the bare minimum.

His fingers smoothed through the short silky hairs,
rubbing up and down her cuntal crack, getting the labes
hotter and wetter with each stroke. She sighed around
his cock, a little drool running down the shaft. He
peeled the tender lips open and slipped his finger
inside Kelli's cunt.

She stiffened as his finger penetrated her. Jesus, did
he know how to ring all her chimes! She'd never met a
man who could hold a candle to Daddy, when it came to
fucking, and that was her problem right now. After
three months of marriage, she'd packed her bags and
come home to Dad! And throbbing inside her mouth was
exactly what she'd come home for.

Kelli sucked up and down the shaft, taking him
gradually deeper, her tongue washing round his cock as
it moved into her mouth. Her head bobbed in a slow
sensual rhythm, her mouth sliding halfway down the long
hard shaft. She couldn't eat the whole thing, but she
could suck the shit out of all of it that counted.

He had two fingers up her cunt now, sliding them in and
out of her wet hole. She got wetter with each stroke,
and she pushed her pussy back toward his hand, urging
him to use it more strenuously. She wouldn't break!

Dan reamed his daughter's snug moist cunt, his fingers
working lazily but passionately, too. He was pushing
his cock up into her sucking mouth, f***e-feeding her
on his meat, and she was eating all he gave her.

"Your pussy doesn't feel as tight as it used to," he
said. "Have you been fucking somebody else since you
left home?"

"Just Tim," she purred, her tongue laving up and down
his shaft. "Maybe that's the problem." She raised her
head. "Even if my pussy isn't as tight as it used to
be," she smirked, "do you think you'd be interested in
fucking it?"

Dan laughed and pulled his daughter around until she
lay face to face beside him. She threw her arm around
his neck and leaned in for a definitely un-daughterlike
kiss that sent her tongue as deep into Dan's mouth as
his cock had thrust into hers. She rubbed him with the
inside of her thigh, too, moving it back and forth
across his hard, spit-shined dick, her cunt gradually
sliding closer and closer to the erectile knob.

With a giggle, Kelli mounted him, squatting above his
crotch for a moment while she took his prick in hand.
She caressed her cunt with the full length of his meat,
murmuring a little as it brushed her hardened clit, and
then she lifted up a trifle, straightening his cock and
pressing the tip into her split-open twat mouth.

"Oh, Daddy," she said, sinking downward, burying his
cock in her horny hole. The massive eagerness of him
filled her pussy, and she squirmed like a bug pinned to
cardboard, impaled by the cock that had always been,
would always be, her very favorite dick of them all.
She'd never fucked anyone who made her feel the way
Daddy did, and she was sure she never would.

He held her tits as she began to bounce on him. Kelli
had always been an athletic fuck. Dan panted, stabbing
up into her. She was like a cowgirl when she rode him.
It was enough to make a guy feel old, even a guy who
worked out regularly and kept in goddamn good shape.
He had to! He never knew when his baby girl would come
home with a hot clit and a dripping pussy, ready for
some of that sweet, oldtime Daddy-fucking!

Dan's cock punched f***efully up into the moaning girl.
She fucked as if she hadn't had it in weeks, but he
knew better than that. Even if she wasn't getting
along with her husband, there was no way his girl had
not fucked the hair off Tim Anderson's cock while they
were living together.

Her pussy grew wetter and hotter, snugging in tight and
eager around her father's prick. It was as if she was
panting with her cunt. The rhythmic pressure squeezed
at Dan's tool, urging it to fuck harder, deeper,
faster. Kelli bounced furiously, leaning forward to
slap Daddy in the face with her jiggling tits. He
caught them in his hands and sucked at their bl**d-red,
stiff-peaked nipples, biting into the rubbery candy

She squirmed around, making his cock stimulate
different portions of her cuntal interior with each
stroke. Her clit grazed his dickhairs, and she felt
little surges of delight pulse through her twat. The
squeezing, the clenching, the exhalations grew
stronger, more pronounced.

"Pretty tight now, huh, Dad?" she smirked. She was so
fucking tight it was all he could do to work his cock
in and out, despite the wetness that suffused her
snatch. Sexual arousal had turned her cunt into a
mousetrap and his prick was the rodent victim.

But he fucked hard and deep anyway, fucked her like a
man. He was no fucking wimp like the man she'd
married. She could wrap Daddy round her little finger
anytime she flashed her pussy at him, but he had never
taken any shit from Kelli. Mmm, why couldn't she have
married her dad? They'd have been the perfect pair.
God, they were the perfect pair right now! His cock
banged the mouth of her uterus, repeatedly, and she
rocked up and down, harder, more furiously, sucking him
home again and again as the promise of orgasm boiled in
her veins.

"Oh, Daddy, you're the best! Make me come,

He rolled her over, still fucking, and he mounted
Kelli's quivery, writhing body. She repressed a
bl**dcurdling scream as his cock stabbed incredibly
deep and hard, punching its way through her cunt and
into her guts. Straight to the goddamn heart, baby!
Oh, he fucked her where she lived!!!

She held her tits squeezed together, leaning down to
lap at them as she received her father's hot deep
fucking. Dan bent forward and added his tongue to
Kelli's. Each of them had a nipple to suck. Their
tongues lapped back and forth. There was nothing like
a good sloppy, nasty fuck with Dad!

If she'd had time, she'd have rolled over and spread
her cheeks and offered him the pink pleasure of her
tight little shithole, but she was in too much of a
hurry. Assfucking was something to save for later
tonight. Right now she had Daddy where she wanted him,
nine inches up her cunt and driving as if he meant to
go eighteen more.

If there was anything in her life that Kelli had to be
thankful for, it was that Mom had left her and Dan for
another guy, years ago. Kelli hadn't even seen her
mother in almost five years -- she was living on the
other side of the country with her new husband -- but
she didn't really care. She and Daddy had learned how
to make the best of the situation, and Jesus, it was
still the fucking best!

Dan pumped hard into his moaning young daughter. He
fucked like he'd not had a piece in months, though
Kelli knew her dad's sex drive _too_ well to have any
illusions about that. Still, he _always_ saved his best
for her, and oh, shit, she was getting the best he had
to give, getting it up her churning pussy in such
gutbuster strokes that she could not resist the need to

"Yes, Daddy, ooooohh, fuck meeeeeeee!!!" she screamed,
curling her legs around his, her arms around his neck.
She pounded cunt up at his driving cock, and she pissed
out her orgasm down the length of his hard fat rod.
Each thrust made her come a little hotter, a little
wetter, a little better.

He came out of her cunt, still hard, his knob as red as
Rudolph's nose. The wet prick slid over Kelli's tummy.
He eased in, wiggling his balls along the crack of her
cunt, against the throbbing tip of her clitoris. She
bounced, still coming, still moaning and sobbing, "Fuck
me, Daddy, oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

He straddled her now, and she knew what he wanted. She
giggled a little as she spread her tits, and he laid
his hard wet cock down between them. Kelli squeezed
the fleshy boobs together, around his rigid prick, and
he began to fuck his meat back and forth between her

The swollen red tip pushed insistently at her face as
he tit-fucked Kelli, and she lapped toward it with her
tongue, giving it an irresistible come-on. He pushed a
little further, and his rod entered her mouth. She
leaned forward willingly, sucking him as far as she
could take him -- not very deep, but she could still
suck the living shit out of his knob, and if he didn't
like that, she didn't know her dear old daddy!

Why couldn't her fucking husband come up with stuff
like this? Why did he always act as if she was a piece
of glass that might break if it was touched? Why was
Tim such a goddamn wuss, for Chrissakes?

She slurped her father's dick. If the truth was to be
told, she found the taste of her snatch on his flesh
more than a little exciting. She could taste the
heated tuna of her orgasm juices all over the prick
that fucked her tits and mouth, and it tingled
deliciously on her tongue. No wonder guys loved to get
their faces between her legs! She hummed as she
sucked, and she lapped her tongue round and round the
knob as it moved in and out of her clutching lips.

Her tits burned with heat, frictioned by Daddy's cock
until they felt raw and livid. She pressed them
tighter against his dick, her fingers tapping at her
nipples like a telegrapher sending Morse code. The red
nips throbbed in erotic response, vibrating beneath her

She could taste the sweet hot cockmilk leaking out of
Daddy's tool. He always dribbled the stuff out his
slit when his fuse was growing short. Not pre-cum, but
the thick oozy sperm that would soon -- mmmm!!! -- fill
her mouth in a gusher of lust.

She held him with her titties, and she made gurgling
sounds around his cock knob. Do it! she told him with
her tongue and her lips and her teeth. I want my
Daddy's cum! I want a mouthful of the very same jizz
that squirted up my mom's pussy and created me in the
first place!

She got it! Oh, Jesus, did she get it!

Dan Miller stiffened atop his daughter and he said, "Oh,
fucking hell, baby!" and his cock knob began to spray
its hot boiling load across her lapping pink tongue.

Kelli closed her eyes and opened her throat, gulping
the stream of jizz as fast as he could shoot it into
her. He came a river for her. It was thick at first,
then a little thinner, as if she'd sucked and fucked
all the starch out of him. He could have pissed down
her throat and she wouldn't have cared a shit.

As he flopped down, onto his back beside her, Kelli was
lifting up, still thirsty for his dick. She cleaned
him with her tongue, sucking every drop of jizz off his
flesh, licking her lips like a cat when she was

His tool lay soft and small between her fingers -- so
tiny now, it was unbelievable that a few minutes ago it
had been a nine-inch monster, ravishing her wet pussy,
her hungry mouth -- and she played lovingly with it,
leaning down to lick it, to blow warm moist breath
across its softened noodly droop.

"Let's do it again, Daddy," she suggested.

"Let's not, baby," Dan panted. "I'm not as young as I
used to be. I need a little rest. Maybe we should
talk a bit, instead. About you and Tim, perhaps."

Kelli frowned. "I really don't want to talk about
him," she said. "Not right now. And if I can't fuck
you, I'm certainly not going to yammer about my first
failed marriage."

She slid off the bed, walking like a leopardess across
the pile-carpeted floor. Dan lay on his back, sighing
as he watched the feline languid grace of her
movements. If she wasn't his daughter, he thought,
he'd have _married_ the curvy, leggy young bitch himself!

Kelli was over by the window now, playing with the
curtain. She didn't want to talk about her marital
problems. She'd come home to get away from them, for
Chrissake! The flash of motion caught her eye.

"Oh," she said. "Is someone new living in the Dallas

She was staring down, from the second floor bedroom
window, into the driveway and backyard of the next
house. A station wagon had pulled up, and people were
getting out.

"Don't stand over there naked," Dan said, sitting up.
"They might see you."

Kelli giggled. "It wouldn't be the first time anyone
had seen me naked," she pointed out. "I don't mind
sharing the goodies with the world. Oh. That is one
nice-looking lady down there! A little skinny, but
nice legs, and a very nice rack if I do say so myself."

"That's Penelope Butler," Dan said, "and I would really
rather she didn't see a naked girl in my bedroom
window, Kelli."

"How does she know it's your bedroom window?" Kelli
wondered, and then she got the message. "Oh, Daddy!"
she smirked. "I think I get your point." She let the
curtain drop and she came back to the bed. "Who are
the guy and girl?"

"Penny's k**s," Dan said. "Steve and Maria. Steve's
eighteen, and Maria's twenty. Too juvenile for a
sophisticate like you, I'm sure."

"Oh, I don't know, Dad! Steve's kinda cute. If you
like them young."

She turned. "Is Penelope any good in the sack?" Dan
just shrugged. "Compared to me, I mean?" Kelli added.
"You're not even blushing, Daddy! Oh, come on -- I've
been fucking another guy, and I wouldn't expect you not
to be fucking another woman if you got the chance.
We've never been that possessive with each other, have
we? But listen -- now that I've come home, I just want
you to know that if I catch you with your dick up that
neighbor lady's snatch, I just might bite the fucker

"Now who's getting possessive?" Dan asked. "I do have
a life of my own, young lady!"

Kelli winked. "You've been warned, dude!" she told
him. "Now I think I'll go take a shower. When I fuck,
I sweat, and when I sweat, I stink, and I wanna be all
nice and sweet-smelling when I let you stick that rod
of yours up my asshole, darling Daddy! Now that I'm
home, you won't have to worry about our new neighbor
with the big hooters. You've got me!"


"Fucking shit," Kelli Anderson grumbled, her thumb in
her mouth and her other hand in her panties. She knew
she was acting like a spoiled baby, but she was really
disappointed that her daddy had chosen to keep his date
with Penelope Butler and leave his darlingest daughter
at home alone -- and on the very same day she'd come
back to him, too!

Kelli sucked her thumb, ruminating, wishing that it was
Daddy's cock she held in her mouth. Mmmm, if she
closed her eyes and pretended, she could almost taste
the fleshy macho flavor of his dick on her tongue. But
it wasn't the same thing, no matter how hard she

Down below, her fingers moved through her sparse blonde
pussyfur, massaging the itchy lips of her cunt,
occasionally slipping inside to tickle and tease the
slick, tender flesh within. She squeezed her fingers
together against the sides of her clit, pushing the
little nubbin upward like a pimple coming to a head.
Goddamn it to fucking hell, anyway! she thought. It
was only a little past nine, but she wondered where in
the shit her father was!

Now she knew how he must have felt, when she stayed out
past curfew as a teenager. And if he was doing the
same things she'd usually been doing, when she stayed
out past her limit, she was justified in all of her bad


"I feel like a fool," Dan Miller panted, lifting
Penelope's skirt and running his hands up her thighs.
"I haven't made out in a car since I was -- Christ,
since I was a lot younger than I am now!"

"Oh, it's kind of exciting," Penny smiled, her fingers
stroking his head, his ears, sliding down onto his neck
and shoulders. She leaned forward to kiss him. "At
least you have a car big enough for adults to make out
in. Good thing you're not a Yugo man."

She kissed him, her mouth open and hungry. She'd been
a widow for three years, and she had gone completely
sexless for too much of those three years. Now that
she had a man again, she felt as if she couldn't get
fucked nearly enough to make up for the dry spell. Her
hands moved down his body, and she squeezed his dick
through his pants. Mmmm, he had the equipment to take
care of the job, and that was for damn sure!

They were parked on a fire road in the hills. It was
the only place they could find that offered any
privacy. They couldn't fuck at Penny's house; her k**s
were always around. Normally they went over to Dan's
place -- next door, but with as much privacy as if it
had been in Patagonia. But now, with Dan's daughter
Kelli come home after leaving her husband, Dan's house
was also off-limits.

Penny had met Kelli, and she couldn't imagine going
upstairs with Dan while his daughter watched tv in the
living room. Even if they were adults and entitled to
whatever sexual pleasures they freely chose, Penelope
Butler was still very conventional-minded and she'd
have been embarrassed to death to fuck Dan in his own
house this evening.

But oh, Jesus, she wanted to fuck him soooo bad!!! Her
mouth watered for the taste of his cock, riding hot and
hard and thick across her lapping tongue. Her pussy
drooled in anticipation of his dick's hard thrust,
straight up the hungry hole that had -- Jesus, was it
possible? -- gone so long without being properly
filled, after the death of Penny's husband.

It was all she'd thought about today, at work, and
she'd made some ridiculous mistakes, one of which had
almost crashed her computer. She was sure she'd taken
care of everything, but she wouldn't really know until
the customers started complaining about their phone
bills. Well, to use the phone company's favorite
motto, fuck the customers. She stroked the enlarging
bulge of Dan Miller's cock. This was what she wanted.

His hands were busy on her thighs. She'd worn garters
and stockings tonight, as she always did when she was
with Dan. He liked the way they looked on her legs,
and they made Penny feel very sexy. Especially now,
with his fingers stroking her garters and her stocking

He moved his hand over onto the crotch of her panties.
There was a crackling sensation, as if her cunt hair
was full of static electricity. Maybe it was. She was
sure she could feel sparks shooting from the point of
her clit. His hand cupped her pussy bulge, squeezing
delicately, gently, but ooooohh, so arousingly, and her
panty crotch began to dampen.

He came down to kiss her, his mouth wet and sweet-
tasting. She sucked on his tongue, then gave him her
own. She put his other hand on her chest, smoothing it
down over a tit. Her boobs were too big for most
fashions, but she could feel the lust in his hand as he
touched her, and she wished her tits were 80-Gs, so
there'd be that much more of them for Dan to play with.

She slid down her shoulder straps. Under the dress she
wore a lacy slip -- no bra -- and Dan eased one of its
straps down, so that a big spongy tit bounced free. He
bent in to lick it, his tongue wet and slightly scrapy
moving across the nipple's point.

She closed her eyes and sighed as he took her nip in
his mouth and began to suck it. He was like a baby
thirsting for milk. She held his head, murmuring soft
whispery encouragements, her other hand still caressing
the shape and size of his growing, burgeoning dick.

"Do you like my tits?" she asked redundantly, urging
her nip even deeper into his mouth. His lips stretched
widely as he sucked on her, and now he had his fingers
inside her panties, toying with the red-furred lips of
her cunt.

She had a stiff clit, and he massaged it until it grew
even stiffer, pulsating against his fingers. His pinky
grazed her gash, and Penny could feel her cuntal ooze
dripping out, moistening her gash, making her ready for
his cock. Oh, God, when was she ever not ready for his

And it really was a thrill doing it in the car for a
change. She hadn't been fucked in a car since college.
Her cunt was sloshing with excitement at the very
thought of it. They should definitely try this more
often, she told herself, undulating so that her pussy
rubbed friskily, invitingly, on his exploring hand.

His fingers slid down the long gash of her pussy,
spreading and then squeezing shut the fur-coated labes.
There was a dreamy pressure throbbing against her clit.
She stretched out her legs, then curled them, then
folded them around his body as he knelt on the backseat
floor and eased himself into her thighs' invitation.

Dan moved back and forth against Penny, grinding his
stiffened cock into the wet warmth of her crotch. It
was just dry-humping, but there was nothing at all dry
about Penelope Butler's cunt right now.

His hands were all over her tits, and she kissed the
backs of them while he stroked her. "You know what I
want," she told him in a breathless voice, her legs
relaxing around him. Dan smiled and moved his body
downward. He was already taking down her panties,
baring the fluffy auburn fur of her pussy. Even in the
darkness the red of her cunt fur seemed to glow and

He went down on her, spreading the furry bun and
embellishing it wickedly with his limber tongue. Dan
certainly had a way of eating a lady's cunt, Penny
thought dreamily, rocking under his oral caresses.

His tongue was everywhere, moving around her beaded
clit, along the crack of her pussy, dipping into the
furrow to tickle the sensitized interior of her snatch.
She jerked occasionally as he hit a spot that really
counted and her body reacted as if a little jolt of raw
power had just been sent through Penelope.

"Mmmm, suck my cunt," she urged, running her fingers
through his hair. He grazed her clit point repeatedly
with his tongue, enough to make her convulse in a near
orgasm already. "Oh, you horny dog," she giggled,
feeling sixteen again and getting it for the first
time. God, did fucking in a car bring back old

He slipped her a couple of fingers while he nursed on
her clit. His fingers fucked in and out of Penny's
pussy, until the inner walls began to clench and heave
in a burning desire. She undulated on the back seat,
grinding her snatch against his hand, bathing the
fingers with her funky juices.

He came back up her body, his mouth wet from her twat.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him
thirstily. The delicious taste of her own juices
coating his lips made Penny all the more desirous of
what he was going to give her.

When she'd been house-hunting, six months ago, she'd
narrowed it down to four choices, and sweet Jesus, was
she glad she had picked the one next door to Dan
Miller! And she was never more happy with her decision
than now, as he arose, sliding on his knees onto the
back seat while Penny eased halfway down onto the
floor. She hadn't given a BJ in a car in quite a few
years but she hadn't forgotten how to do it.

Dan tugged his pants and shorts down, his hard cock
springing free and bold, into the air. Licking her
lips, Penelope grabbed it -- Jesus, she needed both
hands to capture the big fat fucker! -- and she scooted
forward, ready to show him he wasn't the only one who
knew how to suck.

She pressed her mouth against his hot, pulsating shaft,
moving them down to his balls and then slowly,
teasingly, up the stalk to where the big knob glowed as
red as her pussy hair. She extended her tongue and
began to lick at Dan's prick bulb with an enthusiasm
that could never have been simulated.

Penelope had always enjoyed using her mouth on a hard
cock. At forty-two she hadn't lost any of the spirit.
She looked up at Dan, winking seductively and flashing
her eyes at him in the moonlight, and then she fitted
her upper lip over the end of his cock, holding him in
a light but authoritative grip just within the opening
of her mouth.

"Mmmm," she hummed, vibrating the sound around his
swollen knob. She could feel it growing against her
tongue as her purred, and she had to lick a little
harder, bathing him like a cat as he continued to
pulsate and expand.

Penny tightened her lips and moved them forward a
trifle, swallowing about an inch, all told, of Dan's
dick. He was a little bigger than she'd been used to
in the past, but that only made the sucking so much
more fun. Still, though, she had to take him a little
slow until her mouth was juicy wet and her throat
muscles had relaxed a trifle.

"You do this pretty well," she heard him say, his hand
resting lightly atop her head. "Are you sure you've
never done it before?" She just giggled, sending a
fresh current of vibrating air along Dan's cock, and
her mouth inhaled a bit more of his meat.

There was absolutely nothing amateurish about the way
she ate a peter. She'd learned the art back in the
sixties, and cocksucking had not improved one little
bit since her training days. From the way he sighed as
she ate him, he must have appreciated the time she'd
taken, getting the business down just right.

She was slobbering down his tool now, and her saliva
was like steam. She gulped and took him into her
mouth -- deeper, and she made a soft gagging sound as
he pushed too hard, too fast, too deep, but her throat
opened and she guzzled him into the upper end, sealing
her mouth shut to hold him in what seemed an eternal
moment of unbridled cock-worship.

But she had to come up for air, and her head lifted
upward, more saliva running down his shaft into the
wiry tangle of his cockhairs. Murmuring, Penelope went
down with her face again, sucking with warmth, with
affection, with lust, at virtually the entire length of
Dan Miller's proud hard prick.

Part of her was hungering to taste his thick spermy
cum, but the rest of her was dying to get a pussy ride
on this throbbing hard tool. She sucked like she meant
it, arousing his cock even more than it already was --
if that were possible! -- and then she lifted her mouth
from his rod.

"I think you better fuck me, right now," she whispered
in the darkness. "If you don't, I can't be responsible
for my actions..."

He pulled her to him, kissing her face, her bouncing
tits. Penny yanked up her slip's hem -- the panties
were already gone -- and she put his hand on her bare,
furry cunt. He squeezed it, hard enough to make her
gasp and moan, and his finger speared back into the
open, dripping hole.

"Yes, yes, yes," she gasped, riding up and down on his
finger, fucking it the way she wanted to fuck his sweet
big cock! She had his dick in her fist, and she yanked
it passionately.

"Are you ready, baby?" she heard him ask, and she
laughed. Ready wasn't the word for how she felt about
getting herself fucked by Dan Miller.

She straddled him, directing his cock into her wet hole
like a policeman controlling traffic. She felt the big
cloven knob spread her pussy lips, and she sucked in a
whistly breath. Her cunt, taking charge, slid down his
length and she buried him inside her twat, squirming
atop him to get the most stimulation possible from the
fat stiffness of his aroused cock within her body.

"Oh, fuck me, Dan," she sighed, leaning back to let his
tool invade her from new and exciting angles. She was
bobbing, eating him with short gluttonous gulps of her
pussy, and his rod pierced her wet hole again and

His hands were all over her jiggling, heavy-globed
tits. She stroked them as they stroked her. The car
rocked to the pulsating rhythm of their fucking, and
she felt a clit-scorching orgasm simmering in her
bl**dstream, ready to implode her whole goddamn body!

She moved further back, off his cock altogether, and
they lay down on the seat, Dan at the rear, hanging on
to Penelope lest she fall over the edge. She lifted a
leg and he poked his peter into her hole from the rear,
fucking deep and hard, straining as he flexed his body
and filled her pussy.

He handled her cunt as he fucked it, arousing her clit
beyond the point of endurance. He leaned over her
shoulder and his mouth went to work on the curves of
her nearest tit. He was a lot taller than Penelope,
and if he strained a little, he could get his lips onto
a throbbing hard nipple. He bit it, and his cock bit
fiercely into her vibrant, more than willing pussy.

The car continued to rock as Dan fucked Penny, and her
cunt erupted three or four strokes before the cum began
to blast out of his cock and straight up her twitching

"We've gotta do this more often," Penny giggled, wiping
the dribble of his jizz from her raw-fucked gash. "I'd
forgotten how great it was to fuck in a car. I feel
sixteen again. Christ, I think I'm getting a zit on my
chin, even!"

She snuggled close, loving the feel of his firm toned
body next to hers, loving the smell of his sweat and
hers, the scent of fresh cum that permeated the air.

"If Kelli's going to be staying long, we may have to,"
Dan told her. He cuddled her, but he was thinking
about Kelli. For the first time in his life he almost
regretted the special relationship he had with his

Not because he was ashamed or sorry. He wasn't. And
he knew Kelli wasn't either. It was just the sneaking
around that it entailed. There was no fucking way
Penelope Butler would ever be able to understand what
he and Kelli felt about each other, what they did
together. He couldn't share the secret with Penny.

Which made things a real bitch, since he was almost
certain that he wanted -- finally -- to get married
again, and his fuck- sticky cock was resting against
the pussy of the woman that he would have married. If
only Kelli hadn't fucked up her own marriage and come
home to cry on Daddy's cock and shoulder. Christ, was
he ever gonna get his k**'s life straightened out so he
could get on with his own?


"Fucking bullshit," Kelli was still grousing. She'd
been playing with her pussy for half an hour, but she
just couldn't seem to get off. Her snatch ached and
tingled, but that was all it would do. No matter how
she frigged her luscious little clit, no matter how she
strained and willed herself to get loose and mellow,
she was just unable to hit the crazy spot that normally
put her ovaries on overtime.

She stood up, pulling her panties up. What a bummer!
Bet Daddy was getting his ashes hauled by the widow
from next door. Hah! Talk about a sucker bet! What
did he see in her? Was it that provocative petite
figure with the long long legs and the oversized tits?
Kelli couldn't help wondering what sort of a fuck
Penelope Butler threw out. Must be something special,
if Daddy hadn't been willing to break his date with

His loss, Kelli reminded herself. She'd intended to
give him a very special treat tonight, a ride up her
shitchute. No one but Daddy had ever stuck a cock up
her asshole. It was something they shared very
privately, and it had seemed the perfect way to cap off
her first full day of being Daddy's little girl one
more time. Betcher ass she'd never let that wimp wuss
husband of hers have a piece of her cornhole! As if
he'd even know what it was all about!

She went into the kitchen for another glass of diet
soda. As she got the bottle from the 'fridge, she
glanced out the window and her eyebrows lifted just a
trifle. What was this?

Steve Butler, Penny's son, was carrying out the trash
from the house next door. Kelli closed the
refrigerator door and watched him. Daddy had said he
was eighteen, though he actually looked rather younger.
Kelli would have guessed fifteen or sixteen, if she
hadn't known his age. He just didn't look experienced
enough to have lived eighteen years.

But he was kinda cute, when you got right down to it,
she reminded herself -- much cuter than he'd looked
today, when she saw him getting out of his mother's
car. He was wearing a pair of denim cutoffs, and
nothing else but his tennis shoes, right now.

His body was slim and willowy -- almost girlish in some
ways, but it was easy to see that he was taking on a
man's shape. His chest was smooth, and though he was
no Stallone, his upper arms weren't puny. He had long
legs, just like his mother, but on a much taller frame
-- six feet or near it -- and when he turned around,
the denims clung for a moment to what had to be the
cutest little ass Kelli had seen since her own teenage

"Hmmmm," Kelli mused, stirring her diet cola with her
finger. She took the finger out and licked the soda
from it, wishing she had something better than a finger
to suck on. Not the first time she'd felt that way
this evening!

She turned around, to the wall phone. The message
board beside it was cluttered, as always --- how Daddy
ever found anything was a mystery to Kelli -- but it
didn't take her long to locate the Butlers' number,
pinned to the board. She picked up the phone and held
it between ear and shoulder.

"I don't know if I should," she said aloud. Her hand
stroked the front of her t-shirt, where a sweet full
titty protruded, its nipple hard and urgent, the flesh
itself suffused with the desires she hadn't been able
to slake with her fingers.

"Oh, what could it possibly hurt?" she asked herself.
"I bet he's never had it. I bet he's just dying to get
it. And what eighteen-year-old could ever pass up the
chance to get his first piece of pussy from a
beautiful, provocative, totally sexed-out older woman?
Right, Kel! So do it!"

She dialed the number. From her kitchen window she
could see into the Butlers' kitchen, and she saw
Steve's head turn when his phone rang, saw him pick it
up. What the hell was she going to tell him? Her
brain went on overtime.

"Oh, I'm so glad I caught you," she said, her voice
raising half an octave and taking on a nervous quaver.
"You don't know me, but I'm Kelli Miller -- Kelli
Anderson now, but not for much longer -- from next
door, and you've just got to help me! My dad said you
were very brave and resourceful, and oh, my God, there
it is again! I think there's a rat in the house and
ooohh, I need some help! Please come over and save my
life, Steve, won't you???"

"Uh, I'll be there in a minute," she heard him say, and
she put down the phone with a smug smile.

Somebody's gonna have to fuck me tonight, she told
herself, and if it isn't Daddy, then why not his
girlfriend's cute son? She looked through the window
as Steve came out the back door and across the drive to
the Millers' house, and she thought, I could do a lot
worse, right?


"I don't see a rat," Steve said, scooting forward. His
head and shoulders were under the couch.

"I'm sure it's under there," Kelli insisted. She was
on her knees beside him, and she was eyeing the way his
ass filled out the seat of his pants.

Up close, he looked even better than he had from a
distance, and from the way he'd looked at her when he
came into the house, she was positive he was ripe for
the plucking. And the fucking.

Well, she told herself, the only fucking way to get it
was to go for it. As Steve nosed beneath the couch,
looking for Kelli's nonexistent rat, the young blonde
squealed, "Ooohhh, there it is, right now!" She
sc****d her fingernail along the inside of his thigh,
and then she grabbed a fistful of his balls!

Steve came out from under the sofa, his eyes bugging
out of his skull. Kelli held on as if her hand was
glued to his crotch. "What the hell are you doing" he
asked, hardly believing it.

"Chill out, stud," Kelli smirked. "I saw the way you
were looking at me, and I know what you were thinking
about. Well, baby, it's exactly the same thing I had
in mind when I asked you to come over..."

She flipped him over and she went straight to his
zipper. No need beating around the bush. She pulled
it down, then unsnapped the top of his shorts, and she
laid his cock bare. "And what have we here?" she
sighed, taking hold of his rod.

He lay on his back, staring up at her with unbelieving
eyes. Kelli's warm, soft hand melted around the bulk
of his prick, and she stroked him up and down until she
felt his meat beginning to harden inside her fist.

"Not bad at all," she told the boy. Jesus, he looked
young! It made the whole thing seem nastier, kinkier,
as if she'd gone prowling some junior high playground
in search of a tender young fuck. Steve's tool
lengthened inside her hand, and she kept on stroking
him, urging the boy to get stiffer still.

He was gorgeous, the closer she got -- reddish hair,
and big, startled eyes that were almost an emerald
green. It would have been criminal for a boy to have
eyes like that, except that they, and he, were so
fucking pretty! Kelli let herself drop into the watery
green of those eyes as if she were drowning.

"Don't tell me you haven't been looking at me," she
said, pulling up her t-shirt to expose her tits.
"Nothing to sneeze at, right, k**?" she smiled. "Not
as big as your mom's, maybe, but definitely tits to
reckon with. C'mon -- touch them. I promise you'll
like it."

With her free hand, she led his fingers up onto the
bare, curvaceous swell of her nearest tit. As soon as
he touched it, he started to enjoy it. Shit, Kelli
thought -- that's the story of my life!

His dick was getting really big inside her fist -- big
and hard and excited. It wasn't the only thing around
here that was excited. She straddled Steve, and she
pressed her panty-covered pussy down against his body.
He had both hands on her tits now, squeezing them,
pinching at the stiffened nipples. She could feel the
awed wonder in his fingers, and she liked it.

She wriggled out of his grasp and stood up, smiling
down at him. "I bet you've never ever done it, have
you?" she said. Steve shook his head, blushing a
little. "You just looked like a virgin," Kelli
giggled. "But I saw you taking out the trash, and I
saw the wiggle of that cute little ass, and, mmmm,
baby, I decided I just had to have it!"

Kelli pulled her t-shirt off. She was wearing only
panties under it, and she wasn't wearing them for long.
She pulled them down and tossed them aside, then stood
astraddle Steve Butler, offering him a long, delicious
look up her legs, into the lightly-furred glory of her
cunt. She saw him gulp, saw the almost wondrous
expression in his eyes as he stared at the pink gash,
its lips slightly puckered, slightly protuberant amid
the sparse coating of deep-blonde fuzz.

"Like what you're seeing, baby?" she whispered, slowly
squatting downward. He nodded, earnestly. Kelli
smirked, then pushed her cunt straight down onto his
face. "Well, kiss it hello, k**!" she laughed, giving
him a mouthful of her pussy.

She rocked and bounced, feeding him on her snatch. He
made coughing sounds as she pressed her wet pussy down
upon him, but his tongue was out, and he was using it
-- crudely, but intriguingly -- and she cupped her
tits, leaning down to kiss their curvy roundness.

"Lick my clit, too," she told him. "Don't tell me you
don't know where it is. If you can't find my clit, you
probably couldn't find Chicago, either!"

His tongue located her button, and he frigged it,
panting as he started to get into the business. Kelli
howled in delight and she shoved her twat downward,
smothering Steve's face in her musky arousal.

She pulled her flaps open and moved her crack onto his
mouth, urging him with body language to stick his
tongue inside. He entered her tentatively, tensely,
but then he got a taste of what she had to offer and he
started fucking his goddamn tongue in and out of her
hole, shoving it as far up her cunt as he could reach.

It was like fucking a snake, Kelli decided, though
she'd certainly never tried it with a snake. Yet.
"Mmmm, eat me, you nasty little boy," she giggled,
feeling very naughty, very mature, and very very
pleased with herself.

She reached around behind herself and took hold of his
cock. Holy Christ! The thing was almost as big as
Daddy's! Erect now, he was a throbbing lump of passion
that her slim fingers could hardly encircle! She made
a lock on him and she slid her thumb and finger up and
down the length of the k**'s excited dick, and she
proved to his tongue that she was just as excited as he

Kelli leaned back, her hand still full of Steve's
prick. She could feel the hot pulsation throbbing in
his shaft, the slow but steady drool of pre-cum from
his tip. Her mouth was dry and she really needed the
taste of a stiff dick. Like, right fucking now! "My
turn, stud," she told him, sliding off his face and
turning around to meet his cock.

She lay on her tummy beside him, her arm resting on his
thighs, her hands full of his cock. "God, you got a
big one," she said appreciatively. "How come they
never had dicks like this when I was eighteen?"

Well, they did, but the only one she'd ever encountered
belonged to her daddy. Steve came a real close second
to her father, as far as cock size, and she licked her
lips, staring down his tool. Kelli had been fairly
certain she was going to enjoy seducing Penelope
Butler's son, but she hadn't known till she got her
hands on his rod that she was going to enjoy it this

She leaned in and started licking at the boy. His eyes
got big -- really big -- when he felt her tongue on his
tool. She knew fucking well she was giving Steve
something he'd dreamed about and fantasized about but
had never ever known before in the real world. Nothing
realer than Kelli's tongue, sliding all over the length
and breadth of his stiff, aroused cock!

He had a knob like a helmet. All it needed was a spike
sticking up from the very tip. She'd have thought she
was going down on Bismarck. But instead he had a
smooth, almost purple- fleshed, bulb, swollen and fat
and glistening with the precum that had oozed from the
little slit at the cap. Kelli leaned forward and let
her tongue caress every centimeter of that bulb- like
knob before she took it into her mouth for a little of
the sucking she really thought she ought to try

Steve gasped as his prick slipped into her mouth, and
then he closed his big green eyes and moaned, from deep
in his guts, as Kelli nibbled and licked and slurped at
his dick while it moved shallowly in and out of her
lips. "You gotta be some kind of a nutcase!" he said,
but he didn't mean it. He was digging the hell out of
what she was doing to him, and the throb of his cock on
her tongue told Kelli the truth.

She moved her face up and down, eating an inch or three
of his rod in little hungry swallows. Her mouth had
been bone-dry a few minutes ago. It wasn't bone-dry
now. She was slavering as she ate him, and her oral
slime ran down his shaft in little trickling rivulets.

When she raised her face off him, strings of sticky
spit trailed like spiderwebs from her lips to the end
of Steve's cock. She went down on him again, humming
as she slid his cock in and out of her suctioning lips,
and he seemed to enlarge inside her mouth.

"Who's the nutcase, baby?" she whispered, her lips
fluttering against the tip of his dick. "Me for doing
it, or you for loving it?"

"Suck me some more," he pleaded in a soft imploring
voice, his hands on her head, trying to f***e her down
onto his rod once again. "Please suck me some more!"

Kelli giggled, and she did suck him some more. Her
lips tightened, and she showed him a little of the
skills she'd picked up, practising on her loving
Daddy's own rod. The same rod -- though she didn't
point it out to Steve -- that was probably shoved to
the balls up Penny Butler's cunt at this very minute.
The whole world didn't need to know about her and
Daddy, did it?

She thought not. And even though she was giving him a
blowjob that he'd remember till the end of his life, if
he lived to be 100, there was no need to tell Steve
Butler where she'd learned to suck a hard dick.

She raised her head, a big gloppy string of saliva
dangling from the tip of her tongue to the end of his
totally wet dick. Kelli turned around. "Let's fuck
now, stud," she told him. "I bet I could screw the
freckles off your face without even half trying."


In the car, parked along the fire lane, Penny Butler
was lying with her head in Dan Miller's lap. His hands
rested lightly on her billowy tits, and his fingers
played casually with the hardened nipples. She moaned
a little from time to time, as he squeezed or pinched a
little harder than she was expecting, but it really
felt good, and she stroked his hand as he toyed with

"You know, we could've gone to a motel," he said.

Penny smiled. "This was a lot more fun."

"No, I meant that place out by the airport, the one
that has waterbeds and closed-circuit fuck movies in
all the rooms."

"This was still more fun," Penelope insisted. She
lifted her head and turned over, taking hold of his
cock. He'd fired a big sweet thick load up her pussy,
but there was still life left in his tool, and she felt
the stirrings of that life as she worked him up and
down in her fingers. Leaning down, she started to lick
Dan's prick. The flesh tasted of his cum and her own,
and it was delicious on her tongue. She fed him in and
out, slurping and nibbling until his meat began to
expand against her tongue.

"I don't think I'm up for another round," Dan told her.
"I had a really hard day ..."

Penny didn't answer. She was too busy tonguing his
dick. From the way it throbbed and lengthened,
twitching a bit as it grew, she was sure he hadn't had
that hard a day. Not enough to keep him from giving
her a hard night, at least!

She came up for air, and his tool was rigid inside her
hand. Dan kissed her, and she snuggled against him,
rubbing him with the big tingly nipples of her tits.
She loved the way his chest hair felt, tickling them.

"I just hope your daughter gets her life straightened
out, so we can do it in a bed again like decent
people," Penelope added. "Maybe I should encourage her
to get friendly with Steve and Maria? Get all three of
them out of our hair at once!"

She leaned down, trapping his hard cock between her big
soft tits. He was rampant now, with a boner that would
not go down until she had fucked or sucked it off, and
that was just what Penny wanted.

She cradled his meat between her jugs and she fucked
them up and down his length, nipping at the prick's
point as it emerged from the valley of her hooters and
pushed insistently toward her mouth. Her tongue bathed
it in salivated arousal, and her teeth gnawed like a
beaver who had spent a few weeks at finishing school.

He pushed a little, and she sucked warmly at his
burgeoning knob, holding it behind her teeth and
whipping it with her tongue. Her jaws were concave
with energy, and the suctioning pressure of her mouth
was like the deep sea enfolding Jacques Cousteau.

She lifted her head and rubbed Dan's peter all over her
tits, especially the swollen nipples. She even tried
to stick the point of one nip into his piss slit. She
lifted his thigh and got her mouth onto his nuts for a
little sucking and licking, while her finger moved back
into his crack for some asshole fondling.

Her fingertip found the tiny crack and she reamed into
it with delicate strokes, spreading him, slowly
inserting the point of her finger into his backdoor
while her mouth kept very busy on his prick.

Penny was holding the knob of his cock in her palm when
her finger actually popped his shithole ring, and she
felt a sudden warm gush of liquid spurting from Dan's
rod. "Don't get carried away, stud!" she told him. "I
want to play a long time! I'm not going home with an
itchy cunt!"

She came up his rod with her mouth and she slurped up
the premature dribble of jizz he'd let fly, licking it
from his cock, from her fingers. Eating his seed was
the only thing she liked more than the way it felt
squirting up her cunt.

"Ain't life hell, lover?" she sighed, raising her face.
"Our k**s are old enough to know the score and not old
enough for us to throw out of the house! You get yours
married off, and damn, here she comes home again,
because her marriage didn't turn out all wine and

Penny shook her head. "And I don't think I'll ever get
mine married off, not with a son who's scared to death
of girls and a daughter who doesn't seem to be
interested in boys! If I didn't know better, I'd think
the hospital switched babies on me when Maria was born.
She's not like I was at her age. I was just totally
boy-crazy. Mmmm, Dan, I still am! How about it, boy?
Wanna fuck?"

She threw her leg across his lap and straddled him,
bringing her pussy down to bear against the hard shaft
of his dick. She bruised her wet cuntal gash with it,
stroking the big wet knob up and down her crack, and
then she took him inside, grunting a little as he
penetrated her hole.

For a moment she was stiff and tense atop him, and then
the mellow feel of his dick in her cunt sent a wave of
satisfaction through Penelope. She wriggled from side
to side, and her cunt seemed to squeeze around him like
the bellows of an accordion, and she started to fuck.

"We'll have to figure out what to do with those damn
k**s," she sighed, "but for right now, it's Mom and Dad
time. C'mon, Dad -- fuck Mom!"


Kelli was on her back on the floor, a cushion from the
sofa propping her ass up. She stroked her
lightly-furred cunt, displaying every inch of herself
to Steve Butler's marveling eyes. She knew in her
bones that he was seeing a beautiful, aroused pussy for
the very first time in his young life, and she saw his
prick -- stiff as a board, and fat like a cucumber --
twitching spasmodically, all by itself.

"You better get on board," she told the boy in a
throaty, excited voice. "I don't think I can wait much
longer. Look how hard my clit is, how wet my pussy
hole is. Mmmm, baby, I want you to fuck me ..."

She took his hands and guided him onto her. "It's
okay, baby," she whispered into his ear as he came to
rest atop her body. "I want it even more than you do!"
Kelli reached down between them and found Steve's hard
prick. She slid her fingers up and down the long fat
pole, and then she pointed it downward, arching her
pussy up to meet the thrust.

His cock nosed between her taut wet lips, and she felt
the point entering her hole. He was a big boy, all
right, and he'd be a pussyful when she got him inside
her. Not as big as Daddy, but a lot better than a
goddamn finger! She writhed, and then her cunt
enfolded his cock and drew him into Kelli's simmering
pussy stewpot.


She moaned in a low growly voice of delight as Steve's
cock thrust into her pussy, spreading her snug wet
walls with its thickened bulk. He was awkward, almost
lurching as he went into Kelli, but oh, Jesus, he was
inside her, and it felt fantastic! She arched upward,
burying his bone within her hole, and she used her
knees like prybars on his thighs, his waist.

"Fuck me, baby," she panted, "mmmm, oh yeah, fuck

It took Steve three or four strokes to appreciate what
was happening to him. She heard him say, "Oh, Jesus!"
in a surprised voice, as if he'd suddenly awakened from
a dream and found himself balls-deep in a cunt that was
to die for. Well, that was more or less the size of
it, Kelli thought modestly.

He started to beat his meat into her pussy, and she had
to shake him. "Slow down, stud! We're not running a

He got the message, and his thrusting became a little
more relaxed -- more confident, too, at the same time.
She saw him smile as he picked up the rhythm of the
fuck, and his cock seemed to be moving of its own
direction, sawing in and out of Kelli's cunt with a
slow but determined drive. He breathed hard as he
dicked her, and she was panting beneath him, urging her
cunt up to meet the downstroke of his prick. "Aaahhh,"
she sighed in gratification, hitting the bottom of her
tunnel, his dickhead pounding against her cervix.

Kelli was sighing a little too. Her cuntal interior
thumped with his attack. Oh, shit, she was thumping
all over, from the inside out! She twined her legs
around his and locked him into her as if they'd been
ivied together. Her cunt gaped to swallow his probing
prick, and she felt the squishy deliciousness again and
again as his tool continued to fuck itself into her

She opened her mouth to his tongue. He was getting a
little kinky, the more experienced she made him. Her
mouth was full of his tongue; she sucked it the way she
sucked a cock. Too bad it didn't get stiff like a
cock! She wouldn't have minded having an extra dick at
work on her right now!

His hands were down beneath Kelli, holding the cheeks
of her sweaty ass while he kept on pounding her with
his cock. He'd picked up speed again, but now she was
expecting it, and she fucked him back vengefully,
biting her lip, biting his lip, kissing the froth off
her mouth onto his own. Her body alternately stiffened
and relaxed beneath Steve's, providing provocative
counterpoint to his steady in-out cock stabbing. His
belly bumped hers, and her clit got more and more
stimulation, making Kelli's pussy all the more wet as
Steve continued to fill it with his cock.

"Goddamn," the boy said, "I think I'm pretty good at

"Betcher fucking ass you are," Kelli panted, "but don't
talk about it -- fuck it!" His hands squeezed
excitedly at her ass, and she stiffened out like a
board beneath him, making him fight for every inch of
cock-thrust he managed up her pussy -- but mmm, it was
worth it, for her as well as him!

The orgasm that had eluded her while she was jerking
off came without a quibble to Kelli Anderson now, her
snatch full of the neighbor boy's firm teenaged dick.
"Oh, you horny little fucker," she giggled, "you're
gonna make me come..."

He fucked harder, thrilled by her words. His cock
screwed deeper and deeper into Kelli's cunt, pounding
the bottom of her well. His belly rotated against
hers, and his reddish dickhairs tickled her clit into
frenzy. Her legs worked on his like a pair of pliers,
and her snatch was as wild and hungry as her mouth had
been, eating his cock five minutes earlier.

She almost always came when she fucked. What was the
use of fucking if you weren't going to get any of the
pleasure for yourself, right? But except with Daddy,
she rarely came as fast and with as relatively little
exertion as this.

Kelli chalked it up to her frustration and the couple
of hours' worth of fruitless masturbation she'd already
done this evening. Still, the k** was giving her a
hell of a hard ride, just the kind she liked, and it
was obvious that even if he'd never fucked a woman
before, he'd certainly thought about it, quite a lot!

Kelli erupted, her pussy bathing his cock in a flood of
ovary juice. His jaw dropped when he felt her orgasm
begin. "God!" he said, in a slightly reverent voice.
He didn't have to do any of the work now. All he had
to do was keep that cock of his shoved up her hole.
Kelli's snatch would do all the rest!

She fucked desperately beneath him, surrendering to her
orgasm, and sharing it with his delighted dick. Steve
leaned down to kiss her while she came, and she almost
bit his tongue off. Her pussy was so hot and tight and
wild around his prick that it felt as if she was trying
to bite it off, too.

She fell back suddenly, limp and satiated, and Steve
lay heavy upon her, still working his cock in and out.
"No, no," Kelli gasped, "I'm raw -- you've fucked me
bl**dy, I'm sure! Let me finish you in my mouth now,
baby -- little treat for doing a good job on me ..."

His tool popped out of her belching cunt, and she slid
down eagerly beneath Steve, grabbing him in both hands,
wiping her palms on the pussy wetness that coated the
full length of his meat. She could smell her cum on
him, and she wanted to lick it from his cock.

First, though, she placed his length between her tits
and made them a fluffy blanket around the boy's cock.
She would have been surprised, but not shocked, to know
that Steve's mother was doing the very same thing to
Daddy's cock, in a car parked in the woods, at almost
the very same moment. Great minds thought alike, and
anyway, Kelli enjoyed having her tits fucked.

And just as Steve's mother had done, she licked at the
bulbous-knobbed tool as it thrust back and forth at her
face from between her tits. It was a great way to
improve one's coordination. It would make a great
carnival sideshow game. She flipped the cock with her
tongue, licking it, teasing it, tantalizing it with the
promise of her mouth's full pleasures.

But then she had to have it. Her tits fell away from
their squeezing hold on the boy's cock, and she leaned
forward, her mouth engulfing him. She heard Steve howl
as her lips entrapped his peter, and she scooted down a
little lower, gulping and sucking, taking him deep and

"Suck me," she heard the boy moan, "oh, suck my dick,


Maria Butler looked at her watch. Steve had been gone
for more than half an hour. What was taking him so
long? That airhead bimbo daughter of Dan Miller's had
called him over to help her kill a rat, but Maria was
sure that the only rattish thing around was the smell.
She put on her sandals and went across the drive into
the Miller backyard.

The kitchen door was standing half open. Maria tapped,
but there was no answer, so she just walked into the
house. She stopped a moment, in the doorway, listening
to the sounds that came from deeper within. Her
eyebrows lifted.

She tiptoed through the kitchen, the dining room.
There wasn't much light but she'd been in the house
before and she knew her way around. She came to the
door that led from the dining room into the living room
and she stopped, peeking around the frame. The living
room was lit, and she had no trouble seeing what had
made the sounds she heard.

Jesus! Her bl**d chilled at the sight. Her b*****r
Steve, stark naked, was squatting on the naked body of
Kelli, and he was pumping his cock into the blonde
slut's sucking mouth! "Eat me," she heard him panting,
over and over. "Eat every inch of my cock, Kelli!!!"

And Kelli looked as happy as a pig in shit, attempting
to do just that! Maria was filled with disgust at what
she saw, but she couldn't quite bring herself to turn

It was the first time she'd seen Steve naked in quite a
while, and she was surprised at the way he'd filled
out. He was becoming a man, even if he was now and
always would be Maria's little b*****r. As he fucked
Kelli's mouth, Maria got glimpses of his cock in
action. Jesus, he had a big one! It was fully erect,
too, and it gleamed with the drool that Kelli's mouth
spilled upon it.

The blonde was a sloppy, thirsty cocksucker, Maria
noted. Kelli obviously had no idea how gross and
disgusting she looked, feeding that thing in and out of
her open, drool-dripping mouth. She made piggish
noises as she feasted on Steve's meat, and she had one
hand on his ass, one on his balls, playing with his
body while she ate his cock.

Maria's eyes could not help taking in the display of
Kelli's body. The girl was stark naked, stretched out
on the floor, and angled in such a way that Maria could
not miss seeing the crotch, with its sparse patch of
blonde pussy fur, the pink crack showing plainly. The
lips were puckered, protruding, and they were glisteny
wet, as wet as Steve's cock.

Kelli was beautiful, in a slightly trashy way. Her
tits were too big, her thighs a little too plump and
pink, her ass a trifle too round and prominent. Her
skin was pale peach, and Maria's fingers began to
twitch nervously.

Somehow she knew that Kelli's skin was underlain with a
layer of palpable babyfat, even at twenty-two or so,
and that fingers sliding across that skin would leave
bright streaks for a moment as they touched the creamy

Maria stared again, at the exposure of Kelli's cunt.
Her mouth was very dry, and her armpits were beginning
to drip. That wasn't the only wet spot on her body
right now. She rocked a little on the balls of her
feet, and her thighs clenched together, pushing upward
against the puff of her own pussy.

She touched one of her tits, fingers brushing lightly
across the tip of the hillock, and she could feel her
nipple getting stiff inside her bra. Her hand pressed
down upon the point of her tit, and there was a
tremendous pressure inside her chest, as if she were
about to implode. She reached down with her other hand
and touched the front of her jeans. Her eyes were
fixed upon the crack of Kelli's cunt, and she could not
take them away.

As she pressed her hand firmly against her own cunt,
something seemed to snap inside her. Oh, God, she
thought, what the fuck am I doing??? Blushing scarlet,
she turned away, and she tiptoed back through the
dining room, into the kitchen, and out the back door.
She hurried across the drive and into her own house.

Locking the bedroom door behind her, she stripped out
of her clothes and lay down upon her bed. Her eyes
were closed, and she saw through them, more clearly
than ever, the vertical smile of Kelli's cunt, the pink
promise of the blonde slut's deliciously upholstered

"No," Maria moaned, "no, no, no ... " but her own body
was telling her "Yes, yes, yes," and her hands went
instinctively to her pussy, to her throbbing, erected
clit button.


Kelli was sitting up now, head down on Steve while he
rocked before her on his knees. His hands were on her
head, her shoulders, her tits, everything he could
reach. They ranged down to her pussy and tickled her
slit while she fed on him, and she moaned her delight
around his dick. Her snatch was raw from the sweet
hard fuck he'd given her, but the touch of his fingers
now sent fresh thrills through Kelli.

She worked his cock in and out of her mouth, using her
lips and jaws alone to manipulate him. Both her hands
were on his ass, and she was squeezing and kneading the
cheeks. Her fingers were in the crack, and they played
occasionally across his shithole. He seemed to like
it. The more she stroked him there, the deeper he
tried to shove his rod in her mouth. She stuck her
little finger up his ass, and he fucking near strangled
her with his fucking dick!

The tight heat of his asshole surrounded her finger.
She moved in and out in short strokes. Guys nearly
always enjoyed that, since it allowed more stimulation
to their prostates, but the best time to do it was just
before the guy was about to bust his nuts. She
replaced the pinky with her middle finger, once she'd
gotten his hole broken in, and she began to move it a
little deeper, a little harder. His cock was going
crazy in her mouth, and her mouth was absolutely nutty
about that juicy dick he was feeding to it!

She grabbed the root of his cock in one hand, using the
other one on his ass, and she held his knob behind her
front teeth in a death grip. Her fist shucked up and
down the length of the boy's shaft, and he was just
moaning and howling now, like a dog left out in the

"Suck it, you bitch," he groaned, "oh, I'm gonna squirt
you full!"

That's what I'm here for! Kelli thought with a
suppressed giggle, and she worked her fist more
energetically, jerking him off into her mouth while she
prodded her middle finger up and down his poopchute.
Suddenly her fingertip thrust against the walnut-sized
globule of his prostate, and his cock erupted!

Scalding hot jizz scorched her tongue as it squirted
from Steve's piss slit,and her mouth filled with his
discharge. He squirted as if he'd not gotten off in
months. The starchy, tapioca-like cum flooded Kelli's

She gulped most of it, but a lot ran over her lips and
dribbled down her chin. Her finger kept on poking his
prostate, and he must have given her eight or ten
separate gushing squirts before his tool went dry and
she was mouthing an empty gun.


"Not bad, dude," she told him as they lay naked on the
floor. Her face was still sticky with his overflow
jizz, and she licked her lips round the edges of her
mouth from time to time, lapping up another sip of his
seed. "I can't believe you never did it before,

"I just never know what to say to girls," Steve said,
blushing, totally embarrassed despite the tremendous
fuck he'd just given this strange young woman.

"You don't have to say a fucking thing," Kelli giggled.
"Just haul out this baby." She flipped his cock. It
was still half-hard, despite the workout. "Any girl
who sees that will react just like I did, sweetness."

Steve's blush grew deeper. "I could never do anything
like that," he said softly. "I'm 'way too shy. I
guess that's my trouble. My mom and my s****r treat me
like a baby. I mean, it's hell, living with them.
They're always running around the house half-naked."

He cleared his throat, and looked away in
embarrassment. Kelli smiled and put her hand on his
shoulder. He turned back to face her.

"Like, tonight, when she was getting ready for her date
with your dad, Mom asked me to bring her a safety pin,
and when I went into the bedroom, she was just getting
into this really sexy slip, you know? Her tits were
hanging out of it and she just slipped them inside and
smiled and said, 'Thanks, honey.' I coulda died!"

Kelli tried to picture it. Trouble wasn't that she
could not. She could. Steve seemed not to notice her
enigmatic little smile.

"She was wearing these black panties and stockings,
with garters, even," Steve went on. Mmmm, thought
Kelli, that certainly was to her daddy's tastes! He'd
always had a thing about garters. Sometimes Kelli wore
them for him. It really made his dick get hard. But
then, what didn't make Daddy's cock get hard? the young
blonde wondered.

"Like, my cock was starting to get hard, from seeing my
mother got up like some sex goddess, for Chrissakes,
and she acted like I was still ten years old and taking
baths with her."

Kelli's eyebrows lifted. The people next door sounded
just a little off-center. Not exactly mondo, perhaps,
but slightly out of the regular groove.

"And Maria's just as bad," Steve went on. "I don't
think she even knows I'm a boy. Not that she'd care,
because she never dates or anything, but ..."

"Uh-oh," Kelli said, sitting up. "That's Daddy's car
outside. I think maybe you better put your pants on
and go home, darling. Our folks are home from their
date, and this might be a little hard to explain, you

As Steve hurried into his pants, Kelli was putting on
her t- shirt and panties. "Don't look so glum, chum,"
she said, elbowing him. "I have a feeling we're going
to see each other again, real soon, you know? Maybe
I'll be attacked by another rat." She tiptoed up to
kiss him. "Keep a stiff dick till you see me again,
baby. Now get your buns home!"


It had been a reasonably fine morning, Kelli decided,
lying in the sun on the secluded porch that joined her
father's bedroom. As she'd expected, Daddy had come in
from his date with nothing left over for Kelli. They'd
slept together, but very innocently, just snuggling and
sharing the warmth of each other's bodies. Penny
Butler had obviously thrown a king-size fucking onto
Daddy. Kelli would have minded a great deal more if
she hadn't gotten a pretty nice bounce from Penny's son
here at home.

Of course, she'd awakened horny, as always, and the
fastest way to satisfy her morning urges was to give
Daddy a blowjob that was guaranteed to remind him where
his buns were most excellently buttered. He'd come out
of a sound sl**p to find his cock stiff and wet in
Kelli's mouth, and by then it was too late for him to
do anything but pat her head while she sucked the
everloving jizz out of his rod. Mmmm, he always had a
nice morning mouthful for his darling daughter, too!

You didn't need oatmeal for breakfast when you could
suck a load out of your Daddy's delicious hard cock.
The flavor of his squirting seed was still tangible
inside Kelli's mouth, even more so than the drink she
sipped as she relived the thrilling moment when his cum
had scorched her lapping tongue.

But he was off to work, and she'd seen Steve depart for
his summer job. The only fun she'd had in the last
couple of hours had been taking a phone call from her
soon-to-be ex-husband Timothy Jonathan Anderson, who
was trying to figure out why she'd left him. Fuck! If
he didn't know, it was too late to educate him. She'd
told him to eat shit and she'd hung up. God, what a

Now she was in the sun, soaking up rays and sipping on
a wickedly early pi¤a colada. It tasted a little
thick, and that reminded her of the sweet hot load of
cum she'd sucked out of Steve Butler's peter last
night. Maybe she'd get a chance for another round with
him. The k** was raw but he definitely had promise.
With the right teacher, he could turn into a world-
class fucker.

Kelli sipped at her drink, luxuriating naked in the
sunshine, with the porch railing to protect her from
prying eyes, and she felt pretty good about everything.
Until she heard a voice calling her name from below.

"Kelli, are you up there?"

It was a female voice, that she didn't exactly
recognize. Leaning over the rail, she saw Maria Butler
standing in her backyard. She'd met Maria yesterday
but didn't really consider herself to be on a
first-name basis with the girl.

Kelli touched her hair, then patted her chest and hip.
"Blonde," she said, "built, and beautiful. Yes, it's
me, and I'm up here."

"I have a bone to pick with you," Maria said, and she
came into the Miller backyard. There was a set of
steps leading up to the second-floor landing, and the
neighbor girl came up them with a determined set to her

She stopped short at the top of the stairs, realizing
that Kelli was stretched out naked on a blanket. Her
face went red, and she made an odd sound.

Maria was a pleasantly plain girl, Kelli thought,
looking back at her. Her hair was a mousier shade than
the red of her mother and b*****r, and she was rather
skinny and shapeless. Kelli remembered that Steve had
talked about his s****r going around half-naked, as if
to torment him in his adolescence, but she couldn't
quite figure why the sight of Maria naked would be
anything to bother a normal male.

"You slut," Maria said, getting right to the point, "I
saw what you did to my b*****r last night. Where do
you get off, seducing a young boy like Steve? And
don't tell me you didn't. I was standing in the
doorway while you were -- God, while you were --"

"Fucking him?" Kelli asked calmly. "Or sucking him?
Did you stay for the whole show, perhaps, or did you
come in late? Or leave early?" She sat up. "Care for
a drink? It's pre-mixed. There's an extra paper cup.
Just pour some from the bottle."

"God, what a bimbo you are!" Maria said. "You do that
stuff with my little b*****r, and then you act like you
want to be my friend?"

"Well, then fuck you," Kelli said. "It doesn't mean
shit to me what you think or what you do. I was horny,
and Steve was cute, so I fucked him. He had the time
of his life. It was a lot healthier for him than
sneaking peeks at you and your mom when you're half
naked. Maybe you should close your door when you're
dressing, Maria. Stevie seems to have been traumatized
a bit by some of the sights around your house."

She eyed the skinny girl up and down. "I can understand
that, of course. So what's the problem? Did you wanna
pop his cherry yourself or something? And I beat you
to the punch?"

Maria shrieked and threw herself upon Kelli. The
blonde was so surprised she didn't even fight back.
Until Maria landed a slap alongside Kelli's jaw. It
stung, and Kelli's eyes filled with stinging tears.

"You cunt!!!" she snapped, drawing back her fist and
throwing it at Maria. She contacted squarely on the
girl's chin, and Maria's head snapped back, her eyes
rolling over in their sockets. For a moment Kelli
thought she'd KO'd the crazy bitch. But then she saw
the glimmer of consciousness in Maria's eyes.

Maria lay on her back, panting. Kelli felt pretty
goddamn good. She'd never been in a fight before, and
she had obviously won this one. "Let's get a look at
what you've been showing off to Stevie," she added,
intending to rub it in with salt. "I can't imagine any
guy getting a hard-on over you, but maybe looks are
deceiving, n'est pas?"

She yanked up on Maria's t-shirt. The girl squealed
and slapped at Kelli's hands, but Kelli wasn't to be
denied. She pulled the shirt up and off. Maria turned
over, hands crossed over her bra cups.

Kelli yanked down on the girl's shorts, pulling them
and the panties down all at once. She slapped Maria
sharply on the ass. It was a rather skinny ass, but it
rippled nicely under the slap, and Kelli whacked it
again, watching the red marks spread across the pale
flesh. Maria didn't tan in or out of a bikini. She
was pale under her clothes, with skin like antique

"C'mon, cunt," she said, savoring the triumph, "let's
see all of it!"

Maria struggled, but Kelli was insistent. She pushed
Maria's hands away, grabbed the front of the bra, and
ripped it loose. Then she pulled the shorts and
panties all the way off and tossed them off the porch,
into the yard.

Maria huddled, naked, sobbing. Kelli began to feel
like shit. But she hadn't started any of this. Maria
had come up here spoiling for a fight. Kelli leaned
back and looked at the girl.

Naked, she wasn't nearly as dull-looking as she seemed
to be with clothes on. Her body was slim -- not
exactly skinny -- but it was definitely a girl body.
She had small tits, like little round apples. They
were very firm-looking, with tiny, dime-sized nipples
set at their exact centers. The nips were a pale brown
and their points stuck out, almost enticingly erect.
Kelli looked down at her own billowy 38-Cs but she
wasn't entirely sure they were better than Maria's
dainty cupcakes.

Maria's legs were smooth and willowy -- long in
proportion to her rather small body. Between them
showed a puffy patch of thick dark hair, trimmed arond
the edges. Her waist was so narrow, Kelli thought,
that she could have encircled it with her hands. But
why would she ever want to?

"Damn you," Maria whispered. "You whore!"

"Just because I fucked your b*****r?" Kelli taunted.
"What's the matter, baby? Were you saving him for
yourself? But from all the reports I get, you don't
even like boys! Oh, shit!" she said, suddenly putting
two and two together and coming up with five.

Maria sat up slowly, rising until she was on her knees.
She took a deep breath and her tits lifted shyly. "I
watched you," she whispered. "Watched you fucking
Steve. And all I could think about was -- "

"I don't do that shit," Kelli said. "I've had offers,
but it's not my bag. I like guys."

Maria reached out, still holding her breath. She put
her hand on Kelli's nearest tit. She touched it as if
it were a holy relic, her fingers brushing lightly over
the surface, the curves, the pink point of nipple.
Again and again her fingertip returned to the nipple,
scr****g delicately across its peak. Kelli felt a
throb inside the flesh of her tits and she didn't have
to look down to know that her nipples were erecting.

As if she were weighing the odds, Maria took both of
Kelli's tits in her hands. She looked into Kelli's
blue eyes with her own pale hazel ones, and she was
obviously scared to death. So was Kelli. The blonde
had meant it when she said she'd never fucked around
with other girls before. Who needed other girls when
she had Daddy? But now, with her tits heaving inside
the light caressing hold of Maria's hands, Kelli found
herself growing almost unbelievably excited.

Maria leaned in, and Kelli knew she was about to be
kissed. She closed her eyes and let the mousy girl
kiss her. Maria's mouth was hot and wet, and it tasted
surprisingly sweet. Kelli parted her lips, and Maria's
tongue came scampering in like a playful puppy. Kelli
put her hands on Maria's shoulders, and before she knew
it, her arms were around the other girl and she was
pulling Maria hotly against her.

Maria liked to kiss almost as much as Kelli enjoyed
being kissed. It felt strangely different, being
kissed by another woman. The lips were softer, and they
seemed to know instinctively all the spots where Kelli
most liked to be kissed. Some places that no one but
Daddy had ever previously discovered, like the area
just behind her earlobe, or the joint of her neck and

The girl's mouth moved down Kelli's front, onto the
lushly swelling curves of tit. Maria had nipples on
her mind, and she trapped them, first the one and then
the other, sucking hungrily at their erectile tissue.
She squeezed the tits together and moved her mouth back
and forth, going from one to the other in a frenzy.
She was biting now, too, but God, it felt good!

"You crazy cunt," Kelli giggled, running her fingers
through Maria's rather mousy hair. It felt much nicer
than it looked -- like little strands of silk growing
from the girl's head. Maria looked up, and her eyes
were absolutely radiant. She laid her fingers atop
Kelli's tit and streaked them firmly over the flesh.
"Just like I thought," she said, looking at the little
pink marks that showed momentarily on Kelli's skin.

"Last night," she added, "after I watched you and
Steve -- I went home and jerked off till my clit ached.
Oh, I wanted you so bad, but I never thought I'd get
the chance. Please, Kelli, can I lick your pussy, just
a little bit? All I could think of last night was how
sweet it looked, and how good it must taste ..."

"You got that right," Kelli said. "Everybody who's
ever licked it has come back for seconds. Oh, what the
fuck? Go ahead. But you won't convert me."

She stretched out, her knees up, and Maria went down on
her hungrily. Kelli was astonished at the zeal and the
zest the skinny little thing threw into it. If she'd
attacked potatoes like she went after cunt, she'd weigh
300 pounds.

Her tongue was everywhere, and she hit some spots in
Kelli that very few guys had ever sampled. It was as
if she knew exactly where to put her lips and tongue
for the best effect. Obviously, Kelli's wasn't the
first pussy Maria Butler had ever licked. Were they
teaching lesbianism in sex ed class these days? Ooohh,
shit!!! The girl was fucking good!

She spread the cunt lips and worked her tongue in and
out, alternating it with lots and lots of clitoral
stimulation. Kelli's clit rarely needed much
stimulation, but Maria was working overtime. She
sucked it, she blew on it, she wiped it with her
tongue, and she teased it with her fingers while she
was sliding her tongue in and out of Kelli's
ever-wetter hole.

She replaced the tongue with her fingers, fucking them
just like a cock, and she went back to nibbling and
blowing on the clitoris. Her fingers were bunched and
horny, and they thrust in and out of Kelli's hole with
a drive that the blonde rarely got from a man's dick.
Kelli began to buck and undulate, moaning deliciously
as it got nicer and then nicer still.

Maria's lips moved down to cover Kelli's drooling gash,
and she put her hands -- both of them -- on Kelli's
ass, lifting the twat up toward her face so she could
get even deeper into the juicy arousal.

She looked up from time to time, seeking approval in
Kelli's blue eyes, and she got it. With her mouth
ringed in smears of pussy wetness and her own leaking
saliva, she looked both cute and kinky. How could
Kelli ever have thought this dolly plain- looking?
Feeding on cunt, Maria looked almost gorgeous, beaming
with the satisfaction that the act gave her and that
she was able to give from it.

Her fingers were playing with Kelli's asshole. They
were skinny, and Kelli's butt wasn't exactly virginally
tight. Maria shoved a digit up the chute and Kelli
gasped and rammed her twat straight into Maria's face.
The girl hummed and giggled as she lapped it, and Kelli
Miller Anderson came all over those fluttering lips.
"Oh, you nasty bitch," she panted, squeezing Maria's
face with her thighs and washing the girl's face with
her drooling cuntal juices.

Maria sat up, and Kelli sat up too, her body trembling
in every muscle. "I suppose you want me to do it to
you now," she said hoarsely, and she saw the gleam of
total delight in Maria's eyes.

"I'd hoped," Maria whispered, "but I hadn't figured
you'd want to."

"Yeah? Well, don't judge people you don't know," Kelli
said, shoving the skinny girl down onto her back.

First she kissed and licked her own juice off Maria's
mouth and chin, laving the girl's face with her tongue
and relishing the sweet cunty taste of her pussy
fluids. She lay atop Maria, dominating the skinny
girl's petite body with her own larger, plusher frame.

Maria's thighs opened, and Kelli sank between them, her
cunt coming to rest against the other girl's. She
began to move in small jiggles, bouncing her pussy onto
Maria's again and again. The throbs of excitement
passed back and forth from body to body, and Kelli
found herself growing more and more turned-on by it
all. I shoulda tried this sooner, she told herself.

She held Maria's tits. God, they were firm! Her
fingers dug into them, and the nipples stood up in
longer and longer erections. She glanced down at the
brown buds and her mouth watered for the taste of them.
She trailed her tongue down Maria's neck, onto the
sloping curve of the chest, and she walked it up to the
nearest nipple.

Kelli tickled it round and round, her tongue gliding up
and down the peak of the stiff brown bud. It tasted
sweaty and sweet, at the same time. She could feel the
pulsations shooting through it, and behind the cushion
of the tit, Maria's heart was beating rapidly.

Kelli sucked the nip into her mouth. There was a kind
of yeasty taste to the flesh as she fed on it, and she
was sure she was getting deja vu flashbacks to her
infancy, when she drank milk from her mother's tit.
She pulled on Maria's teat with her mouth, as if she
wanted to get some more milk right now!

Her belly was rubbing Maria's cunt now, and the tickly
hairs were almost unbearable against her skin. It was
a hot pussy, and wetness was trickling from its gash.
She could feel that, through the hair, and although she
could have sucked the delicious little tits for a
couple of hours and still not been finished with them,
she found herself wondering just what the hell it would
be like to shove her face into that hairy bun and taste
the creamy ooze that came from the excited crack.

"I've gotta be crazy," she sighed, kissing her way down
Maria's belly, sliding lower and lower. She could
smell hot pussy, and it made her nostrils twitch, her
tongue tingle.

She pressed her face into Maria's pussy bush, getting a
snoutful of the cunty fragrance wafting from the crack.
Her lips brushed against the crack, and she hummed and
purred, sending vibrations of arousal into Maria. The
girl's thighs moved up and down, stroking the sides of
Kelli's head, sometimes squeezing against it and urging
her to come in for even more.

Kelli still wasn't sure she could do it -- let alone
that she even wanted to do it -- but she was here now
and she might as well get a taste, at least, right?
Something to tell her grandc***dren about. If she ever
had any. Given her luck with marriages, she was still
a long way short of the mark.

She peeled back the furry lips, baring the interior of
Maria's cunt. She'd never seen one up close before.
The slickness of the pussy groove, the way the sun made
it glisten wet and juicy -- the pearly pink erectile
tissue of Maria's clit, the pulsation at the opening of
her twat tunnel itself -- they were like a revelation
to Kelli, and she found herself staring in awe. God,
she thought. No wonder guys went crazy for pussy! It
had to be the most gorgeous sight on earth!

She pushed her mouth down onto the crack and she
started to lick it and kiss it and suck it. She had no
idea what to do, until she began, and then it was as if
she'd been doing it all her life. Her tongue moved
instinctively, and she knew exactly what, and where, to
lick, to kiss, to suck on.

Maria's clit was hard and horny, and she spent a lot of
time there, making it harder, hornier, wetter. Her
lips nuzzled it, sucking, kissing, arousing the button
to an almost scarlet erectile state. She wiped it with
her tongue, then sucked it again, and she felt it throb
in passionate response.

"Oh, Kelli," Maria sighed, "you do that soooo nice ..."

She was really playing by ear, just doing the kind of
things she liked to have done to her own pussy. She
spread the hole and fucked her tongue tip in and out of
it in short, breathless strokes, and it seemed to be
exactly what Maria wanted. Juice rolled down the
tunnel, onto her thrusting tongue, and she sipped it
into her mouth, marveling at the delicious sweetness of
it all.

She moved her lips back up to the clit, deciding to
imitate Maria as much as possible. As she nibbled the
tiny hard button, she put her finger into Maria's cunt
and eased it up the hole. Jesus, the girl was fucking
tight! Kelli gasped a little as the muscles resisted
her finger's insertion. Her own cunt would never have
been so reluctant to take a strange organ home.

"God," she said, looking up in sudden realization,
"you've never been fucked, have you? You've still got
your cherry!"

Maria blushed, and she nodded. Kelli giggled. She
couldn't imagine anyone being a virgin, but she'd had a
boy virgin last night, and now her finger was
struggling to get inside a cherry girl. Jesus! And
they said stuff always came in threes. What was next, a
virgin dog, for Chrissakes?

She grew more gentle with her finger, but her lips were
almost savage now, sucking and slurping on Maria's
clit. She whipped the button, making the girl whine
and scream and cream a little, too, and the wetness
oozing down Maria's snatch made the finger slide a
hair deeper into her pussy hole. Maria's thighs were
snug against the sides of Kelli's face, but Kelli
wouldn't have, couldn't have stopped now, in any case.

She moved her mouth down to the pussy, and she sucked,
licked, tongue-fucked the quivering coral-pink hole.
Her hand went down to Maria's ass, and she repaid the
fingerwork she'd gotten from the girl next door. She
straightened out her finger and pushed it into Maria's
shitter, just a little but enough to make the girl arch
herself upward and shove cunt into Kelli's face.

The finger sank into Maria's backdoor -- tighter, even,
than her pussy, if that was imaginable -- and Kelli fed
on the twat as it began to orgasm against her mouth.

While Maria was still coming, and while Kelli herself
was feeling the hot horny urges building anew, the
blonde sat up and twisted her body around. She
scissored her snatch against Maria's, pushing the two
hot cunts together.

She bumped hard, taking hold of Maria's hand, and she
began a rhythmic pumping pressure that bounced her twat
off Maria's again and again. The pounding was very
close to the delightful action of fucking, and it was
all Kelli needed to moan her way into another come.

When they were drained and finished, they lay together
on the porch, safe from snoopy eyes and sharing drinks
from the glass of pi¤a colada. Both of them were a
little d***k on pussy and rum, and it was definitely
the only way to face a summer afternoon.

"It was great," Kelli confessed, while Maria nibbled at
her tits, "but you're doing yourself one hell of a bad
turn if this is the only thing you do, sexwise, baby.
I mean, a virgin lesbian??? You shouldn't write guys
off without trying a few."

"I couldn't do anything like that," Maria insisted.
"This is what I love to do. I don't need anything
else, even though I don't get nearly as much pussy as I

"Sure you could," Kelli replied. "In fact, I bet I
could get you laid without a bit of trouble. C'mon,
honey -- I was brave enough to try something new. Why
don't you? Make sure you're not missing something you
might enjoy."

Maria shook her head. "Unh-uh," she repeated. "I
won't do anything like that." She sounded firm,
convinced. Kelli took one of the small firm tits in
her hand and squeezed it. "I mean it," Maria told her.
"You can't talk me into anything I don't want to do."

Kelli shrugged. "If you insist ... " She was already
making her plans.


Dan Miller had had a shitty day at the office, but that
was nothing unusual. He'd been knocked out even before
he went to work, what with fucking Penelope four times
up in the woods.

And then, coming home to find Kelli all revved up -- as
usual! The k** was a sexual wolfpack, all rolled up
into one slim, big-titted, nicely tanned frame. No
wonder she couldn't get along with her husband. She
oughta be married to the New Orleans Saints. And the
Steelers! Maybe then she'd get enough!

Still, it was always a delight to fuck his daughter.
Even if she did have naughty habits like waking him up
with a wet-mouthed blowjob. God, what a cocksucker
she'd become! She'd turned out nothing like her
mother, for damn sure!

He didn't see her downstairs, so he took off his jacket
and tie and went upstairs. Just as he'd figured. The
nasty little slut was stretched out on his bed, naked
as a jaybird, sliding a finger in and out of her cute
pink pussy.

Her toes curled and uncurled as she diddled herself,
and her eyes were closed. The finger eased in and out
of her hole, emerging with a filmy coat of moisture,
then thrusting home again, harder on alternate strokes.
Her cunt lifted rhythmically toward the plunging
finger, and she squirmed erotically as it went home
again inside her.

Kelli made soft, erotic moaning sounds, and Dan's prick
began to harden inside his pants, just from watching
her at play. Kelli could always give him a hard dick.

The bed shook a little beneath her as her masturbation
picked up speed. She was playing with her tits,
lifting them up so she could lap the hard pink nipples
with her moist tongue. Her finger plunged into her
cunt like an oil drill. Dan's own fingers twitched,
imagining the slick greasy wetness that her finger was
finding in the hot recesses of her fuck slot.

She took a nipple into her mouth, sucking at it. He
loved to see her doing that. It made his dick tingle
with excitement. Her lips pulled lovingly at her
nipple. She looked like an angel when she sucked
herself, even better when she sucked him, her eyes all
rapt and dreamy. Damn, he'd fathered a good-looking

"Daddy's home, honey," Dan said, reaching for his belt.


"So how was your day?" he asked, stroking her body.
She was undressing him, her fingers flying as they
loosened buttons, dropped the zipper, tugged the pants
down his legs. She stuck both hands into his shorts
and filled them with his cock and balls.

"Okay, I guess," Kelli conceded, "but I really got
lonesome while you were gone. And here's what I was
soooo lonesome for, Daddy dearest!"

She massaged his tool, using both hands on it. He
wasn't rigid, and that was how she preferred it. Kelli
loved to take his prick into her mouth when it was
still semi-soft, in order to feel it harden on her

Bending over, she layered his cock between her tits,
squeezing them together and fucking his meat back and
forth between their spongy mounds. She licked the tip
each time it emerged from its fleshy entrapment, and
his knob glistened with her saliva well before she
actually took him into her mouth.

She let her tits drop away and she pulled his peter
onto her extended tongue, then guided it into her
mouth. Her lips closed around him and Dan humped his
prick eagerly, excitedly, into his daughter. She
gurgled as she sucked, and she could feel his tool
growing rapidly, filling the chamber of her mouth with
lustfully fattened flesh.

Kelli sighed and sucked him a little deeper. Her hands
were on his ass, and she slapped and tickled
alternately, urging him to fuck her mouth harder! Dan
drew back and plunged, almost burying his shaft in his
daughter's throat. She gasped and squealed, but the
bulk of his cock muffled the sound to a bass growl.

Dan eased back, and out. She snapped at him with her
lips. "Give me more, Daddy!" she demanded, holding
his balls in her hand. "More!"

"I want some too, honey," Dan smiled, reversing
himself. He threw a leg over Kelli's body and angled
his face down into her honey-dripping crotch. He
spread the crack of her puffy cunt and then slipped a
finger into Kelli's hole. His cock dangled in her
face, and she was licking it, kissing it, rubbing her
mouth up and down the length of the shaft, all the way
to his jiggling sack of balls.

She sucked at his nuts, then licked upward, toward his
asshole. The taste of sweat was strong, but it was a
vibrantly masculine flavor, and it thrilled Kelli
tremendously. Her tongue burrowed into his assring,
the same way his finger was burrowing into her pussy.

Dan licked warmly at Kelli's clit, making the little
button hard and harder still. It wiggled beneath his
tongue, growing slippery as his saliva drooled onto it.
His finger was fucking furiously in and out of Kelli's
cunt, and she bucked eagerly in response to his

He took his finger out and sucked her juice from it,
then leaned further down so he could lick the wet slice
of her cunt. Sticky ooze was dripping from her
pulsating pussy hole, and his tongue entered that hole,
driving it still wilder, crazier, hornier.

The muscles convulsed, and she writhed beneath him,
climaxing already. Kelli was one girl who never had
the slightest bit of trouble coming. Dan licked and
fondled her pussy while she trembled through her first
release, and then he spread her as widely as she'd open
and he really started to work on his daughter's sweet
ripe cunt.

She put the end of his cock in her mouth, nursing at it
like a baby feeding from a mother's nipple. She hummed
and purred and moaned as she slurped him, and her
tongue was crazy and more than slightly sexy as it
worked round and round the inserted knob of her dad's
prick. The ripples of pleasure spread through her
pussy and made the act of sucking him all the more

Kelli fed a bit more cock in, still sucking hard. Dan
was eating her cunt now, and the heat of her initial
come doubled back on itself. She pushed her snatch up
to his face, her thighs clutching at the sides of his

He was getting a little excited too, hard-fucking her
mouth with his cock. He was stiff now, and she could
almost taste the jizz that was simmering inside his
balls. She suctioned his meat, urging that sticky
porridge to come out and pay her throat a visit.

"Oh, honey, I need to fuck you now," she heard her
father sigh, and he gently extracted his cock from her
mouth. She'd have been perfectly willing to blow him
off, because she loved the taste of his cum, but he
wanted to fuck, and the more she thought about it, the
more she did, too!

Kelli went over, onto her belly, lifting her butt high
and spreading the cheeks. Dan knelt behind her, head
dropping down. He licked her pussy from the rear,
teasing it with his tongue. He licked her shitter too,
and Kelli giggled in delight.

"Nasty as ever, Pop!" she said. "Mmmm, why don't you
stick a finger in there while you're at it? And maybe
something more than a finger ... ?"

He straightened up and used his dick on her, sliding
the long hard shaft through her crotch, along the wet
tingly crease of her cunt. She squirmed and sighed,
using her thighs to tantalize his prick.

The rubbing of his stiff prick on her clit was dreamy,
and she just seemed to get hotter and hotter. The
sliding door that led out onto the private porch was
open, and a pleasant breeze came into the bedroom,
enough to keep Kelli from totally overheating.

She glanced toward the open doorway, the flutter of the
semi-sheer curtain that d****d it. Her blue eyes
sparkled wickedly. "Fuck me, Daddy," she pleaded.
"Take that big hard cock and stick it in me, somewhere,
will ya?"

He put the knob against her shithole and thrust, as if
he meant to ram it into Kelli's butt. She groaned, but
even though she wasn't lubed, she didn't really mind.
She'd been dying to have his dick up her ass ever since
she ran back home from her soon-to-be ex-marriage.

Dan tickled her butt with his cock, but he wasn't in
the mood to assfuck Kelli right now, obviously. He
just wanted to tease her a little. He moved his knob
into the snug clench of her assring, and the very tip
of it did slide into the girl, but it came out again
almost as fast as it had entered.

He pushed a little to the southward, nosing his big
snout into the spread of her pussy lips. Normally he'd
have been in her up to the nuts by this time, but he
seemed to enjoy the slow buildup, the tease, the
anticipation. Dan worked shallowly, in and out of his
daughter's crack, tipping her with his bulb but coming
out of her just as her cunt started to gulp and

And then, without warning, he shoved his tool home, and
Kelli squealed in shock as she suddenly filled with her
daddy's prick. He leaned over her, grabbing at the
soft spongy mounds of her tits, and he ramfucked her in
short stabs that bounced his knob off her cervix again
and again.

There was no question Daddy was like, really turned on,
Kelli thought, which made it unanimous. Or was it
unanimous? Was everybody excited? She glanced over
toward the open door again, and she wondered.

"Let me ride you now, Daddy!" she pleaded. "You're
fucking so hard I'm starting to hurt!"

But as she mounted him, pulling his tool up into her
dripping cuntal box, she had no intention of slowing
down. She just wanted to be on top. She felt most
natural when she was on top of things, and her pussy
slid down almost viciously, swallowing Dan's rigid tool
with a shudder and a gulp.

Kelli squirmed wildly, stimulating her clit on her
father's body hair, on his firm groin. She reached
down to play with it while she rode him, and that made
the fucking even nicer. But when was fucking ever
anything but nice? Especially when it was with Daddy!

He bore her over backwards, and now he was atop Kelli,
pushing his rod home thrust after wild hot thrust. She
lifted her knees and deepened her cunt to his probing.
His strokes were alternately soft and savage, three or
four ferociously possessive stabs followed by some
slow, lingering dick thrusts that had Kelli purring
like a kitten. And then he got mean and nasty again,
and her pussy slobbered its excitement all over his big
fat cock.

"Lemme taste it," she panted, disengaging. Dan lay on
his side and she went down on his rod, loving the taste
of her pussy that coated his flesh. She didn't have
the only good-tasting pussy around, though, she'd
learned today, and that was for damn sure.

She still couldn't quite believe she and Maria had
sucked and fingered each other off. Like, who'd have
ever thought two girls could get any fun out of sharing
pussies? Didn't you need a dick to make it all
worthwhile? But she and the neighbor girl had gotten
along just fine without a cock in sight!

Kelli looked again toward the doorway, the filmy layer
of curtain fluttering in the breeze. Well? she
thought. Well?

She throated her father's cock. This tool had made
her, and it had never done a finer piece of work, she
was sure, and now she was saying thanks in her own
special way. She could taste dribbles of cum, leaking
out of Daddy's dick, as if he was so full of jizz he
couldn't hold it all in. But it was only a dribbling
overflow. He had something much bigger to give her,
and she intended to get it!

"You seem friskier than usual, today, Kel," Dan said,
his fingers sliding through her silky blonde hair as
she fed on his peter. "God, honey, it's no wonder Tim
wasn't enough to keep you satisfied! I think I'm gonna
have to hire a guy to work the extra shift, myself!"

Kelli just giggled. Her mouth was full of cock and she
was too busy sucking to speak.

Dan lifted her head and kissed her drool-dripping
mouth, and then he laid her on her side. Coming in
from behind, he entered her pussy with his cock and
thrust hard, deep, paternally. Kelli said "Aaaaahhh,
fucking yessss!!!" as he penetrated her again, and she
clenched her pussy muscles around his thrusting meat.
She was about to come again, and she could hardly wait!

"Oh, Daddy," she purred, urging her ass back against
his pounding body, "you always fuck me soooooo nice ...
yeah, do it hard now, and then do it as soft and gentle
as a kitten, and then I want you to really shove that
thing in me!"

But she didn't have to tell him how to fuck her. If
there was one thing he'd learned over the last several
years ... All she had to do was luxuriate in the
sensuous thrill of getting her pussy crammed full and
fuller of her daddy's deliciously hard, ecstatically
aroused cock!

She leaned back over her shoulder to kiss him. His
hands were on her tits, her pussy. He frigged her clit
with a sure, knowing stroke, and she felt the hot
spurts of energy ripping through her body.

"One thing I wonder, though, Daddy," she added,
punctuating the words with soft sensual moans of
acceptance. "Am I a better fuck than Penelope Butler?"

The curtain fluttered again, but this time it wasn't
the wind that made it move. Kelli looked up with a
smug smile.

"Yeah, Mr Miller," said Maria Butler, standing in the
doorway that led out onto the porch, "is Kelli a better
fuck than my mom?"


Dan just looked up in total shock. His prick stopped
its hard fucking into his daughter's cunt as he stared
at Maria.

"Uh-oh, Daddy," giggled Kelli, "it looks like we've
finally been caught at our dirty desires! Our secret
is out! God, what can we ever offer Maria to keep her
mouth shut about what she just walked in on?"

Maria came toward the bed, stripping as she moved. Dan
was still in shock. Kelli reached down to touch his
cock where it was buried inside her tight wet cunt, and
she looked up at Maria, wondering how in the world
she'd ever found this sexy little number drab or mousy,
for Chrissake! The sight of those little round tits,
emerging from beneath a rapidly-lifted t-shirt made
Kelli's own nipples harden with newfound desire. She
reached out with her other hand, to Maria.

"Oh, Daddy!" she said, looking back at Dan. "It's all
very mellow! Maria just wants to play some of our
games. You're not going to be a shitass about it, are
you? Mmmm, baby, come here and let me kiss those cute
little tits again! I've been missing those jewels..."

Maria was peeled now, just stepping out of her panties.
Her squirrely face beamed with anticipation, and her
hazel eyes sparkled like diamonds.

Dan came out of his daughter's cunt. He was looking at
Maria too, and realizing that she was a very nice piece
of girl, once you got the wrapper off. There was an
almost sylph-like grace to her. He liked big tits and
ripe round asses on his women, but there was something
to be said for the petite perfection of Maria Butler's
package, too.

He was more than a little surprised when he saw his
daughter sit up and throw her arms around Maria. The
two girls kissed passionately, each grabbing eagerly at
the other's hard-nippled tits. Still mouth-locked,
Kelli pulled Maria down onto the bed, and Dan scooted
aside to make room for the new arrival.

She looked fuckable as hell, he had to admit,
especially with her legs open and the scarlet gash of
her cunt visible amid the dark fur, but Christ, he was
already fucking her mother! He couldn't very well fuck
Maria as well, could he? But that was clearly what his
daughter seemed to have in mind.

Maria and Kelli were all over one another. Dan hadn't
been aware his daughter had ever fooled around with
other girls, though he supposed it was only to be
expected. The horny passion that Kelli showered onto
the neighbor girl, however, was startling, and he
watched with growing interest as his daughter moved her
lips down to suck at Maria's heaving titties.

It was sexy as all hell, and there was damn little
chance of his dick going soft while he was getting an
eyeful of Kelli and Maria going after each other like
dogs hunting a bone. Dan touched his prick. He had
the bone these little bitches wanted, betcher ass on

Kelli took a nipple between her lips and murmured as
she nursed on it. Her hand was already between Maria's
thighs, manipulating the pussy lips. Dan could see
that Kelli's fingers were getting wet where they
touched Maria's cunt. He took his cock in hand, hardly
aware that he was doing it, and he began to stroke
himself back and forth. The tip of his cock pulsated
as his fingers moved across it, and his nuts ached with
an erotic excitement.

On the other hand, he had been seriously considering --
for quite a while now -- popping the question to
Maria's mother. Maria was within a single "yes" of
becoming his own stepdaughter. Could he possibly
consider fucking her?

He looked down at Kelli's snatch, where it showed
between her spread thighs, and he had to laugh. He'd
just been up to the nuts in his own daughter's pussy.
Sticking his dick in his girlfriend's daughter couldn't
hurt all that much! Dan moved forward on his knees
and leaned downward. His lips encompassed the nipple
that wasn't in Kelli's mouth and he began to suck on
Maria Butler.

Kelli reached out for her dad's cock. She masturbated
him with a building excitement as the two of them
feasted on Maria's titties. They switched tits, each
of them leaning across the prone, giggling girl. "Are
you still sure you wanna be a fulltime lesbian?" Kelli
asked with a smirk. Maria rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Well, then," Kelli said, "you might as well put it to
the test ..."

She pulled Maria upright and pushed the girl's face
down into Dan's crotch. Maria's eyes goggled at the
sight of the older man's humongous dick and she said,
"Oh, wait a minute ... " but a hell of a lot of say she
had in the business!

Kelli took the prick in hand and rubbed it all over
Maria's face. "C'mon," she challenged. "I ate your
pussy. The least you can do is lick my daddy's big
sweet juicy cock!"

Maria took Dan's cock in both hands, regarding it
warily. She looked up at Kelli. "Go ahead," the
blonde said, leaning down to slide her tongue along the
portion of dick that extended past Maria's small
clutching hands.

Kelli smiled as Maria began to lick. The girl's eyes
got very bright and excited, and she glanced up at
Kelli as if to say "Wow!" But she was too busy lapping
the pussy-soaked flesh of Dan's dick to have any time
for speech.

Obviously she liked it. She smiled broadly, and her
mouth opened a little. Kelli cupped her dad's balls
and guided his tool into Maria's mouth. "Suck on this
a while," she said, "and then tell me you could spend
the rest of your life with nothing but pussy to eat,

Maria didn't need any help. She was beginning to get
into the act of eating cock. "God, it's so biiig!!!"
she trilled, between slurps and licks.

Kelli laughed and sat up, throwing her arms around Dan
as he cock-fed Maria's hungrier and hungrier mouth.
"And it tastes as good as it looks," she said, stroking
Maria's hair. The slim girl was gasping as the prick
moved in and out, but she was gurgling too, her tongue
and jaws urging it to come deeper, deeper, deeper!

Kelli threw herself downward, kissing Maria's face
while the girl sucked on Dan. She wiggled her dad's
cock out of her friend's mouth and took a suck or two
for herself. It tasted soooo hot and meaty, so fucking
excited it was about to burst! Kelli licked thirstily
at the tip, working it in and out of her lips, almost
hoping Daddy would lose all of his self-control and
suddenly paint her throat white with his squirting

"Share," she told Maria, and the two girls did share,
trading the cock back and forth for licks and sucks.

"I can't believe you and your dad are actually doing
this," Maria whispered, running her fingers through
Kelli's hair.

"You're doing it too, honey," Kelli pointed out, easing
the dick back into Maria. If her friend had any
lingering doubts, they seemed to be fading fast. Maria
was eating cock like a two-dollar whore, and she seemed
more and more reluctant to surrender it each time Kelli
came back for her own turn.

Okay, Kelli thought, if she wants it all for herself,
I'll just find myself something else sweet and yummy to
suck on!

She moved down her friend's body, nibbling hard, with
lots of dental action, at the pointy-nippled little
titties. Maria moaned, her mouth full of a hard
throbbing cock that Kelli knew only too well. Kelli
went further down, into the skinny girl's spraddled

She grabbed a fistful of pussy and gave it a squeeze
that made Maria almost leap straight up into the air.
Her finger entered the crack and she thrust it deep,
hard, into the cuntal tightness. She felt the wetness
ooze around her finger, lubing it for the job, and she
fucked her eager digit in and out.

Going down onto her belly, Kelli shoved her face down
into Maria's twat. She glanced up and saw the look of
surprise on her daddy's face, but he should've learned
by now that he should never be surprised at anything
his little girl came up with. Especially now that she
was no longer a little girl.

She worked her tongue in and out of Maria, tasting the
honey-cunt sweetness she remembered all too well from
this afternoon. Goddamn, it tasted just as good now!
She peeled the cunt flaps back and frigged the pussy
with her tongue, eating Maria's yummy juices.

"You've gotta fuck her, Daddy!" she said, looking up at
her father. "I mean it! You've really gotta fuck

"You're telling me," Dan Miller sighed, moving his tool
in and out of the neighbor girl's inexperienced but
supremely hungry mouth. His balls were the size of
g****fruits, aching with the need to blow out a
thundering load of jizz.

"She's ready as she'll ever be," Kelli giggled, using
her finger deep inside Maria. The girl had the
tightest cunt imaginable, but it was totally alive
inside, rippling in magical little waves along the
length of Kelli's finger. Wetness oozed from every
pore of the pussy walls, bathing Kelli in Maria's flow.

Dan extracted his dick from the young girl's mouth. A
long spidery string of saliva extended from the end of
his knob to the tip of her tongue. She licked her lips
and she said, "Are you gonna fuck me like you fuck my
mom, Mr Miller?"

"Call me Dan," he said in a resigned voice, moving down
the length of her stretched-out body. She had a
fistful of his peter, stroking it up and down, as he
pushed his daughter aside and moved into the spread of
Maria's legs.

Kelli moved upward, covering Maria's mouth with a
tongue- swilling kiss. "You're gonna love this," she
told her new friend. "You're gonna scream for more!"

As she spoke, as she toyed with Maria's titties, Dan
was getting into position. He pressed the snout of his
dick against the girl's snug, shy-lipped gash. The
bulbous tip bruised her delicate pussy flower but the
bud opened, and he moved into the slick wet heat of her
twat. His knob eased into the mouth of the girl's
hole, and she opened her eyes widely, saying, "Oh,

Kelli shoved her mouth down onto Maria's, just as Dan
thrust. She heard him say, "Oh, shit!" as he realized
he was busting a cherry. Well, Kelli thought, it
wasn't the first one he'd ever popped. He got mine
years ago!!!

Maria squealed in sudden pain as her virgin pussy was
ruptured by the stab of Dan's aroused cock. He was
hard and big, and she was tight and tender. His meat
plowed inexorably into her hole, spreading it to make
room for him.

Christ, the man thought, I've already got bl**d on my
dick! I might as well fuck the shit out of her! Too
late to turn back now! He just hoped to hell he never
had to explain this to Penny Butler.

bl**d squished out of the girl's deflowered cunt as she
was invaded by the hugely engorged spear of Dan
Miller's cock. She stiffened beneath him, and she
wailed into Kelli's mouth. "Oh, don't be such a baby!"
Kelli giggled into Maria's mouth, pushing the words
home with her randy tongue.

She glanced down, her heart almost bursting at the
sight of her father's bl**d-smeared rod slicking in and
out of Maria's cunt. Dan was panting hard as he fucked
the young girl's super- tight pussy, and he fought for
every inch of cock he shoved up her hole. As he
thrust, he groaned, his belly grinding against hers.
His dick rotated inside the girl, and she squirmed with
a quivering lasciviousness beneath him.

Kelli knew it must hurt a little. It had ached like
Jack Shit when Daddy busted her own cherry, but she'd
never regretted it a second, and she knew Maria
wouldn't be feeling any regrets either, later on. She
cuddled the girl and pressed her tits against Maria's
arm, shoved them into the girl's face. Maria took a
suck, and then a bite, and Kelli purred in

She said, "Fuck her, Daddy! Fuck her the way you fuck

And Daddy was fucking her! Ooohhh, Jesus, was he ever
fucking her! She could hear the squish of his prick
ramming in and out, and she could almost feel it
happening in her own snatch. She took one of Maria's
hands and pressed it between her legs, against the
oozing gash of her own cunt, and she squeezed her legs
together, trapping the hand there. Moaning a little,
from deep in her guts, she rocked up and down. It
wasn't a question of "if" she would come -- it was

But she wanted a little more, and she knew Maria could
give it to her. She relaxed her thighs from around the
girl's hand, and then she moved fast, straddling
Maria's face and shoving her cunt downward, onto the
girl's open, whining mouth. She began to ride Maria's
face, feeling the by-now familiar, hot snakey elegance
of Maria's tongue, lashing her totally erected clit.

"We're both fucking her, Daddy," Kelli giggled, leaning
forward so she could feed her tongue and tits to her
horny father.

"Are we ever!" Dan Miller agreed. "Oh, shit, Kel, I
can't hold it back -- can't stop myself -- "

With a throaty gasp he yanked his dick out of Maria's
cunt and laid the red, swollen knob on the girl's
tummy. He began to squirt out his jizz, drenching her
smooth, pale skin with his creamy discharge.

Kelli watched breathlessly as the sperm gushed from her
daddy's dick, and her mouth watered for the taste of
him. She leaned forward, taking his prick into her
mouth and sucking up the last few squirts of his hot
thick load. She gnawed at his tool, eating it dry, and
then she spat it out and bent her face downward so she
could suck up the jizz that lay in thick milky
splatters on Maria's belly.

Dan's cock was coated with bl**d and cum. He'd popped
Maria's cherry,no two ways about it! The red badge of
courage glistened on his cock. Kelli took another suck
of him, then went back to eating his load off her
friend's stomach.

"I never thought it would be like this," Maria
whispered, her hands all over Kelli. "Like, I figured
I'd never do it with anybody but girls, and now look at
me. I've been fucked!"

"Have you ever!" giggled Kelli. She stuck a
cum-smeared finger into Maria's mouth. The girl's eyes
got big as she tasted the sticky goo for the first
time. She took Kelli's wrist and held it steady so she
could lick up every drop.

"Look at Daddy's cock," Kelli said. "It's still hard."
She took it in her hand, stretching up to kiss her
father wetly. "I bet he thinks he's gonna fuck us
both, all over again!"

"I bet he's right," Maria said, sitting up and joining
in the kiss. Her little tits were rigidly-nippled, and
she pushed them against Dan Miller's hairy chest,
sighing as the ticklish delights rippled through her

"Well, you two go ahead," Kelli said. "I have to go
pee. And I better get Daddy a piece of raw meat. He's
gonna need all the strength he can get!"


Downstairs in the kitchen, she was making a sandwich
for her father when she happened to glance through the
window. Steve Butler had just come in from the gas
station where he was working days this summer. Kelli
put down the bread and went to the door. "Oh,
Stevieeee!!!" she sang.

She was wearing a flimsy short robe, wrapped around
herself, and as she leaned in the doorway it slipped
open to reveal a perky-nippled tit. Kelli raised her
eyebrows invitingly. The neighbor boy came across the
drive, his fingers twitching with lust, his eyes

Kelli fucked his mouth with her tongue for a moment,
while he moved his hand exploringly inside her robe.
She was sweaty and electric. His hand went down to cup
her cunt, and she pissed out little dribbles of
joyjuice on his fingers.

She leaned back, looking at him. "You must have been
greasing cars all day," she said. "You're filthy. Why
don't you go home and take a shower and then come over
and be nice to me? I have kind of a surprise for you
that I think you're gonna enjoy the fuck out of, baby!"

His eyes glittered. "I won't be two minutes," he
promised. "Where should I meet you?"

"Just let yourself in and come upstairs," smirked
Kelli. "You'll have no trouble finding out where the
action is." She sent him away with a kiss and went
back into the house. Just as she picked up the knife,
the front doorbell rang. "Oh, fuck," Kelli sighed, and
she went to answer it.

She pushed the door open and found herself staring
straight into the face of the last goddamn person in
the world she expected to see today. It was her
estranged husband, Timothy Anderson, and he looked
uncharacteristically pissed-off, standing there in the
doorway. Before she even had time to say hello, let
alone, "Get the fuck outta here!", he had grabbed her

He pulled her to him, still framed in the doorway, and
he said, "Listen, Kelli, I am getting pretty fucking
tired of your shit. You're coming with me. Right now.
And we're going to get our lives straightened out."
With her robe flapping open and her body naked to the
world, she was dragged through the door and into the
sunlight by a man who was not about to take "no" for an


Dan Miller was on his belly, his face shoved halfway up
the sweet hot wet cunt of his girlfriend's young
daughter. She tasted great -- almost as good as his
own daughter, though it could never be as special as it
was, eating Kelli's snatch. But if her moans and
whimpers, the way her legs slid up and down the sides
of his face, the way she pulled with her hands at his
head, dragging his face deeper and deeper into her
oozing hole, meant anything at all, this was pretty
fucking special to Maria Butler, all the same!

"Did you hear something?" the girl asked suddenly. Dan
shook his head. "Sounded like a door slamming, I think
.. Oh, fuck it, Mr Miller -- Dan -- why don't you
lick me right there, again, please, please, please???"
And she looked so fucking cute he couldn't say no --
not even if he'd wanted to say no!

Her pussy tasted fresh and unused, and since he'd seen
the bl**d on her labes, on his dick, he knew that it
really was unused, to all intents and purposes. That
made it taste better still.

Dan spread the tender, moist flaps and slicked his
tongue up and down the hot pink furrow, into the
quivering mouth of he pussy itself, and up to lash like
a whip at the tingly button of Maria's clitoris. The
wetness oozed out of her cunt like a gentle rippling
tide, and he coated his hungry tongue in her virginal

Her foot was sliding about in exploratory fashion, the
toes eager to tickle his cock. Dan slid around,
pointing his hard prick at her, and she began to stroke
him. "Uh," she said, purring a little as he kept on
feeding at her cuntal trough, "do you think maybe we
could 69 for a while? Like, I know girls can do it,
and it stands to reason that a guy and a girl could do
it too, right, Dan???"

"Yeah," he said, "I think a guy and a girl could
probably manage some of that, Maria ... "

He took her atop him, lifting his face back up into her
cunt as it descended, while Maria took his tool in both
hands and started to play with it before she got into
the eating. "God, this is so bitchen!" she said. "I
mean, you've got one cute dick, Dan!"

Her mouth slipped over the swollen knob of him, and she
mouthed it energetically. It eased in and out of her
wet, trembling lips, and her tongue played all around
the point as it entered and exited. She clamped down
from time to time, sucking harder, as if she was trying
to siphon the cum out of his rod, and then she went
back to licking and teasing and playing with his peter.

Dan felt a little guilty. He'd had this same goddamn
cock up her mother's cunt last night, and he'd done a
little fucking of Penny Butler's mouth too. She and
her daughter had a lot in common, the way they sucked
prick. Both of them went after the thing like it was
all that mattered, and Dan appreciated that in a woman.
His daughter was a lot like that, too. Jesus, he
thought, I must be living right or something!

He kept on sucking the young girl's cunt. There was no
way she'd want to be a lesbian after he was finished
with her, by God! He'd wean her away from pussy and
onto cock if it killed him. It was hard enough for a
guy to score a good piece of pussy without having to
worry about competition from lesbians, for Christ's
sake! If he could fuck Maria straight, he'd be doing a
favor to the whole male gender.

Where the hell was Kelli, anyway? he wondered,
slithering his tongue in and out of the girl's pussy
while she walked her tongue up and down the throbbing
shaft of his dick. How long did it take her to piss,
anyway? He wished she'd get her sexy little ass back
up here and onto the bed, where it belonged!

He'd never done it in a threesome before, and he was
really anticipating that. But if Kelli didn't hurry
up and get here, she was going to miss all the fun.
And if Maria kept on sucking the way she was sucking
right now, he was due to fill her hot little mouth with
a load of jizz that would drown San Francisco.

"Come here, you juicy little cunt," he told Maria,
easing her off him. He wiped her pussy goo off his
chin and then bore her down onto the bed in a
tongue-burning kiss.

She sighed, tasting her snatch fluid on his mouth and
tongue, and she licked his face like a kitten while she
gave him a hand- job that made his bones ache in lust.
His cock got bigger and bigger inside her fist, until
she could hardly get her fingers around him. Her eyes
rolled deliriously.

"Oh, Dan," she purred, "I think I need to get fucked
again. Even if Kelli isn't here to help out. Do you
wanna fuck me some more? My pussy doesn't hurt nearly
as much as when you popped my cherry. I think I'm
ready for another round."

She fucking wasn't the only one! Dan munched on her
tits for a few moments, teasing himself by denying his
cock the horny pleasure of her pussy. He rubbed his
body against hers, while he lay atop the slim young
girl. The meaty throb of his prick was trapped between
them, and she quivered each time the pulsations thumped
through his rigid piece of meat.

Maria reached down between their bodies and she got her
hands full of Miller's cock. She cupped his balls
while she toyed with the hard shaft of his peter, and
she stuck her tongue into his mouth again and again.

"Fuck me, Dan," she said, over and over. "Take this
big mean cock and stick it so far up my pussy the head
comes out my mouth!"

She was taking the thoughts straight out of his head.
Dan nodded, and he lay back, on his side, next to the
girl. "Turn over," he said. "I'm gonna do it from the

"Oh, no," Maria protested, "you're not sticking that
thing in my ass!"

He turned her over f***efully and lifted one of her
legs. He put the end of his prick against her gash and
shoved, hard, pushing three inches of bloated, swollen
cock meat into her freshly deflowered pussy. She
squealed at the pressure in her tight channel, but she
was as eager as he was, and Maria squirmed, urging her
hole to dilate for the intrusion of Dan's dick.

His hard meat probed deeper, and her cunt widened to
make room for him. She was tight, and she sobbed a
little as his relentless prick entered her, but she was
as determined to be fucked as he was to fuck her, and
slowly, surely, inexorably, Dan Miller's dick began to
fuck the shivering, trembling young girl.


Steve Butler had promised Kelli he'd be back in two
minutes. Actually, it took him six and a half minutes.
But he was washed and slightly cologned, and he had a
boner that wouldn't quit. He fast-walked out of his
house, and across the strip of driveway that separated
the Butler and Miller lots, and he marched into the
Miller house, thinking only of the sweet hot tight
piece of pussy that his next-door neighbor was gonna
give him, as soon as he could get this hard-on to her.

If it was half as good as what she'd let him have last
night, it was gonna be a fuck that he'd remember on his
goddamn deathbed!

Steve went to the staircase and started up. He could
hear moans and sighs, the creaking of a bed. Fucking
shit! Had she begun without him? His dick lengthened
down the leg of his pants, and the crotch began to feel
very tight around the swollen majesty of his balls.

He didn't know where in the fuck Kelli's bedroom was,
so he just followed his ears toward the sounds he could
hear. "Oh, baby," he said, halting at the door, "you
wanted it, and you're gonna get it..."

He pushed the door inward, and he stopped short,
suddenly. His dick twitched inside his jeans, and he
squirted out a little bublet of cum while his eyes
tried to make his mind believe what he was seeing.

Kelli's dad was laid out stark naked on the bed, and he
was shoving his cock into the pussy of a moaning,
whining girl that Steve Butler could never mistake for
anyone else on the face of God's green earth. Mr
Miller was fucking Maria, for the love of shit!


"Listen, cocksucker," Kelli said, rebelling in the
front seat of Tim's Datsun, but he turned and faced her
down with a stare that chilled the girl's naturally hot
bl**d. He gunned the engine and the car sped forward.
Kelli leaned back against the door and the seat. Holy
shit, she asked herself, what's happened to my wussy
husband, for the love of Christ?

He was good-looking, of course, with curly brown hair
and bright blue eyes. If he hadn't been cute, she'd
never have married himin the first place. But living
with him, she'd discovered that Tim was essentially a
dish rag. Or was he? Her wrist was still red where
he'd grabbed it, and she was sure that her skin would
be marked with a long-lasting bruise.

He drove south, pulling into the Shady Rest Motel on
the lower edge of town. "I have a room here," he told
Kelli. "Now get your fucking ass out of the car.
We're going to find out just exactly what's the problem
with you and me!"

Holding her robe shut, Kelli sat down on the edge of
the double bed. "You crazy fuck," she told him, "I
don't know what you think you're doing, but ... "

Tim was removing his shirt. "Strip," he told Kelli.
Her eyebrows lifted. "Strip," he repeated. "Get
naked, bitch!"

She began to regret that she had told him to go fuck
himself when he called, earlier today. Apparently he'd
taken it personally. Kelli stood up, slowly, playing
with the sash of her robe.

Tim was down to his shorts now . She got a look at
the bulge of his basket, and warm nostalgic thoughts
crept into her mind. He was also pretty well hung, of
course. If he hadn't been, she'd never have married
him. His shorts fit him pretty tightly, as if they
were a size small for the mass of his cock, but that
was only because he was growing very close to rigid
right now.

There was a f***efulness to him that she found both
scary and arousing. He was usually pretty
mild-mannered, as guys went. Okay, he was a fucking
wimp! But he didn't seem quite so pussy- whipped right

"Strip," he told her, and when she didn't do it, he
knocked her hands away from the sash of the robe. He
yanked it loose, then flung the robe off her shoulders
while Kelli squealed in astonishment.

He filled his hands with her tits, digging into the
soft sponginess of her boobs as if he owned the
fuckers. Kelli's nipples popped up stiff and taut,
against his palms, and she said, "Oh!"

Tim ground his crotch into her, and she could feel the
hardened mass of his cock. Jesus, he felt a hell of a
lot bigger than usual! She looked up into his eyes and
saw a flame burning in them.

"What's gotten into you?" she asked as he bore her
backwards onto the bed. It made an annoying creaky
noise as their bodies settled down. Tim pushed his
thigh in between her legs and rubbed vigorously against
her cunt. She was stark naked now, but he wasn't
asking any questions about that, and she had at least
something to be thankful for.

"I want you to come home," he said. "I want to know
why you left, and I want to hear you saying you're not
going to do it any more."

"Fuck you, wussy!" she snapped. His fingers dug deeper
into her tits. "Leggo of me," she said. "You're

"Good, that makes two of us who are hurting," her
husband said. He released her boobs and sat up. Kelli
watched in fascination as he pulled down his shorts.
His cock and balls seemed to heave a sigh of relief,
springing free. He was rock- hard now, his knob as red
as Rudolph's nose. His prick protruded upward, aimed
at Kelli's face.

"This isn't good enough for you now, huh, bitch?" he
said, taking a fistful of her hair and dragging her
down toward his upended dick.

Kelli gasped in resistance, but Tim was determined and
she felt the heated stiffness of his cock sliding all
over her face. Her eyes were firmly shut, and so was
her mouth.

He rubbed his tool back and forth across her lips. The
masculine, musky scent of his prick meat filled her
nostrils. Her mouth opened, just a trifle, and the
moist inside of her lips touched Tim's dick. She
murmured, and her teeth parted, ever so slightly, the
tip of her tongue emerging to take a quick glancing
lick at his rod.

"That's more like it," he said, shoving his cock
straight into her mouth. She gagged and coughed, but
he didn't care. He wanted some head, and she had the
head he wanted.

Tim thrust, shoving his prick all the way to the tip of
Kelli's throat, and he pounded in and out of her mouth
while she yowled and whined and moaned in futile
protest. He held her head in hands that should have
belonged to Arnold Schwarzenegger and he fucked her
mouth with a dick that should have been hanging from an
elephant's belly!

Where was the sweet, rather gentle guy she had married
almost a year ago, for Chrissakes? He'd never come
onto her like this before. She kept on gagging, but
she was sucking, too. Jesus, it was all she could do!
He was gonna kill her with his cock if she didn't help
out at least a little bit!

He ripped his tool out of her mouth and rubbed the
spit- shined meat all over her face again. Kelli was
just whimpering now, scared shitless by the changes she
was seeing in her husband.

"I've been without you for two goddamn days," Tim said,
"and it seems like two fucking years! I don't know
what your problem is, Kel, but I'm not taking any more
crap from you. Now lie down and turn over!"

She was shivering with excitement. His slightly
abusive behavior was more than a little thrilling,
partly because he'd always treated her like a goddess
in the past. She could have pissed in his face and
he'd have said "Thanks, hon!" Now, she thought, she
was the one who might be due for a face-pissing!

"You want it, you take it!" she leered back, folding
her arms beneath her tits and staring up at him in
defiance. Would his newfound macho crumble when faced
with resistance? She wondered ...

Tim picked her up bodily. Kelli squealed in surprise.
He wasn't a really big guy, and she'd never figured him
for a power lifter. The bed rocked and squeaked
beneath them as he rose to his full height, still
holding Kelli, and then he dropped her. She landed on
her belly, and Tim was upon her in a twinkling. She
could feel his hard dick jabbing at her while he used
his hands beneath her, pawing her tits, her cunt.

He began to lick and kiss her back, her shoulders, the
joint of her neck. Kelli sighed. It felt kinda nice.
His mouth moved down her spine. "I said I wasn't gonna
kiss your ass any more," Tim said, "but I'll make an
exception this time."

His lips moved onto the swelling curve of her butt and
he started to lick and bite and kiss the flesh. He
left finger streaks and teeth marks, and though she
couldn't see it, she could feel the trickly flow of his
drool across her skin.

Tim spread her buttocks and slid his tongue down the
crack. Kelli giggled when he tapped it against her
shithole. He'd never licked her there before. But he
was pretty good at it. He seemed to know exactly what
spot of her assring was most receptive, and his tongue
went straight to it.

"Ohhhhh ... " she whimpered, surrendering her asshole
to his hungry tongue. He spread the cheeks, making the
hole dilate, and he poked it with his tongue, drooling
spit onto the gateway of Kelli's shitter.
Instinctively she lifted her buttocks into the air,
raising her tail before his face. He kept on licking,
and she kept on ticking. She reached beneath herself,
stroking her snatch while Tim slurped her backdoor.

His lips moved down, onto the bulging hump of her cunt.
He nuzzled in the sparse blonde fur coating, using his
mouth to press against her gash, spreading the labes
and kissing the moist interior of her furrow. Moist?
Christ, she hadn't been dry all day, and she was
fucking liquid down there right now!

"You bastard," she husked, her body clenching and then
relaxing as Tim pushed a finger up her ass while he
kept on sucking her cunt. She hadn't been tail-ended
in quite a while -- she'd expected to get it today,
from Daddy -- and she was tight, but his finger took no
excuses and poked into the stricture of her ass. It
began to work in and out of her, while his doglike
tongue did the same thing to her pussy.

Kelli closed her eyes and stroked her face against the
bedsheets. "You bastard," she repeated, "oh, when did
you turn into Conan the Barbarian???"

He flipped her over, and she lifted her knees, spread
her legs wide, reaching down to open her cunt for him.
"I don't know what's gotten into you," she said, "but
Jesus, I think I like it ... "

He chowed down in her pussy, eating into the
moisture-laden hole itself. His finger was still up
her shithole, thrusting in and out, and Kelli jerked
and whined in a breathy high tone each time he gave it
to her. She pulled her knees up to her tits, swaying
dreamily from side to side.

Tim worked on her clit until she knew she couldn't hold
back her come, and when it hit, she just fucked his
face with her dripping pussy. She had him by the ears
and she was saying, "Eat me, eat me, eat meeee!!!"

A couple more licks and she might have gone straight to
heaven without even having to die, but he raised his
face and climbed astride her body, pushing her hands
and knees out of the way. He shoved his cock forward,
to her mouth, and she took it with both hands, feeding
it into her mouth. The glow of her climax shone from
the pores of her skin, and she was dripping sweat
already. And they'd barely gotten started!

"Okay," she said, "I can get behind it," and she
started to blow him passionately. It wasn't the first
time she'd given him head, of course, but it was the
most exciting session she'd ever dished out to her
husband. She gulped him to the nuts, gargling on his
cock, inhaling him like smoke from a joint. And it was
almost as intoxicating.

She pushed his prick out of her mouth and started
sucking his balls, too, while she jerked his hard shaft
up and down. He didn't have all that big a dick, but
God, was it ever stiff! It felt like somebody had
stuck a six-inch piece of steel through him! And it
throbbed furiously inside her gripping hand. Or was
that just her own pulsating excitement that she could
feel? No -- as she took his prick back inside her
mouth and lapped it round and round with her tongue,
she could count the speeded-up beats of her husband's

She sucked hard on his knob, whipping it lingually,
urging it to gush her mouth full of his squirting seed.
In all the time she'd known him she'd never known her
throat to be this dry, this anxious, this thirsty for
the eruption of his cum.

Kelli needed Tim's jizz the way an alcoholic needs that
next drink, and she moaned and hummed and sucked,
demanding the hot white cock-milk for herself.

He grabbed her head and fucked his dick in and out of
her wet willing oral O. She glanced up, saw that his
eyes were shut tight and sweat was dripping from his
chin. Good. At least he was working for it. As for
herself, she couldn't have been a fucking bit wetter if
she'd just come out of the bathtub.

She hunched over her work, sucking like a pig at her
husband's prick. Now that she'd gotten over her
initial surprise at the way Tim was acting, she was
beginning to think she liked the change.

"Okay, Kel!" he said hoarsely. "You want my cum?
You're gonna fucking get it!!!"

And his dick exploded inside her mouth. He jerked
himself backward, sliding through her lips, and he
fired off his hot sticky load, splattering Kelli's face
with the thick white scum. She scooped it from her
cheeks and chin, fed it into her mouth, lapped with her
tongue at the squirting splashes. She hadn't had quite
so much fun since she'd outgrown mud pies.

Kelli lay back, smiling, her face aglow. "I may have
been a little hasty when I decided to leave you, stud,"
she told Tim. "Wanna talk about it?"

He shook his head. He was fisting his dick, milking
the last few drops out. "I'm not quite ready to talk
yet," he replied. "And my cock isn't quite ready to go
down, either. Why don't you roll over, Kelli? Now
that we've got the preliminaries out of the way, I
think maybe I'll fuck you."

She was surprised at how wet her pussy was, listening
to him talk like that. Reaching down, she gave her
tingly cunt a few strokes. Her clit pulsated
responsively and she said, "Okay, dude. What the hell?
Since you're in the mood, I mean ... "


Steve Butler stood slack-jawed in the bedroom doorway,
watching his s****r wrap her legs around the
hard-fucking body of Kelli's dad. He saw Mr Miller
drop his face down to take the whole of a small
cupcakey Maria-tit into his mouth, and he saw the way
Maria moaned and writhed. He made a fist with one
hand, squeezing it reflexively. His s****r looked
incredible, getting fucked.

It was all Steve could do to stand up straight. He
felt a big lump in his throat and he cleared it, as
quietly as possible, but they heard him, and they
looked up -- not nearly as startled as he would have

"Jesus," said Dan Miller, "is this fucking Grand
Central Station, or what? Doesn't anybody ever knock?"

Steve flushed. "Kelli told me to come up," he said.
"She had a surprise for me." He looked at Dan, at
Maria. "I guess you guys are the surprise, right? But
where's Kelli?"

"Probably looking for vaseline," giggled Maria. "Oh,
shit, little b*****r! You might as well get your pants
off. Something tells me that's where all of this is
heading. Anyway," she added with a wink to Dan, "Kelli
says you've been going around with a hard-on for me,
and I think I oughta get some of the benefit. Right,
Dan? And I should keep you hot and bothered till Kelli
gets back from whatever she's doing. Well? What are
you waiting for?"

Steve couldn't believe what he was hearing. Maria
slithered loose from Dan Miller, who lay back on the
bed with his big stiff tool sticking up and out. It
glistened with the wetness it had fucked out of Maria's
snatch, and it was long and hard.

Steve looked down at the front of his pants. He had
something pretty long and hard of his own, and if he
didn't get it loose, the goddamn thing was gonna split
the seam of his jeans!

Maria sat up, licking her lips. She cupped her tits,
offering them toward her b*****r. He was f****y, sure,
but he was also cute, and he was visibly aroused.
Anyway, she'd watched Kelli fuck him last night, and
she'd wondered if he was any good. She was about to

Steve unbuckled his belt, slid the jeans down his legs.
He hadn't bothered putting on shorts -- he'd come over
expecting to fuck Kelli, and underwear only got in the
way. As his pants dropped, his prick came thrusting up
and out, and Maria's eyes enlarged a little at the
sight of her k** b*****r in arousal.

"Jesus," she said. "I think it's almost as big as
Dan's!" She crooked a finger and beckoned her b*****r
to the bed. "Come to s*s," she smirked.

He threw his head back and howled when she took his
dick in her hands, but he stopped making noise
altogether when she bent over and started to lick him.
His eyes were filled with an almost religious awe.
Maria looked up from time to time, telling him with her
own eyes that it was all right. But she told him a lot
more convincingly with her mouth.

She ovaled her lips and slipped him in and out,
quickly, shallowly, just playing orally with the head
of his dick. She licked him up and down, in between
sessions of sucking. "Nice cock, k** b*****r," she
teased, rubbing her smile along the throbbing length of
Steve's dick.

Her tongue was warm and wet and catlike, and it seemed
to be magnetically drawn to the fuzz-sprinkled bag of
Steve's nuts. She picked hair off her tongue now and
then, and she kept busy, licking him when she wasn't
sucking him and vice versa. Steve felt his tool grow
hotter, harder, longer, inside her mouth.

Dan Miller was behind her, holding her tits, kissing
her ear and her neck. With her left hand she reached
back and took him by the cock too, masturbating him
with a deceptively deft rhythm. It would have been
hard to guess that she was even now jerking and sucking
on the first and second dicks she'd ever had her hands

She kissed the end of her b*****r's tool and leaned
down to take another swiping lick at Dan's organ. It
wasn't that Dan couldn't have gone another moment
without having his cock tongued. She just wanted Steve
to get a look at her doing it to someone else. God,
she felt so weird eating her little b*****r, but this
was the day for weird shit, no two ways about it!

"Too bad Kelli's not here," Maria giggled. "She's
missing out on two of the yummiest cocks in captivity,
I'm sure!"

She leaned back on the bed, stretching out. Her legs
opened, and Steve got a perfect view of her spraddled
fuckhole. She was still playing with Dan Miller's
cock, and her b*****r's prong was sticking out big and
hard, a bubble of her drool hanging from the tip of the
knob. Steve came closer, and Maria spread her legs

"What's the matter, little b*****r?" she teased. "You
afraid to fuck me? Just because I'm your s****r?
Mmmm, Stevie, all the old rules are definitely off! If
you can fuck it, you can have it."

Steve gulped and moved into the spread of her legs. He
put his hands on her thighs and stroked them up and
down. He leaned down and kissed her on the tits. She
laughed, a ripply little sound like pennies clinking in
a jar.

He took a nipple between his lips and sucked it,
feeling the pink button grow harder still against his
tongue. His stiff cock bumped the inside of her thigh.
Steve thought maybe it was getting a little harder,

Or was that even possible? His nuts gurgled, so full
of cum they felt like they were gonna burst, and he
squirmed in closer to his s****r's body. He'd come
over here expecting to fuck Kelli, but Jesus, was it
possible that he was gonna get something even better?

Dan Miller lay back, watching the Butler k**s at work.
He shook his head and he slid his cock lazily in and
out of his fingers. He'd much rather have it inside
Maria, but it was still fun to watch. He just hoped to
hell he didn't ever have to explain his part in all
this to Penelope Butler.

The only thing missing was Kelli. Where the fuck had
the girl gone? She should be in here getting a load of
this. He smiled, watching Steve crawl atop his s****r,
watching Maria take hold of the boy's cock and guide it
unerringly to the split, wet mouth of her cunt.

"Are you gonna fuck me, Steve?" she asked. "Gonna fuck
me the way you fucked Kelli last night?"

The boy nodded eagerly. Dan was a little surprised.
So that's what the little blonde slut had been up to
while he was out with Penny, huh? He shook his head.
Trust it to Kelli, though. That girl was just too

Maria closed her eyes and pressed her lips to her
b*****r's, and then she she arched her pussy upward,
swallowing his dick inside her. "Oh, baby b*****r,"
she gasped, "do it now! Fuck me!!!"

Steve sighed as he penetrated his s****r's juicy wet
cunt, and her legs folded possessively around him. She
reached down to cup his asscheeks and urge him deeper
into her snatch, and the bed jiggled as the Butler
siblings moved into the sweet rock 'n' roll of fucking
each other's brains out.

Dan slid off the bed and went to the door. He stuck
his head out and called "Kelli! Where did you go,


"Ohhhhhh ... " Kelli gasped as Tim shoved his dick back
into her snatch. He thrust hard, filling her totally
with his meat, bouncing his knob off her rubbery
cervix. She felt her guts bulge with the stabbing
f***e of his cock and she leaned forward on her knees,
saying "Oh, Jesus, Tim, fuck me, fuck meeeee!!!" He
answered her with the power of his dick, and it was
eloquent as hell even if his lips weren't moving at

She was on her knees again, ass sticking up, and her
pussy was crammed with his cock. He felt bigger than
she had ever known him. God, he felt as big as Daddy!
And he was fucking her like a champion, pounding her
cunt with one fiercely relentless plunge after another.
She closed her eyes and realized how much her leaving
must have pissed Tim off.

He whacked her buttocks sharply, and she yelped. "Hey,
that hurts!"

"You wanted a f***eful man," he countered, slapping her
ass again and punctuating it with a thrusting ramrod
stab of his cock. She felt like the goddamn thing was
coming up her throat! "You wanted a man that wouldn't
take any shit from you -- a real macho dude like your
father. Okay, Kelli -- if that's what you want me to
be, that's what I'll be. And you know what? I kinda
like it!"

He pumped her furiously, filling and refilling her with
his lust-bloated cock. He'd coated her face with his
jizz, not three minutes ago, and he was still as hard,
as aroused as if he'd just come back from six months at
a nursing home for decrepit nuns. Her pussy walls
groaned as they were split again and again by the
plunge of his cock, and her innards ached from the
ferociously aroused pressure of his thrusts.

He flexed her buttocks with his hands while he fucked
her. "Jesus, Kel," he said, "your little ol' asshole
looks so cute, all spread out like that! Gives me all
kinds of nasty ideas!"

"Huh?" she asked, groggy from his fucking. He didn't
answer verbally. He just pushed his finger into her
butt, pronging her digitally while his cock reamed her
pussy. He moved it deeply, too, shoving until his
knuckles ground against the pucker of Kelli's assring.
And then he rotated it, making her scream out loud.
But here at the Shady Rest, they were probably used to
mid-afternoon screams!

Jesus, she was getting it in both holes, and it felt
fantastic! She gasped, and she could feel the sting of
tears in her eyes, but they were tears of ecstasy. The
salty beads ran down her cheeks and she said, "Yes,
honey, fuck me, mmm, fuck me like a man!"

Her cunt was raw, as if he'd fucked the lining out of
her hole. She was unbelievably wet. It had to be
bl**d oozing down her pussy. It couldn't be just her
natural joyjuices!

His cock felt like sandpaper moving in and out, but she
strained and squeezed her muscles around him, trying to
hold him inside her as long as possible. "Oh, baby,"
she sobbed, "I think I may have misjudged you ... "

"Bet your ass you did," he told her, "and I mean that
literally, Kel!"

She yelped as his finger jerked out of her asshole. He
gave her three or four more strokes with his cock, and
she had a mini-come, its juices bubbling from the walls
of her pussy to bathe his cock in hot girl-lube. She
frigged her clit in spasms, anxious to make the
pleasure increase, persist.

He wedged his knees firmly between her thighs and he
angled her legs outward. Kelli groaned and gasped a
little, but she arched her butt upward. "put the
fucker back in!" she commanded. "I'm not finished
fucking you yet, dude!"

"You can say that again," Tim grinned. He nosed his
dick into the crack of her butt.

As soon as his wet prick touched her she knew what he
was going to do. They'd talked about it a few times,
but she'd always turned him down. This was something
that had been special, for her and for Daddy. She
hadn't wanted to share it, even with her husband.
Well, he wasn't asking permission now!

He'd had his finger in her a couple of times since this
crazy fuck had started, and she wasn't as tight as
normal, but his dick was a lot bigger than his finger,
and she could feel every inch of his meat as he screwed
the snout into her asshole cavity. Her muscles
tightened defensively, and she said, "Maybe we should
save this till another time ... "

"It's time," Tim replied, and he stabbed her shitter
with his engorged, lust-fattened cock.

Kelli only thought she'd made noise during the earlier
parts of this fuck session. There was a redhot pain in
her asshole when he entered her, and his cock rammed
home, burning its way into her rectum without a
moment's hesitation. He lunged forward, his belly
hitting the curving swell of her rump, his balls
swinging against the dripping gash of her cunt. She
was positive that the head of his dick was in her
mouth, come all the way through her body in one fierce

He pulled her over, and he lay on his side behind
Kelli, feeding his cock into her asshole, one stroke
after another. He could feel the tautness too, and he
had to fight her for penetration, but from the way his
hands flexed as they held and caressed her body, she
knew he was finding the struggle worth the game.

Kelli's asshole loosened, the harder, the longer, Tim
fucked it, and within a few minutes she was appreciably
more comfortable. Full of his cock, sure, but at least
it didn't feel like he'd greased his meat in kerosene,
rather than K-Y!

And to be honest, hadn't she been counting on some
assfucking anyway? But from Daddy, not from Tim! His
cock burrowed into her guts, and his hands were all
over her pussy, bringing her back up to the heights of
arousal all over again.

He pronged a finger up her pussy, stroking her clit
with his thumb at the same time, and she murmured in
delighted acceptance. She squeezed back with ass and
cuntal muscles, and each flex of her body sent ripples
of delight through Kelli.

A memory tugged at her. She was enjoying the fuck so
much she had a hell of a time getting her head clear
enough to focus.

Stevie! She'd told him to come over to the house.
She'd been intending to let him in on the secret fun
that was taking place up on Daddy's bed. They were
going to have a merry foursome. God, how long ago had
she talked to him? At least half an hour. And he'd
said he'd be over in two minutes?

Kelli giggled in spite of herself. She regretted the
hell out of missing his reaction at seeing Daddy and
Maria going at it, but that was the price she had to
pay for saving her marriage. And as she worked her ass
back against her husband's buttfucking cock, she knew
she was getting by far the better bargain.

Without warning he came out of her butt and shoved his
tool up her cunt once more. She grunted as he hit
bottom, and her shitter suddenly felt very very empty,
but her pussy was stuffed, and if you were only fucking
one guy, you couldn't very well have everything at
once, could you? She squeezed her cunt muscles and
milked hungrily at her husband's hard cock, massaging
it in wet velvet as it reamed and re-reamed her
throbbing pussy.

She looked back over her shoulder and her tear-stained
face glowed like burnished gold. "You bastard," she
said. "Did you want me back that much?"

"Goddamn right," Tim replied. "And I think I've got
you back."

"You may at that," conceded Kelli. "If you can make me
come, I'm yours."

"Try this, then," and he de-cunted her, pushing his
cock back into her asshole. The muscles had snugged up
a little, and that first stroke was a real
motherfucker! But he was determined, and he went deep,
and when he pulled back to let her have another
injection, her shithole was loosened enough to make him
feel very much at home.

He poked her butt another five or six thrusts, and he
transferred his dick to her pussy, ramming it just as
ferociously. While he fucked her pussy, he used his
fingers on her labes and her clit. He squeezed the
pussy mouth tight around his ramming prick, his finger
strumming a continuous rhythm on her pearly clit
button. Each stroke sent chords of ecstasy through
Kelli Anderson. Yes, she thought, I am Kelli Anderson
again. She knew she'd be going home tonight with Tim.

She just hoped it wouldn't be too much of a shock for
Daddy. But then, she'd seen how Daddy warmed up to
Maria, and she thought just maybe her father might not
be too lonely without her as a fulltime daughter again.

"Oh, Jesus, you're ripping me open," she complained.
His response was to shove it home harder, deeper,
rocking her entire body with each thrust. His belly
slammed against her ass, and his cock probed the
innermost recesses of her ass.

He switched from shitter to cunt, and there was a
burning ferocity to the stab of his aroused cock. It
felt like he was double-fucking her with a baseball
bat. Like he'd shoved his whole fucking hand up her
cunt and her ass in alternate thrusts, a clenched fist
rammed into her hot wet holes.

"I think I love you," she told him.

"That makes it unanimous," Tim grinned, and he returned
his cock to her asshole. He fucked her swiftly, three
or four strokes that almost screwed the blonde out of
her hair, and she began to come in torrents.

He pushed his cock up her pussy, exploiting her orgasm,
intensifying it with the majesty of his prick. She
stiffened against him, and then her body went totally
limp and she was the dish rag now, quivering as if
she'd suddenly been hit by epilepsy. "Fuck me, fuck
me, fuck me," she panted over and over.

Tim fucked her.

But he was panting like a dog now, and his fingers
lurched as they manipulated her tits, her pussy. Even
in her orgasmic nirvana she could feel the hesitation,
the glitches, in his cock attack, and she knew that she
had brought him with her to the breaking point.

He filled her asshole again. The opening was so used
to being fucked that it just dilated of its own will
each time it sensed the presence of his cock snout.
She could shit bricks and never know the difference, as
stretched-out as her pooter was right now.

But Christ, it felt so fucking good to have him up the
hole she'd never shared with anyone else but Daddy! I
think, Kelli told herself, I may have finally found
myself a man of my own. What a long strange road it
had been, too!

"You've killed me," she told him, "I'm gonna come
myself to death ... "

But he wasn't finished yet. His dick was still inside
her ass, still rock-hard. It shoved again, and her
body rebelled. She couldn't take another stroke. "I'm
dying," she whispered. "And, oh, baby, I wanna go with
the taste of your cum in my mouth ... "

He was more than happy to oblige her. He de-assed her
and turned her over, pulling her head down into his
crotch. She took his cock in her hands and stroked it,
feeling the rippling surge of his own passion, bubbling
up and down the length of his rigid shaft.

Leaning forward, she licked him. She could taste her
own shit on his meat, but she didn't care. It was a
total reversal of the situation that had existed when
she left him, and she loved it. She also loved the
taste of his cock, coated as it was with the juices it
had fucked out of her asshole and her cunt. Kelli
ovaled her mouth and slid him inside, sucking him
deeply and hungrily.

Kelli took the knob in her mouth and fed upon it, her
hands shucking up and down Tim's cock shaft. She
jerked him furiously, as fierce an attack as he'd made
up her asshole.

Glancing up, she could see the come-glaze starting to
veil his eyes. His jaw went slack, and his eyelids
drooped, and his belly gave two or three quivery jerks.
Now! she thought. Now, now, now!!!

She yanked hard on his prick, as if she meant to rip it
off his groin. It quivered within her fists, and then
the majestic eruption of his cum flowed like piss into
Kelli's mouth.

Guzzling like a wino, she emptied his prick of its
spurting load, sucking the thick tangy jizz down her
throat in one hungry horny gulp after another, and the
sweet hot taste of his cum flooding her mouth was
enough to send her trembling and whining into yet
another climax of her own.

She was still licking her lips of the overflow when he
pulled her upward and stretched her out beside him. He
kissed her warmly, lovingly, and she was filled with a
sweet sensation. She pressed her stiff-nippled tits
against him, and she said, "I was a fool to have left
you. But I'm glad to know how much you wanted me

Tim nodded. "Okay," he said. "Why don't we go back to
your dad's place, get your clothes, and head for home?
I want to fuck you in our own bed tonight."

"Oh, I don't know," Kelli demurred. She was thinking
about what they were likely to find if they went to her
dad's house, and she wasn't sure Tim was quite ready
for that. "Maybe we should wait till tomorrow."

Tim raised his eyebrows. "I said, we're gonna get your
stuff and go home. This is the new Tim, remember,
baby? Now get your robe on. I'm taking you home,
Kel, and dat's da name of dat tune."

Hmmm, Kelli thought. This could be getting onto sticky
ground. Well, she was due to find out just how much
Tim really was committed to her. Whatever happened
would happen. She leaned over the edge of the bed and
picked up her discarded robe.

"Whatever you say, Master," she smirked.


When Dan turned around, Steve was atop his s****r and
fucking the living shit out of her. Dan himself had
been pretty gentle with the girl, barring the almost
savage initial entry he'd made into her virgin cunt.
And he wouldn't have fucked her nearly so hard, if
Kelli had simply told him the girl was cherry. But
that was Kel for you.

Steve didn't seem to have any qualms. He fucked his
s****r as if he were making up for lost time. Someday,
Dan thought, I've got to find out what in the fuck has
been going on around here, since Kelli got home! He
leaned against the wall, handling his own rod in a
ruminative fashion and watching the Butler k**s go at
one another.

Maria whined and kicked under Steve, and at first
glance you might have thought she was resisting him.
But that was just her style of fucking. She was also
chewing on his mouth, and her legs were around him, as
were her hands, and she was panting "Fuck me hard, you
son of a bitch! Fuck me like you mean it!!!"

Dan squeezed on his cock. He knew exactly what Steve
was feeling, with his dick balls deep in his s****r's
hole. Maria had a sweet hot tight pussy, the kind that
could sc**** the hair off a man's prick.

But also the kind that made a man's balls twitch with
lust every time he thought about the vise-grip lock
that pussy could put on his meat.

Dan's hand got tighter on his rod, and he felt a surge
of heat pass through the length of his tool. He didn't
think he was entirely finished fucking today. He had
a boner with Kelli's name written on it, but if his
daughter was going to play hide and seek, he'd just
have to find somewhere else to put the fucker.

He wasn't worried about Kelli's absence. She'd been
born to play games. Probably she'd sent Steve up here
and now she was hiding someplace, listening to them all
go at it. In a little while she'd come in with her
pussy dripping and demand her fair share of cock too.

Trouble was, she couldn't get what she considered her
fair share if she had six or seven guys lined up in a
row to service her. Dan's daughter had some
characteristics of the dedicated nympho, and Dan
sighed, almost hoping that there was some way Kelli and
her husband Tim might work out their problems and get
back together. If she stayed at home very long, she
was a damn good chance to fuck her poor old daddy to

"Did you really get hard watching me at home?" Maria
demanded to know. Her b*****r just grinned and nodded,
blushing. He had no need to blush, not with the cock
he'd stuffed up her tight, freshly-busted pussy.

She could feel every inch of him sliding in and out of
her hole, and the friction of his prick thrusts was
incredible. She knew she was going to come all over
that dick of his, and she told him so. He blushed
again. God, was he cute when he was embarrassed! But
the way he fucked, he had nothing at all to be
embarrassed about. Whatever Kelli had taught him about
sex, he'd learned well.

"Lemme suck it some more," she said, pushing up at him.
His cock slicked out of her pussy and as she saw its
wet hard magnificence she knew in her gut that she
could never again be satisfied with being a lesbian.
Well, she rationalized, what do I know? I'm just
twenty. I've got a lot to learn about life.

She took her b*****r's cock in hand, squeezing,
relishing the way it felt so big and hard and thick
inside her fist. She kissed him -- s****rs weren't
supposed to French-kiss their b*****rs, were they? But
why not, when it felt and tasted so good? -- and then
she went down his body with her hungry mouth.

Steve groaned, throwing his head back as Maria took his
cock between her lips. She was no Kelli, but she could
suck like a leech.

As she fed on him, Maria stole a peek at Dan Miller,
who was standing over by the door, idly playing with
his cock. God, what a waste! She lifted her hand
toward Dan, urging him to come over and join the fun.
He smiled, shrugged, and returned to the bed.

Maria arranged herself between the two men. They were
on their knees and she was on her belly. She didn't
know which she wanted to suck on first, but she had a
stiff throbbing cock in each hand, and her mouth
hungered for the taste. Closing her eyes, she leaned
toward Dan and used her tongue like a dust cloth on the
hot spongy velvet of his cock knob.

While she sucked and licked Dan, she was stroking her
b*****r's meat, but before too many minutes had passed,
she knew she had to suck a little more on Steve, too.
She turned her face to him and ovaled her mouth,
opening it to the hot, horny thrust of his aroused

Back and forth she went, sucking one and then the
other, until her head swam dizzily. They scooted in
closer, so she didn't have to move quite so far, and
eventually their pricks were nose to nose, as if they
were kissing one another, and Maria's lips moved along
the co-joined eight-inchers, slurping every warm
luscious inch of the two organs.

Dan had his hand on her cunt while she ate, and he
worked a finger into her tight but wet and supremely
eager hole. She was, he thought, hotter for fucking,
her first time out, than even Kelli had been. Maybe, he
told himself, I went after the wrong femme in the house
next door!

The memory of Penelope hung over him like a rain cloud.
I've beshit my nest, he thought. She'd never
understand anything like this, and she's bound to find
out sooner or later. Oh, well. C'est la vie. He
pushed his cock deep into the mouth of Penny's horny
daughter. If her mother didn't understand, fuck her.

Maria was gagging on cock. But she kept on eating,
like the greedy, turned-on little piglet she'd become
this afternoon. She giggled, feeling like a total
slut, and loving the feeling.

If only she'd known that her k** b*****r had the hots
for her, she could have been doing this for a long long
time before now! Jesus, such a waste of time! But she
was determined to make up for it. She was gonna
definitely OD on cock, and she had enough cock to OD
on, for sure!

She missed Kelli, though. Where was she? Why wasn't
she here hogging all the dick for herself? But without
her, Maria was the centerpiece, and she loved being the
focus of attention. She squirmed her liquid snatch
around Dan Miller's intruding finger, and she rippled
her muscles up and down the length of his probing
digit, urging it deeper into her wet tight hole.

Her mouth was full -- crammed full -- of her b*****r's
meat, and she was slobbering down the shaft, wetting
the portion of it that she couldn't get sucked down.
She tried to swallow, and she did a damn good job, but
it still wasn't quite deep enough to ingest the whole
of Steve's dick.

Dan pulled her back to him, and she went willingly,
lusting for the taste of his prick, too. Her lips
pursed and she fed him into herself, humming and
purring like a contented cat while he fucked in and out
of her mouth. Her tongue was velvet carpeting for his
thrusts, and her throat kept gulping to tease him
deeper still.

She reached for her b*****r's cock, but he wasn't
there. A moment later she felt Dan's finger leave her
pussy and Steve's prick took its place. She moaned
around the cock of Kelli's father as her b*****r's tool
refilled her horny cunt, and she fucked herself
backward, impaling her body on Steve's long hard

In fact, she was doing all the work. All the boy had
to do was hold himself rock-steady, rock-hard,
presenting his hard dick to her horny cunt. She backed
into him again and again, sheathing his tool in her
puckered fuckpouch, while she used her mouth like a
vacuum cleaner on the equally hard tool of Dan Miller.

Her lips widened, and she f***ed her face downward,
onto Dan's prick. She was gagging in earnest now, but
she was thirsting to feel him in her throat, and she
would do it or die. His cock knob slid across her
tongue, into the back of her mouth, and she gulped,
gulped, gulped!

And then he slipped through her tonsil gap, and the end
of his cock thrust into Maria's throat. She felt as if
her eyes were about to pop from her head, but she kept
her muscles busy, and he went a little deeper before
she had to cough him up again. It was a good sign.
She could do it. All she needed was some practise.
And something told Maria that she would be getting a
lot of that in the days and weeks to come!

Behind her, Steve had taken control of the fuck. He
was shoving with his prick, burying it again and again
in his s****r's snatch, and her slim pale ass rippled
delicately each time his body thrust against her rear
end. His cock went deep and hard into Maria, and she
squirmed, loving the f***eful passion he threw into her
cunt, loving the cock that thrust with equal f***e into
her mouth.

"Let's trade places," Dan Miller said throatily, easing
his prick out of Maria's lips. "You don't mind, do
you, honey?" The girl shook her head, giggling. She
didn't care who was in which hole, for shit's sake!
All she wanted was the fucking! But oh, God, did she
ever want that!!!

She rolled over, uplifting her cunt as Dan got between
her legs. She angled her head backwards to her
b*****r, who was squatting behind her, and she lipped
the end of his cock. It tasted just like a wet pussy.
Her wet pussy.

She sipped the flavor off his skin and sucked him
deeper, craving more of it. Down below, Dan was just
easing his tool into her pussy. She moaned around her
prick mouthful as Dan's rod penetrated her cunt and
began to fuck her as hornily as he'd fucked her mouth a
few moments ago.

But the angle was bad. She couldn't suck on Steve
nearly as voraciously as she'd have liked, and while
the pussy-fucking was dynamite, she knew there could be
so much more. She spat out her b*****r's tool and she
said, "Why don't we do something really nasty, the
three of us? I'm in the mood, and I bet you guys are
too, right?" Their smiling faces were answer enough.

"Well," she went on, "I have heard that not only do
some guys enjoy sticking their cocks up women's
assholes, a lot of women enjoy it just as much. I
don't know if I'd like it, but I'm goddamn willing to
give it a try. Would either of you guys like to see if
your big sweet cocks will fit inside my shithole???"

It was purely a rhetorical question.


"Oh, Jeeeeeeesus!!!" Maria hissed as Steve began to
make penetration. She was riding atop Dan Miller,
which seemed the only sensible thing to do. Steve's
tool was slightly thinner in circumference than Dan's,
and if she was gonna get her ass busted by either of
them, she knew it was better to go with the thinner

But she hadn't counted on how tight she was back there.
Even with half a bottle of baby oil poured on his
peter, down her ass crack, Steve was having a hell of a
time getting inside his s****r's hiney. It hurt like
hell, and he hadn't gotten any of his prick into
Maria's shitter.

She squirmed atop Dan, and she was starting to have
fifth and sixth thoughts -- she'd already had second
thoughts. Dan had her by the tits, and he was kissing
them and her mouth, his face moving up and down. His
cock was rock-still inside her pussy, anchoring her in
this spot, exposing her totally to the ass- attack
she'd invited her horny k** b*****r to make.

Steve spat into his hand and rubbed the fingers through
Maria's crack, even though she was already slick and
slippery from the baby oil. He put his knob into her
ass hollow and tried it again.

A burning pain shot through her bottom, but she was
pissed now, and totally unwilling to look like some
crybaby who could talk a good game but couldn't fuck
one. She'd asked for an ass- fucking and she was
determined to have one if it killed her. "C'mon,
stud," she told him, "surely you can get that thing up
my butt!"

Steve didn't make a verbal answer. He threw his
concentration down to his hips, and he gave them a
twist, while his fingers kept his cockknob poised
against the pucker of Maria's butt. The gyration of
his hips, coming from an odd angle and without a
giveaway warning, did what he'd been hoping. His knob
pushed into his older s****r's anus, and then he was
inside her.

Maria screeched like a banshee. She'd been expecting
discomfort, but this was fucking pain!!! "Oh, you
motherfucker!!!" she squealed. "You've ripped my
asshole open!"

But she knew he hadn't, and then he began to thrust,
moving his cock in short, choppy strokes -- all he
could manage, given her tightness. For Christ's sake,
she was cherry, after all! Nothing but a couple of
fingers had ever been up her butt in the past, and most
of the fingers had been her own.

Where in the goddamn shit was Kelli, anyway??? If
there was any time Maria could have used some female
backup and moral support, it was right goddamn now!
But she was alone, just herself and about sixteen
inches of hard cock in two separate packages, and she
had to do it all by herself.

But then Steve got his full stroke inside her, and her
asshole seemed to blossom like a flower around him.
She breathed out heavily, into Dan's mouth and she
said, "Ohhhh ... I think I'm seeing God!!!"

Steve began to fuck her ass, thrusting with a slight
lurch that betrayed his own sense of awe at this
magical moment. But the erotic delight took charge of
him, and he threw his concentration into the act
itself, relishing each second, each inch of cock that
he had shoved up his s****r's butt.

Maria was about to swoon in ecstasy. And then it got
better, when Dan Miller, beneath her, started to push
his tool up and in, meshing his thrusts with the ones
Steve was giving her from the rear. Each guy shoved
her body toward the other guy's cock. All she had to
do was rock 'n' roll between them, taking the lustful
bites deep into her fully-engaged sex holes.

She was a pale flesh sandwich between the two heaving
male bodies, and their hard horny cocks mercilessly
reamed her pussy, her shitter. "Oh, I oughta tell Mom
on both of you," she giggled, "but then she'd probably
want you to do it to her too ... "

Orgasm began to ripple through Maria's body and she
went electric between Steve and Dan, while their pricks
continued the barbaric double-fuck onslaught. "Oh, oh,
ohhhhhh!!!" the girl screamed. "Fuck me to death, you
bastards, fuck me to death!!!"


"What the hell is that noise?" Tim Anderson asked. He
and Kelli had just come through the front door of the
Miller house, and it was a little worse than Kelli had
anticipated. It sounded like the Texas Chainsaw
Massacre, Part 3, was taking place upstairs. Maria's
screeching yelps of ecstasy echoed through the house.
Kelli began to feel weak in the knees, just listening.

"Christ, is somebody getting killed up there???" Tim
demanded, heading for the staircase. The old Tim would
have hid under the bed and waited for the cops. The
new Tim seemed to think he was Mel Gibson on a winning
streak. Holding her breath, Kelli followed him up the

"Holy shit," he said, stopping short.

Kelli bumped into him from the rear. Looking over his
shoulder, she said "Holy shit," too. Things had
progressed very well during her absence.

Steve had arrived, and obviously things had gone pretty
smoothly -- about as well, Kelli conceded, as if she'd
been there to choreograph them. Right now Maria was
positioned between Daddy and her b*****r, and she had
both -- ??? -- their dicks up her cunt.

No! They were DPing her! Steve was plugging his
s****r's shithole while Daddy's big sweet delicious
cock filled the newly-busted girl's newly-busted pussy.
The men moved hard, fucking Maria in deep, soulful
strokes, and she moaned and whined and trembled between
them, obviously having the great-grandma of orgasms.

"Well, I'll be damned," Tim said. "So this is why you
wanted to come back home to Daddy, huh, Kel? You
getting some of that stuff, too? Is that why you
always used to tell me your dad knew how to treat
women? Hey, you people!" he said, and all three heads
turned, all of them looking suitably surprised at the

Tim was definitely on a swagger today. Kelli could
only follow, uncertain as to what he was going to do,
and she trailed him toward the bed. "Hiya, Dan," he
told his father-in-law. "Looks like you're getting
some, right, buddy? Who's this?" and he cupped Maria's
chin, looking into her glazy, orgasm-fuzzed eyes. She
didn't say anything, just made a gurgly sound while her
eyeballs rolled in their sockets.

"I'm Tim Anderson," he said. "Kelli's lord and master.
You too busy to suck a little on my dick?" And he
unzipped his pants, hauling out his prick. Kelli could
see that it had already begun to harden up again, and
his pole began to climb its point toward the ceiling as
he wiggled it in front of Maria's face.

Murmuring incoherently, Maria snapped at him with her
lips. Tim laughed and shoved his hardening cock
straight into her mouth. He gave his hips a grind and
filled her oral chamber in one quick stroke. Kelli's
eyes were enormous blue circles now. Tim had not
exactly been shocked or disgusted, had he?

With a shrug, Kelli slipped out of her robe. She
watched as her husband mouth-fucked the neighbor girl.
His cock was erecting rapidly, turning into the same
steely bone of gristle that had reamed her mouth, cunt
and asshole back at the motel. Maria slobbered along
the shaft while it fucked in and out of her mouth,
though it wasn't entirely clear to Kelli whether the
girl even knew that she was eating a strange piece of

Kelli moved to the bottom of the bed and put her hands
on Steve's shoulders. She leaned on him from the rear,
pressing her hot hard-nippled tits against his back
while he ass-fucked his twitching s****r. Reaching
down, she held his balls in a possessive grip. "Fuck
her, baby," she told the boy. "Mmmm, ram her with that
cock! But save some of it for me, okay?"

Maria was gurgling now, about to strangle on the prick
that Tim fed into her mouth. "How about it, you guys?"
asked Kelli's smug young husband. "Anybody wanna let
me take a turn in one of those holes? This bitch looks
young and tight and hot. I think she needs some
fucking from a real man, you know?"

Panting, Steve unsheathed his cock from his s****r's
butt. "The A-hole's yours, man," he said, turning
around to face Kelli. "As long as you don't mind me
burying a bone in your old lady."

He came off the bed, not even waiting for Tim to
answer, and Kelli wrestled him down onto the floor.
She straddled him, f***efeeding her pussy down over the
shitsmeared length of his erection. She held onto his
thighs and she did deep knee-bends up and down, riding
Steve's peter like a cowgirl in heat. And she watched
as her husband climbed onto the bed and got into
position behind Maria.

The girl's tight asshole was still dilated broadly,
thanks to the five-minute reaming that Steve's prick
had already given it. Tim thrust into the yawning
cavity, fucking so hard he drove the wailing young girl
forward -- almost far enough forward to shove her
completely off Dan Miller's pussy pronging tool. Tim
filled his hands with Maria's hard little boobs and he
ramfucked her shithole, one pulsating thrusting stroke
after another.

"You like it up the ass too, huh?" he panted, driving
her with his dick. "Looks like you and Kel have plenty
in common, baby, including my cock!"

Kelli was supremely turned-on by the weird twist that
things had taken. She'd been afraid Tim would be
horrified, disgusted. Well, he fucking sure wasn't!
He poked Maria's hot tight butt, packing her fudge with
one savage thrust after another.

Dan wriggled from under the girl. Tim was fucking her
so hard that Dan couldn't get much leverage into her
cunt in any case. He slipped off the bed and stood
beside it, his wet hard prick sticking up and out, and
he watched his son-in-law fuck Maria's pooper.

Tim looked over at his father-in-law. "All stiffed up
and nowhere to go, huh, Dan?" he said, nodding toward
Dan's prick. Maria lifted her butt higher and Tim gave
her a deep gut-busting stab that made the girl screech
shrilly. Tim's ass was also lifted high, his legs
straight, and he pounded his prick down into Maria's
quivering shitpouch at a 45-degree angle.

"Well," Tim husked, "I guess you could always stick
that thing in Kelli, right? Like, something tells me
it wouldn't be the first time you'd ever fucked my
wife, man! Go ahead. She's not doing anything with
her mouth except moan, as far as I can see ... "

Kelli used her mouth to giggle. Her eyes sparkled and
she stretched out a hand, beckoning for her dad to
bring his cock within reach. She had her husband's
approval, right? God, they were really out in the open
now! She'd never have to sneak around again, to get a
piece of daddy!

But with her husband's newfound macho assurance, she
reminded herself, she might not need daddy quite so
much in the future. Maybe he could have a life of his
own again, without being interrupted all the time by
her sexual needs.

She took Dan's cock in both hands, slobbering wetly all
over the shaft. Tim was watching her, and the sight of
her sucking on her dad seemed to excite him. He really
started pounding Maria's virgin asshole, driving the
hot little brunette into paroxysms of pleasure. Kelli
deepthroated her father, gulping his prick down her
gullet, while she pumped like a derrick atop Steve

Tim and Maria were on their sides now, Tim fucking into
her from below and beneath. Kelli watched in
fascination as her husband's big hard cock plugged the
girl's tiny tight asshole, repeating its thrusts until
Maria could only scream and explode. Tim came out of
her asshole, squirted a couple of gushes of jizz onto
her crotch, then shoved his cock straight up her pussy
where he finished dumping his thick hot load.

His prick slipped out of her pussy, and down the tunnel
came oozing the tidelike flow of his scum, leaking from
Maria's raw, wet gash. Kelli watched the thick white
goo trickle into Maria's pussyhairs, watched the girl's
trembling fingers massage the sticky stuff into her

Steve was on a very short rein now. Kelli cunt-ate his
cock, but she could feel him quivering inside her, and
it would be only a matter of seconds until he erupted.
She squirmed down with her cunt, squeezing on his cock,
grinding her gash against his balls, and she sucked her
father's tool in and out of her mouth, milking it as
thirstily as her pussy gulped Steve's cock. She
couldn't keep track of how many times she'd been fucked
today, but she was as horny as if it had been years
since her last screw.

"Ohhhhh ... " she whimpered as Steve began to unload
deep inside her pussy. She leaned back, Dan's cock
slipping out of her mouth, and she basked in the heated
glow of the climax Steve Butler had fucked from her
body. Her hand continued to work on Daddy's tool, and
he leaned down to kiss her wet sticky mouth.

"It's all right, Daddy," she told Dan. "I think
everything's gonna be all right!"

"You bet it is, honey," Dan agreed, straightening up.
He wiggled his hips as Kelli used both hands to jerk
off his tool, and then she made him explode too. His
cum blasted onto her face, her tits, her hair.

She tilted her head back and held his prick over her
open mouth, allowing his sperm to drip onto her tongue.
She shucked his shaft, squeezing and flexing, until she
had taken every last drop he had to offer and his spent
tool went soft inside her hands.

The two girls were on the bed, cuddling and sharing
whispered secrets and confessions. They touched each
other in special, intimate ways, and both of them found
their desires rekindling. But their men were lounging
with soft dicks, able for now to do nothing but watch.

"I bet we could get them hard in a second if we went
down on each other," Maria suggested.

"I dunno," Kelli laughed. "I think we fucked the
stuffing out of these guys. We may have to go cruising
tonight to find ourselves some dudes who can really
throw a fuck into a horny lady!"

Suddenly there was a beeping sound from outside. "Oh,
shit!" Maria said. "That's Mom! She's home from
work!" She hurried to the window. "C'mon, Steve," she
told her b*****r, "we better get dressed and go home.
Oh, God, if she finds out about this ... "

Kelli picked up her robe and tied it around herself.
She went to the sliding door and strolled out onto the
porch. Down in the driveway, Penny Butler was just
getting out of her station wagon.

The woman looked up and smiled. "Hi, Kelli."

"We're all over at our house," Kelli said coolly. "Why
don't you come over, too? My husband and I have
straightened out our problems, and you really oughta
meet him before we go home."

"What are you doing???" Dan, Maria and Steve asked in
unison when Kelli re-entered the bedroom. "Are you

Kelli shrugged. "Look, you guys, she's gonna find out
sooner or later. You might as well stick it in her
face now and see whether she'll suck, right?"

No one answered. But no one made any move to get into
their clothes, either. Dan took a deep breath. Maria
snuggled up to her b*****r, his arm protectively around
her shoulder.

Both of them looked tense, but excited, too. Kelli
remembered what Steve had confessed, about being just a
little turned-on by his big-titted mom. As he held
Maria and they waited, Kelli could see that Steve's
dick was beginning to firm up, almost as if by magic.
The shaft crawled down his leg, the knob engorging, the
barrel broadening. He'd have a full-fledged boner by
the time his mother came through the door!

Kelli moved into the midst of Dan and Tim, and the five
of them sat waiting, listening to the sound of Penelope
Butler's high heels click-click-clicking their way up
the staircase.

It was all or nothing now. Kelli squeezed tighter at
Daddy and Tim as the doorknob began to turn. I know
what I'd do, she thought. Let's just hope Penny is
woman enough to feel the same way.

And if she isn't, Kelli reminded herself, I can be
very, very convincing when it comes to sex! She took a
deep breath and she waited, confidence bubbling out of
her ovaries. The next sixty seconds would tell the


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