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The Hastings Whore - Part 2

Thursday 4th October 2012 was my last day in Hastings as me and my friends were only there for 2 days but what an incredible 2 days it was because I fucked the same slutty whore cunt from Hastings in 2 days. This time was even dirtier, filthier and she was even sluttier than previously. This is part 2.........

I woke up the next morning feeling happy and horny due to the experiences of the previous night. I had no plans for the day but I made it my mission to find the slutty cunt and fuck her one more time. I left the hotel around about 10am and went in search for this whore but for the first 5 hours, I had no luck until I saw her standing in front of the Anchor, the famous pub where I first met this fucking slutty cunt. I decided to keep my distance just to see where she was going but she didn’t go far as she went into the dirty dark alley, where I had fucked her the night before. She was looking like the perfect slut, dressed in blue High heels with the shortest mini skirt, my goodness, I knew I had to fuck her there and then but I waited to see what she was doing first.

She was looking all over the place for something and I had just remembered that I had taken her slutty orange knickers and they were in my pocket. I took them out and said behind, this what you are looking for and she replied yes. I could sense she was getting so horny again. Like the night before, she grabbed my cock and really wanted to suck on it but knew it was too much of a risk, so she took me back to her place, which was surprising close.

As I entered her flat, she said to me, get comfortable, I will be right back. So I waited for 5 minutes and then she appeared. Looking so sexy and slutty, dressed in her black high heels, with makeup and in a complete one of a kind whore fishnet suit. I was lost for words, how incredibly sexy and slutty she looked but like an idiot, I decided to quickly take off my clothes. She made me stop and told me to walk up to her. I got to her as quickly as I could and was right in front of her. We started to kiss slowly, our tongues connecting with one another but then things started to get more sexy and steamy, she put her hand down my trousers and started to slowly stroke my cock. I did the opposite, I slowly took my hand down to her wet filthy slutty cunt and started to rub it slowly, this filthy slut started to moan a little before telling me to go quicker. So by every minute, I was going quicker and quicker and her moaning and breathing started to go quicker and harder. Without her telling me, I took my finger and shoved it deep inside her tight wet whore cunt, the feeling I felt was indescribable. After a few seconds of having my finger inside her cunt, I started to finger fuck her pussy, she was screaming in so much pleasure but I took it to the next level, as I stopped kissing her and start to suck and lick her juicy tits.

Mmmmmm those was the best nipples, I had sucked on in ages and she was screaming for me to put another finger, deep into her already wet abused cunt. So I did that as well, now there were 2 fingers deep in her pussy and me enjoying her tits but this was unfair on her although she was loving every single second of being a perfect slut, she need to have a cock deep inside her mouth, so I took my fingers out of her abused cunt and we started to suck on one finger each, tasting and eating her sexy pussy juices. She made her way over to the sofa and I decided to get naked. Once we got to the sofa, I picked her up and turned her upside down. Her legs were hanging off the top of the sofa and her head was tilting off the seat and I got on top of this slutty whore and we were in a perfect slutty 69 position.

Being the slut she was, she was not wasting any time in terms of sucking my cock, whilst I was licking away on her dirty cunt, mmmmmmmm it was the best pussy I had tasted but then I upped the tempo and started to finger her tight arse whilst she was stroking and sucking away on my cock. I was in so much pleasure, as her mouth was working wonders but I started to fuck her mouth quicker, my cock was hitting the back of her throat and she started to gag and choke on my cock. I took my cock out of her mouth after she gagged on it and the spit that followed was incredible as it landed all over her face but she didn’t care as long as my hard cock was back in her mouth, whilst I continued eating away on her pussy whilst spreading her tight arse with my fingers. She again went in hard and fast in terms of stroking and sucking on my cock but due to the nature of how horny I truly was, I couldn’t contain myself and I ended up cummin in her mouth, her slutty mouth was wide open, taken a huge load down her mouth and she swallowed every single drop but I wasn’t done, there was still loads to come from me.

The 69 ended and the slut got onto all fours, I dumped a huge spit load onto her pussy and slowly inserted my cock, grabbing her hips and started to shag this whore’s cunt slowly but being the filthy slut that she really is, she doesn’t like things slowly, shes like it rough, fast and hard and thats what I started doing, shagging her at my fullest speed and hard, thrusting her dirty cunt, the sound of my balls slapping off her cunt was fantastic, she was screaming like a slutty pig, begging for more and more. As I went harder, faster and deeper in her loosened dirty cunt, the more this cunt would scream even louder, so I found her dirty used dildo on the floor and shoved it right down her filthy slutty mouth.

I took my cock out of her wet cunt and started to finger her huge wet pussy hole, whilst shoving my cock down her throat, making this slut gag and choke on my cock. Once she cleaned her sexy juices of my cock, I made this slut get on all fours and dumped a load of spit onto her arse and she shoved her dirty dildo into her wet abused cunt and she was being DP. Has her moaning and screaming started to get harder and louder, she started jumping up and down on her dirty dildo whilst I started pile driving her abused arse even more. I realised that it was time to cum soon, so I removed her dildo and shoved it down her deep slutty mouth whilst I removed my cock and shoved it deeply back into her cunt, for 5 minutes straight, fucking her with all I had left and then the moment came again, I left my cock in her pussy and started to cum, mmmmmmmmmmm I dumped a huge load deep into this whores cunt and she loved every second of it.

Then once I removed my cock, she started to suck on it as our juices combined and she wanted to taste them together but she then took out the famous vodka bottle from the previous night, which still had my cum floating inside there. Whilst she continued to suck away on my cock, she shoved the bottle deep into her cunt and you could see my cum drip slowly into the bottle. Once again, this sexy blue eyed whore showed me how slutty she could become. Once we had finished and I had got ready, she asked for another kiss, which I gave her and I asked for this slut’s name and she replied her name was sue. Mmmmmmmmm Sue, what a perfect name for a perfect slut. Once I had left her apartment, I stood outside her door for a few minutes and could hear this slut going at it again with her dildo. My goodness, this whore never stops pleasing herself. Has I was making my way downstairs to the bar, three lads were coming up the stairs. Now the upstairs only as one door and that meant one thing, Sue the dirty filthy slutty whore cunt was about to get 3 more cocks for herself, the dirty cunt.

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