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The Hastings Whore - Part 1

The Hastings Whore
On Wednesday 3rd September 2012, me and my friends travelled down to Hastings for a friends engagement do. We arrived around about 3pm and made our way to the hotel we were staying at. Around 6pm, we left the Hotel and made our way to a pub called the Anchor before going to the engagement party.

We arrived at the Anchor and it looked pretty busy. We got ourselves a table and decided a round or 2. Most of the lads including me are single and we thought, whilst we are down here, we could enjoy the company of some nice looking women from Hastings but unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find any but my friends managed to grab themselves a bird each. But then I felt my lucked changed....

Around 15 minutes later, a woman walked in whom catched my eye straight away. She was slim, blonde with short hair, blue eyes and I’d say around about 5 ft 5. She came in all by herself and was at the bar, for 10+ mins, we continued to stare at each other for a few secs at a time but then I made my move, I walked up to her and asked would she like a drink and she said yes. We got chatting for half an hour and after couple of drinks, she did something that caught me off guard, she reached and grabbed my cock, I felt so turned on and she said would you like to go somewhere a bit quieter and I said yeah. So she led me out to the back into a dark and dirty alley way, what happened next is, was the best time ever....

She pushed me back against the wall and started to kiss me whilst undoing my jeans, I then slipped my fingers down her knickers and felt her slutty wet cunt. My goodness, I had never felt a wet cunt than hers. I shoved one finger deep into her slutty cunt and started to finger fuck her, she started to moan harder and harder, whilst we continued to kiss, I then took my finger out and sucked off her whore juices off my finger. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm best taste ever, she then went down and removed my boxer shorts and started to slowly suck on my cock whilst rubbing my balls, she then took one ball into her mouth, followed by another, I knew i had a perfect slut with me. She then started sucking on my cock again, with more faster and harder actions, then she went deeper and deeper, I grabbed the back of her head and f***ed her down more, she started gagging on my cock. I left her there for 6 secs and when she made her way back up, you could see all her saliva covering my cock.

I then saw a dirty empty vodka bottle and an idea came into my head. I made her lay on the floor which she did straight away, I shoved my cock back into her mouth but I slowly inserted the Vodka bottle deep into her pussy. After a few minutes, her pussy lips started to get wetter and her slutty pussy hole started to widen, whilst she continued to gag and suck the life out my cock. I shoved more and more of the bottle deep into her pussy. I removed it after a while and started to lick and suck her pussy, it was the best 69, ive had in a while. It was now time for me to fuck her hard.

I stuck my big hard cum covered cock deep into her wet abused and used pussy, i thought that this slut doesn’t want me to go slow, so i started hard and rough, gaining pace every second, thrusting my cock deep into her pussy, she was screaming out in pleasure, pulling her hair, shouting out abuse and fucking her hard was getting her more and more turned on. After 5 mins of intense hard fucking i took my cock out and she started rubbing her pussy and i could see huge loads of cum and piss starting to come out of her pussy. I then spat on her arse and stuck my cock in her abused and used arse. Again started off her hard and rough, gapping her arse even more than it already was, again she was screaming with so much pleasure and just wanting to be used like the whore she was.

Minute after minute, i kept switching from fucking her pussy to fucking her arse. Her slutty whore holes, opened up so much that I stuck the vodka bottle deep into her arse whilst my cock finished working on her pussy. I knew it was time to cum soon, so I went all out, going as hard as I could. She was screaming and moaning in so much pleasure, that i thought i don’t care who sees us, im loving every single second. Then the moment came, it was time for me to cum, I removed my cock as fast as I could and she opened her slutty mouth, I started to moan in so much pleasure as huge loads started to come out my cock and her mouth was started to be covered in my cum, once I finished cummin in her slutty pigwhore mouth, she sucked out the rest from my cock. I then asked her what she was going to do with the cum and she grabbed the dirty filthy vodka bottle that was stuck in her pussy and arse and she started to drop all that cum in to that bottle and she said she was going to take it home with her
and drink it when nessecary.

We then got changed as people where starting to wonder where I had got to and we both went back inside with smiling faces. Stay tune for part 2.

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