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Wife spanked by step dad

Wife spanked by step dad

My wife’s parents have always been strict disciplinarians, so my wife was used to corporal punishment. When she lived at her parent’s home, the punishments for my wife usually consisted of spankings to varying degrees.

For minor misdemeanours, my wife’s mother would usually take her over the knee for a hand spanking across her clothed or panty covered bottom and sometimes, if the misdemeanour warranted it, a spanking OTK on her bare bottom.

For serious incidents, my wife’s step dad would usually administer the punishment, which would require my wife to bend over and get a spanking usually with a slipper or in extreme cases, with a stick picked by herself from the garden.
My wife is now grown of course and is under my jurisdiction in terms of punishment; in fact her parents have not punished her since she was about 18 years of age.

I will tell you about an incident a couple of years back where unfortunately, my wife was stealing money from her mother’s purse when on visits. We confronted my wife about this and she broke down and confessed. I said to her step dad that I would make sure she was punished for this disgusting deed and he asked if I would object to him carrying out the punishment as it affected him. I of course agreed to this, as my wife really did behave disgustingly towards her parents.

We decided to get it over with then and there and my wife was made to go into the garden and break off some suitable twigs for her punishment.

It was decided she would go into the bedroom, strip naked and receive 30 whacks of the twig across her bare bottom, administered by her step dad. Myself and her mum were to witness the punishment.

My wife was of course very apprehensive about her step father seeing her naked body at her age, but that was all part of her humiliation.

My wife stripped naked and entered the bedroom where she was asked to stand ready for the punishment. We all gazed at her chubby, ample behind and I must admit, I was very excited at the prospect of seeing her punished, especially as her mother was also to witness it too, as was her step dad, who incidentally, had brought her up since she was 2 years old, so to all intents and purposes, he was the only father she had known.

Wife awaiting a whipping

It may sound harsh, but this is how her f****y had always dealt with bad behaviour so she was no stranger to this type of punishment. She had become very compliant over the years and never causes a fuss, but always submits to her fate with great reserve.

My wife was made to stand naked with her back to us for what seemed like and age. She was asked to recount her deeds as she did so and she was also asked to beg her step father for punishment, whilst standing there naked. We all stared at her full and rude bum, just waiting for her punishment. Her pale white orbs would be streaked with thin red welts when her stepdad had finished. “I am a very naughty girl daddy” she repeated “Please spank my naughty bottom sir”.

Finally her stepdad commenced the punishment. He stood to one side of her and began to whip her bottom with the twig as she stood next to him, sometimes she would bend forward slightly and sometimes she would stand. Never moving the defenceless target to his stokes. Methodically, he brought the twig swishing down on her bare arse, starting softer at first and gradually getting harder and harder. She didn’t make a sound apart from when her step father prompted her to thank him for the punishment, “thwack, thwack” as the twig repeatedly struck her bottom, the rhythm continued to beat a tattoo on her bare arse until all 30 had been applied.

Wifes bare bum whipped

Standing with her head down, she was ordered to kneel on the bed for 10 minutes before being able to go to the washroom and bath her sore arse. The welts were beginning to rise on her poor chubby bottom and it was looking like a tangled web of small raised areas all across both of her cheeks. Her pale bottom was now a pinkie, reddish colour. She eventually kissed her stepdad and her mum and was made to stand and show her punished bottom as a final humiliation.

We also took a picture of the after affects to remind her in the future of how badly she had behaved. Myself and her mother had say motionlessly watching from behind as her stepdad striped her chubby bum. Her stepdad got an eyeful of her full naked body and she had the extra punishment of appearing naked in front of her mum and dad and getting her large bottom tanned in front of them

We did record the incident so you can see how her naked bottom was whipped and how she was taught a lesson she will never forget.

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