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Oh those Kinky Japanese Guys!

Most of Japanese culture is about reserve, control, lowered eyes and the showing of respect, but there is a bathhouse in Tokyo where gay Japan shows the underbelly and repressed desires of Japanese gays. It is called 24 Kaisha Kan and is located in Asakasa, a "downtown" neighborhood of Tokyo. There are bathhouses in trendy Shinjuku which attracted the young, hip and hot Japanese boys, but in the late '80s, no foreigners were allowed. Needing to get a load off after long work days, I eventually found my way to 24 Kaisha Kan...and to sex heaven.

The clientle was a very "mixed" bag: regular blue collar guys, suit-and-tie salary men, Yakuza (Japanese mafia guys with the tattoos), daddies, chubs, young girlie boys and the occasional foreigner. The ages ranged over a wide spectrum. And the activities ranged from mutual jack off to group gang bangs and fisting. The bathhouse had 5 floors: the first floor with a check-in, locker room, sauna, showers and a large Japanese-style bath. The second-5th floors had long hallways of individual rooms plus a TV room, toilets, showers and group dark rooms.

My first visits were tentative as I needed to figure out the layout and the "signals" given out in the hallways and showers. As a foreigner, most often they merely wanted to see me naked and check out the size of my cock. I would have all the gentle, smiling and slighty d***k older men ask if they could touch my dick and then say "Wondafool!" and stagger away. The younger boys were a bit afraid of me, the "White Devil" they had been warned about for centuries. So, I played it easy, polite and laid back.

This was also before AIDS had entered Japan, so there was very little protection. Having visited in the next decade, free condoms arrived and "protected" sex was the norm. But not when my story takes place.

In the dark rooms and sauna: look the fuck out! Some of the dark rooms were pitch black - perhaps 30 feet long and only as wide as a body, so you had to step over and between the legs and arms lying there. There, I was grabbed, sucked, jerked off and manhandled. "Kissing" was not well known in the
'80s as the Japanese had never kissed during sex. It was a European-born behavior. I tried to train as many new generation boys as I could as, for me, kissing is a major part of the oral pleasures of sex.

The large dark rooms were where I usually ended up, as that is where the group stuff was going on. And there was some ambiant light so the writhing figures could be seen. Since we all wore cotton kimonos (called "Yukata") and everything in those rooms was done on tatami mats on the floor, I would find myself surrounded by curious, wanking guys while I was fucking or sucking. After I got used to being "watched" I found myself angling my body for better exposure for the voyeurs. Or pulling aside or completely shedding the Yukata, letting them see my cock going in and out of a moaning, needy man pussy or having my cock sucked. I tried my best to "show off" for the seated men who would often put their hands all over me while they wanked. Very hot...

In those large dark rooms, it was not uncommon for groups of 6-8 guys to get entangled jerking off, fucking, sucking, rimming, fisting, using dildos and sex toys they had brought. One of the hottest scenes there was when a buffed Alpha male brought his bottom in and wanted to watch him be fucked by everyone. When I shoved my white cock into his pussy boy, he actually leaned across the boy and started tongue-kissing me which made me ever hotter and then whispered into my ear "Please fuck my boy. Very hard with your white cock." I did as asked. At the end, he sucked his boy's ass juices and my cum off of my dick for me.

There were always bottoms lying on their stomachs - turned on by the "anonymous fuck" fantasy. Tops would feel their way around, assessing the size, shape and physicality of the waiting butts. One night, I shoved my way into a very appealing tight ass which was already lubed by the many (dozens?) of previous cocks. The cum literally ran out of that cunt and onto the mat. When I first slid my very-stiff dick into the cum-filled hole, the bottom let out a sound of pain. Turning his head and seeing that I was a foreigner, he let out a sigh of happiness, lifted his hips and spread his ass with his hands and I had one of the best deep-dicking, butt-churning, baby batter squishing-and-spurting fucks of my life. When I shot my load and collapsed onto him, his asshole gripped and clenched my dick. I returned several times that night to that cum dump throughout the evening, who would call out to me whenever I passed.

In the single rooms, more intimate encounters happened. One night I was stalked by a small, tight and tough-looking middle-aged gangster. I went into my room and he followed quickly, throwing off his Yukata and diving onto his stomach and spead his muscular ass. While I fucked him, I licked his tattoos. Another evening I invited a oouple of young, shy and inexperienced boys who wanted a "foreigner" experience. I very gently kissed and edged them with lots of nipple play, finally topping them both while they blushed and learned some new erotic skills. Another night a very hot young, muscular guy opened my unlocked door and entered. After we both enjoyed his flexing in the mirrors and some body worship, he laid on his back and lifted his muscled legs, offering his tight man-cunt to me. I slid in and began fucking me when he said: "Will you be my sponsor?" I slid my cock in and out of him, side-saddling and backwards fucking his incredible butt, finally lifting it and straddling his ass while plowing said: "About the sponsorship: Here comes my first deposit."

Ah, the good old days and some very hot memories of "Vintage lays in Tokyo."

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