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Used Like A BBC Whore

About a year ago while living in a hotel and living there as a Transexual I was used by a young black man as his whore for the night.

He moved in about two weeks ago with a couple friends. They where maybe 5 rooms away from me on 1st floor. As the week wore on I would be coimg and going and would notice them watching me. When I would walk by they never said anything but one of the guys always smiled at me.

While one night I got a phone call and he said his name was Rick and he lived down the hall from me. He told me what he looked like and then I realized it was the young black guy that has been smiling at me. He said he would like to come down to my room and talk to me but he didn't want anyone to see him come there. I was scared and didn't really know him so I said no. The next night he knocked on my door and as I open it I could see him look around real nervous worried about who might see him talking to this tranny fag. He ask real quick if he could come in but again I said no and he left quickly. He was a really cute younger black guy about half my age and it did turn me on because I knew he want more than to talk with me. Well he called me a couple more times in the next week and at one point told me he was playing with his self thinking about me sucking his cock. Every time he would ask to come over but I would always say no.

Well the next friday night I had just taken a shower cleaned myself out and put my butt plug in, then got dressed sort of slutty as I had a friend who was coming over. This friend is a white guy who comes over for a bj once in awhile. I started drinking as I always do when he comes over. He was there for maybe a hour and I gave him a bj and he left. I had a couple more drinks and my phone rang and it was Rick asking if I would meet him. While I think I had enough to drink and I was still kind of horny from the bj I just gave or he just finally wore me down so I said yes. He told me to meet him behind the trash dumpster as he didn't want to chance anyone seeing him coming and going from my room. So I grabed a beer and headed to the dumpster. When I got there he was waiting. He didn't say anything just grab my hand and put it on his cock. Then he undid his pants and slide them down and out popped this beutiful 8 inch black cock. Again not saying a word he reached over and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. I took his cock in my mouth and loved the taste, it was so pretty and hard. I couldn't believe that here I was dressed like a whore and on my knees in the trash behind a garbage dumpster sucking black cock. The next thing I new he pulled me up turn me around and pushed on my back to bend me over. He reached up and pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties and hose down and I was thinking thankfully I was still a little lubed up from wearing my butt plug. The next thing I knew he was sliding his beautiful cock in and out of me. It hurt some but I was in heavenn getting fucked by him. After a few mins he pulled out grabed my shoulders and turn me around then pused me back to my knees. Again without saying anything he just pushed his cock to my mouth. I couldn't believe it but I just open my mouth and started sucking him again. After a few mins I could feel him getting ready to cum so I just sucked him harder and then he just started cumming in my mouth. After swallowing it all he pulled out and pulled his pants up and for the first time spoke to me, he said " wait five mins before you come out so know one sees you " then he turned and walk away.

I couldn't belive I was still kneeling in garbage with cum in my mouth and he just walk away. As I got up my panties and panty hose where filthy and one knee of my hose was tore. Waiting there for five mins I was thinking how I must look and how I was just used like a bbc whore. I felt kind of ashamed but also very excited to have been used by this cute young black guy.He never called me again and two days later they moved out. I will never forget him and my night as a BBC whore. I still dream about that night.

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