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X is for Xenia

My best girly-friend Yolanda gushed as she looked across the bar.

"Hey, isn't that James? He looks really hot tonight, wow. It's a pity he's married."

"Bitch!" I said jokingly and grinned at her.

Him. Her. Whatever.

I strained my neck to where 'she' was pointing and tried to recognize the person she was referring to. It was rather dark inside the club and all the bodies cramped together made it awfully hard for me to see if it really was my b*****r-in-law. Three hours of clubbing and three g-and-ts made it even worse and I wondered for a moment what the hell he could be doing here.

"It is him, it is James, yeah I guess it is. But why is he here?"

It came as a big surprise. Being happily married to my s****r, why should he be in a club like this where all naughty men and women and - well, you know - hang out on Friday night? I definitely had to know.

But that wasn't really my main concern. I've had this long sort-of crush on James, with his gorgeous brown locks, those muscled shoulders, and that bum. Girl, I swear my s****r married that bum. He's three years older than me, and my s****r is a year older than him. My s****r is hot - her boobs were almost as big as mine at 36C size - luckily mine are 38D. She has a great body, thanks to her efforts at the gym of course. She was fit and a little masculine amazingly when you think about it. So I guess I have the edge on that somehow. I was more into the voluptuous angle, with a slim waist, a round bum, and shapely legs that lead all the way up to - well, you know, again.

"Why don't you go over and say hi?" Yolanda said.

"I don't know. Maybe my s****r doesn't know he's here or something. I don't want to interrupt - maybe he's looking for a little fun tonight?" I replied.

I thought for a moment. Daft idea. Yolanda looked at me and grinned, raising her eyebrows. I could tell what she was thinking. Was I d***k enough to try it?

Then I noticed, and Yolanda noticed. Our mutual so-called-friend, Zelda, was looking towards my b*****r-in-law. I decided there and then, if he was going to go with a tranny that evening it wasn't going to be that bitch, it was going to be me! Yolanda had realised my hesitation.

"You're being stupid, Xenia. This is your chance to make a move on him!" she hissed.

She could see I was hot for James. And with the way the guy looked, anyone would want to be shagged by someone like him. OK then, straight or not, it was worth a try. I took a deep breath and took another shot of my gin.

"Do I look OK? Slutty enough?"

Yolanda just grinned.

"Well, Xenia my dear, let's see. Shoes - too high, skirt - way too short, tits - positively massive, nails and lips - way too red, almost feral. Yes, you'll do, definite totally slutty man-hunter. So get hunting!"

I raised myself from the stool and walked past Zelda and towards where James was standing at the bar with a few friends.

"Hi there James!" I said, almost shouting through the loud disco music.

James was caught off guard, looking around to see where the voice came from. From the way he looked towards me, it seems my s****r didn't really know where he was at the moment. His eyes finally rested on me, and I gulped in some air. I saw his eyes travel all the way from my sky-high stilettos up to my short leather skirt and to my halter top that revealed my cleavage.

"Er - Xenia, what you doing here?" he asked.

I was very gratified. OK so he was a bit tipsy but he'd remembered enough to know that when 'Xenia' went out on the town it was Xenia and not Geoff. I think he'd also worked out that introducing me as 'Geoff' would cause complications with his friends.

"I should be asking you that question."

The gin was having an effect, I was up for a bit of teasing. He laughed nervously, while three of his friends were eyeing me curiously. He introduced me to Peter and Mark and Freddie, and then pulled me away to avoid any more of their questions. Besides, one of the guys was already studying my big realistic-looking boobs.

"Xenia, don't tell Sandra, okay? I told her I was going to play some snooker with the guys but I didn't know they were coming here."

His lips were so close to my ear that it made the hairs on my neck stand up. I could smell his breath, I guess he had been drinking quite a bit too.

"Oh sure - for a favour."

I smiled flirtatiously. Yolanda was right. This was MY big chance. James stared at me quizzically as I downed the rest of my gin in one.

"What's that?"

My eyes went to the dance floor. I could see my b*****r-in-law's three friends watching us. Watching James chatting up a hot-looking tart. I realised I needed to persuade him.

"Come on James. Dance with me. Show your mates you can still pull."

I knew I was d***k but I was rational enough not to actually say 'Hey James! I want you!'

He smiled at the idea, still looking nervous. He was probably worried for a moment that I would tell my s****r. Well even if he didn't dance with me, I wouldn't tell him on him. I adored the guy but he was straight as a die and married to my s****r. He grinned at me, appreciating the humour in the situation.

"OK babe!"

And I took his hand to lead him onto the small dance floor where everyone was trying to create a space for themselves. It was rather cramped, we had to squeeze our bodies in. I felt somehow awkward, but from the word go I was loving it, feeling his hard chest pushed against my boobs. I could feel myself getting hot, I grinned at him and reached up to slide my arms around his neck and place my cheek next to his. James didn't seem to mind though. I don't know if it was because he was also a bit tipsy already or that he really was thinking of me as his little s****r-in-law after all. Or that I could always blackmail him into doing whatever I want, within reason, by suggesting I tell Sandra about his little outing to 'The Pink Panther'.

"Well James, how is it? Dancing with your s****r-in-law?"

My heart was throbbing!

"s****r-in-law! Ha!"

"James, can I remind you? I assume you don't want me to tell Sandra you came with your mates to a gay club - just to look and sneer, I suppose."

"Oh Shit. OK Xenia, you win. We'll just dance a while. OK?"

So we did, we just danced that way for awhile. Until I had the courage to chance my arm a little, to begin to sensuously rub my soft body against his. He was over six foot tall, about six or seven inches taller than me. But with the help of my high heels his hips were near my own. The music started slow again so I lay my head on his chest while smelling his masculine odour through his shirt. I shivered as I realised his hands were slowly creeping down from my waist to my bum. d***k or not, he was getting frisky and I loved it! I felt his palms squeezing my arse-cheeks so I pushed my crotch closer to his until I felt what I needed to feel, the proof of my feminine wiles, the evidence that I could be a sexy woman. His hard-on!

"Xenia - I - I'm sorry."

He'd suddenly realised the situation he was in. He raised his hands and slightly pushed me away. But I stared back into his eyes and placed my hands on his belt, pulling his hard cock back to where my own member was beginning to react.

"It's okay, James," I purred, grinding my soft hips against his. "Enjoy the moment, enjoy your wife's s****r, and don't pretend I don't turn you on!"

And there, in the middle of the little dance floor in the bar, I leaned over and nibbled gently on my b*****r-in-law's ear, allowing him to experience my sensuality, indeed my sexuality, for the first time. He was shocked at what I did first but I was clearly pressing so many of his buttons. As he began to gyrate his body closer to mine I deftly slipped a hand between us and touched the outline of his cock through his jeans. He bit his lower lip, he was clearly trying to work out what was happening here. His 's****r-in-law' was actually coming on to him! He stared down at my luscious lips and my grey eyes and must have seen the lust in them. This was now or never. I touched his lips with mine, once, twice, then longer as my tongue invaded his mouth.

"God James, that is SO good," I breathed as we separated.

"Oh no, we shouldn't ..."

He managed to groan while my red-taloned hands opened his zip and gently reached for his cock. It was slightly wet with pre-cum. I rolled my fingers up and down the head. Shit, it felt so good that I wanted to kneel down there and then and put it in my mouth.

"Oh James - I want you so bad," I murmured as he slipped a hand inside my top and cupped my breast, squeezing my nipple through the thin fabric of my bra.

"Xenia - I'm married to your s****r, and you're ....."

He kept on protesting. He backed off from saying 'you're her b*****r,' but he kept fondling my tits.

"She doesn't have to know baby, don't hold back!"

I leaned over and licked his neck up to his earlobe again. This clearly had the desired effect, James reached his hand underneath my skirt and started stroking me through my silky black thong. I felt so horny! I thought I was going to cum there and then on the dance floor.

"Oooooh, baby," I breathed softly.

I gasped when I felt him trying to slip a finger inside my thong. And when he slightly did...I just quaked! Surely he wasn't that pissed? He hadn't forgotten what he'd find there? And he was nearly there.

"Oh my God, James, yes, YES, right there. Oooooh.....!"

Suddenly - the slow music I'd been seducing him to changed into a fast tune and we were brought back to reality. The moment was gone! Shit!

"Xenia - I've got to - I'm sorry."

He pulled his hand out and turned and was gone before I could say anything. I stood there alone for several seconds, wondering at what might have been. When I went back to the bar, he was nowhere to be found.

Yolanda was sitting, she'd been watching the action.

"Jesus, Xenia, you're good. So fucking good. I was getting horny myself just watching you!"

"Fuck it!" I swore. "I fucking nearly had him then, God, Yolanda, Sandra is SO lucky, she gets his gorgeous cock damn near every night. I just want it up me once! It's not fair!"

"Tell me about it! The only hint I've had of a pull all night is that guy over there, in the blue shirt."

I looked in the direction she was indicating and just had to laugh. He was smiling at us, especially at Yolanda, he actually looked quite nice but he was about 5' 2.

"Him and a ladder!" I joked, and Yolanda and I just hugged and laughed.

She's lovely, Yolanda is. Gorgeous hair, brilliant at her make-up and so on, very into p.v.c. micro-skirts and long, long, long sexy legs. Basically an extremely fuck-able body, she'd be really convincing if she hadn't been 6' 4 in her stocking feet.

I remembered her at the T-party the previous Christmas - an oddly innocent sounding name for the event of extended debauchery which had started on New Year's Eve and gone on until about the fourth, I think. Yolanda in six-inch stilettos, a sight to behold, nearly 7' high and surrounded by extremely rampant guys desperate to slide their cocks into that lighthouse of a slut.

I downed most of my g-and-t in one, then turned to my friend.

"I really thought I was finally going to get James tonight but I guess it just wasn't meant to happen. It's time to give up and go home, I think."

When we went out in the chilly night, I fumbled inside my handbag for my phone to call a taxi . I was standing there ready to put the phone to my ear when I realised I was next to James's car. He hadn't gone! I heard a brief shuffling sound as someone came up behind me.

"Well, Xenia? Do you want me?"

Two hands were creeping round my waist, one of them immediately and expertly beginning to caress a boob.

"Yes, oh yes." I murmured, feeling his crotch pressing on my arse as my own libido rapidly went through the roof again.

"Then get in."

He leant over towards his car, and opened the door. He pushed me into the back seat. I managed to glance out at Yolanda, still on the path, she'd witnessed my 'a*****ion'. She broke into a huge grin and winked at me. She'd probably have done more if the small guy from inside bar hadn't, at that moment, appeared from nowhere and thrust a hand up her skirt. I never did see what happened to him. Or her.

I've always, in my calculations of travel times, reckoned that James and Sandra lived about ten minutes from the town centre. I reckon that journey, that night, took four. As soon as James pulled into his drive I was out of the car and running as fast as I could on those heels towards his front door. There was no light on, clearly Sandra wasn't in, though I didn't remember her saying anything about going out or away. Well, as the well-known saying nearly says, when the s****r's away ...

Once inside I dashed towards the bathroom. James was right behind me.

"Hell, Xenia, I got to pee."

"Go pee in the garden, honey, then get me a very big drink. Stay hard honey, I'm horny as hell!"

I kissed him quick and hard on the mouth, then turned and shoved the bathroom door. Once inside I locked the door. I whipped my skirt up and thong down and pissed myself. Standing over the pan as it flushed, I grabbed the tube from my bag, shoved it into my arse, and squeezed.

'No time for finesse, girl,' I thought. 'Just do it.'

Within a minute I'd stared into the mirror, re-done my lips and my gloss, added just a little extra mascara and swept Sandra's brush quickly through my hair. I stared at myself, amazed and delighted to be looking at the woman I'd turned myself into. And James? What was all that about? He wasn't totally tight, the fast drive had proved that, he'd driven fast but safe. Well, safe-ish. So how come my straight b*****r-in-law had developed the hots for his so-called s****r-in-law? I smiled at my reflection. Obvious really, I was SO HOT! Shit, I could do this, my so-called straight b*****r-in-law was about to be bent!

I opened the door and slithered sexily across the lounge, James was pouring the drinks. He saw me, saw the way I looked and the way I was looking at him, and took down half of his scotch in one go. I did likewise with almost all my gin.

'Stay cool, Xenia,' I heard myself think. 'And he's all yours!'

I didn't give my b*****r-in-law the chance to think twice, I just pushed him down onto the couch. I threw myself on top of him and pushed my lips onto his and my tongue into his mouth. He kissed me back while I was busily unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard cock. I wanted to taste him, I NEEDED to taste him, to suck out all his cum. His big hard roaming hands slipped my halter top off and hastily pulled off my bra to reveal my enhanced breasts.

"Jeez, baby, great tits! Sandra said you've got big tits. Wow, big nipples too, can I suck them?"

Maybe it was the drink, maybe not, whatever it was James was good at it. He lowered his head towards one fake nipple and sucked greedily on it. Hurray for high-strength adhesives! I threw my head back while I felt his other hand going down to unclasp my skirt and to pull down my thong. I was so hot that his fingers didn't find it hard to slide between my legs and over my thong. I felt like a teenager being groped in the bike sheds, but this was way better than anything I had in school!

"James, my baby, my honey, I need to suck you off" I moaned

I eased myself down and took his swollen cock in my mouth. I began by slightly licking the head and tracing my fingers on his balls, then I slid him all the way into my mouth until I could feel him hitting the back of my throat.

"Oh yes, yes Xenia, that's it baby, suck my cock, you slut!"

His dirty talk was turning me on so I let him keep on fucking my mouth, and concentrated my efforts on stretching my rich red lips to tease his balls. His fingers were busy too, he'd managed to reach round and slide his fingers into my arse while I sucked that gorgeous prick.

"Baby, shit, I'm there, I'm going to cum, oh my God, drink my cum, Xenia. Swallow it all - OOOHHH!!!"

I concentrated on the obvious pleasure I was giving him. I couldn't believe it. For years I'd wanted this to happen, always believing it would never happen, that it would stay an unfulfilled fantasy. And now my b*****r-in-law's cock was finally in mouth! It felt bad - wrong - immoral - and fucking hot at the same time!

My mouth speeded up until I felt James's balls tighten and his body spasm. Yes! A load of hot cum was pulsing out of James's cock and straight down to my throat. I just kept sucking it in, but his load way bigger than I'd imagined. I sat up and licked my lips hungrily.

"You are one hot babe," James groaned.

"Yes, honey and it's my turn now." I grinned.

Yolanda's words kept coming back - now or never - it's now or never. James's bleary eyes managed to smile back to me while I lowered my hand to his semi-hard cock, massaging it and bringing it back to life. It didn't take long, his lips reached for mine and within second's he'd stuck his tongue into my mouth as we French kissed. He started feeling me again with my fingers and I felt myself throbbing and throbbing. I was ready for an orgasm.

We parted our lips briefly, and James - looking very sober indeed - stared into my eyes.

"And you're one hell of a cock-sucker, babe, way better than your s****r. So, my dirty little slut, what would you like next? Or have you had enough?"

No way had I had enough, I was desperate for more, I might never get the chance again.

"Would you suck me, James? My love?"

What a question to ask. My own straight, or at least previously-straight , b*****r-in-law whose cock I'd just sucked off, asking him to actually suck a cock himself. He just grinned.

"Well, exchange is no robbery" he said.

On reflection it wasn't really an appropriate comment though at the time it seemed near enough. I shivered as his hand reached down inside my tight thong and my squashed erect cock popped out.

"OK baby, I've never done this before but - here goes!"

Within seconds I wasn't just hard, I was very hard, as he fondled my balls I was leaking pre-cum immediately. And within a minute I was screaming.

"Oh yes baby, YES! Make me cum James, I wanted this for so long, suck my clit baby, oh my baby!!!"

I groaned out loud as I felt a wave of my cum shoot straight down his throat as my own orgasm spread through me. He licked me off, adjusted his own pants, and sat up.

"Well, how did I do?"

"Fucking marvellous!" was all I could say.

I moved to adjust my own attire, sliding my limp penis between my legs and shifting my thong across to cover any non-feminine items.

"Don't cover yourself yet, Xenia" he said softly.


"I love staring at your big boobs and your gorgeous legs."

He smiled sweetly, in a way that encouraged me, really saying that everything was all right and what we did wasn't wrong or immoral or anything. Just very naughty.

"I couldn't help it James, I ..."

I didn't really want to apologize but wondered if I should. I had after all seduced him, to be honest. But he hushed me.

"It's OK baby, come here." He pulled me into his arms again. "No one has to know okay?"

I looked up at him and felt his cock getting hard again with my 'cunt' still near to his thighs. Was there going to be more?

Then, I jumped. I saw light, from headlamps, sweep across the closed curtains behind him. A car pulling in, Sandra was back. I looked at him, at my lover, he'd realised too that his wife had returned. Before he had time to panic I placed a red, long-taloned finger on his lips.

"Right. Zip up and clean up. Bathroom. I'm for the kitchen."
I moved towards the door, he didn't. He was still terrified at being found out.

"Move!" I hissed.

He did, suddenly, he zipped up and turned, I heard him rather noisily scrambling up the stairs. In the kitchen I quickly re-adjusted my panties and bra and top and skirt. I very quickly re-did my lip gloss and patted my hair back into place. I tripped through into the lounge and grabbed my handbag and my drink, then shot straight out of the back door. When Sandra came in half a minute later and came through she noticed the back door was open.

"Oh. Hello Geoff. What are you doing here?"

'Geoff!' Well, what else did I expect from my s****r?

"Hi Sandra. James gave me a lift."

Which was true, of course. I was sitting there with a cigarette and my vodka.

"Well, I thought you'd be somewhere getting shagged."


"Just been out with the girls. We called in at that 'Pink' place you trannies hang out at. One girl there, tall girl with a midget guy fondling his thighs, she said you'd been dancing with a really hot hunk."

"Oh. Right. I thought I'd pulled but he just vanished. Scared off I suppose. It happens."

Thank God Yolanda hadn't said who I was dancing with. Did she know Sandra? I thought perhaps she might but at least she hadn't said anything - untoward.

"So you met James?"

"Yes. As I left the club, I was looking for the guy. James was there, outside, going past. He saw me and offered me a lift back."

I stood up and rubbed my bare shoulders.

"It is still a bit nippy, let's go in."

My s****r and I went in and closed the door, she turned towards me.

"You really are amazing - er - Xenia. Flirting like that, with what you've got hidden in your panties. One day you're going to get a shock."

James came in from the hall, looking cleaned up and tidy-ish. He kissed Sandra on the cheek, poured himself a scotch-and-soda, and downed it in one.

"Well James, looks like I'm giving my tranny b*****r a lift home, you're obviously pretty pissed. Come on Xenia, I need to get to bed."

Behind Sandra's back, James leered at me as we left. There was satisfaction there - and there was also lust.

'Well Xenia,' I thought to myself. 'It looks like I'm really going to enjoy James and Sandra visiting at Christmas....'

In the four weeks up to Christmas I didn't see James once. OK so he and Sandra only live half a mile from us, but we generally moved in different circles. I missed out on two weekends dressing and shagging because of f****y commitments, but was cheered by the thought of Christmas dinner at home, with Sandra and James too. With my s****r-in-law and my b*****r. Wow!

We always have Christmas dinner together, the whole f****y. Mum and Dad and Sandra and her previously-straight husband and me. A couple of years earlier I'd invited a 'boyfriend'. OK so Mum had accepted him but Dad had been very wary. Specially since I was so obviously flirting with him after dinner. So, not again, not unless I could be really sure

So it was just the five of us again for dinner. I was a good girl, honestly, by now Dad is more used to his 'son' mincing round the house in a tight mini. And that Christmas Day was the first time I'd had any chance at all to get together with James. That first time, when he'd picked me up at the club and we ended up doing very tasty oral, it was still fresh in my mind. But I wanted, I NEEDED, him to shag me. I needed his cock up me. I didn't know how, but it just had to happen somehow.

Just sitting there, seeing James sitting opposite me across the f****y dining table, I couldn't help but feel something between my legs throb. He still looked so handsome, his short-sleeved shirt showed off his muscular arms and I was going crazy with desire. We continued to look meaningful glances in each other's direction, oblivious of the rest of the f****y gathered around for Christmas dinner. He just sat there, eyeing my 'boobs' through the sheer fabric of the lowest-cut dress I owned, the one I was wearing specially for his benefit. I think he realised that.

When I stood up to clear the glasses from the table, I knew he was staring at my long legs. That dress wasn't just tight and low-cut, it's as provocatively short as I dare wear in public without getting done for indecent exposure. James followed me into the kitchen carrying one of the empty wine bottles. As I put the glasses down I felt his arms round my waist.

"Christ, Xenia, you are looking HOT today!"

I turned and dared to slide a hand across his chest, kissing him quickly and lightly and then sexily whispering in his ear.

"And it's all yours, my lover, just say where and when. If you're man enough for me, of course."

I had to break off of course, we jumped apart as we heard someone. It was Mum - following us into the kitchen. Straight after that she and Dad vanished upstairs, we all knew why. It was a f****y tradition, every year after Christmas dinner. They still did it at other times of course.

And after that James and Sandra ended up sitting side-by-side on one sofa, with me on my own on the other. I could see my s****r leaning over to James's ear and squeezing his thigh. I admit it, OK, so I know he is her husband but I was still jealous. Why the fuck should Sandra have all the fun, just because she is his wife? I wanted some of him. What I didn't realise, irony of ironies, was that she was about to hand him to me. On a plate.

"James. Honey. Look, Xenia's all alone. On Christmas Day."

She was d***k. I'd given her a bottle of Bailey's that morning, I didn't realise until I glanced across that she'd already d***k most of it. She's a bit weird like that, Sandra, drinks like a fish and then suddenly goes ultra-tipsy when she hits some sort of threshold. Looking at her I could tell from experience, she'd just begun to slide down it. In about five minutes she'd either vomit her entire Christmas dinner over that sofa, or she'd just go to sl**p.

She was looking across at me, with that look on her face. That near-tipsy look. But there was something else, she was going into sibling-rivalry mode. She'd been upset ever since I'd been able to carry bigger boobs than her AND she'd realised I had better-looking legs. She was about to mock, to insult, to pull my strings, to make nasty comments about my transvestism.

I didn't realise she was for some reason upset with James too.

"Oh dear, James. She looks lonely. Why don't you go sit next to her? Next to HER!"

That's when the mocking tone started.

"Go on James, sit next to HER! Sit next to my s****r!"

"Sandra, please, maybe you need to rest....."

I wanted her to stop.

"No I don't, XENIA my dear. It is XENIA isn't it? Not Geoffrey! It can't be GEOFFREY, can it? Not with such a short skirt, can it? I mean, a guy wouldn't wear a skirt that short, only a real slut would do that!"

"Now, come on, Sandra. Calm down."

James was trying his best but she was in a mood, the alcohol effect was increasing.

"No, James, you fucking bastard, I won't. And if you're on her side, you may as well fucking move like I said. Go on, sit next to the bitch."

She pushed James. He had no choice, he moved and sat next to me. I hadn't time to react, hadn't time to start enjoying him sitting next to me, Sandra was winding up.

"Well, if you're going to fucking sit next to her, maybe you should give her a Christmas kiss. You're nearly under the mistletoe after all. Come on then, James, I want to see you kiss her."

James looked at me. I looked at him, then across at Sandra.

"Look, Sandra, if you're sure?"

She was giggling now, pleased with herself, she was trying to f***e her husband to kiss her tranny s****r. I don't know what he'd done to upset her but I was damn sure I was going to make the most of it.

"All right, James. You heard what Sandra said."

"I can't. Not with Sandra there, I can't."

"Yes you fucking can, James. Come on, kiss him -- her - and do it properly!"

I didn't wait any longer, I flung my arms round James's neck and pushed my lips to his. I kissed his lips, I worked on his lips, I pushed my tongue into his mouth, I wanted and needed him to respond. He didn't at first but after about fifteen seconds I felt his hand on my leg, sliding up my thigh. I thrust my tongue deeper into his mouth, I was having so much fun - and my s****r was watching us.

I looked over towards her as James and I ended our passionate embrace. She really was pissed. She was watching her husband necking with her transvestite 's****r' and actually enjoying it. More than that, she was encouraging us! OK, so she was mocking me and to an extent mocking James as well but I didn't care.

"I bet you enjoyed that didn't you, Xenia. My sexy tarty s****r, Xenia. Must be good to have a proper man instead of those pansies down at that gay club. So, come on James, see if you can get my s****r excited. Come on get her tits out. Her big bouncing so-called tits!"

James was distinctly unsure but, hell, I needed to make the most of the opportunity. I smiled in his direction.

"Come on James. Don't be shy. You'd like to see my boobs, wouldn't you?"

I was trying to encourage him without sounding too keen. But keen I was! I watched him nervously unfasten the top of my dress and pull it open, then unclip my front-fastening bra. My big tits flopped out.

"Come on James. I bet you'd even like to fuck her!"

We both turned to look in amazement at Sandra. Necking was one thing but actual sex? She looked towards us both, smiled inanely, closed her eyes, and slumped back against the cushions. I was pretty sure that when she did wake up she'd both have the hangover to end all hangovers, and not remember a thing about what she'd just seen. Or said. I turned to look at James.

"Want to fuck your s****r-in-law?" I hissed as I licked his neck.

James stared back at me. Maybe the exertion was sobering him up, bringing him to his senses. His wife's 's****r' was trying to get off with him and his wife had actually suggested it. I could see him just begin to hesitate, to wonder if this was right or wrong. But as far as I was concerned it was too late for that. I wanted him.

Quite quickly - he realised.

"Shit Xenia, I can't fuck you. God I wish I could, you're so hot, but you haven't got....."

I shut him up. I pushed my hot red lips onto his again and thrust my tongue down his throat. No way was Sandra's husband going to dump me because I had something between my legs. I sat up straight and lifted my bulging tits right there in front of his, my red nipples only inches from his face.

"You want to fuck my cunt, James? So, cum on honey, show your little s****r-in law what you're made of!"

"Xenia. I can't!"

"You fucking can!" I whispered, grabbing his hand and firmly pushing in between my bulging boobs. "OK so I'm different but - I've still got a pussy. It's just a different sort of pussy. You'd still like your cock up my cunt, wouldn't you?"

"For Pete's sake, Xenia - oh!"

I'd grabbed his hard cock through his pants. My lusting attitude and dirty talk were having an effect despite his wife being only about six feet from us.

"You know you want to, baby, you like the dirty talk, don't you. So, keep it quiet but talk dirty to me while we fuck. OK?"

My b*****r-in-law was sweating visibly. He realised -- the possibility.

"Oh God, yes Xenia. Oooooh baby yes, I want to fuck your wet cunt, you fucking slut."

He was groaning and moaning and then he did it, his fingers reached down and slid quickly up inside my tight mini-skirt, past my stocking tops, and almost straight into my thong. I was surprised just how quickly he accepted what he found in there. His fingers slid round and began to caress my cock. It didn't take long, within seconds I was as stiff and hard as I'd ever been. His hands were playing with my cock and my balls and we were both loving it.

I wanted to be quick, to take my chance. I unzipped him and grabbed his hardening cock myself and shuffled round to slide it into my arse. I moved myself back, feeling his stiffness rubbing the walls of my 'cunt' as it slid deeper. His hand kept fondling my balls as I pushed myself further down his pole. When it was all in, I started pumping myself against his cock, riding him like a horse. I was in ecstasy, this was what I always dreamed about, my gorgeous hot b*****r-in-law was shagging me. I moved up and down on his cock while his hand jerked faster and faster on my balls. He moved his hips higher in tune with my thrusts and I felt him fucking so, so deep up my arse. We kissed passionately, lips and tongues writhing, only occasionally surfacing for breath.

I needed him to be quick. Sandra was asl**p but I didn't know for how long.

"You want me to talk dirty, James?" I whispered.

"Oh, baby, yes, YES!"

"Oooooh Baby, cum on, cum for Xenia. Cum for your sweet hot slut Xenia, cum on lover, give my wet pussy all it wants. Oooooh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me hard and hot."

I just muttered dirtily to him over and over again as his movements became faster and harder, thrusting his hips against my bum. I reached my hand down and cupped his balls, massaging them in a frenzied manner.

"Xenia! You are hot, so hot, hotter than Sandra, hotter than my wife, hotter than - oh wow!! You're a fucking tart!" he muttered coarsely as I pumped up and down on his cock.

"Yes, I'm your little tranny slut of a s****r-in-law. I'm your little slut, James my darling, to suck and to fuck whenever you want, baby, and your little dirty Xenia will be there, to suck your big cock and to - OOOOHH!"

I moaned. I could feel my orgasm growing as I moved towards my peak. I lowered my head against his and took his mouth in mine, kissing him frantically and groaning my pleasure.

"Cum in me baby, I'm getting near," I whispered.

He grabbed me hard, putting his hands on my hips to push me harder onto his cock.

"Yeah, baby, I'm cumming!" he almost shouted.

I felt my 'pussy' tighten on his cock as it slid deeper, it slid - right in! His balls were right in, right up me, right up to my arse! I damn near screamed my delight even though he had to slide them out to carry on fucking me.

"Oooooh baby yes! Fuck me!"

I felt his balls tighten even more as my warm arse tightened on his cock.

"Xenia baby, I'm cumming!!"

And cum he did, wow, did he cum. My s****r's husband shot loads and loads of delightfully hot sticky semen deep up my arse. It didn't take long, I just bucked and rolled as my that gorgeous cock emptied itself up me. As he began to wilt I clamped my mouth to his in one final passionate orgasmic kiss.

I collapsed on top of him, sated, then slid down to sit beside him on the sofa. We both looked down at our two wilted cocks. As we sat there for a minute or two, James himself nodded off, a result of his own alcohol consumption during the day and his recent exertions. I gingerly picked up my skirt and my halter top. I kissed James as he slept.

"You, James, are fucking gorgeous. I love you."

Sandra was beginning to stir, just a little. I got up and sneaked into the kitchen to pull on my panties, to re-check my make-up, to make myself look decent again.

Decent? Me? No way!

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