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The Twins

Ten years ago I took in twins, a boy and a girl. They are now twenty two. When they went thru puberty I taught them everything I could about sex. We always have shared the same bed. The threesomes are amazing between us. My three year old son was fathered by the boy twin. His name is Jerry and the girl's name is Jenny. Jenny grew into a beautiful sexy woman. Sharing my bed with them is wonderful. The twins do not work as their job is hot sex with me. Sex with a 22 year old boy with a nine inch dick is the best. I plan to have one more baby with him.

I still nurse my 3 year old son and I plan to for a few more years. I love him sucking the milk from my tits. I also nurse the twins daily. Since I nurse all three my tits stay so full of milk. The more I nurse the more I seem to produce milk for them. My tits grew from a D to DDD. When I have my second c***d I will be nursing all four of them.

My son sl**ps in his room but the twins share my bed. We sl**p naked with me in the middle. Jerry fucks me every night with great stamina. And many days takes me to bed during the day. Jenny is a horny lover. She loves pussy and licks and tongue fucks me many times. I use my strap on with her and only allow Jerry to fuck her ass as I do not want him knocking her up. When she is ready for a baby I will find a man to breed her. It will probably be my uncle as he already has fucked her. He is forty five and loves her sexy body. Jenny loves a cock in her cunt more than the strap on so I let my uncle fuck her but only with a condom. She learned to suck cock by practicing on her b*****r and is a great cocksucker and Uncle Roy loves letting her suck his cock.

last night I nursed my son and put him to bed and then the three of us got naked and watched porn. The twins started by nursing me for about forty minutes then Jenny began to eat my pussy as I sucked Jerry's cock. I told Jerry to fuck my ass while Jenny ate my pussy. When this happened I went wild. Jenny had her tongue all the way in my cunt as Jerry had every inch of cock in my ass. I pulled Jenny around so I could finger her pussy and the harder I fingered her the better she fucked my cunt. I had three fingers deep in her wet cunt with one hand and holding her head tight to my pussy with the other. She knows when I push her head tight to the pussy it means lick and suck harder. I was covering her with cum. Then Jerry filled my ass with cum and as he pulled out I shoved Jenny to my ass to suck his cum from me. Jenny is my cum slut. She always cleans me after every fucking.

I put Jerry on his knees in front of Jenny as I strapped on my huge dildo. I had Jenny on her hands and knees sucking his cock as I rammed the dildo into her cunt and fucked her hard as she sucked. She took every inch of the dildo in her ass and every inch of her b*****r's cock in her mouth. We both were fucking her hard pounding both her holes. She began cumming faster and faster and that made me fuck her harder. Then I pulled out of her cunt and pushed into her ass, every inch of that big didlo and began to pound her ass as she sucked cock. Then Jerry filled her with a huge load of cum which she swallowed. She was a pro at cocksucking.

I then put Jerry on his hands and knees and Jenny in front of him with his head in her pussy and as he licked and sucked her I shoved the dildo in his ass and fucked him. I have been fucking his ass with dildos and fingers for years and he now can take a nice big rod in his ass. I may let Uncle Roy fuck his ass some day just so I can watch. Then he can fuck Uncle Roys ass. It will be great entertainment. Up till now Uncle Roy has only fucked Jenny. I may see how they do sucking each others cock too. I have a plan for Jerry to suck Uncle Roy as I suck Jerry and Jenny eats my pussy. Then Uncle Roy can fuck Jenny as much as he wants that night. My sexy twins are the best sex toys around.

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