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Double Debut, One has to win and fuck the loser

Please don’t copy and or redistribute the story in anyway without the consent and the person of the author and the main character herself. This Work Is Completely Fiction. I am not gay or bi-sexual what so ever. I’m straight and loves ladies. I’m expanding my writing to become a better writer. This story is about wrestling and male on male sex. Hope you enjoy this story and make yourself cum while reading. --------------

It was a cool summer evening and it was a good night for some good private wrestling action. Tonight it was a double debut match tonight and it was between Hank & me. We were wrestling tonight Naked Kombat style and we were gonna be very competitive in our match. Hank & me in our match will try to dominate each other by any means and by any fighting style. Hank is 69 years old, 5'9" tall, weighing in at 185 pounds. He may be older but he has a lot of experience in wrestling while in high school and college. He also learned gymnastics and acrobatics, including working on a t****ze. He has brown eyes, used to have brown hair but now what is left is grey. Hank’s Strategy in this match to wait until his younger opponent wares himself out and used his height and weight to gain control of his opponent and kick his ass in the match and humiliate him in this match. Now I on the other hand have never wrestled with another guy but have learned a lot of moves from tapes and workout whenever I have free time on my hands. I’m Richard and I’m 18 years old, I’m 5’4"tall, and weighing in at 124 pounds of skin and bones. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My strategy in this match is to use my agility and endurance at all times and to make my opponent ware himself out. We were on opposite sides of the wrestling stretching before the battle began and the referee brought us into the middle and told us there will be three rounds each 8 mins each and then the fighter who stays erect or most firm throughout the match is the winner and The winner will dominate his opponent in the final Sex Round with harsh sex and humiliation anything will be accepted until you decide you finished your victory good luck wrestlers and let’s get it on.

The first round was officially under way with both wrestlers going at it like wild tigers and using good wrestling holds like Hank used his famous headlock submission and his sl**perhold submission and it tried to make me submit but I will not quit on my opponent, I got in some sweet takedowns and some headlocks of my own and while he was on his stomach I went right after his ass and then did some heavy ass slapping and doing it one after the other and he tried to wiggle out of the hold but couldn’t and then I did some more ass slapping trying to make his ass red and then on his second try he wiggled his way out of the hold and toke me down with a takedown and then the bell sounded as the first round has officially ended.

We had a 2 min rest before the second round and I could see he was getting tired and then the bell sounded and then he came out for the second round with a lot of passion and just kick the living crap out of me using so many headlock submissions and did some hard shots to the gut making me hold my gut with my hands and He pushed my head into the mat like mopping up the floor and used his legs to wrap a body scissors and then I grabbed his cock and did some ball stroking while in the body scissors and it was clear that he was gonna be easy to make cum and I knew I had to focus on his cock because it was a mistake on his apart and then he got out of the body scissors and did a heavy take down and did some of his own ass slapping now focusing on my ass and making it hurt a bit and unlike him I got out right away and did a takedown and did full nelson submission hold locking it in tight and not letting go of my grip and watching him fade and I asked him ‘’do you wanna submit old man what do you say?’’ and he responded to the referee by saying ‘’yes I do submit’’ and I let go of the hold and we got up and started on our knees and then continued to wrestle and then the bell sounded for the end of the second round.

We took a 2 min break and then went on our knees to start the third round before the sex round and then when the bell sounded I went right after him sexually and did some takedowns and spreaded out his ass and wet my finger up and stuck it into his butt hole And it make him moan in pleasure and I keep the hold going until he got out of the move and did another take down and then while my ass was out in the open he did some crack licking and then I saw what he was doing and then got up onto my knees and did a headlock and cock stroked him and make him more erect than ever and then the final bell sounded as we stood up waiting for the referee to reveal the winner of the match and then a few seconds later he made his decision by raising my hand in victory. I stood up and said ‘’ready to see what a real man fucks like old man’’ and he nodded in response and then I reached for the strap on I borrowed from one of the winning lady wrestlers earlier in the evening and put up his ass and fucked him right in the middle of the mat and he screamed in pleasure as I was doing it and I asked him ’’who’s the fucking loser in this match’’ and he responded back screaming ’’I am the fucking loser I am always gonna be the fucking loser’’ and I smile and took the strap-on off his ass and I layed down on the mat and made him suck my cock with his mouth and he seemed to be a good cock sucker and it made him cum and I screamed at him ’’Did I say you could cum loser’’ and he shaked his head no and I slapped him in the face and said suck my cock until I see every part of my cock wet from you sucking on it and after a few mins he finally got every part of my cock wet I decided to make him my bitch by walking him like a dog and making him scream ‘’I’m a fucking loser who lost to a rookie’’ as I was walking him and slapping his ass hard when he did walk fast enough and after a couple more mins I decided to make him eat my asshole and every second he didn’t enjoy it I made him lick my asshole and say ‘’you’re a future champion’’ and then I enjoyed him licking my asshole and seeing him gag and enjoy at the same time and I then asked say you’re a slut, he responded back by saying ‘’I’m a fucking slutty ass bitch’’ and he put more words in the response and I loved that and I tortured him to no end and made him masterbate in front of me and he did what he was told and I watched him stick his finger in his asshole and watch a lot of cum come out of his ass and onto the floor and decided to make him clean up his mess. He went down on his knees and licked off the cum off the floor with his tongue and make him enjoy it like the slut he is and after he finished licking the cum off the floor and screamed at him knocked out ’’Now I’m the champion of this friendship bitch atleast you were a good slut because you suck at wrestling’’ after screaming at him, I said as I opened the door ‘’I’m going straight to the top’’ and shut the door as we finished our match and I leave the building.

After the match was over Hank retired from the sport of wrestling and decided to become my bitch forever and he had his own room in my home as he slept in a dog house and I became the world champion of wrestling and had more bitches like hank and Hank become my prized bitch and nobody could own him unless he wanted to teach the other bitches about me sexual for when he retired and I needed a new bitch to be my prize. The lesson ladies and gentleman the future dominates the past.

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