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My Girlfriend and Her s****r

Hi.. this is my first stody amd comments are welcomed.. i'll write more if you guys like :)

I was barely 18 at that time and i had a vey hot girlfriend, i really dont know her sizes but yeah she was a pretty hot babe with a big sweet ass and small round firm tits with big nippleS (lets call her alex). she had a s*s, 2 years elder and as hot as alex was with an ass almost as big as alex's and tits, a size or two bigger than her's (lets call her linda). and both of them had inherited big lips from their mother.

i was on very much friendly terms with linda she was a nice girl to talk to. i often spent time with her when i was waiting for alex to get home from her class.
me and alex had a very open relationship and we loved each other the way we were, and appreciated each other's sexual desires.
one day alex called me up, and very excitedly told me that her parents will be out of town for a day or two and they will be leaving tomorow, and linda had her dance classes the very next day too. i had an instant hard on as we both decided to have a nice fuck while linda was away. i spent the whole night with my stiff cock poking out of my shorts, but i managed to get some sl**p.
the next day i drove to my girlfriends place and when i entered the living room i was thunderstruck. the house was lit only my the light provided by numerous candels. waking on a little further i saw my girlfriend sitting on the sofa with nothing but a red hot lacy bra and a matching thong. she obviously saw of my rockhard 7 inch cock from my jeans and she took no time to get me naked and i started by kissing her passionately slowly careessing her nipple by my left hand and rubbing her wet cilt by my right . i loved her taste, so occasionally i would stop kissing her and smell and lick the wetness of her pussy off my fingers. then she put a hand to my chest as if indicating me to stop, so i did. she bent to her knees looking me in the eyes as she did so. while licking the head of my pinkish cock she was rubbing her cilt with the right and occaionally leaving her pussy to play with my balls. and just as she just as she slipped more than half of my cock and i thought i was going to have the best dday of my life, the door of the living room opened with a loud noise, and there stood linda.

to be cont.

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