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More of the Ther****t....3

A week had passed snce my encounter with Liz. I was hard at work when our receptionist called the wareehouse saying. "You have a visitor in the office." I walked across the lot and into the back door of the office, and was shocked to see Liz standing at the counter. "Hello, Trev," she smiled, "I was in the area and wondered if you'd like to get lunch." Donna, our receptionist, shot me an ice-cold look which to me was dripping with female jealousy, so just to be a jerk, I said, "Sure Liz...I'd love to get away from this place for a bit." She smiled widely, and said, "Let's go...I'll drive."

She looked like a classy runway model dressed in a white sailor suit dress with big gold buttons down the front, navy blue hosiery with white high heel pumps, and her hair was pinned back behind her ears. The dress fit her curvy body very nicely, and accentuated her bust line. Again, her makeup was perfect, and her bright red lipstick was a sexy contrast to her outfit. "See you in an hour," I said, getting only a scowl in reply. We walked into the parking lot and toward Liz's silver Chrysler convertible. I opened her door and she slid into the bucket seat in a fluid motion just enough to make her dress ride up a bit on her legs. I walked around and got into the passenger seat. We small-talked as we drove through the downtown area and headed west out toward the suburbs. She wore large sunglasses, but I could see her looking at me peripherally as we drove. Soon, we were heading out into semi-rural contry, so I asked where we were going to eat. She took her sunglasses off, and said, "I didn't mention eating." We turned off onto a narrow tree lined road which had once served as an access to an old fire tower. A small lake with a long gravel boat ramp sat at the end of the road, and surrounding it was literally nothing. Liz drove the car down the ramp and stopped under a stand of huge willow trees.

She pushed her seat all the way back, and sat crosswise with her nylonned legs facing me. "Do you like my outfit?", she asked. I told her it was very classy and suited her well. As I spoke, she reached under her dress and pulled her shiny white panty off, setting it on the dashboard. I was a bit surprised, and before I could react, she unbuttoned her dress exposing her shiny white bra, smooth-shaven kitty, and the navy blue stay up stockings she was wearing. I became instantly hard, and she said, "Take it out and give it to me right here in the car...I've been so horny for you." I kicked off my boots and pulled my jeans off, letting her see I wasn't wearing briefs. "Mmmmm...", she said, "That looks so tasty." She moved over and went down on me taking long, slow sucks of my rock hard penis. I rubbed her breasts and nipples through her bra, and caressed her thighs. "I had a sexy navy blue half slip on earlier, but took it off knowing it would be in the way," she whispered. I told her I would insist on having her make that up to me, and she told me she fully intended to do just that.

I shifted my position, and she climbed on top of me impaling her wet kitty onto my throbbing penis. "Oh my God," she gasped, and began to thrust against me. I bit her nipples through the bra fabric, and she let out low moans and gasps. I held her hips and ass as she ground hard on my penis, and soon, she breathlessly gasped, "Shoot your load into me...I NEED to feel it !!" I was close, but wanted to fill her properly, so I said, "Climb into the back seat." She was back there in an instant, and laid with her legs spread. Her kitty was glistening wet, and her clitoris was fully erect. I got between her legs and pushed myself fully into her. I could feel the silky texture of her stockings against my thighs, and her heels digging into my calves. She was in the midst of telling me to "pump her full", when I pushed hard, hit her cervix, and sent her into a screaming climax. I exploded into her at the same time, and pumped spurt after spurt of hot semen into her.

After a bit, I pulled out of her, we arranged ourselves, and sat quietly in the car. "I want to see you tonite, Trev...I have a favour to ask of you." I agreed, and we settled on 8:00 P.M. She applied fresh lipstick, brushed her hair, and we headed back to my work. "I have a client coming at 1:15," she said, "and I'll make it." I looked at her and said, "I certainly hope your client WON'T be cumming....." She kissed me on the cheek and said, "Not a chance."

I deliberately walked through the office, and got the "Well, did you enjoy your lunch?" from our receptionist. I stopped, looked her straight in the eyes, and said, "Nothing like a nice HOT lunch to satisfy a guy," and walked back to the warehouse.

I spent the rest of the day with aching balls and the anticipation of what the coming night with Liz would bring.

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