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Last part of BBC and white guy for Sasha

Hit the wrong key that stopped the story short SORRY.........haha

So here is the rest of my fun with BBC and white guy.
After white guy damn near drowned me in cum, I kept him hard with a hj.
BBC was working my pussy over but good and I was really loving it. BBC had me soaked with pussy juice and precum. He was only able to get about 3/4 of his pole in my pussy that first time. White guy was hard and resting while rubbin my clit and sucking my puffy nipples. I was working his dick with my hand when I felt someone else on my other boob. Another guy was playing with my tit.
We actually had a group all around us watching us and playing with each other.
Tammy and Pasha were putting on a show for the three other guys and d*d.
They were in a 69 position with six hands making sure they were getting all the attention they wanted. D*D at some point started stroking his dick with the biggest smile on his face I was told later.

My BBC lasted for only about 15 minutes but it seemed like and hour of the most intense pleasure. I was filled with what felt like a quart of baby making juice. Lucky for me it did not make a baby. Some day I think my s****rs
and I should go on some type of birth control, yeah right. We luv the danger of becomin mommies............... White guy filled the spot between my legs when my BBC moved off of me. OMG, what a monster that dick of his was in thickness.
First my BBC man tired to f***e his way up to my belly, now white guy was tearing my soft, sweet, warm and cum filled pussy to and past my limit of stretching. I was in such a state of pleasure that I lost all sense of time, location, with the number of body shaking ORGASMS. I was again filled with baby making fluid. I wonder if that would make a spotted black and white baby?
haha I am not that brainless it is a JOKE.

We all needed a well deserved break, my stomach, legs and shoulders were having such hard spasms for the intensity of my many ORGASMS.
All of us went for a swimm in the pond and headed back to the Motor Coach and tents. None of us was up to making dinner so we headed into the small town for a late dinner. Three girls riding in a Motor Coach naked with 7 good looking guys makes for another story to come in the near future. We were all concered about Dad having to drive those back roads in the dark. But we made it and ate a great dinner at a local Bar/dinner.

Tammy, Pasha and I did not bother putting any clothes on and did not have any complaints from the other customers sitting in the picnic area. I was so excited and worried we may get arrested. This place was about 80 miles from any RMP of Canada to be much of a problem. The owner and his wife told us to come by any time, because their customer base for the summer rose just like the dicks. Dad said he did not think there were that many men in the area. But, I guess three naked red haired busty girls will bring them out of the woods.
Don't you think so?

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