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A day on the Water.

I had a nice little fishing boat near where I live and It was a lovely hot sunny day when I was waiting to go out for a days fishing, I was going on my own as I my mates had let me down and I was feeling really pissed off because of it. So when these two ladies started making comments about how I was waisting a lovely day drowning worms when I could be doing something more interesting I asked them what did they have in mind as I untied the bow rope, one of them came and jumped on board and called for her friend to come and join her she waved at us and said she would see us later, the lady on the boat with me asked me to take her back and I said, “No I’ll miss the tide if I do that!” Sit down and you can show me what you ment about doing something more interesting? As she went bright red and then said, “Well my friend and I was going to let you fuck us!” I looked at her and asked her, “So as your friend has chickened out are you going to fuck me instead?” She looked at me and then said, “ As long as you have me back intime to meet my husband as he has gone to play Golf with her husband.” She was not backing out like her friend had and after about 20 minuets I stopped the engin and put the anchor over the side, as I tied the boat up and settled down to put the lines in the water, I locked each rod into there rod rests and then I leaned over and washed my hands off. As I turned to this stranger and loked at her she removed her bikini top and showed her tit’s to me as she laid down on the bottom of the boat and looked up at me as she lifted her ass up and pulled her shorts down with the bikini bottoms and laid there naked, I pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts and she gasped at the size of my cock, then she asked me if I had a condom I looked at her and said, “NO, sorry I don’t pack them in my fishing tackle box!” She looked up at me with a worried look on her face and then said, “If you don’t cum inside me it will be OK!” I was so obviouse that she wanted to fuck my hard cock that she was going to fuck it no matter what.
So as I mounted her and then turned around to lick and suck her wet clit and dive into her open cunt to taste her juices, she gasped with pleasure and then sucked my cock into her wet mouth swollowing the whole of my shaft down her throat, we just lapped at each other for ages then as I spun around and placed my knob at her entrance she wimpered as she felt my cock part her lips and then I was sliding up her love tube and streaching her cunt wide open, as I pushed deep inside and she felt my cock pleasure her, hear I was entered inside a total stranger and she w****d her arms and legs right around me as my cock throbbed inside her. As she held me she shook violently and I could feel her cumming on my bare shaft as she coated me with her juices and I started to pull out untill only my knob was in her, as she started to protest thinking I was withdrawing from her then I lunged deep inside her making her squeel as I drilled up her married hole with my naked cock. The motion of the boat as it was rocking with the waves made her arch up her back to meet my thrusting cock, as I ploughed deep inside her willing pussy feeling her cum as it soaked my cock lubricating my shaft as we fucked.
Suddenly a big wave hit the boat and made her thrust up hard to meet me thrusting down and knocked the wind out of both of us as I shot my cum deep inside her unfaithfull pussy and I filled her with my firtile seed, she didn’t even realise I had cum in her so I continued to fuck her for ages. After a long time humping this lady she asked me when was I going to cum, I just looked at her and then said, “When you want me to!” She then said, “NOW! Cum in side me please?” How could I refuse this unfaithful married lady when she asked me so nicely and then I pumped her full of my cum again, as she took my load and I came in her for the second time she was thrashing around like a beached fish with her legs high in the air as she came with me, her body was so willing to fuck me that as I rolled her over and re-entered her from behind she pushed back to meet me thrusting cock and my empty balls slapped against her.
I was now fucking her while she looked over the side of the boat and as the rocking motion helped with the rhythm we fucked long and hard, after I warned her that I was about to cum again and she held me inplace so I could fill her with more of my thick creamy cum, this married lady was so hungry for my seed that she pushed hard against me so that not a drop was waisted. After a while I pulled out of her and reeled in the rods taking of a couple of small fish and re-baiting them. I was now ready for round two and as I pushed my cock back into her she bit my neck and held me close as she fucked her self up and down on my cock as she rolled me over and took control, I was so turned on by this woman that I was willing to do anything she asked me to do. We just fucked until the alarm on my watch told me that we had to go back in before the tied would make us stop out even longer, I had been fucking her for hours and I didn’t know, but my back was sun burnt I looked like a Lobster as she got dressed I sliped over the side and had a quick swim then climbing back on board i got dressed and then I pulled the anchor and we headed back to the harbour.
When we arrived back at my mooring she just jumped off the boat and then asked me, “ will you be hear again tomorrow? “ I replyed, “yes!” and she was walking up the slipway as she turned to me and then called back, “I will see you again tomorrow!” She wanted another fuck and I did to, she was hear for another 10 days and I wanted to fuck her each day but that is another story. I saw her friend standing at the top looking over the wall as I packed up my gear and she waved at me.

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