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I stripped for my friends Mum and more.

I was invited to my mates mums 50th birthday party and as I had always got on really well with her I use to call her Mum, John’s mum was a very sexy lady and had very large tit’s, I was 8 years older than John and I really fancied his mum and had seen her in her underware a couple of times, she always wore stockings and looked really classy, her husband was not a well man as he had a heart condition and I found out one after noon when I was around there house that she had not had any sex for 15 years because of her husband not being able to get an erection after his first heart attack.
So on the night of the party I turned up with my girlfriend and we gave John’s mum her card and a present, she gave me a big kiss and thanked me very much. I noticed that John’s dad was not there and was told that Mr C. Was not well and had gone to a nursing home for a few days. As the party went on I ended up having a blazing row with my girlfriend and she told me it was over she was going to go back out with her ex boyfriend. I told her to go and with that she walked out and left me there at the party, john came over to see if I was OK and just after his mum came over as well and she told me I was better off with out her any way. So John got me another drink and I spent the next hour getting totally smashed.
I was well pissed by the time the party was at the point where there was going to be some silly games and then I was paired off with Mrs C. I had to stand back to back with her and roll a ballon down and go between her legs and up the other side till we where face to face. Well as I went down and between her leg’s I had to look up as I went under her skirt and to my shock she had no panties on, I could see john’s mum’s naked pussy just inches from my face. Well when I came up the other side she winked at me and I felt my cock twitch. As I was a good dancer john asked me to do him a favour and give his mum and strip O’ gram, so when they sat her on a chair in the middle of the dance floor and the music started to play, the look on her face was a picture as she saw me start to dance for her and strip off my clothes, as I took more off and Mrs C. Saw more of my naked body I herd some one say, “I bet he wont do the full monty!” Well that made my mind up and as the music got to the end I pulled down my boxers and Mrs C had my erection in her face. She just looked at me and then I realised what I had done so I ran into the gents to hide. My mate came in with my clothes and thanked me for doing it. He was telling me how happy I had made his mum feel and then a couple of my other mates where there saying how great It was to see all the women getting excited as I stripped and that I should do it for a living, one even asked If I would do it at his mum’s birthday party in a couple of months time.
Well I stayed out the back for about an hour as I had sobbered up really quickly and was a bit embarresed about stripping for my friends mum and having an erection at the end that nearly hit her on the nose. Mrs C came out to find me and I started to appologise to her she put her finger on my lip’s to shut me up and then said, “ Thank you!” I didn’t understand. As she continued, “ It’s a real compliment that you had an erection for me and I wanted to suck your cock when I saw it!”
I was shocked at her honesty and then she said, “ come in with me and sit next to me for a while please?” How could I refuse her she looked so sexy and then she said, “ I have cum three times to night watching you! That’s why I’m not wareing any panties!” With that she kissed me full on the lips and her tongue was probing into my mouth as we kissed and her hand felt my bulge, Then she lead me out to where she was sitting and I sat there with her till the party finished.
At the end of the night I was not sure what was going on and when Mrs C pulled me into her Taxi I just went with her, as we arrived at her house she payed the driver and then I had to help her up the path to her front door and then fumbeling for the key she opened the door and we stummbled inside the hall, as she fell over and sat on the stairs I closed the door and turning to her she held out her hand and unzipped my trousers and pulled out my still hard cock and stuck it in her mouth, giving me the best blowjob I had ever had, with in a minuet I shot my cum down her throat and as she wanked my hard shaft, looking up at me she asked, “ So are you going to stay the night and fuck me?” I just nodded and we walked up the stairs to her bed room, There was a big double bed there and she closed the curtains then she sat me in this chair and she started to strip for me and I watched her remove her dress and stand there in her underware, her red bra and suspender belt and her tanned stockings, with her mat of pubic hair looking so inviting I just lent forward and started to lick her clit and finger her wet pussy. Swhe pulled away and said, there is time for that later, I want your cock inside me NOW!” So as she laid back on her bed and spread her leg’s wide I pulled of my shirt and stepped out of my truosers and boxers and climbed on top of her, my cock head sloting into her open gash and then as I took my weight on my arms I thrust my bare knob inside Mrs C’s willing cunt and she squeeled as she felt my whole lenghtenter her for the first time.
I love the first time I enter a lady, the feeling of a new pussy sucking my cock into her is such a big turn on! As my ball’s came to rest on her ass cheeks and I wrapped my arms around her shoulders she was sobbing, I asked her why? “Did I hurt you?” “NO!” she replyed, “It’s just that I have not had a cock in me for so long, I have only ever fucked my husband and hear I am on my 50th birthday taking your young hard cock, It’s been 15 years since I had my hubby fuck me and I hope I don’t dissapoint you!” I tryed to reasure her that it’s a pleasure to be fucking her and that she Is a wonderful fuck and with that she kissed me as I slowly pulled my cock back out of her untill only my knob was in her then I thrust back inside her, slamming my balls against her as my knob hit her innerwalls, then I started to piston in and out of her in a steady rhythm. We just fucked against each other for the next 15 minuets, then I felt my balls tighten and I shot my cum inside her as she had her own orgasam.
She looked me in the eye as she realised I was not going soft and I continued to fuck her as she raised her stockinged leg’s and held them high, as I put one over each of my shoulders and plunged deep into her she gave out a soft moan, i started a steady rhythm and as my balls slapped her ass as my bare shaft pluged her willing pussy, I placed each hand on under her and onto each shoulder of her’s as I pulled my self inside her as deep as I could get, 20 minutes later I was cumming in side her again and as my knob came out with a plop, a river of cum ran down the crack of her ass and on to the clean sheet.
I fell asl**p and was woken up by the feeling of a wet mouth sucking my cock, as I opened my eye’s there she was about to mount me and fuck my hard cock again, as I felt my shaft slide into her and i watch her riding my cock her huge tit’s where bouncing up and down and I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my shaft, as it tryed to milk more cum out from my ball’s. What a fuck this lady was she just could not get enough of my young hard meat and she was not going to let me go now she had me in her bed. I had only been asl**p for half an hour and she rode me for the next 3 hours in many differant possitions, when I had her in the Doggy position she came so quick and bucked like a bitch on heat. She was a great fuck and I wanted more of her as we lay together after our marathon fuck session my cum dripping out of her well fucked and used cunt, her lips where red and puffy from the exercise that she had recived from my cock. Hear I was a 26 year old friend of her son and she was 24 years older than me. I wanted this night to last for ever and when I asked her if I could fuck her again she replyed that I had to service her at least once a week. We slept in till nearly 1 pm the next day and when John arrived Mrs C left me in her bed while she went and saw him John left as soon as he knew that she was OK not knowing that I had been fucking her most of the night.
I was in heaven my friends mum was having an affair with me and I was going to be fucking her as often as she would let me, but that’s another story.

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