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Durring The Night

For the past few weeks Malcolm’s Boyfriend Roland had been having trouble sl**ping at night, he would sl**p a couple hours then he would be awake again and unable to get back to sl**p again. Malcolm and Roland tried almost everything short of knocking Roland u*********s, Teas: Chamomile and Valerian Root, they also tried a few different over the counter sl**ping, pills even sex before bed, but even that did little to help get Roland to sl**p through the night. It got to the point where Roland was falling asl**p at work, in the middle of a conversation, and even once while he was driving, after that Malcolm insisted Roland go and talk to his doctor about his problem sl**ping.

When Roland got home the night after seeing his doctor he informed Malcolm that his doctor had prescribed him some powerful sl**ping medication, Roland was a bit hesitant about taking them but he really didn’t want to spend another night awake. To Malcolm’s surprise within a few minutes after taking one pill Roland was laying in bed wearing just his boxers and was out like a light.
Malcolm hadn't fallen asl**p yet, in fact he was horny but this was the most sl**p Malcolm had seen Roland get in months and he didn’t want to disturb his man and wake him up just to get some, but a mix of curiosity and horny got the better of Malcolm and he pulled the blanket back revealing Roland’s near naked body and he didn’t even flinch. Malcolm then reached down and gently pulled out Roland’s dick and started sucking on it.

Malcolm sucked and sucked till Roland was nice and hard but even that didn’t get Roland to budge from his sl**p, it did however leave Malcolm hornier than when he started and with a choice to make. Malcolm could continue with what he was doing or just wait it out. Malcolm decided to just pack it in and satisfy his horny in the morning when Roland was awake with some “Good Morning Sex”. Malcolm snuggled up next to Roland holding Roland’s dick in his hand, laid his head on Roland’s chest listening to his heartbeat like a lullaby and fell asl**p.

It could have been minutes, it could have been hours; but Malcolm woke up the familiar feeling of Roland on top of him in the missionary with his dick pushing against his hole, “these pills didn’t work either did they Ro?” Malcolm asked just waking up, “and just cause I had your dick in my hand, don’t mean you could just wake me up for sex” Malcolm said mostly joking but didn’t get any response from Roland besides more penis pushing, (did he lube my ass?) Malcolm wondered to himself both turned on and slightly offended that Roland started without him. Malcolm allowed Roland slid further into him but almost instantly Malcolm noticed something different in the way Roland was handling him, their sex life wasn’t bad but usually Roland was always so gentle with Malcolm, so sure to treat Malcolm like a delicate flower or a fragile c***d during sex but this was different, Roland didn’t seem to be holding back at all; in fact Roland seemed to be just going for it like an a****l who’s only focus was reaching orgasm, “oh god Ro” Malcolm said wrapping his arms around Roland enjoying the different brand of passion he was getting.

“Shit right there Ro, riiiiiight therrrreee” Malcolm moaned out lost on the waves of his own pleasure stroking on his dick, Roland grunted a couple times but nothing that sounded like coherent speech. Roland wasn’t being rough with Malcolm just a bit more aggressive than normal, like he was just taking what he wanted instead of asking for it, if Malcolm didn’t know better he would swear that it wasn’t Roland he was in bed with. “dabage” Roland blurted out, “what baby?” Malcolm asked completely confused but the only response he got was another hard thrust of Roland’s dick that f***ed Roland’s odd outburst of gibberish into the back of Malcolm’s mind as Roland’s dick pushed against Malcolm’s prostate. Malcolm loved the pleasure Roland was giving him in some ways it was almost like their first time together all over again; the exhilaration, the mystery, Malcolm was torn between enjoying himself and wondering why Roland all of a sudden decided to switch up his style but he couldn’t help but bask in his lovers touch “oh fuck Roland I’m bout to nut” Malcolm said jerking his dick then Malcolm’s dick erupted shooting all over his chest and stomach.
“unhhh” Roland let out in an exhale and his wild love making turned to slow gentle thrusts then Roland stopped moving all together.

Red warning lights started to go off in Malcolm's head, (Roland always tells me when he’s about to cum)Malcolm thought, Roland got off of Malcolm crawled to the end of the bed and stood up, “baby?” Malcolm said seeing the dark figure of Roland just standing there at the foot of the bed “Ro…” Malcolm said again before reaching over to turn on the light. In an instant bright light filled the room, Malcolm shielded his eyes with his hands till they adjusted to the light, when they finally he looked up to find Roland standing there naked with his eyes shut as if he was looking right through his eyelids down at Malcolm, “that’s no creepy” Malcolm commented still feeling excited from the pleasure he was getting. “Roland… Roland!” Malcolm said but didn’t get a reaction Roland just stood there, Malcolm scooted across the bed over to Roland it was then that he realized that Roland was fast asl**p, he was sl**pwalking, (had he been sl**pwalking the whole time?) Malcolm asked himself, (well, more like sl**p-fucking) Malcolm corrected his thought. Before Malcolm reached out to touch Roland, Roland walked back around and laid back down in bed like nothing happened, Malcolm wanted to wake him and tell Roland what happened but decided it could wait till morning and laid back down and went to sl**p with Roland.

The next morning…

Malcolm was up before Roland was, he was in the living room sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee and watching the morning news, “hey Mal” Roland said walking up behind Malcolm bending down and kissing his cheek, “morning Ro” Malcolm said, “how’d you sl**p?” Malcolm questioned with a smile still looking at the TV, “oh man like a baby, those pills are the shit” Roland explained walking into the kitchen, “yeah I aint slept like that in ages!” Roland shouted reaching for a mug, “yeah I bet” Malcolm said under his breath with a smile taking a sip of his coffee.

Malcolm thought hard on how to tell Roland what happened the night before, ease him into it or just come right out with it, “so you don’t remember nothing bout last night baby?!” Malcolm shouted to Roland, “no should I?” Roland asked walking back over to the couch and sitting down next to Malcolm, “no, no, but I have to ask… what’s “dabage” mean?” Malcolm asked making Roland spew out the coffee he had in his mouth then burst into hysterical laughter.
“Oh my god… where did you hear that Mal?” Roland asked as his laughter settled, “you said it in your sl**p last night” Malcolm responded looking, “I did” Roland said looking like he was trying hard not to laugh again, “its some dumb shit we used to say back in High School” Roland said getting up off the cough to get something to clean up the mess, “it don’t really mean a thing, but that also means that it can mean whatever the hell you want it to” Roland explained giggling as he did, “man I aint heard that in years” Roland added walking back with a towel, (I’m not gon tell him) Malcolm decided as he watched Roland clean up the coffee, (not yet anyway…) Malcolm thought wondering if what happened the night before would happen again if Roland kept taking those new pills.

The couple sat on the couch for a while watching TV, “well, I’ma go hop in the shower…” Roland said standing up off the couch, “you should come join me” he added shooting Malcolm that “I want some” look before he walked off to the bathroom.

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