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The Unexpected Encounter

This is just a Blog meant for fantasies and it means no disrespect towards anyone's caste, creed or religion.

6th September 2012
It was 3:30 In the afternoon. I had just completed my work and had arranged the bags of trash to be thrown off. Some of them had old documents, pictures of my ex girlfriend, letters and gifts. I thought I better throw them away since they tied me to her memories and even after 2 years of separation I felt it hard to move on.

I collected all the 3 bags and started to walk towards the door when I noticed it had gone dark outside. It had been three days since it started to rain again, and on each of the past three days it rained cats and dogs just about from 4pm to 8 or 8pm in the evening. Knowing that, I collected my umbrella along and made my way out of the house, locking the door behind.
I disposed off the trash and in the nearby sewer and walked towards the main road, I was feeling hungry and had to pick up some bread to eat later when I’d get back home.

As soon as I reached the edge of the road and was about to cross, heavens started to pour its heart out. I quickly opened my umbrella and crossed the road amidst the heavy traffic that had slowed down due to the weather. I collected a fresh pack of bread, noodles & milk, As I was heading back the rains started to get heavier. I was completely drenched by the time I reached the gates of my housing area. I entered the gates and picked up my pace towards my building.

I entered the premise of my building and was about to close my umbrella when I noticed Nabila was standing at the entrance with a broad smile.
Nabila was one of my ex’s close friends and throughout the years of my relationship with my ex she had grown comfortable and closer to me. She belonged from a conservative Muslim f****y who was not allowed to interact with too many men outsider her f****y. Clearly I had become an obvious exception to that rule. I myself had liked her and was fond of her. At first she was very conservative herself but as time passed she become more candid with me, we talked about almost everything under the sun after that, she used to share a lot of her feelings with me, asked for advise and had grown more closer after I broke up with my girl.

She was beautiful herself; she was 5 feet tall with having a fuller body with all the curves in the right places. She always dressed in traditional Indian Punjabi wear and her face always had layers of makeup which included lipstick that made her lips look pouty I thought. She always had kohl lined eyes which I thought was pretty seductive.

Watching her stand and smile at me made me think she was so beautiful. More so today, for some reason. She was wearing a red and white Punjabi suit, the kurta was wine red in color and pyjama & dupatta was white. She wore a equally red color lipstick.

“Having a party or something?” She asked playfully, looking at the bags in my hand.

“Yea, And you are invited” I replied being equally witty.

“So who else is coming?” She enquired

“Just me and best friend loneliness” I replied.

She smiled; she knew how hard the break up was on me.

As I started to walk past she called back.

“Hey, do u mind if I borrow your umbrella? I forgot mines and there is no one at my place right now”

“Its ok you can take mines” I said.

“Who should I send it with when I have to return?” She asked

Before I could say a word she herself filled in again.

“You know what Nigel, I’ll bring it back myself.”

“Be careful with the rains, Its pretty hard out there, the weather” I said with a smile and walked away.

I stayed at the 6th floor so I had to wait while the lift came to the ground floor, I was dripping from every part of my body, and the clothes had been drenched. I got in the lift as soon as it arrived and punched 6 on the pad.
The dripping water from my clothes left a trail behind me as I got off the lift and walked to the door of my apartment. I opened the door and made my way to the kitchen. I placed the bread and noodles on the kitchen counter and started to make some tea for me.

I kept the tea to boil and made my way to my bedroom. I took off my clothes, got naked, wiped all the water of my body and dried my hair. For a moment I checked out my robe less body in the mirror. “I wasn’t in too bad a shape despite putting on some weight off late” I thought. Suddenly my cell phone chirped. It was my mom calling to inform me that she would be late tonight. Now that I was sure that I wont be disturbed for another few hours, I decided to stay naked for a while.

I went into the kitchen to check on the tea when my doorbell rang. I was taken back by this sudden visitor, I kept wondering who it was since mom wasn’t supposed to arrive for another 5hours. I quickly looked for a dry pair of jeans and put it on.

I opened the door and to my surprise I found a totally drenched Nabila standing right outside my house. She watched the shock being flushed from my face and relief replacing it. She smiled watching me open the door shirt less.

“I just came to return your umbrella, couldn’t go out. Its raining very very hard out there” A clearly drenched Nabila said that to me, while handing over the umbrella and flashing a naughty smile.

“Why don’t you come in” I asked being kind.

“No, that’s ok. I just wanted to return the umbrella” she said

“If I remember well, you have no one at your place. Wasn’t that the reason you borrowed the umbrella in the first place?” I made a point.

Knowing I had a valid point she didn’t argue much and accepted my offer to come in. This was the first time she was coming into my house when there was no one else but only me in it. She had come earlier as well But then It was either when my ex gf was around or only to drop off the Eid delicacies.

She was drenched as just I was earlier and was dripping profusely. I gave her a small towel and asked if she’d like to change into some of my clothes. She was a tad uncomfortable at that and declined. She didn’t want to sit on my sofa since she was wet. She asked if she could sit in my balcony since I had replaced the normal railing in the balcony with a granite tile so we can use it as a sitting area there just before the balcony sill started.
I opened the balcony door for her and said her I’ll get some warm tea for her as I myself was planning to have some. She agreed and started drying her hair. I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked, since she was wet every time she moved her thin dress material hugged her body & her fair lustrous skin was visible.

I poured the hot tea in two cups and make a huge bowl of noodles for both of us.

As I took the tray with the tea cups and the bowl of noodles out to the balcony I caught her checking me out since I was not wearing any undies my jeans had slipped a little lower. This time she just gave a smile and I made a mental note of the naughtiness in it.

I handed a cup to her and said, “Sorry I didn’t find any more bowls so I just served all the noodles in one huge one. We’ll have to share from it.”

“Sharing is caring & you care for the people u like..” She said and winked.
Heavy cold winds and more rains made their presence felt in the next few minutes as we started to eat. The winds had bought some unexpected splashes of rain water inside through the sill and got her a little wetter while some of parts of my dry jeans no longer remained so. I quickly picked the bowl of noodles and she grabbed the tea cup and the tray and came into the living room. She locked the balcony door behind so no water came in.

She was still smiling naughtily. She held the bowl of noodles with a towel and asked, “Still in a mood to share the noodles?”

I said nothing, smiled and joined in with my fork.
Our eyes kept meeting as we stood there, just behind the closed door.

Occasionally our hands brushed each other. In the next few minutes we finished the bowl without speaking another word and drank our tea. I took the empty utensils in the kitchen and placed them in the sink. As I came out I saw her still standing in the same place, she refused to sit on the sofa saying she didn’t want to get the couch all wet nor did she want to change.
The room was still and quiet, all I could hear was the thundering of the clouds out in the sky. She stood in one corner of the room and me in the other. Occasionally, she would glance in my direction and when I caught her checking me out she used to look away.

The awkward silence amidst the thunder lingered for a while.

“Would u like to listen to some music?” I asked.

“Sure” She replied.

I put on my favorite English song’s CD. It had all the slow romantic numbers along with loads of music from Kenny G. I made some small talk while doing so. I caught her checking out my pants when I turned my gaze towards her. My pants had slipped a little lower and the outline of my pubic hair was visible.
She bit her lower lip and smiled as the speakers came to life and slow music made the environment more romantic. This time I returned her naughty smile and pulled my pants up.

“Like to dance”
I asked outstretching my right hand towards her.

“I haven’t danced like this before, I don’t know much of it” She replied.

“That’s ok, just hold me and let the music take control” I advised.

A little hesitantly, she gave her hand in mines and moved forward. I held her right hand in my left one and my other hand I held her around the waist. She kept her other hand and on my bare shoulder, as she did that I saw a different glint in her eyes.

For the next few moments we danced on some slow romantic songs, occasionally I’d turn her around and pull her closer as part of the dance steps. She was responding to them well and every time I touched her I could sense her breaths getting heavy. I must have been the first person to touch her the way I was touching.

At the end of a song she broke away. She saw my bare chest had got wet by her dupatta, since she was held very close to me. She kept looking at my wet chest and the all the hair I had on it and suddenly she touched my chest with one hand and rubbed the wet part with her palms lightly.

“It must have been due to your wet dupatta”
I explained.

She didn’t say a word, Instead she looked in my eyes, smiled and then with both her hands she started to feel my shoulders and slowly brought her hands down to my chest. She did this a couple of times and came closer.

Outside the thundering got louder, the rains got harder. The next song started as she came close and whispered into my ear “Would you like me to take off my dupatta?”

“Sure, It might help things” I said with a hint of a smile.

I sensed she was not only getting comfortable but even audacious. After rubbing my chest her hands made way to the back which made her come more closer and then she started feeling the behind of my shoulder and a little lower.

“Would you mind taking it off for me?” She requested, getting naughtier.

I didn’t say anything. I just moved my hands and took her dupatta off and threw it on the side table. The neck of her red kurta was deep which gave me a good view of her ample cleavage.
She smiled as I checked her cleavage, now I grabbed her by the waist and we started to dance slowly with the beats of the song.

“Liked what you saw?” She asked. I kept quiet, didn’t answer, just smiled. I didn’t knew how to react to this situation. Clearly she was seducing me & I quietly, I loved that. It had been a long while since I had touched a woman.

She kept touching my bare top with her hands, A couple of songs later she started to stroke my hair and with a single finger she touched my fore head and made her way down to my lips. I kissed her finger then but then her finger lingered over my lips.

I slowly opened my mouth and sucked her finger. Her eyes became bigger, I knew she liked that. She withdrew her finger and sucked it herself with delight.
While still moving to the slow beats of the song, she then buried her head in my chest. I smelled her hair and then the next moment I opened the clip that was holding her hair in a bun. She gripped me tighter and then started kissing my chest and then slowly sucked my right nipple.
Adrenalin had started to pump in my veins at an advanced speed. She now was staring at my eyes.

“Nigel, You know I always liked you a lot. I had a huge crush on you even when you were having an affair with Monali”

I was stumped at that. Then with both her hand she played with both of my nipples which had gone hard now and then she added, “I always used to imagine how you must be looking without your clothes on”

“You know, as a matter of fact even I have liked you a lot, I have even fantasized thinking of you”I confessed.

“Why Fantasize? I am infront of you now..” She said and her hands made way towards my pants and she rubbed her hands over my cock which was already hard by now.

She kissed my chest again and slowly made her way down until she was on her knees in front of me. The outline of my unshaved pubic area was still clearly visible. Her eyes grew bigger on seeing that, she touched the hair and then gave me a naughty look as she unbuttoned my pants.

“No undies I see, were you assuming already that this would happen?” She said with a huge smile.

I was a little perplexed and a little unsure.

“Listen Nabila, I am not sure if we should do this” I managed to say.

“I am not going to tell anyone, are you?”
She asked.

Without waiting for my answer, she unzipped my pants and pulled it down. I saw her eyes pop out at the sight of my erect cock.

“Aah! You have an Uncut cock! And it appears to be pretty thick if not too big” She announced, I just smiled.

“I love you having the pubic hair, gives you a manly look. I might not get to have a uncut cock after marriage cause u know we people cut the skin off” She added and I only nodded.

She then pushed me back on the couch and took the pants off my ankles, then she spread my legs as I sat comfortably and started to kiss my cock up and down and then sucked my balls.

“You don’t know to suck a cock, do you?”
I asked.

She was getting hornier by the minute and only replied, “No! Teach me master”

“Hold my cock with one hand and jerk it up and down a couple of times” She followed the Instructions as I had said them.

“Now slowly put my cock in your mouth and suck it from top to bottom twice” She again followed what I said.

“Now, pull the foreskin down and spit on the head of the cock & then jerk it well enough to get the entire cock wet and start sucking on it nonstop”

Without a word, she did what I said, I held her open hair behind her hair with one hand as she was performing a blow job on me and then with my other hand I explored her bosom. She moaned a little even with my cock in her mouth. I made her get to feet and withdrew my cock out of her mouth. Yet she still held my cock in her right hand and stroked it at a fast pace, Now I moaned and quickly I stopped her.

“Slowly, you don’t want me to come early” I said her.

I brutally held her hair now & pulled her towards me and kissed her. I let my tongue in her mouth and played with hers, in a few moments evens he started playing with her tongue along with stroking my cock slowly with one hand.
I then turned her around and opened the zip of her kurta and took the kurta off & threw it away. She turned around and kissed me while I unhooked her bra. She then took her bra off herself and threw it in a random direction. I shifted my attention towards her tits now and felt them with both my hands. She moaned again.

She then made me sit on the couch again, spread my legs and then sat on my lap offering her tits with her own hands. I accepted her offer and started sucking on her tits, while she stroked my cock with her hand. With my free hand, I then opened the lace of her pajama & ran my hands to the length of her thighs.
She noticed my cock had got a little harder once I made my way in her pajama’s, so he quickly got up and got rid of her pajama’s.

She was wearing a relatively small cotton white color panty. And she showed it off well to me, she turned around and moved her well rounded ass for me to see and then moved closer to me. With her back to me she slowly took support of my spread thighs and rubbed her ass on my hard cock, & It felt real good.
I couldn’t control myself more, I picked her up in my arms and took her to the bed room. I slowly kept her on the bed and closed the door & binds of the windows. It was still pouring out there and the dark cold climate added to our horniness.

I played with her tits as I sat on the bed and said, “Maybe its time to return the oral favor”

“Oooh! Yes Master, do as you like master, you own me tonight” She replied.
I wasn’t sure where this submissive nature of hers came from but I wasn’t complaining.

I took her panty off and I saw a clean virgin pussy at my disposal. Without wasting a moment I got between her legs and licked her pussy, with every movement she moaned and moaned louder everytime she felt good.

Her moaning had made me more hornier and I couldn’t control myself much.
I quickly got a towel and placed it below her, then spread her legs wide enough and slowly I started to rub my cock on her wet pussy and then slid it in. In the next few minutes she moaned a lot, I felt her wet fluids all over my cock. I thrust her more and with every thrust I somehow ignored her moaning and concentrated on my own pleasure..

My pace has increased and I was about to cum, so I present mindedly removed my throbbing cock from her pussy. I saw some amount of bl**d on the towel that I had placed beneath her.

“Quick, Suck it” I commanded her.

She followed it and this time somehow I felt she bettered her earlier performance. I came in her mouth while she sucked onto my cock and to my pleasant surprise she swallowed it without me giving her any directions. She didn’t need any directions after that, she cleaned my cock with her tongue after that and sucked my balls.

Sitting on her knees naked, she looked upto me and asked, “Would you like to have a personal slut master? Because I would love to serve that uncut cock of yours more”

I only smiled at her.

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