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house full of women might sound to some like hell on earth and to some others like a work free environment where a man could coast through doing no housework. Well I can tell you it has its ups and down but for me has been a wonderful experience.

Two years ago my Dad left my Mum and I and moved to the UK with his boyfriend. Yes it came as a surprise to Mum and I too, who would have thought Dad was a shirt lifter?

Well after Dad left Mum and I moved in with my two Aunties, Mum was the middle s****r of the three and was the only one to ever marry. I had to listen to a fair bit of the usual "we never liked him" style comments, but other than that it was nice to be in a house full of fussing female relatives.

I was encouraged to bring my friends home but especially any girlfriends, but I didn't have time for these as I spent all my time trying to make my Mum feel better. We spent all our spare time together and I had the shoulder Mum cried on. I learnt a lot about my Father, much more than I wanted to know especially the time Mum decided to tell me how Dad was terrible in bed and had never satisfied her. I had never thought of my Mother as a sexual being until that conversation. I found I also felt sympathy for her as it was unfair for a woman in her mid forties to have had a miserable sex life for 22 years of marriage.

Three of four days later, as I was leafing through a porno magazine and casually stroking my cock my thoughts wandered to Mum and how she had probably never felt the glow of a good orgasm and I was certain that Dad had never gone down on her, and I knew I would have been able to please her. However one does not do those things with ones Mum do they? Well I guess I am not supposed to think like that but I found myself think of her every time I masturbated.

She had a full week of night shift to work, she is a nurse, and I found myself alone in the house that week with her sl**ping until about 3pm each afternoon. That gave me plenty of time to get myself off with no fear of her hearing me as her room was on the other side of the house. On the Wednesday I had abandoned my porno magazines all together and with my eyes closed thought of her naked in her bed waiting for me to give her an orgasm. I stood up in my room and walked to my door, opened it and listened for any sign of life. I put one foot outside my bedroom and my heart raced, the pounding in my throat and ears matching the strokes of my hand on my cock. I slowly walked down the hall toward the lounge room, knowing that once in the lounge room I would be able to see her bedroom door.

The lounge room seemed like no-mans land, the last piece of land between my goal and the area with all the risk. I would have no where to hide if she came out of her room, but I took a deep breath and started my slow, naked walk across the room. It seemed that every sense in my body was amplified, the carpet felt course under my feet, the air around me bristled every hair on my body, the floor creaking rang in my ears and my hard cock was twitching to my touch. I made it to the bedroom door and found it ajar, putting my nose to the crack I could smell all my mother's smells and at that moment I had to stop touching my cock as I was sure I would cum.

I lowered myself to a crouching position and was about to slowly open the door when I realised that the Lou groom curtains were open with way too much light streaming in and this would surely awake my Mother as her room was very dark. I rose quickly and almost raced to the curtains, quickly pulled the draw string to close them and just as quickly returned to my crouching position at the bedroom door.

Slowly I opened the door, preying it didn't creak, and as it opened I could hear the rhythmic breathing of my sl**ping mother. I crawled to the foot of her bed with my heart in my throat. I felt sick and excited at the same time, and although I had slept with 4 or 5 other women in my time this felt like the first sexual experience I had ever really felt. Almost lying on the floor I arched my back to pop my head above the level of the side of the bed. There lay my mother, her dark brown hair half across her face, an arm above the doona but the rest of her body covered. I thought to myself "what the hell am I doing here, naked on the floor at the foot of my Mother's bed?"

As I decided to back out of the room slowly I noticed one of my Mother's feet just sticking out from under the cover, and I froze. It looked like there was no sheet covering her under the doona, so I bet if I lift the doona from the foot of the bed I will be able to see her naked body. That became my plan, so I slowly sat up at the foot of the bed. This had the level of the bed at my shoulders so if I hunched a bit I wouldn't need to lift the covers too high to have a good look.

I raised the cover and the first thing I noticed was that her other foot was pointing to the other side of the bed from the first foot I noticed, and I knew this meant her legs were spread apart. I felt giddy with anticipation and spat in my hand to ensure there was enough lubrication on my cock as I saw what I was sure would be a full view of my Mum's pussy. Wanking furiously I lifted the covers further and slowly revealed her legs merging together, leading my eyes to the ultimate prize.

The time had arrived and I knew it was only a matter of inches and I would see my Mother naked from the waist down. I raised the doona a little further and my breath caught in my chest, there as the faintest hint of dark hair seemingly casting a dark shadow over what I knew was her puffy cunt. I hadn't thought about being in a dark room looking under dark covers, so in my eagerness I got onto my knees so I could get the covers raised higher to allow more light to show me the way.

I was kneeling, stroking my cock looking at my Mother's beautiful pussy. I was stunned, my cock and my head pounding. The thump of my heart seemed to be ringing off the walls of the room as I looked at the light covering of dark hair and the almost bald outer lips of her pussy. I was sure I could see inner lips parting the darkened skin of her pussy and was sure I could smell the musty scent that was her womanhood. I started to come against the end of the bed staring at the most lovely sight as her legs snapped together.

"Stephen?" she said, "Is that you and what are you doing?"

I lowered the bed covers, my face burning and knowing full well that I was in more trouble than I could imagine, what could I have been thinking?

"Your naked?" a question I didn't need to answer, followed by a command I could no disobey "Get out of my room, now!"

I stood and walked out, hunched over trying to hide my withering cock and make sure no cum fell on the carpet. As I left the room I heard her say "I can't believe you would do this to me" followed by what sounded like a sob.

I sat in my room waiting for my Mother to come in and really give me a good telling off, but she never came, nor was she at the table for super. It only occurred to me as I sat there that my Auntie's weren't talking either and I was sure that Aunty Phyllis, Mum's older s****r, was scowling at me. The youngest of the three girls, Aunty Chris, gave me a very small smile and then returned to eating her meal.

I didn't see my Mother for four days, and when I did see her she asked me to sit at the table with her but on the opposite side. She asked me if I could tell her 2 things, why I had did what I did to her and did I have a good reason why I shouldn't be thrown out to find my own place to live. In her opinion I was old enough and this showed her that living with the 3 women was not doing me any good.

I cried, what else could I do? I appologised as much as I could and told her that I didn't have an answer for why I did that, maybe I was ill or something but please don't throw me out. "I have nowhere to go Mum" I said through my tears. I was sent back to my room as she wanted to talk to her s****rs about it because she wasn't sure any of them could trust me. My life was ruined, and all because my brain stops working when I have a hard on.

The days passed, nothing changed and I felt like a man waiting for the jury to come back to pronounce guilt. Mum wasn't really talking to me and I felt like an outcast in the house, so most of my evenings were spent in my room. I hadn't even so much as touched my cock since that day, and even though I knew wanking was the cause of all this the frustration got the better of me and I got one of my magazines out, stepping out of my pyjama pants at the same time.

I lay on my bed, and tried best to ignore the feelings of guilt while I looked at the pictures. I closed my eyes and tried to lose myself in the fantasy triggered by the girl in the picture. It was while I was miles away when I heard the worst noise of all, my door opening. There was an intake of breath before I got my eyes open, and as the door closed I saw my Aunty Chris standing there with one hand clamped over her mouth. Finally she said, with a smile "You're doing it again Stephen? And after all the trouble that erection of yours as caused. You know you have really upset your Mum?" she asked. I didn't need to answer but slowly nodded.

The silence killing me and I realised my hand was still wrapped around my shrinking cock, I removed my hand but then covered up with both hands as it occurred to me that laying there naked in front of my Aunty wasn't any better. "You would have been better off sneaking into my room to have a look at my pussy" Chris said. "I am much more open minded than the other 2 and besides my pussy is more your age."

I wasn't sure what to say but stared at her body which was much fuller than my Mother's. "You don't believe me do you?" she said and I must admit I didn't. "Well as a sign of good faith" and she opened her shirt to show me dark nipples visible through a very sheer purple bra. My cock jerked, and I longed to start stroking it as she slowly buttoned up.

"Well get back to it" she said and turned to leave my room. Just before shutting the door she poked her head back in and said "you know where my room is, right?" My cock exploded and it wasn't even fully erect.

That was 2 days ago, my Mum and I have started talking again and I understand how disappointed she is. Apparently my Aunty Chris appealed to her s****rs on my behalf; I was after all a hot bl**ded young man. Maybe I will sneak into her room.

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