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Maid To Order - By Bigsoftee

She was proud to be a personal housemaid like her mother had been. Her mother cleaned private estates for almost 20 years and now she was happy to take over for her mother who had decided to retire and move to Arizona for health reasons. After all those years of dusting she felt the good clean air would do her some good. Her mother only had six private cleaning clients, but they all paid very well. Strangely her mother never met some of her clients because they were gone by the time she got there to work. Taking over she could only manage to keep three or four clients. She was new in the business, and still going to college part-time, so she didn’t want to overload herself and make any clients unhappy with her inability to complete all their services. However, there was one client in particular that she kept intentionally, Mr. Farnsworth. From what her mother told her, he was a wealthy single gentleman who worked very hard with his home based consulting business. She had never met him in person but nonetheless he was strangely mesmerizing to her. He was a very demanding and direct person. For some reason whenever he gave her instructions over the phone or left a note on the foyer table as to what he wanted done that day she seemed captivated by his strong almost military like mannerisms and found herself anxiously waiting to see what the next day’s commands would be.

Every day for three weeks she worked feverishly trying to impress her new boss with her excellent cleaning abilities. He had mentioned in a note to her that he was happy with her service. But one day he left a slightly different note. In his note he made known his demand to have a more traditional French maid appearance. He told her that if she wanted to continue working for him she would now have to wear a uniform he would put out for her. She didn’t understand why he wanted this. They had never met. So what did it matter how she dressed. On the next day she found the uniform sitting neatly on the foyer table with a note on it stating, ‘Wear this tomorrow and you’ll make me happy’. So, she put on the maid’s outfit. It was definitely what you would call a French Maid’s outfit. It had a short black ruffled skirt with thin white lacey underwear, a very thin and cool white blouse with lacey shirtsleeves topped off with a little black and white cap. For her feet she was given black patent leather 4’ heels. Heels for house cleaning? That didn’t make sense to her but she would do anything to keep the job. Her mother never wore anything like that. In fact her mother looked more like a hillbilly in the way she dressed and she wondered how she managed to work for him. But, unlike her mother, she wanted to leave a more lasting impression on the people she worked for. Besides that, she liked the short and skimpy outfit. Wearing it made her feel much cooler during work on those hot days and she also found it a bit risqué. Something her mother would never let her wear. Until she moved out of her mother’s home her mother made her dress prim and proper.

That next afternoon when she arrived for work she rang the doorbell, as usual, and then let herself in with her own key. She had never seen or heard him in the house and for that matter, had still not met him yet. Despite that, she still announced herself. As had always happened in the past she got no response. So she put her coat in the hall closet and proceeded to the pantry to get out the cleaning supplies. As she gathered up her tools of the trade she noticed a note on the kitchen counter. She looked at it and realized the note was to her. In the note he left instructions on what chores to do that day and said that he was home but not feeling well and had gone to his room to rest and did not want to be disturbed. He also said that he might step out to the d**gstore if he felt up to it.

As she went about her normal cleaning activities everything seemed quite ordinary for the day. Then she as she worked her way down the hall towards his bedroom she occasionally heard soft muffled voices that seemed to be coming directly from the master bedroom. In the hallway, in a small niche was a telephone. The phone had two lines; one for home and one for his business. Neither line was lit up when she heard the voices so she presumed that he was home this time and that he might be talking in his sl**p or maybe just talking to himself. One room after another she did what she had been instructed to do and finally only had one room left; the master bedroom. As she approached the room she noticed the door was not closed and had been left ajar just a little bit. Not knowing if he was sl**ping or not she peeked thru the door jam but didn’t see anyone. The bed appeared slept in and she could see some clothing on the floor, but no site of him anywhere.

Opening the door very slowly, in almost a whisper she said, “Good day, it’s the maid. Is it okay to come in?” She got no reply and figured that maybe he had either slipped out the rear sliding doors onto the patio and went for a swim or left the house to go somewhere. The garage wasn’t too far from the backdoors so she thought maybe that’s where he had gone. She walked about the room picking up his clothes. As she reached down to pick up a pair of shoes sticking out from under the bed she noticed something else, possibly a plastic baggie or something like that, also under the bed. Bending over she grabbed at the unknown object and as she grabbed it she immediately felt it to be warm and a bit wet. As she pulled it from under the bed she came to realize that it was not a plastic baggie but a recently used prophylactic. Strangely enough, she held it up closely. She saw that there was fresh sperm in it; in fact quite a bit. Though she knew she was alone she looked about and then brought it even closer to her face. Taking in a breath through her nose she could sense a pungent but somewhat enticing fragrance of what was probably from a very heated sexual encounter. Since she hadn’t seen him or anyone else in the house she thought maybe he had sex with someone earlier in the day or he might have just masturbated and thrown it on the floor when he was done. Not knowing what to do with it she decided to flush it down the toilet. Walking into the bathroom she dangled the moist sheath from her fingertips like a dead bug. As she bent over to lift the toilet lid she sniffed it again now enjoying the strange scent. Then something in her peripheral vision caught her eye. Looking in the mirror she could now see him and a female standing in the corner of the shower drying off each other. They had their towels over their heads drying their hair. She felt they hadn’t seen her. She hadn’t heard the shower running so she felt she must have walked in just after they finished showering. Feeling very nervous and scared she felt frozen in her footprints. She was now extremely nervous about her predicament. As they started to remove the towels from their heads and begin to dry their torsos she was somewhat startled and she instinctively dropped the slippery rubber into the toilet and quickly turned and tip toed out. Once back in the master bedroom she grabbed the clothing she had picked up and tried to return them to the original positions they were in before she picked them up. She did not want him to be angry with her for coming into his room while he was there and she surely didn’t want him to know she was in his bathroom disposing of one of his playtime tools. Sure that she was complete in her tasks she left the room and closed the door. Briskly she went to the other end of the house where she had been working earlier.

She went about the house trying to look busy when after about five minutes he came down the hall dressed only in boxer shorts and approached her. “I’d like to have a word with you after my guest leaves. Once she is gone I want to see you in my office.” She nodded to him letting him know she would obey his demand. As she did she looked past his shoulder she noticed a very tall and lean statuesque brunette walk out of his room and down the hallway towards them. She walked up to him and whispered something in his ear. They both turned and walked towards the front door. With his arm around her, his hand on her ass, he glanced back at the maid and then opened the door for his date. He then walked her out to her car and bid her farewell. Watching thru the opened front door she saw him turn to come back in the house so she quickly went back to her work so it didn’t appear that she was watching them.

As he walked back into the house he said, “The office, now!” and steamed down the hallway. She sheepishly said, “Yes, sir” and put down her tools and followed his lead. Once in the office he sat in the large oversized desk chair and lit up one of those smelly Cuban cigars she knew he often smoked from the odor she recognized whenever she came to the house. “How long have you and your mother served me? He firmly asked her. She replied in almost a whisper. “My mother worked for you for about 8 years but this is only my third week, sir” He then added, “And have I not left orders that when I am in room that it is off limits to you or her?” “Yes, sir. But, sir, I knocked on your door and didn’t hear anything so I thought you had left the house” “Well, obviously I had not left the house and now my houseguest is distraught over the fact that you might have seen us in the shower. Are you some kind of pervert? Does watching other naked people get you turned on?” “No sir. I am not a pervert and I didn’t watch you in the shower. When I realized you were in the bathroom room I left the room right away. Honestly, sir” “BULLSHIT!” he ranted. “I know you were in the bathroom. After I fucked that girl I threw my rubber on the floor but when I got out of the shower I found it dangling from the edge of the toilet seat. Now how do you suppose it got there?” “Well sir, I did pick it up. I thought it would please you that I would clean your room while you were gone but when I saw you in the bathroom I got scared. The I realized it wasn’t just you but that there were two of you in there and I knew I’d be in trouble for sure. So I tried to get out of there as fast as possible and I tried to drop your thingy in the toilet but I must have missed. I am sorry” “Well, you should be sorry. Are you sure you didn’t come into the room while I was fucking her and watch that too? “Oh no sir, I wouldn’t have done that. I came in and picked up your clothes and found the thingy under the bed and just wanted to make you happy by getting rid of it. I really am not a bad girl. I just got caught up in the moment.” “First of all it is not a ‘thingy’. It’s a fucking rubber. And I’ll say you were bad. You embarrassed my guest, you embarrassed me, and even worse you lied to me. I ought to fire you on the spot!” “Oh no, please sir, don’t do that. I can’t afford to lose this job. I am really sorry.” “Well, if I don’t fire you then I ought to at least punish you for what you did” “That is fine sir. Anything you want to do to me is fine just don’t fire me. I really can’t afford to lose this job” “Alright then. Come here. Get yourself right here where I can give you the punishment you deserve!” he said while pointing to the floor next to him. Like a little girl she answered, “Yes sir”, while walking to him holding her hands up to her cheeks in shame. As she stood next to him, her hands still at her face, he reached up and slapped her hands down to her side. “Stand still!” As he looked away from her he ordered her. “So, you think I ought to punish you instead of firing you. Okay, then I’ll tell you what. Your punishment will be to go get that rubber from the bathroom and put it back on my cock.” She looked at him and was shocked at what he wanted her to do. Looking back up at her he barked, “Either you do what I say or you are fired and I’ll make sure you are fired from every other job you have. Now go get it!” As quick as she could on those thin heels she ran to the bathroom and grabbed up the used condom. Running just as fast back to him she reached over the desk and presented it to him with her hand held out over the desk. “What? Are you crazy? Don’t dangle that thing over my desk. This desk and chair are almost an 100 years old and are priceless. You drop one bit of cum on either one and I’ll have you licking it off. Not only that, but do you really think that I am going to put it back on. No fucking way! YOU are! Now get over here!” With that he swung his chair facing sideways and grabbed his pajama bottoms and pulled them partially down. He reached in and grabbed his cock and pulled it out. It was about 7 ½” long and had a large head on it. Blushingly she looked at it and thought, ‘Oh my god, I have never seen one so big and thick before.’ In fact, with the exception of the boy who took her virginity away when she was 16 years old she hadn’t seen any other cocks in person, just in magazines her father left behind when he died. And those were much smaller and thinner. With her hesitation he ordered her again, “Get your fucking ass over here NOW!”

Slowly she walked around the desk and approached him. With a point of his hand he ordered her down to her knees and told her to grab his cock and put the rubber back on. She struggled to get it untwisted and started to sob. He yelled at her, “Stop your whining you little bitch. Put the damn thing back on my cock” She daintily grabbed the head of his penis and tried to slip the condom back on. “What the fuck is the matter with you? Don’t you know a guy’s cock has to be hard before you can put the damn thing on? Now grab my cock and start stroking it so it gets hard. And don’t drop any of that cum” With a bit of hesitation she placed the used condom on her lap and then reached out and grabbed his flaccid cock. Her hand bearly fit around it and it felt like it weighed like a large package of raw meat. As she started to stroke it she could feel where the warmth of the rubber came from. His cock was hot to the touch and got hotter with each stroke. Because he had just showered the skin of his cock was dry and it made the stroking difficult. He told her to spit on the head of his cock and then stroke it. She did as ha asked and it did make it easier. Now with the help of lubrication this large piece of meat was really starting to grow. As she continued to stroke it his cock got so big she had to use two hands to pump it. Despite using both hands there was still some cock hanging out from her tiny hands. His tool must have been 9” or 9 ½” long and getting bigger. To her it was already humongous.

Once his cock grew as much as it was going to he ordered her to put the condom back on it. As she grabbed the condom and began to stretch it’s opening to push it down over his cock he grabbed her hands tightly and yelled, “NO! Put it on the other way. I want the cum on the outside.” She couldn’t understand why he wanted it that way but she meant to appease him so she did. As she slowly turned it inside out he told her not to let any of the cum drip on his pajamas or she would be in more trouble. She asked him how she could do that. The cum was still warm and oozing. He told her, “If you can’t keep it from dripping then you’ll have to lick it off the condom. But what ever you do don’t let it drip on me or my pajamas.” Once the condom was inside out she felt like she had a melting ice cream cone in her hands. It was close to dripping all around. Again he reminded her not to let any of it drop. Quickly she moved in and with her tongue caught each droplet as it was about to fall. The sperm was salty and bitter to the taste but somehow she managed to take in each droplet. Her mouth was full with sperm as she stretched the condom back over his hard cock. He looked down at her and told her, “Swallow it. I don’t want any of my sperm being wasted” Reluctantly she swallowed. It wasn’t too bad once it was down. He made kick her lips clean. Once her mouth was all cleaned of the sperm he told her to ‘wash off’ the condom with her mouth. Now she knew what he wanted. He wanted a blowjob but didn’t want to get his precious fat cock messy. She bent over his cock, her eyes never leaving the tip of it as she opened her mouth and engulfed as much as she could. As her mouth sucked on his shaft she could feel the size of it growing again as he began to gyrate his hips forcing it almost down her throat. Occasionally she gagged on its size and that only made him f***e it deeper down her throat with harder thrusts. She could feel each and every vein that was bulging with the hot bl**d that made his cock so rigid. She was scared but also becoming quite aroused. Except for the boy who fucked away her virginity this guy was only the second one she had ever been with sexually.

His head rolled about like one of those dog dolls in the back window of a car. She could tell he was really enjoying this. As she was looking up at him he stopped rolling around, opened his eyes looking straight down at her and said, “What the fuck are you looking at? Suck my cock clean bitch.” She looked down again and went back to sucking his cock. The he told her, “Take one hand and play with my balls. Do it lightly, I don’t like it rough. Then take the other hand and pull down your panties.” She grabbed his balls and lightly rolled them around in her hand while she tugged at her panties and pulled them off, never missing a beat while she sucked his cock. “Now, pull your skirt up and tuck it in your waistband so I can see your pussy” Again she obeyed. “Now take you free hand and play with your pussy. I want to see your pussy juices all over your hand when you make yourself cum”. Though she had masturbated at home she never used more then one finger on her clit and really wasn’t sure what he was looking for when he said he wanted to see her juices all over her hand. She worked her finger around her clit feverishly but still couldn’t get her hand all wet as he wanted.

Somewhat upset with her performance he yelled, “You fucking waste of a cunt. Open that desk draw and grab the dildo that’s in there.” She opened the draw and saw a very large dildo, larger then even his cock. It must have been at least 12” and almost as wide as two hands put together. As she took it out of the draw it was so heavy that it almost fell to the floor. “Now take it and lick the bottom of it and stick it to the floor and then get up on it and stick it in your pussy. That will get your juices flowing” She looked at the bottom of the massive cock and saw it had a suction cup base to it so with her tongue she wet the rim of the base and pushed it down on the floor beneath her. Surprisingly it did stick to the floor and with such strength that it almost felt like it was part of the floor. She positioned herself over the tip of the dildo and slowly started to let it slip inside her. The head was so big she felt like it was going to rip her apart. He reached in the drawer and grabbed a tube of lube and graciously let her put some on it. Now the head started to slip in much easier but it was still an awful lot for such a small pussy to take in. As it stretched her tiny pussy further then it had ever been before the rest of the head made it in, almost with a pop. He told her, “Don’t use your hands. Put them back on my balls and ass. You don’t need help. Just sit down on that cock and stuff yourself” She could feel it was now easier to let more in. She lowered herself even more, letting out a moan as it stretched her insides even further. As she felt it ‘hit bottom’ it hurt but it was also beginning to feel good. He then ordered her, “Come on, start jumping up and down on that big fuck stick. I want to see it go all the way in and out. And don’t stop cleaning off my rubber with your mouth. With your free hands I want you to keep playing with my balls and also my ass.” His ass? What did he want now? She already had a huge cock in her mouth, a humungous dildo cramming into her pussy, and one hand playing with his balls. She had no idea what he meant so she reached under and started to massage his buttocks. “No, you stupid shit. Take your finger and wet it with some lube and probe my ass” As her finger found its way into his ass he straightened up his torso and pushed down on her finger. This was really strange for her. She knew doctors would check that spot but never knew this was something erotic. “Move your finger around” he told her. Twirling her finger around was a bit difficult. For now she felt like a twirling balancing act, up and down on the dildo, her mouth sliding up and down on his cock, her one hand going around and around on his balls and now the finger twirling around his ass as well. At times she confused her movements making her feel quite awkward.

As her mind wandered he kept telling her how to do each of the many tasks she was doing. “Use faster strokes on my cock with your mouth. Dig deeper in my ass and fuck that dildo as hard as you can”. Though confused trying to follow his orders, she did her best to oblige him. She also noticed that her pussy was really beginning to get wet and she was beginning to enjoy it. As she began to moan a little bit, almost in unison with him, she could feel an orgasm beginning to peak. With his cock just dangling out of her mouth she begged him, “Please sir, I feel like I am going to have an orgasm. Can I? …. Please?” Immediately he snapped back at her, “You fucking cunt. I’ll tell you when you can cum. And it sure as hell won’t be until I cum first. You are being punished for your bad ways and I’ll say when it’s over. You got that bitch?” as he grabbed her head and f***ed it back over his now bright red cock tip. “Yes sir” she timidly said and continued sucking, fucking and probing. Now she worked even harder and faster to make him cum. Though she was enjoying what her body was feeling she now felt like a piece of meat, something for him to fuck with. She knows she did wrong but this seemed to be going a little too far and she wanted it over as soon as possible.

She figured she needed to make things happen a little faster if she was to get away from this punishment or at least get some enjoyment out of it. She began to make her finger dive deeper into his ass as she rolled his balls around with more intensity. This seemed to make him react with even more abrupt moves. She could tell that he was now very close to an orgasm and it was beginning to get her juices going again. With all the f***e she had in her she began to almost pounce up and down on the dildo while sucking as hard as she could on his cock. This was really did the trick as he suddenly reached down and pulled her mouth off his cock, yanked off the condom and yelled, “Take this you little slut.” Just then his hot cum shot all over her face. It was so much it almost blinded her and gagged her as most of it shot down her open throat. He warned her, “Don’t you dare spit out any of it. Swallow every drop” And with that he jammed his cock back into her mouth. As the last shots of cum spewed into her mouth she felt her own juices begin to flow and let out a gasp. “Are you cumming? Get your ass up here!” And with that he grabbed her and yanked her off the massive dido which did so with a large ‘whoosh” as it popped out of her pussy and then he literally picked her up by her waist and jammed her pussy into his face. “Cum on my face bitch. I want to taste all of your juices” She had no problem with that. As he said that it felt like the flood gates had opened and she started to cum so much that she felt like she was peeing all over his face. She grabbed her own tits and squeezed them as her body pumped out the juices. Using his hands to crush her pussy against his face he lapped up every little bit of pussy juice. His tongue dove deep inside her lapping up as much as he could. Then he took one hand and stuck his finger in her ass and used the other hand to grab her wasit and pull her closer to him.

As her orgasm slowed down he let her body slide down the front of his. As her face got close to his cock he told her to lick his cock clean once again. She couldn’t believe it, it was still pulsating from his orgasm and droplets of sperm were still oozing from the tip. She licked up every drop and made sure his now limp cock was clean as well. He told her, “Okay, you have been punished for your bad deeds. Now go back to your fucking job and get this house clean and get it done fast. I am expecting someone to be here soon”. With that she grabbed her clothing up to her chest and scampered out of the office closing the door behind her.

After getting dressed she went back to the master bedroom and finished cleaning it. He was now nowhere to be seen or heard. She now wondered where he had gone. Once she had completed the cleaning she put back her cleaning supplies and proceeded to go to the foyer closet to get her coat on and go home. As she was putting her coat on the front door opened and a short, very rotund gentleman wearing a very expensive looking suit came in. This startled her a bit and she let out with a surprised, “Uh, excuse me, who are you?” Putting his hand out to shake he said, “Oh, you must be the replacement cleaning lady who has been doing so well. Hi, I’m Bill Farnsworth” Looking down at her uniform he added, “Cute outfit!” As he said that she turned away in embarrassment and looking out thru the sliding doors towards the pool she saw the man whom she earlier had thought was Mr. Farnsworth. He was now cleaning the pool. She thought, ‘Oh my God, what is going on here?’ The imposter at the poolside glanced up at her and smiled just as that same brunette from earlier walked up to him with a pail of pool chemicals. They both looked at the maid, smiled and then went about their pool cleaning chores.

She didn’t know what to do. Mr. Farnsworth asked her if she was okay. Still looking at the pool guy she grinned the then turned to Farnsworth and said, “Oh yes sir, just fine. See you tomorrow!”

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