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Introduction to Slavery

The Problem

My wife and I had been fighting. Serious fighting. We were both
to the point where we had
stopped the anger and had begun serious discussions about getting
divorced. Looking back on this now,
it's hard for me to see who was really right and who was really wrong.
I'm not sure I can even tell you
who was mad about what. For about a month we just kind of co-existed,
neither of us talking much; only
when absolutely necessary. Then Megan said she wanted to give it one more
"Jason, let's try one more thing. Let's both take a week off from
work and go on a vacation.
Let's take a week to see if divorce is really the right thing."
It sounded fair to me, so I agreed. She insisted on working out
the details and told me to plan
on taking off at the end of the month, two and a half weeks away. I made
an attempt to make love to her
that night, but she wanted to put it off until the vacation.

The Vacation

I was ready. More than ready. It had been nearly two months
since I'd had sex, and I'd
decided not to "relieve" myself in hopes of a thoroughly satisfying
vacation. Megan had seen to all the
details...we were to leave the airport at 5:30 this evening; the airport
is nearly an hour away, and she
also needed to make a stop on the way, so we were leaving early in the
afternoon. I was a little baffled
by the way she avoided any of my questions regarding the island she'd
booked and any other questions I
came up with, but I didn't think about it too much. I was glad to be
getting away.
Megan had insisted on driving, and I understood why we'd left so
early when it took forever to
get to an old farmhouse on the other side of town. When I asked again
just why we were stopping here,
she hopped out and said she'd just be a minute. After being gone for
about five minutes, she re-appeared
at the door of the house calling for me to come in. She led me in and
took me into a bedroom on the
second floor. I started to ask AGAIN what was going on when she smiled
and put a finger to my lips.
She led me to the foot of the four-post bed which, to my surprise had
wrist cuffs attached up high; she
fastened me to the overhead cuffs, and then spread my legs and attached
them to the legs of the bed. I
was beginning to understand....or so I thought.
"There is no trip to an island, is there?" I asked with a small
grin. She just looked up at me and
smiled a devilish smile. My shirt was unbuttoned, and my Levi's were
opened up. She began to lick and
tease my long neglected cock, and I was quickly lost in the sensation. As
she sucked my cock, a woman
in a leather corset came into the room and began speaking.
"Hello Jason." she said casually, as if we'd known each other for
years. I was completely
dumbfounded, and my erection began to soften. Megan renewed her efforts,
sucking harder and using
her hands to manipulate me.
Ignoring the fact that my wife was sucking me off and that my
mouth was hanging wide open in
shock, the woman continued. "My name is Victoria..Mistress Victoria," she
said with a confident smile.
"Your wife has informed me of some of your troubles, and has asked for my
help." I looked down at my
wife, but she remained absorbed in her work on my erection. "She has
agreed to leave you with me for
a week. I believe that I can help save your marriage, but you're going to
have to do exactly as I say."
She moved in close to my face. "And you want to do just as I tell you,
don't you Jason?" My cock
"I...I..don't know." I stuttered. "What...?" I looked down at my
wife, pleading for some
explanation. For the first time I tested my bindings. Not a chance..I
wasn't going anywhere until
someone released me.
Mistress Victoria chuckled. "That's right. Struggle. You see
you're trapped, don't you?" She
grabbed my jaw and f***ed me to look into her eyes. Megan continued to
suck, and I felt a weakness
taking me. My mind swirled, and I realized that there was a chance I was
going to cum. "Jason. You
want to obey me, don't you? hmmm?" She nodded my head affirmative, or I
nodded. I don't know
which. "Say it Jason." she commanded, with a little f***e.
"Yes" I managed to groan out meekly. "Yesss."
Suddenly Megan stopped. She stood up, leaving me gasping. She
smiled at me and gave me a
kiss on the lips. "This's going to be fine, Jason. I knew you'd like
this. I love you honey!" she kissed
me again, then turned to walk out the door. "I'll be back in a week to
pick you up!"
"Wait!" I cried out. "Where are you going?" But she was gone.
Mistress Victoria began to slowly walk across the room, pacing.
"She's taking that trip to an
island, Jason. I have a friend there who is going to help her understand
your needs." She smiled
wickedly at me as she walked over to me and grabbed my failing erection.
"I know what your needs are,
and I'm going to teach you some things." My mouth was hanging open again,
and I looked down to see
the strange woman fondle my balls.
She spelled out the ground rules to me as she continued to keep me
aroused. She was to be
addressed as Mistress at all times, I was to never look directly at her
unless she commanded, and
basically, I was to obey her every command. She took a large pair of
sheers and cut away all of my
clothing. It dawned on me that I had no other clothing, and I felt
incredibly naked.
Mistress Victoria proceeded to blindfold me. "I need to know that
you're going to do everything
I tell you, Jason." She had gotten onto the bed behind me to put the
blindfold on; her hands played lightly
across my chest, pausing to harden my nipples. Her breath was on my neck,
and I began to tremble
slightly. She chuckled. "Tell me that you'll do anything I wish, Jason."

"I'll do anything you wish" I replied. She pinched my nipple hard.
"Mistress!" she snapped.
"Mistress!" I said. "I'll do anything you wish Mistress!"
Inwardly I cringed. I felt like a
coward, and my cock began to soften.
I felt her presence in front of me again, and oily hands were on
my cock. "Jason, you need to
make me aware of your servitude. I'm going to teach you how to do that.
When I'm through with you,
you will be 100 percent slave. Do you understand me?"
Her oily fingers had my cock hard again. My need was strong;
"yes," I replied. "Mistress" I
"Your wife is being very good to you, don't you think?" she
continued, not waiting for an
answer. (I did manage to utter a moan) "She's on her way to meet a friend
of mine, Master Brett." she
paused to let that sink in, and strangely my cock throbbed harder; I know
she felt it. She was smiling, I
knew it, and it humiliated me. "He's going to teach her to feel like a
woman again; he will give her
orgasms like she's never had. He's going to fuck her, Jason." She
accented on "fuck", and stroked me
harder and slipped a finger over my anus. "Did you hear me Jason? He's
going to fuck her." At that she
slipped an oily finger into my ass.
"Oh god" was all I could say.
Her finger opened me up. "You want to be fucked, don't you Jason?
You're MY slut, aren't
you baby?"
"Yes." I was moaning and struggling. "Please."
"Please what? Hmmm? Tell me what you want."
I didn't know what to say. I'm not even sure why I said please;
it just kind of came out. "Oh
god. I'll do anything you want. Please. Just don't stop."
She chuckled. "Oh yes, you'll do anything, everything I want.
But *I* control *you*..I'll stop
if I wish. I have the power to satisfy you, and the power to punish you.
It's time for you to taste a little
punishment." I moaned a plea as she stopped playing with my cock. She
was behind me again,
unfastening my hands. For some reason I didn't resist when she cuffed my
hands behind my back. In
front of me again, I felt her attach some kind of harness to my aching
cock and balls; my blindfold was
removed, and a leash was attached to my cock harness. My ankles were
released, and she f***ed me to
follow her by tugging on the leash. Down all the way to the basement I
followed, down to the dark and
damp depths of the old farmhouse. The basement was large, and seemed to
have several rooms in other
areas. It was hard to see, but I could make out the shapes of unusual
tables, and the walls were cluttered
with strange devices. I was stretched tightly between two poles and bound
in a standing spread eagle
position. Again, I didn't even think about resisting; the blindfold came
on again.
"I'm going to whip you Jason, and break you. When I'm through
with you, you will be a
groveling fuck." I felt what must be her whip moving lightly over my
chest, then on my back and across
my buttocks. My cock was betraying me again, and I was trembling. There
was silence for a moment,
then I felt her attaching something to my balls. Something heavy was now
hanging from my balls,
pulling them low! I felt so strange, so lewd. This humiliation was
somehow causing me to burn with
desire; I didn't understand what it meant, but I had no time to think on
it; the whipping had begun.
At first I really didn't think it would be a big deal, but she
seemed to increase the intensity until
I began to genuinely feel pain. And she kept going. And going. My
entire back was on fire, my legs
and my buttocks. I began to think she'd never stop, but when she finally
did, she started in on my chest.
For awhile I felt the weight on my balls tugging them around, but
eventually all I felt was the burning
strikes. She moved to my back again, and I began to yelp and groan
without meaning to. I was losing
control. Pain truly does not bother me, but this constant whipping was
beginning to have an effect. I felt
tears well up unbidden. I was crying, softly at first, then loudly. I
heard myself begging for her to stop;
my head was spinning.
I found myself lying curled up on the cold cement floor; the cool
floor was soothing my skin.
Through teary eyes I looked up to see Mistress Victoria standing patiently
over me. She knelt down and
held my chin with one hand.
"You see? You're breaking. You would be foolish to resist me any
longer." She grinned a
cocky grin. "On the first night, you caved. You're nothing now."
I felt my cock stirring. This was so humiliating; I didn't
understand how she could have such an
impact on me that way. She picked up the leash and ordered me to "Come
She led me to a simple bar stool and had me bend over it. I
thought of resisting this time, but
she was right...I was broken already. I had no will, and was already hers
to use. My ankles were tied
very tightly to the legs of the stool, and my hands were tied tightly to
my knees which were secured to
either side of the stool. It had a wide base, and was in no danger of
toppling over. And then there was
silence. She'd left and gone upstairs.
It seemed like I was there forever, but it had only been about 10
minutes when I heard her
coming back down the stairs behind me.
She sat down in front of me, drinking a glass of wine. Her eyes
studied mine; I felt her
intruding my mind. A smile came across her face. "I trust that you've
been thinking long and hard
about your predicament?"
"Yes." I said meekly. Her smile disappeared. "Mistress. Yes
Mistress." I quickly added.
She nodded her head. "Your wife came to me, truly wanting to save
your marriage. But it's
going to have to be by her rules. You've seen in the short time that
you've been here that your body
enjoys being dominated. When the week is done, you will respond that way
to your wife. She will own
you body and soul." She'd seen my cock rising higher. "You see? It's
what you want. Tell me."
I couldn't deny what my body had betrayed. My buried fantasies
were taking over. "Yes
Mistress. It's what I want." I lowered my eyes in shame.
She set her glass of wine down and stood. Walking behind me she
continued. "You will prove
your love for her. You will give in to your desires and confess your
fantasies." I heard her doing
something, changing perhaps, and then she walked back into view. "You
will beg to be violated, and
prove your desires to serve." She'd strapped on a dildo! My mouth opened
in shock, but it shouldn't
have. The position she'd tied me in gave her plans away. I hardly
noticed the camcorder she had in her
hand. A few feet away was a tripod, and she put the camera on it; a few
adjustments through the
viewfinder, and the red light came on...recording. If I'd felt shame and
embarrassment before, it tripled
just now. Yet my cock throbbed on.
She was in front of me again, casually opening a jar of some kind
of lotion. "Suck my cock
slut!" she commanded, thrusting the dildo in my face. I complied. I'd
never done anything remotely
close to that before, and my mind was reeling. "Stop. Now look at the
camera and state your full
Pausing for only a moment, I did as she commanded. She laughed a
sinister laugh. "Now tell
me what you are."
"Your slave, Mistress Victoria." I was defeated.
"Now beg for your violation." She began to sensuously coat the
dildo with the lotion. "Tell me
what a weak slut you are."
I began begging. Begging to be fucked in the ass, begging for her
to violate and shame me. I
told her that I was her slut. As I begged, she coated my back with the
soothing lotion, then my ass, then
she began on my asshole.
"Your wife explained to me that you play head games with her.
You've been a manipulative
ass. *I* can be manipulative too." Her finger was in me, emphasizing
each point she made. "I will tell
you right off that I'm performing a type of conditioning on you right now.
This week, and from here on
after, the only time you will be permitted to cum will be with something
in your ass. After a time, that
will be the only way you'll be able to cum." The dildo was pressing in.
I grunted as she pushed it all
the way in; and she didn't move.
I was panting, my mouth open. "Oh, god." I moaned.
"Yes, slut. You're being violated. Your last barrier. Do you
feel the surrender? It's on video,
too. Your wife will enjoy watching this." Then she began to slowly fuck
me. She made me beg, beg
for anything, beg to serve, beg to be humiliated, and beg for release.
Finally, feeling complete shame
and humiliation, my body responded on its own. I began to pump my seed
out onto the floor.
She released me and commanded me to lick up my mess. I did
without a second thought; it was
like I was in a dream. I was then led over to a shelf filled with
different items; my cock harness and
weights were removed, and she then strapped on what she called a "male
chastity harness". It was a
metal wire cage that held my penis snugly; it was obvious to me that any
erection attempt was going to
be painful. She then led me to one of the rooms in the basement. It had
apparently been some kind of
storage cellar converted into a tiny bedroom. A twin bed nearly filled
the room; a small plumbed toilet
sat in one corner, and a tiny shower stood in another. A television set
with a built-in VCR sat on a shelf
at the foot of the bed. She pushed me in, and told me to watch the video
that was in the TV.
"Get plenty of rest. But make sure you're up and showered for me
early. Tomorrow you will
have chores, and will then learn how to properly please a woman." The
door was shut, and I heard the
lock turn.
Naked, sore, and humiliated, I used the restroom and showered with
cool water. The video was
a homemade one, apparently made in the same way mine was. It must have
been over an hour of
complete torture and humiliation of an older man. Unfortunately for me, I
began to get aroused. The
harness was tight, and incredibly uncomfortable. Eventually though, I was
able to sl**p.
The next morning I was ready. She seemed pleased that I had
showered and was waiting for
her. I was kept naked, with the harness still in place. She had me kneel
on the floor in a corner of the
kitchen to eat my breakfast. I was impressed; it was a large plate of
sausage and eggs, with some orange
juice. She explained to me that her assistant had prepared the meal, and
that I'd better eat up; I'd need
my strength.
After breakfast, I was led outside to a barn (still naked). She
gave me a large pair of rubber
boots to put on and then had me clean out the barn. I spent the entire
morning shoveling horseshit,
spreading straw, and then brushing the horses. As I was brushing the
fourth and last horse, Mistress
Victoria came striding into the barn...with a young woman walking next to
her! I began to panic, acutely
aware that I was buck naked with a harness strapped around my dick!
Mistress Victoria laughed and told me to stand still; this was her
assistant Candice. They were
both dressed for riding, and both seemed amused at my embarrassment.
"Candy is going to teach you
how to saddle a horse, and any of the finer points of horse maintenance
that you will need to know. I'll
be back in a while, and then Candy and I will take a ride." Then she came
close to me.."You will treat
Candice with the same respect you have shown me." Then she was gone.
I looked shyly at Candice who still had an amused smile on her
face. She was probably not
much over 20 years old, was pretty in the face, and seemed only mildly
"Don't worry, I don't bite she said smoothly. I'm a student at
the university, and Victoria has
been my friend since I was a c***d. I help her out with things around
here, from chores to video
editing." She winked at me. "That's what I study, video technology."
Her way of talking put me at ease somewhat; I could tell she must
be a lot of fun to be around.
She managed to teach me how to saddle a horse, and we had two of them
ready to go in no time.
Mistress Victoria was back before any idle time went by. She led
me by the arm over to a low
hanging beam that had cuffs hanging from a chain. I hadn't noticed it
before. She snapped the cuffs on
my wrists, and the chain was pulled until my arms were over my head. She
also freed my penis from the
harness. I grew hard almost immediately. Candice was standing there
watching, that little smile of hers
ever present. I looked down; my humiliation returned ten-fold. She and I
had begun to chat like old
friends awhile ago, and now here I was again, feeling like a humble fool.
With an erection to prove that
I enjoyed it. God.
"We'll be back in a few! Don't run away!" Mistress said with a
It must have been a good 45 minutes before they returned; my arms
were aching, but my cock
the betrayer rose once again as soon as they were in sight. They were
laughing and giggling, and
Mistress Victoria came over to me. "Candy, I'm going to stay out here for
a few. Why don't you go on
in and continue on the video we've been working on." She was fondling my
hard cock as she spoke, and
Candice made no effort to ignore it. She walked away with that damned
smile on her face.
"It's time to continue your conditioning, Jason, my slut." She
reached into her pocket and
pulled out a small tube of KY. Slowly, deliberately, she put some on her
middle finger, then reached
around me like she was hugging me. With her face inches from mine, she
spread my asscheeks and
inserted her finger. Then she knelt and sucked me until I came. She kept
my load in her mouth as she
stood up; putting her mouth to mine, she transferred my cum to my mouth.
"Now swallow." I did. "That's a good little bitch" she said as
she let me loose. "Now
unsaddle the horses, brush them down, and then come inside."
Weakly, I did as she ordered. There was a note on the door for me
to go to my cell and
shower. I ended up passing Candice on the way down, and she stared at me
with a knowing smile. I felt
dirty and used, and was ashamed for her to see me like that.
Once out of the shower, I was ordered by Mistress Victoria to
kneel between Candice's legs and
to take my time licking her. Candice merely looked up at me from her work
at her table, and spread her
legs. I spent over an hour there nuzzling and licking this young girl's
pussy. She never once gave any
indication that I was doing anything at all.
The phone rang, and Mistress Victoria came into the room talking
on a cordless phone. She
looked at me and told me it was my wife and handed me the handset. So
there I was, kneeling between
the legs of Candice, listening to my wife tell me about how wonderful a
time she was having on this
beautiful island. She hung up after telling me she'd be home Friday; I'd
hardly said a word.
"Break's over. Back to work Jason." Mistress Victoria took the
phone from me and pushed my
face back into Candice's wetness.
The next few days were filled with the same...I did many normal
household chores, went down
on Candice every time she came over, was bound and whipped several times,
a ton of video was taken,
and at least once a day I was made to cum, but only when I had some form
of anal penetration.
Thursday afternoon came, and I was kneeling in the kitchen,
scrubbing the floor; the phone
rang, and Mistress Victoria answered it. I could hear just a few of the
words she spoke..a lot of "I see"
and laughing. After hanging up, she came in looking very cheery.
"It seems that things have changed, somewhat. Things are going to
turn out better than I
expected." She seemed to be musing more to herself, not really talking to
me. My curiosity was
aroused, but I knew better than to ask.
That evening, Mistress Victoria fucked me. Not in the ass, and
with nothing in my ass. She said
she was ready to test me, to see how much control I'd learned. I was
warned that if I came, I'd be
severely punished, and not in a way that I'd enjoy. She tied me spread
eagled, then fucked and fucked
me. Then she untied me and had me do all the work. She had cum many
times, and I hadn't once. In
fact, it seems she was right...I really had been in no danger of losing
it; without anything in my ass, I
could last indefinitely!
After my cock had finally softened, she put the chastity harness
on me. "That won't come off
now until your wife arrives." She laughed as if she'd just told a joke.

Megan Arrives

The day wouldn't go by fast enough. It was Friday, and my wife
was suppose to be here this
evening. Mistress Victoria seemed to pay extra attention to me all day
long. She would fondle me here,
touch me there. I was bound off and on in many different ways.
Dusk was settling in when Mistress Victoria unfastened me from my
bent over position. She
had been teasing my ass, caressing it, lightly spanking me and putting
alligator clips all around it. She
took me down to the basement, the dungeon as I began to think of it. My
arms were strapped together
tightly behind my back, and my feet were fastened spread apart to rings in
the floor. A chain was
attached to my collar then clipped to the ceiling. It was loose enough
that I could bend halfway to the
floor if I so chose. Or was so ordered to. Then came the blindfold. And
a ball gag. She'd only used
that on me once, when I was being whipped earlier in the week. It seemed
exceptionally tight on my
face this time. Then the cock harness came off.
I stood there for awhile, contemplating the week. I couldn't
believe all that had happened. I
had to admit to myself that I enjoyed it; if Megan wanted this type of
relationship, if this is what would
make her happy, then maybe things could work out okay. Suddenly I heard
A man's voice...was greeting Mistress Victoria. I listened hard
to hear the voice of my wife.
Nothing yet. They were coming down the stairs. The man laughed.
"I see you've got him trussed up and ready for us Victoria!" his
voice boomed. "And I see he's
glad to hear us." he laughed again as he lightly slapped my cock. I
hadn't been aware of it, but I had
been getting an erection; and now that he called my attention to it, it
throbbed higher. He grabbed it for
just a moment and chuckled. This was bizarre. A man touching my cock,
and it was throbbing. He
then spoke directly to me.
"So, Jason. I've heard a lot about you. Has Victoria taught you
anything? Do you think you
can please your wife now? Hmm?" His fingers played lightly with the
bottom of my scrotum. My
breathing was fast, and I moaned into the gag.
"I found out some interesting things about your wife during our
trip." He was circling me as he
spoke. "She has needs, Jason. Strong needs. I learned much about her as
we fucked." His breath was
on my cock was aching. "You like that, don't you Jason? You
like it that I fucked her." He
grabbed my balls, and spoke into my ear. "You slut."
"As I was saying..I learned that she...." he laughed..."is a slut
just like you." My blindfold was
ripped off. In front of me, just a few feet away, was my wife, bound just
like I was. She was facing me
with a ball gag tight in her mouth, and she was looking directly at me.
She was naked, and her nipples
were hard. Mistress Victoria was behind her, touching her sides, running
her hands all over her
It hit me like a ton of bricks. I'd expected to be turned over to
a dominating wife, one who'd do
all the dirty things that had been done to me. I was anticipating trying
to serve her, obey her every wish.
But here she was, bound just like me, weak and naked.
"That's right, Jason. Your wife is just as pliable as you are.
She begs to serve also. She begs
for it in the ass just like you, slut." I could see Megan shiver as he
spoke; Mistress Victoria was still
behind her, and from the way Megan squirmed, I knew she was being probed
in the ass.
My cock felt like it was going to explode. As I looked down out
of humiliation, I could see that
my cockhead was wet with precome.
"Jason, you slutty slave, from here on out you will call me Master
Brett just as your wife does."
He was still behind me, and he grabbed my balls again. "Any objections?"
Spittle was beginning to run down my jaw from having the gag on
for so long. I shook my head
no, humbly, and felt spit drip onto my chest.
"Then let me hear you say it." He unbuckled and removed the gag.
"Say it!" he hissed.
I lowered my head in shame. "Master...Master Brett"
"Good, good boy." He massaged my shoulders. "Now tell me what
you'll do, slave."
"Anything you wish, Master." My voice was weak.
"That's right, slut, you will do *everything* I command. Now look
at your wife. Look at that
slut. See how she likes it in the ass?" Mistress Victoria was really
fucking her in the ass now. It was
easy to see the ecstasy in Megan's eyes. "I fucked her over and over in
the ass. She loved it. She
begged for more. And now she's mine, Jason. She will obey me in every
Mistress Victoria stopped what she was doing. Megan moaned a plea
through her gag. Mistress
Victoria walked around towards me; in her hand was the slim dildo she'd
been fucking Megan with. She
wiped it off on a towel, then came up behind me. "Beg." was all she said.
I started to lower my head, but she stopped me. "No. Look into
Megan's eyes. Beg, and don't
stop looking at her."
God, this was twisting my mind. "Please, Mistress. Fuck me.
Fuck my ass." I said it looking
directly into Megan's eyes. Her eyes rolled back as if someone had
caressed her intimately. And then I
was invaded, and I grunted my ecstasy.
Master Brett came around in view. "See Megan, my bitch? He loves
it. He will serve me well
too." He walked over to her and removed her gag. "Who owns you little
one? Tell your slut husband
who owns you."
"You own me, Master. He owns me Jason. He owns *us*, Jason."
Then she looked at him,
pleading. "Anything, Master. Anything you wish."
"Command your slut of a husband to prepare me." he said as he
walked over to me. He began
to unbutton his pants.
"Do it Jason! Do it! Suck his cock. Get him ready for me!" Her
excitement was obvious.
I was still being fucked by my Mistress, and had no control left
to resist. My mouth was
hanging open, and Master Brett was standing in front of me. He had a
cocky smile on his face, then he
grabbed my hair and lowered me to his cock. This was not a dildo, this
was the real thing. My lips
wrapped around was warm; no, hot. I had a cock in my ass and one
in my mouth, and I was lost.
He fucked my face for a minute, then pulled my head off. He got behind
Megan who was in heat. She
was moving her ass around, panting, begging her master to fuck her.
"Jason, watch me fuck your wife, my slut." He held her head up,
facing me. "Look into his
eyes, Megan. Show him what you are." Then he entered her easily; she was
open and ready, and he was
slick from my saliva. He fucked her hard, and after a few minutes he came
inside her. As they came
together, Mistress Victoria jerked my cock until I came also.

A new life

We were sent home the next morning after being ordered not to have
sex in any way. In a few
days we would receive our new instructions from them by phone. We
belonged to Master Brett and
Mistress Victoria, we were theirs to do with as they pleased. Neither of
us were in control of our lives
anymore; we had been introduced to slavery, and we were hooked.

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