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I was peeling potatoes at my kitchen table when my son walked in. He had just come home from his job as a freelance photographer. I was proud of my son who had gradulated from college as a journalist, and now was making a name for himself as a photographer for several magazines and catalogs.

I always cared deeply for Kevin. Sometimes, I actually lusted for him. He was 23, handsome, and a lot like his father. Sadly, my husband was killed while serving his country years ago, and now it was just my son and me. Kevin could have moved out, but he stayed to keep me company. I would do anything for him. And lately, my thoughts were that I wanted my son sexually.

I am Marie. I am 44 and I must admit, in pretty good shape. I work out at the local gym several days a week, and take care of myself. My dating life has fallen off, as it seems I just get those men who are only serious about sex, and not a relationship. I have a closer bond with my son than I ever had with anyone except my late husband.

As I watched Kevin come over and join me at the table, he said, "Hey mom, how was your day?"

"Not too bad, I went to the gym, did some work out in the garden, and relaxed some. How was your day?"

"Busy as usual. I did a layout for a catalog, and picked up another magazine who wants pictures from me. It will be quite different than what I had been doing in the past. It will pay much better than any of the photos I've done lately," Kevin said.

"That sounds wonderful. What kind of magazine is it?"

My son looked down, and seemed to be hesitant to tell me what was on his mind. I was surprised, as he usually wasn't reluctant to tell me anything.

"I am surprised son. You usually tell me about your photography jobs. Something wrong?" I asked.

He finally looked up at me saying, "Well, it's an adult magazine mom. They want me to take nude pictures of women. I did some deep thinking about it, but the bottom line is it pays almost twice as much as my past jobs. They are even allowing me to select the models myself. I just didn't know how you would take it mother."

I giggled as I said, "I'm not a prude, son. There is no shame in taking naughty pictures. I am happy for you, and I know how great a photographer you are. Trust me, there are a lot of men out there who would trade places with you in an instant! It kind of brings back memories for me too."

"Memories? How so mom?"

Now I was the embarrassed one as I told him, "Well, before I met your father, I did some modeling. Some of them were nude photos. And I have never even told your father this, but I did some x-rated photos as well."

His eyes got wide as he said, "Wow mom, I never knew that. You must have been one hell of a sexy sight to see naked!"

I blushed as I remembered back on that time in my life. I was fresh out of school and was approached by a man who owned a nudie magazine. The enticement of money led me to nude pictures and eventually sex in front of a camera. And even though it was long ago, I still remember the excitement of doing it. And now that my son was going to be the guy behind the camera, I felt my panties dampen from lewd thoughts of posing naked for him.

"Yeah Kevin, I was not always the sweet, innocent mother you've always known. So tell me, what kind of models are you looking for?"

He was quiet for a few moments before he said, "They are looking for mature women. They want my first photo spread to be about an older woman. I'm kind of excited about doing it. I wonder where to begin to find a willing subject."

I knew this would be so wrong, but I truly wanted my son badly. I just hoped he would agree to what I was about to tell him.

"I am a mature woman, and I don't look that bad. What about me Kevin?"

My son's eyes got wide before finally saying, "You would pose for me mom? Naked?"

"Sure, why not. I was a model once, and I always wanted to be photographed again. And I'm not modest Kevin. I think it would be really exciting for the both of us. Does this bother you?"

"I would love to do it mother. I know you would photograph well. But are you sure you want to be lusted over by men all over the world?" he asked.

"Well, let's face it Kevin. Once you have seen me naked, doesn't matter who else does. Since your father died, you are all that matters to me. I am proud of what you have done with your life. Now, we will see how good you are at trying to concentrate while looking at me naked," I told him with a wry grin.

"I know one thing mother, I am definitely looking forward to it. Okay mother, well tomorrow I want to take some outdoor pictures. I know of a secluded spot up by the lake. I took a girl on a date there once. Do you have any sexy lingerie?," he asked.

"I am sure I can find something really sexy. And I wonder what you did with that girl up there? I just bet it wasn't fishing."

He laughingly said, "Yeah, I lost my virginity at the lake that day. I am really excited mom. I still can't believe you will do this for me."

"I sure plan on giving my son something to always remember. I can't wait to pose for you. Now it's time to make dinner, so go and relax until it's ready."

As I watched my son leaving, I admired his sexy ass in those tight jeans. And as I slid my hand inside of my panties and fingered my clit, tomorrow couldn't come soon enough!

I was sitting at the breakfast table in my robe sipping some coffee, when my son came into the kitchen. He had his camera bag and tripod, and set it down by the door. I watched him in those tight jeans, excited about today. I was going to be showing my naked body to my son for the first time, and I hoped a whole lot more. I have wanted to make love to him and have plotted his seduction over and over in my mind. I barely slept last night thinking about him photographing me.

"Good morning mother. Are you ready to be a star?" he asked me.

"Yes, I sure am Kevin. Ready to see you ole' mom in all her glory?"

"I still can't believe we are doing this. You don't know how many times I fantasized about you mother. I can't help it, you are one sexy lady," he said.

"Thanks Kevin. Let me make you some breakfast, we have a long day ahead of us," I told him as I got up to make him his breakfast.

We soon sat together chatting about other things over breakfast. I guess we were both a little nervous about what was going to transpire shortly. I had put some of my sexiest panties and bras in my bag to take with us.

When we were finished, I said, "I'll go up and put some sexy clothes on. I'll be back shortly, then we can be on our way. I am so excited about this son."

"I'll go put our things in the car mom. I"ll be waiting."

I soon walked out to see my son leaning against the car. He whistled at me, making me feel really sexy. I went and found an old schoolgirl uniform I had stowed away, complete with white bobby sox and loafers. It was a little tight but I was amazed that it still fit me after all of these years. I also had on a pure white thong which I would be showing to my son very soon.

"Wow mom. You look good enough to eat. We better get going, I need to take a lot of photos," he said as he got behind the wheel of the car.

As I climbed into the passenger side of the car, I told him, "Better be careful, you may just get your wish."

As he started the car and put it in gear, he winked at me saying, "Wearing something like that mom will sure make it hard for me to take pictures of you."

"Trust me son, you will be hard, I guarantee it. And we may just have to find a use for it you know."

As we drove, my son kept taking glances over at me. The skirt rode high on my legs and my blouse had several buttons undone, giving him a clear view of my creamy breasts. I wasn't huge on top, but I definitely had more than a mouthful. And I soon imagined whose mouth would be sucking on them.

We soon were driving on an old dirt road, which seemed to be miles away from any civilization. I looked at the beautiful surroundings and realized why Kevin loved it here.

"Have you taken pictures of anyone else up here before Kevin?" I asked.

"Yeah, I did an outdoor shoot for a department store a few weeks ago. It was a roughing it sort of deal with a male and female model. They definitely weren't the sort of pictures like we will be doing today. But when I thought about where would be the most exotic locale to photograph you mom, this was the first place I thought of."

He soon pulled to a stop, and we were next to a beautiful lake. As we both got out, I looked around and had to agree this would make for some great pictures. Plenty of trees and a nice beach with some large boulders sprinkled in. Kevin soon had his camera out and was assembling the lens and tripod, as I reached in for my bag with my underwear to pose in.

He then told me, "Let's go sit down on that boulder. We can discuss some ideas on this shoot. Remember, this is the first time I will be taking photos of a woman in sexy outfits and naked."

After we sat down, I said, "Well son, you just tell me what poses you want me in, and where. We kind of can go with the flow, so to speak. Think of me not as your mother, but just another model."

"Yeah right mom. I am looking at you in that fuckin' sexy outfit, and you want me to think of you as just another model? By the way, once the shoot is done, you will be paid a model's fee. You will be highly compensated. I will definitely need you to sign a release form when we get home, just to make it legal."

I looked over and saw the big bulge in his jeans as I said, "I guess you are right. And it sure looks like you are very happy to see me. And thanks for the job Kevin. It will be pure pleasure and we'll get paid for it, sounds like a win-win proposition."

"Okay mom, I'm ready if you are. Go stand with the lake behind you, and start doing some regular poses. We want to gradually get more daring as we go along.

I walked over, and turned around, as my son set up his tripod and camera. He started to take some photos of me with my hands on my hips.

"Okay mom, put your hands behind your head."

This pose pushed my breasts out, making for some very sexy pictures. I could feel my skimpy thong getting wet.

"Okay mom, turn around, and bend over. Look at me over your shoulder."

I felt my skirt rising just barely covering my ass as I bent over, and I gave him the sexiest smile I could. My son stopped taking pictures and I saw him adjusting his crotch as he just stared at me. After a few moments, he went back behind the camera. I was really getting into it now and I reached down and undid another button on my blouse, gaping open showing off my braless tits. I turned around and did several poses with my hands on my knees. He kept shooting and adjusting his cock constantly. I knew I was getting to him as I soon had my blouse totally unbuttoned. My tits were bared and he just kept shooting as I put my arms to the sides of my breasts and squeezed them together.

I said, "Kevin, come over here a minute. I have an idea."

He stopped shooting and walked over to me, staring at my tits.

Once he was in front of me, I pushed my tits towards him saying, "Suck my nipples son. I think that they will look good glistening in the sun."

"Are you sure mom? I have always wanted to do this."

I just nodded as his hands felt my breasts and he soon was licking and sucking on my nipple. It was making me so hot as I brushed the palm of my hand over his crotch. As he moved to my other nipple and sucking it tenderly, I felt the outline of his hardness. I realized my son sure had good sized cock. I couldn't wait to feel it inside of me, and we were not leaving until he did.

"Okay Kevin, they are ready now. Go get some more pictures."

"Holy cow mom, I love your tits. Okay, let me get some closer pics now," he said as he reluctantly let my breasts fall from his hands.

I looked at my nipples, and they were definitely hard and glistening wet. I removed my blouse and my son was soon back to photographing me. I then began to inch my skirt down, and he squatted down a few feet from my pussy. He watched as my skirt dropped around my shoes, and I then kicked it off. He was now shooting me in just my thong, white socks, and shoes. I turned around, and bent over, as he could see my thong digging deep into my crack.

"Gee mom, you have a hot ass. I could just kiss it."

I giggled and said, "I would be disappointed if you didn't."

He dropped his camera, and got on his knees, and started to kiss my ass. I was so wet as he pulled my ass to him and licked along my thong."

"Okay Kevin, better take some more pictures, or you will be too horny to concentrate."

"You are right mom, I could fuck you right now," he said between kisses to my ass as he got back up.

While he was picking up his camera, I pulled my thong out of my crack, and my asshole and cunt were open to his view. He snapped some more closeups, then backed up to get longer distance shots. I turned around, and began peeling them off, and soon I was naked except for the socks and shoes. I knew this looked so sexy as I smiled wickedly at him and the camera.

"You know son, you look so uncomfortable in those tight jeans. Why don't you get naked too. It's just us two here, and I wouldn't mind seeing your hot cock."

"Are you sure mom? You do know we are going to have sex if I do get naked, right? I love you mom," he told me.

As I continued to pose while I spread my pussylips for him, I said, "I was planning on fucking and sucking you son. But business must come first. We got to give those readers something to jerkoff too."

He just laughed as he told me to lie down on the sand with my legs open. He was soon naked, his nice sized cock bobbing as I licked my lips in anticipation. My son would definitely have plenty to fill me up in any hole that he chose.

I held my tits as he stood over me, casting a shadow over my body. He thought it was kind of neat and would move around, as I watched his hardon also bouncing around. After he took some more pictures, I sat up and grabbed his cock, starting to kiss and lick it all along the shaft.

"Ahhhh mom, you are driving me crazy! I never dreamed this could ever happen for real."

I pulled off of him and rolled over, giving him a sexy view of my ass as I spread my legs wide. He changed a roll of film and was quickly back to taking pictures. He would walk all around me and get different angles. I knew this would sure be some very hot pictures for the magazine.

"Okay mother, time for different poses. Change into something else, and I'll get some more pictures of you," he stated as I watched him reach down and stroke his rigid cock.

My mouth watered over the thought of having his nice piece of equipment in my mouth, and I didn't mean the camera either.

I soon had on a sexy black bikini. It was so small that it barely covered my breasts and ass. My son looked on in amazement at me with that damn hardon begging me to suck it. I soon walked over to a boulder, which was flat on the top, and laid down lengthwise on it.

'Okay Kevin, start shooting. I don't know how much more of this I can take before I attack your hot body."

He laughed as he walked over with his camera, still stroking his hard cock, and said to me, "I might be the one doing the attacking mom. You need to wear that bikini around the house more often."

"Hell with that son, you are going to be seeing your mother hardly wearing anything anymore. Our relationship has changed alot today, and we are going to be having so much naughty fun in the future."

He started to take pictures as I laid on my side with one elbow crooked on top of the rock. As he continued shooting pics, I ran my hands between my breasts, and then slid them down my body and over my bottoms very slowly. Then he moved up close as he reached out and slid one bra cup off, revealing my turgid nipple as he started photographing me again. He was getting bolder with me now, as he soon had both of my tits bared, and I was happy to see him taking charge. When a man takes charge, I am putty in his hands.

He got real close and untied my top as I quickly slipped my mouth around his cock, catching him by surprise. He gasped as my tongue did tricks to his cockhead. I loved the taste of his hard meat as I reached up to his balls, and began rolling them in my fingers. His prick was so damn hard, I could feel the veins sliding along my lips. He began teasing my nipples with his fingers, making me suck him even harder.

"Ahhhh mom, I'm going to cum soon. Taking pictures of you has had me on the edge since we started. Suck my cock harder!"

I really had no intention of stopping. Then he started taking pictures of me sucking his cock. It turned me on as I now knew the pictures the magazine was going to receive were of us having mother-son sex. Just then I felt my son's cock thickening, and I sealed my lips tight around his shaft as his cum spurted into my mouth. During all this I was amazed he could even concentrate as I heard the whirl of the camera taking pictures of the hot blowjob I was giving him. I swallowed as quickly as I could enjoying his tasty cum before quickly pulling his cock from my mouth. His cock shot streams of jizz all over my face and hair. I also guided it down to my breasts and nipples, as he finally began to subside I rubbed his cum into my breasts with his cockhead. He took pictures of this total sequence.

Finally, I licked his cock clean, then said, 'Now I think the readers will really enjoy these pictures, don't you think Kevin?"

"Oh, I am sure they will mother. Now, I intend to eat your pussy. And you better let me!"

I cleaned my face and hair the best I could with my bikini bra. I wasn't going to stop my son, as I quickly whipped off my bikini bottoms and laid back on the rock, with my legs dangling over the edge.

"It's all yours, son. Eat your mother good," I told him as I spread my legs wide.

Kevin got on his knees, wrapped his arms around my hips and grabbed my ass, pulling my cunt towards his face. I couldn't believe I was about to have my pussy licked by my own son.

Kevin looked up at me and said, "I've been waiting a long time to do this mom. I love you."

Then his tongue entered my cunt. I grabbed his head as he began to suck and nibble on my pussylips. I couldn't believe how hot and excited I was, I don't even think I ever was this horny with his own father when he was alive. Then I felt his finger tickling my asshole, making me grind harder onto him. My son must have done this plenty of times before, because he had me whipped into a frenzy when his tongue slid hard over my clit and his finger fucked in and out of my ass. I pushed hard against his mouth as I felt my orgasm fast approaching.

"You sure know how to eat my pussy. I need to cum so badly Kevin."

He pulled off long enough to tell me, "You taste so sweet mom. I cant wait to taste your creamy juices."

He dove right back in, and sucked my clit hard into his mouth. I felt the tip of his tongue flicking it rapidly as I writhed into a blissful orgasm. My son never stopped pleasuring me, as I came so hard on his face. He lapped and nibbled my clit, keeping me flowing all over his tongue and lips.

I soon couldn't take it anymore, as I needed his cock inside me now. I've been waiting way too long for this moment to ever happen.

"Fuck me now son. Fuck me doggie style!"

I got off the rock, and got down onto the hot sand on my hands and knees. Kevin quickly knelt behind me, as I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock. I guided it between my wet cuntlips, and he just shoved it in deep with no more urging. I was so wet that I just grunted in ecstacy, feeling that wonderful cock fill me up so full.

Mom, your cunt is so damn tight. I need to fuck you hard. I can't believe I'm fucking my own mother's pussy!"

"Be my guest son, it's your cunt to use now. I will want it all the time inside of me. So, fuck me hard and fill me with your hot cum," I begged him.

He started to pound me hard, as I felt his balls slap my cunt on each thrust. His hands reached around and held my breasts, my hard nipples poking hard into his palms. I was in heaven as Kevin definitely knew what he was doing. I guess I never took a good notice of any of his girlfriends in the past, but he obviously was doing more than just taking their pictures. It seemed like I was just having one orgasm after another. I was sweating in that very hot sun now, but I wasn't going to stop him until he had filled me with his cum. For some strange reason at that moment, I was thinking how strange it must be for my son to be fucking me where he orginally came from. He had truly just come full circle, I guess.

"I'm going to cum mom. I'm going to fill your hot cunt now."

"Do it baby," I told him, my ass bucking back hard at him.

He shoved deep inside me one last time, then I felt his cum filling me up. I laid my face in the sand as I came with him. I couldn't believe how much he was filling me up with his seed after I had sucked so much out of him earlier. But all too soon, he was done, as he just rested inside of me. I could feel him beginning to soften, as I looked between my legs and could see our mixed juices dripping into the sand.

After a few minutes he slipped out, then helped me to my feet. We sat on the rock together, as he picked up his camera once again. Then he took some pictures of me naked again, and a few more of my cum coated pussy. I knew it was the final hot pictures that would go into that magazine.

"I really had a good time today mom. Thanks for posing naked for me. When we get back, I'll develop the pictures, and we can both decide on the best ones to send to the magazine. I know the editors will love them," he said.

"Sounds good to me son. I had a great time today as well. But I have a feeling that we will be fucking some more later. Do you want to fuck your good ole' mom again?"

"Damn right I do, and often," he told me as he began packing up his equipment.

Before we left, we frolicked in the lake and got cleaned up, and soon were heading home. Well not just only going home, but a whole new life...

"Mom, come a take a look at the pictures I took of you."

My son had all the photos that he took of me today, lying on his bed. I sat next to him as we studied each one, and picking out the best ones for the magazine. As we concentrated on them, I noticed my son's cock peeking out of his pajamas. I know the pictures were sure turning me on.

I reached over and started to play with his rigid cock through the fly of his pajama pants. He sighed deeply as I stroked him, our concentration waning.

"You have a really nice cock son. It felt good to feel it inside of me today.," I told him.

"I'm so horny right now mom, looking at these pictures is turning me on. Can you imagine lots of guys sitting in their rooms and jerking off at seeing your sexy body?"

I raised him to his feet, as he stood before me. I looked up at him smiling, while licking my lips.

I said, "Just think son, they can imagine having sex with me. You can have sex with me anytime you want. Do you know what I want to do right now?"

"I think I know mother. I think you want to suck my cock."

As I lifted his cock, I pulled his balls through the opening and began to lick his balls. They smelled like manly soap, as I knew he had just showered earlier. I kissed each one, before sucking them into my mouth. I continued to stroke his magnificent manhood.

"Oh yeah, mom. You know what I like. I've always been a sucker for a blowjob."

I pulled off and said, "Hmmm, and here I thought I was the sucker."

He laughed as I began to kiss and nibble his hard shaft. I traced my tongue around his cockhead, as he ran his fingers through my hair. I kissed his cockhead, before opening my mouth and enveloping him. He groaned as inch after inch slid into my mouth. I was always an accomplished deep throat gal, and I wanted my son to experience my technique and skill.

"Geez mom, you are like a vacuum cleaner. I love when you suck my cock."

I began to suck him harder as he held my head. My hands held his balls knowing the thrill of soon tasting what was churning inside of them. I felt content knowing what a thrill this must be for Kevin.

He soon warned me, "Mom, I'm going to cum."

I began to suck him harder, as he began to shove his cock harder down my throat. I slipped my hand around to his ass and slid my finger into his ass. That sudden invasion sent him over the edge.

"Shit mom, I'm coming. Ahhhh man!"

Then my mouth was flooded with his wonderful cum. I was prepared this time and just kept swallowing as fast as I could. His creamy release tasted so damn good, as he continued to shoot jets of his cum into my throat. He never let go of my head as I drained him dry. Then, with one last lip-smacking kiss on his cockhead, I pulled away.

"Wow mom, I've never been with a woman that was as good as you at sucking cock. You can suck my cock anytime you want," he said as he sat down next to me.

"I loved sucking your cock. I have been waiting years to show you how much I wanted to please you. And I was so glad the pictures came out great."

"Well, let's finish picking out the best ones. I have to take them in to the publisher in the morning. Then he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Life was so good...

I was in the living room watching some television when I heard my son come in. He walked in, seeing me naked on the sofa.

"Hi mom. Man, I can't get enough of your hot body. And you have the sexiest tits," he said with a grin while flattering me.

"So tell me Kevin, how did it go? Did they like the pictures?"

"Mom, not only did they like the pictures, but they wanted more of you. But, I told them I didn't know if you would be interested," he said sadly.

"It turned me on having you take those photos of me. Why wouldn't I be interested? If you need me to do another photoshoot, I'd be happy too."

"Well, they want something more specific, and I don't know if you would like it. They want a spread of two women making love to each other," he told me sheepishly.

"Remember yesterday when I told you I used to do x-rated photos before I met your dad. I've done scenes with women before. It's been quite a while, but if my memory serves me right, I rather enjoyed it. I've done just about everything that your naughty mind can conjure up, in front of a camera."

"Really, you would do that? They loved your pictures so much, that they will double the incentive. By the way, here is your money," he told me as he handed me a white envelope.

I looked inside, and almost passed out. There was $10,000 inside of it. Then he gave me a big grin as I looked at him in awe.

"Wow, I can't believe this Kevin. This will pay a lot of bills. Yes, yes! I will do another shoot for you."

He quickly told me, "That's your money mom, use it for yourself. Working for this magazine, I will make enough to pay off this house and more. Now, there is only one problem, we will have to find another woman. They prefer another mature model, so it will look authentic. I just wish I knew of someone who would do this kind of thing. Anyways, I'm going to go make a sandwich."

I sat there and thought for a few moments, then a light went on in my head. I knew just who to ask, and in doing so, hoped to fulfill another deep fantasy of mine. And in this person, I have always known she had lusted after my son.

"Kevin, when do they want these photos by," I yelled to him in the kitchen.

"As soon as possible mom. Why, do you know of anyone?"

"I think I do son. You just set up the shoot," I told him.

"No problem mom, I can get the studio scheduled as soon as we have everything set."

Then I was off to make a phone call....

Kevin was soon off to do some photography for a sailboat catalog ad. He laughingly told me as he was leaving, sailboats will be kind of dull after taking pictures of his mother naked. I kissed him as I urged him off to do his thing.

Then I picked up the phone, my heart beating fast. I could hear the phone ringing as I wondered if this would all work out.

"Hi s*s, are you busy? I need to talk to you, can you come over?" I begged.

"Sure Marie, I'll be right over. I always miss seeing my big s****r."

Then I hung up, and began to try to figure out how I would ask her about getting naked and having sex with me, while Kevin took pictures. But as I reached down to stroke my pussy, it was definitely wet from the lustful thoughts crossing my mind.

I heard the knock and ushered my s****r Natalie into the kitchen.

"Would you like some coffee Nat?"

She replied, "Sure s*s. So what was so urgent that you wanted to see me right away?

I grabbed our coffee and headed to the table, as we sat down across from each other. My s****r was single, and had never married. She was a wild c***d growing up, and we had often talked about our sexual escapades often until I had married my late husband. She knew all about my younger days and my nude photography past. She was 39, and she was known as a swinger. I knew she loved women and men, and I suspect that the reason she never married was that she couldn't have sex with just one man or woman. She definitely had the bigger tits between us, and loved reminding me about it whenever she could. But it's been a while since we talked about our sex lives, so I'm sure what I was about to tell her would shock her.

I finally said, "s*s, my son Kevin took nude photographs of me yesterday. We also had sex. I was wondering, would you be willing to have sex with me in front of Kevin's camera for a magazine. It pays well."

She just looked at me with a stunned look before saying, "You fucked your son? My, my, you know what s*s? I've always thought about seducing Kevin, he is one hot guy. Congratulations. Now tell me about the the job."

"Well Nat, he did a photoshoot of me yesterday for a nudie magazine that he works for. And we actually had sex outdoors, and those were part of the pictures he submitted. The publishing company asked him if I could do more scenes, this time with a woman. The only one I could think of that is pretty open about sex, was you."

She had a wicked grin as she asked, "So tell me s*s, did you enjoy having sex with my nephew?"

I blushed as I told her, "Yeah s*s. I've always wanted to, and I kind of did the photo layout just so I could suck and fuck him. It was really great. And I'm sure Kevin would be happy to have sex with his aunt too. So, what do you say Nat? It's a fantasy come true."

"Well s*s, I would love to get intimate with both of you. Let's face it, my sex life has been getting kind of boring lately, and this turns me on to think I'll finally be eating my big s****r's cunt. You want to eat mine? And I bet Kevin has a delicious cock for sucking." she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Well, I haven't been with a woman in a very long time, but I used to enjoy it. And knowing it will be you, it excites me too. And I'm sure Kevin will be so horny watching us two together, that he definitely will want to join in," I told her.

"I'm all for it Marie, let me know when."

"He has a studio already set up, we just needed you. I'll tell him it's a go for tomorrow, is that okay?"

As she got up to leave, she said, "Sure thing s*s, I'll be here at nine o'clock. Pucker up them lips, because my tits need a good sucking."

And then she was off, as I picked up the phone to call my son and tell him it was a go for tomorrow.

My son woke up with his cock in my mouth. I thought it would be a nice way to wake him up, as I teasingly licked up and down his shaft when he opened his eyes.

"Good morning mother, I see you are practicing for today already. MMMM, I love a good blowjob in the morning. Especially after the dream I just had," he said.

"Oh really, what was the dream you had?"

He smiled as I took his cock back into my mouth as he told me, "I dreamed I was fucking you while my Aunt Natalie was sitting on my face. Oh, it was so hot!"

I pulled off as I crawled up the bed and climbed over him, pulling his cock to my hungry pussy. I slipped it between my wet pussylips, and soon engulfed his lovely manhood.

"Well Kevin, I'm sure that we both will be giving you lots of pleasure today. But keep in mind, this is business, so be sure to concentrate on taking pictures."

He grinned as he said, "Oh shut up and fuck me mom."

I loved pleasing my son's sexual fantasies. I was going to surprise him later and do something I haven't done in a very long time, have him fuck my ass. I missed that, and I wanted my son to experience his mother's tight asshole. But as I ground hard on his stiff cock, I just wanted to feel his cum deep inside of me. I leaned over as he sucked my nipples while my tits swung over his face. I know he loved my breasts, and I wanted him to enjoy them whenever he wanted.

Soon I was coming all over his cock. He was sucking my nipples so hard that I was going nuts, and then he shot off deep inside of me. I could feel his cum coating my cunt, and I moaned from the release. We rode each other until I took all that Kevin had left in him. Then I leaned down and kissed him, our tongues mingling.

"After I got off of him, I told him, "C'mon son, your aunt will be here soon. We need to get showered and dressed."

"Yeah, we only have the studio for two hours, so we better be on time. I love you mom," he said as he climbed out of bed.

We were both waiting in the kitchen when my s****r came in. Kevin had all his camera gear ready.

"I'm so glad you are going to do this Aunt Natalie. I hope you are okay with this," said my son.

"I'm more than okay with it nephew. We are going to have a ball. Once you see my nice tits, you or your mother won't be able to stop sucking them," she laughingly said.

I swatted my s****r on the ass as we all left for the studio.

We were soon walking into the studio, where my son often does his photography. It's private and rented by different photographers, with props. My son guided us to a change room while he set up the equipment and props. He had told us to bring skimpy underwear, so my s****r and I were soon changing.

I watched as my s****r was soon naked, and my eyes scanned her body. She definitely looked hot as I couldn't wait until the shoot began.

We soon walked out, and my son whistled at us. Nat had on thong panties and a half bra, and her huge tits were spilling over the top, her hard nipples could poke an eye out. I had on crotchless panties and a sports bra, and felt very horny. We both looked over at my son and saw his jeans sporting a big bulge.

"Okay ladies, I've decided to go with a fur rug and and big pillows. I want you two to act like two horny girlfriends. I'll need you to start with kissing and feeling each other up and then do what comes naturally," my son said as he got behind his camera, set up on a tripod.

"Yeah, well you got the horny down right," my s****r said with a grin.

We stood on the fur rug as I hugged Nat. As I heard Kevin's camera clicking, I could feel my tits brushing my s****r's.

"Look over at me and smile."

We did that and I could feel my s****rs hand feeling up my ass. I reciprocated and began to tease her, my fingers slipping under her thong and teasing her asshole.

"Kiss each other now."

I turned to my s****r, and we began to kiss passionately. Her hard nipples were rubbing my breasts as my finger teasing her anus which made her moan in my mouth. Then we pulled away from each other as the passion overtook us. Forgetting that my son was still taking pictures, I bent down and sucked in one of my s****rs perky nipples. She in turn was removing my bra, and had her hands all over my breasts. I soon was switching nipples as my s****r pulled me tight against her big tits. She began rubbing them all over my face.

Then I guided her onto the big pillows, her ass on one of them. We were both now completely naked. I bent down between her legs, and pulled her pusslylips apart. Her cunt was soaking wet and shaved, turning me on as I noticed she had a clit that protruded about an inch. I had never seen one that big before, as my fingers brushed over it. Nat was busy tweaking my nipples, as I bent down and kissed her cunt.

She told me, "Eat me s*s, that's right, get that fuckin' tongue deep inside me. Make me cum on your face!"

As I slid my tongue over her engorged clit, I heard the camera close to my face. My son was next to us now, taking closeup views of his slutty mother eating his aunt. I could imagine how hot this must have looked, as my fingers spread my s****r's pussy and I dove in.

"Damn mom, you look so hot licking her cunt," my son panted as he continued to photograph us.

Natalie was raising her cunt off the pillow as my tongue did it's magic. I would slide it over her clit, then slip it deep inside of her. Her juices were seeping onto my face, as I enjoyed the tasty meal before me. It had been a long time since I ate pussy, but I sure didn't forget how to do it.

"Mom, climb over my aunt in a sixty-nine position. I need pictures of both of you eating pussy," my son urged me.

I quickly got up, and moved over Nat's face. She quickly grabbed my ass, pulling my cunt to her face. I once again began to pleasure my s****r, as I felt her tongue entering my pussy.

Kevin continued taking pictures of us, as I peeked over at him. I was surprised when I saw he was now naked. His cock was waving at me as he kept moving around to get different angles on our lesbian action.

We were both moaning into each other's pussies, as I felt my own spasm. I was coming so hard that I was sure I was drowning my s****r. Then my s****r came as well, as I lapped up her sweet cum.

I heard the camera stop, and I jumped as I felt my son's tongue licking my ass. I guess my s****r wondered why I pulled off of her cunt when she noticed Kevin was no longer taking pictures.

"Kevin, get up a minute. I want to make your dream come true," I told him.

As we got up, I pushed my son back onto the fur rug. I climbed over him, as I lined his hard cock up to my pussy, looking down at him.

"Nat, sit on his face. He told me this morning he wanted to eat your pussy," I told her.

"Damn, I want my nephew's tongue deep inside me. Fuck him good s*s, I know I will after you are done," said Natalie.

I felt my son's cock fully inside of me, as my s****r faced me while sitting on my son's face. I could hear the wet sounds of our sex as my s****r kissed me and pawed my tits. I was so hot watching my s****r's ecstatic face as I imagined my son was driving her nuts with his wicked tongue. I remember how good he was the other day, and was quite an accomplished pussy eater. We continued to fuck and suck in wild abandon, as I continually flooded Kevin' cock with my orgasms.

Then I climbed off, and signaled my s****r to take my place. As she climbed over my son, I got behind her, and grabbed his cock. When she was positioned right over it, I guided it inside of her. She groaned as his cock sank deep, and I began playing with my son's balls.

"Wow, I can't believe I'm doing two women at once. I am so horny Aunt Natalie, fuck me hard," Kevin begged.

I slid down and began to lick and suck my son and my s****r, right where his cock was driving into her cunt. They were both moaning as I licked their mutual juices as my s****r screamed out in a wild orgasm. Then I felt my son's shaft pulse on my tongue, and he began shooting inside of Nat. They were both thrashing about as I licked up their combined cum flowing out of her cunt. I was amazed at how wanton I had become, doing something that I had never done before. Soon, my s****r collapsed on top of my son, and as his limp dick slipped out of her sopping wet pussy, I lapped up their cum.

Then Kevin rose up, and kissed his aunt and then me. We all hugged, as I grabbed the camera and gave it to my s****r.

I told her, "Take pictures of Kevin fucking my ass. I want him to send these in to the magazine. I want the world to see my son fucking his mom."

She laughed as I got Kevin to stand, and I began to stroke and lick his cock as I felt it beginning to grow once again. My s****r started taking pictures of me getting my son ready. I knew there wasn't going to be any lube around, so I had to think fast.

"Kevin, I'm getting onto my hands and knees. Lick my asshole, get it nice and wet, then fuck my ass. Just be careful, it's been a long time since I had a cock in there," I said.

"Are you sure mom? You want me to fuck your ass?"

I got into position saying, "Just lick my ass now son. I need your cock."

Kevin didn't hesitate, as he got on his knees and slid his tongue along my ass. I moaned into the fluffy pillow that was below my head as he began to drive me insane with his wicked licking. He wasn't bashful as his tongue slid deep inside of my anus, making me wiggle from the thrill. Then I guess he felt it was wet enough, and he got behind me.

"Take it slow at first son, so I can get used to it. Then fuck the hell out of my ass!"

I felt his cockhead press against my sphincter, and then a soft pop was heard as he had inserted it inside of me. He slowly moved a little, then a little more, as I felt my asshole stretch to accomodate his dick. All the while I could see my s****r taking pictures as Kevin finally worked his whole length deep inside of my bowels. He rested for a moment, and then slowly backed out. When he just had his cockhead inside of my anus, i shoved back hard. It was uncomfortable, but I also was so hot knowing my son had finally entered his mother's final frontier.

"Fuck me Kevin, make me your slut!"

My son began to slide his cock in and out now, as I heard him groaning. Then my s****r stood in front of me, and took pictures of my face. I knew I must have been grimacing as well as ecstatic, as my son's dick kept plowing into my ass. Then she walked behind us and took some photos of him actually fucking my ass. I played with my cunt as I kept fucking back at my son.

"Mom, your ass is so damn tight. I can't hold out much longer," my son cried out.

Then I felt feminine hands on my ass, as my s****r dropped the camera and put her face right above where my son's cock entered my ass. I suddenly felt the first cum spurt deep inside of me as just as suddenly my s****r whipped his cock out of my asshole and covered it in her mouth. I looked back as I saw her throat working to swallow his load. It looked so damn sexy as I fingered myself to a blissful orgasm. Kevin just knelt there as his aunt sucked up all of his cum. Then she stuck her tongue in my ass, and tasted his cum leaking there as well.

We were all soon sitting together, worn out from all the sex.

"You both are everything a man could ever ask for. Thank you both for posing. The readers really ought to love these hot pictures."

My s****r and I kissed, then we kissed my son. This was the beginning of a long and wonderful sex life for all of us.

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