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The Farm

Lil was a hard to control teen. She ran wild having sex and staying out late every night. Her mom could not control her so she took her to her grandfather's farm and left her there for the summer. He lived far out of any town and was a rude and crude old man. When the mom left she told him, "do what you want with her. She needs punishment."

As the mom pulled away the gramp told the girl "I am the boss and you will do as I say or I will tie you and punish you like you have never had before." She looked at him and said "Fuck you old man." He then grabbed her by the hair and stripped her naked. He told her "See how spunky you can be naked little girl. You will get no clothes till I can see that you can behave." She yelled "you can't do this to me." He then grabbed her and turned her over his knee and spanked her ass till it was red and sore. As he spanked her he ran a hand over her pussy. Then he held her down and finger fucked her. She yelled "what are you doing to me?" He told her "Your mom said to use you as I wish. I think you will be my naked sex slave all summer."

He then grabbed her and d**g her to his bed and cuffed her to the railing. Next her cuffed her legs to the bottom railing on the bed. She was now spread eagle on the bed for him. He looked her over and said to her "You have nice tits for a wild c***d. That is a nice pussy too. I think if I fuck you every hour I will soon tame you and you will get to love fucking me. I can fuck better than any young man. Wait till I tie you to the bench and fuck your ass a few times. I hope you learned to suck cock while you was running the streets as I love a great cock sucking. I may have to teach you."

He left her tied to the bed and went out to the barn before he came back in and got naked and into bed with her. His hand went to her pussy and he began to rub her and then finger fuck her again. His hand went to her ass and he finger fucked her ass. He then began to suck on her tits as he fingered her ass and cunt. She had a good set of tits, nice and firm with nice big nipples. As he had three fingers in her cunt he felt her cum. He knew he would win her over and have a sex slave all summer. He had a high sex drive for a man his age and he loved to fuck. With her tied with her legs spread wide he looked at her pussy as his fingers rammed in and out of her. She had a nice size clit and a nice fuck hole. He then slid down to her pussy and began to lick her and then suck on her clit. As he sucked the clit it got very big and he rubbed his tongue over it. He felt her cum again and now wanted to taste her wet pussy and lick that cum. His tongue licked her hole then he shoved the tongue in and tasted her cum. She had a nice sweet tasting cum and as he tongue fucked her she came twice more. He tongued her cunt a while longer licking her cum as she covered his face before he sat up.

He then looked at her and said "I bet you are horny and need some cock." By now tears were running down her face as she knew he was going to fuck her all summer long. He stood up and stripped naked and she gasped as she she saw how hung he was. He had a cock like a pony. Long and thick. He saw he staring at his big cock and said to her "Ready for a man size cock? It is not like those young boys you have been fucking. Now you get to fuck a monster cock." Then he laughed. His cock was hard and wanting pussy as her mounted her. He began to shove his cock in slow at first and was surprised how tight she was for a girl that was fucking all the boys in town. He pushed in deeper and deeper till he was almost all in and then he had the desire to just fuck her hard and fast. She felt good and wet and she was very tight against his big cock. He was fucking her hard and deep pulling almost out then ramming back in. She felt good and soon he filled her with his cum.

He laid on top of her and began to suck on her nipples. As he sucked them they got bigger and harder in his mouth. He liked the feel of the young body beneath him. Fucking her was going to be great all summer and would help satisfy his strong sex drive. His cock got hard once more and he then decided to fuck her again. He pushed his cock to her opening and pushed into her cunt once more. This time he could fuck a long time and he fucked her deep and hard. She felt so warm and wet against his hard cock. He fucked her for forty minutes before he gave her another big blast of cum. He then got up and went naked out to the shed. He came back in with a collar and a leash. He put the leash around her neck and and snapped the leash to it and told her "I will keep this on you when I untie you and lead you with the leash so you can't run away. Of course you will not have any clothes. I have locked them up because I want you naked so I can fuck you probably every hour. I love lots of pussy and you have a great one for my cock to fuck all the time."

He left her in the bed and then about an hour later he came back with his cock hard and sticking straight out. He smiled at her hand said "My cock wants more of that pussy of yours. You ready for a man to fuck you again? I love having your legs spread waiting for my cock to dive in and fuck you hard. I am going to fuck you every place on this farm and in this house. I am going to have my cock in your cunt and ass all the time sweet girl. You will get used to it. I am going to tame you that is for sure. I am going to fuck the wildness out of you." He then mounted her and fucked her for over an hour before he gave her a big load of cum. Then he laid and sucked her nipples and fingered her ass. He fucked her one more time and then left to go turn out the lights and lock the house.

When he settled down for the night he fucked her another four times. He could not get enough of her sweet pussy. The next morning he put the leash on her collar and untied her. He told her "I think you need a bath after all the fucking you got last night. I am going to wash you clean baby." She asked if she could take the bath by her self and he said "No, I am looking forward to soaping your sexy body and rinsing it off and I may even fuck you in the tub." He stood her in the tub and turned on the shower and began to soap her body. He did her tits and her back and then her ass. He scrubbed her ass cheeks and shoved a finger in her asshole and then did her pussy. He soaped her clit and washed it and rinsed it. Then he put soap in her cunt and rinsed it out as his fingers fucked her till she came for him. He then got in the shower and washed himself before he rammed his cock into her wet pussy. "Get on your knees. Suck my cock. If you dont do a good job I will spank that ass with my belt. I am going to make a good cock sucker out of you. I love my cock sucked often. Now suck me hard and deep." As she sucked his cock he tried to push it in deeper and made her gag. She got so she could take more as she kept sucking. He held her head tight to him as her filled her mouth with cum as her wanted her to swallow and not pull his cock out. She did swallow every drop.

He pulled her naked out of the tub and took her to the kitchen. "Lean over the table and spread your legs. I am going to dip my cock in your cunt before we eat." As she bent over the table he fucked her right there. When he had cum in her he pulled out and as she was bent over the table he began to finger fuck her ass. He had two fingers in her and was working on the third when he told her "Today we are going to get my big cock into that tight ass of yours. Nothing better than anal sex and you have a hot ass for me to fuck. Soon as I can get four fingers in your ass I will get my cock in it. I will ass fuck you when you have that monthly period. That way you don't have to suck my cock so much."

They then had breakfast and he took her into the frontroom and bent her over again and worked on her ass. He got three fingers in her and was working on the fourth and then began to slip his cock in that tight ass. He got two inches in her but it was painful so he fucked her just with the two inches in her. He then fucked her cunt and then later tried her ass again and got a couple more inches in her. He spent all day trying to get his cock in her and by night he had got about seven inches into her ass. He figured by morning he would have nine inches fucking that ass hard and deep. He loved ass fucking and needed to get his cock all the way inside her. He had her suck his cock twice and swallow his cum. By the third time she sucked him she could swallow easy. All day he fucked her pussy or her ass and she sucked his cock. He also sucked her tits and ate her pussy sucking on her clit before he tongue fucked her.

After a week she could suck cock the best and swallow every drop. She got so her ass could get his big cock in it and he loved ass fucking her. He still fucked her cunt several times a day. He kept her naked and tied or on the leash. He bathed her every day and fucked her in the tub as she sucked his cock too. He had fucked her in every room and also throughout the barn and shed and in the back yard. All summer the sex was hot and plentiful. They fucked like rabbits and she got so she loved fucking him or sucking his cock. Her mom called to bring her back home but she decided she wanted to stay on the farm and fuck day and night. Of course she did not tell her mom and he told her he needed to get her a little better behaved. So the winter went like the summer. Unlimited sex and lots of it.

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